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Given our imminent demise due to an overabundance of raptors, some of you may want to give away all of your items, given that they won't be useful very soon. If so, this is the place for it!

yeas its soooooooooooooo good
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I need donations D: RAPTOR!!!!!!!!
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Nice try admin...

I don't know why, but I'm surprised Gaia has a topic for this. Perhaps because I just heard people were making a big deal about it two days ago...And I watch the news so I don't know...Didn't hear anything about it till then.
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I'd rather keep my items for now.... Because i'm still poor... but if i'm rich enough i will give away my items biggrin
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gimme your owls <w<
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I'm oor, but for all you rich people who think the end may be near, feel free to give me your stuff and gold! xd
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Oh look, someone who has yet to change out of the overseer skin! ... I wish that skin would go back to that. It was pretty and much more unique than the infernal queen's!
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this is more like a begging thread...
i need 13000 more gold for dream avi plz help

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