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      warlocks, vampires, and werewolves
          oh my!

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                    an original roleplay by -- the lollipop workshop

                                          literacy || lazy lit (2-3 chunky enough paragraphs)
                                          inspiration || october... and... yes... hi mom! =D
                                          schtuffins || ooc -- in character
                T A B L E . O F . C O N T E N T S

                            xx xx o n c e u p o n a t i m e

                            xx xx m e e t y o u r n e i g h b o r s

                            xx xx i d e c r e e

                      RESERVE OUTLINE
                            xx xx t h i s i s w h o i a m

                      SETTING / OTHER
                            xx xx w h e r e a m i

                            xx xx s e e y a 'r o u n d t o w n

                            xx xx w h a t g o e s a r o u n d

                            xx xx a t t e n t i o n, a t t e n t i o n

                            xx xx i f o r g o t

                            xx xx o p e n f o r b u s i n e s s
                O N C E . U P O N . A . T I M E

                      Welcome to Churchill, Virginia...

                        ... where every day is dull and ordinary but every night the monsters come out to play. Humans haven't bothered the civilians of Churchill for the past ten years since mayor Richard Black, the evil father of the warlock, took over. For years he's driven the humans away but some seemed to have seeped in with the help of some of the good magical beings; those who want to mix with humans, to live among them peacefully. You are the youth of the town. Whatever being you may be, you have a future that will now be in the hands of you rather than your parents'. Look alive- for some undead- and show us what you're made of. Good or bad, you're about to make an impact in the world of mystery here in Churchill.
                M E E T . Y O U R . N E I G H B O R S

                                  xxxMaxie "Max" Elouise Watsonxxxxxx
                                    User Image

                        1. the witch conjures magic with her finger but must read off [or memorize] specific incantations.
                        she's pretty good in her studies and knows a lot there is to know about magic but there is a difference
                        between knowing a lot and physically performing the tasks needed to be done.

                        xxxxxxxxxplayed by the lollipop workshop

                                    xxxavondale m. blackxxxxxx
                                      User Image

                          2. the warlock is the side-arm of devils. though only a mortal, he's a mortal with only half a soul--
                          the other half belonging to a devil he summoned years ago. he sold half his soul for the keys to
                          unlock powerful spells and tricks but the devil did more than that. the remaining half he owns, is
                          fragmented into three pieces allowing him to part ways. so watch out for the cat, Morgana,
                          because when he gives her a piece of his soul, she's his little spy. however, since he can move
                          around his soul, that means others can too, meaning he has to protect this little secret. if all
                          three pieces are missing, his body dies. most of his spells are in Latin or Greek and require a
                          blood sacrifice.

                          xxxxxxxxxplayed by reload my soul

                                      xxxFirst Middle Last (male)xxxxxx
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                            3. the vampire is blah blah blah. list of powers and limitations of powers.
                            xxxxxxxxxplayed by username

                                        xxxkate elizabeth sparrowxxxxxx
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                            4. the werewolf has heightened senses, such as smell and hearing. however, every full
                            moon, she must shift into her true form.and though she has the ability to heal quicker than the
                            average human, silver can be fatal to the werewolf.

                            xxxxxxxxxplayed by we never change

                                        xxxNix Adair O'Connorxxxxxx
                                        User Image

                            5. the banshee is, according to irish mythology, a fae woman who begins to wail if
                            someone is about to die. and contrary to coexisting myths regarding them, fae are actually a
                            subspecies of demon. while myth also states that they are seen washing the blood stained
                            clothes or armor of those who are about to die, that is far from what is necessarily true. the
                            banshee has the power of foresight. the ability to predict or the action of predicting what will
                            happen or be needed in the future. however, it only applies to deaths; and she cannot foresee the
                            deaths of loved ones, nor can she prevent the deaths that she sees. banshees have two forms -
                            a true form and a seen form; taking the seen form more often than not in public, appearing as a
                            stunningly beautiful woman of any age that suits her. their true form is a little more unsightly with
                            burnished, colored skin, horns, cat-like eyes, claws and tiny fangs. many humans have
                            associated this with the appearance of a hag. although not always seen, her mourning call is
                            heard, usually at night when someone is about to die and usually around woods.

                            xxxxxxxxxplayed by unrepentant manizer

                                        xxxQuentin Joseph Moongoodxxxxxx
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                              6. the skinwalker is a common legend among native american tribes. he is able to take the form
                              of any animal that he has, in some shape or form, come into contact with. a skinwalker should
                              take care for the longer they take their bestial forms, the more it eats away at their humanity.

                              xxxxxxxxxplayed by a zanical original

                                          xxxTill Adalbern Forstxxxxxx
                                            User Image

                              7. the elf is a part of many myths and legends from german, scandinavian, and old
                              english history. they have keen senses and are very flexible and quick. they are good at hiding
                              and sneaking around, and, children are naturally attracted to and are very trusting of them,
                              because good elves are very protective over children. elves live a long time and generally reside
                              in the woods, out of the way of humans. they are graceful and love to dance and the arts, but
                              they have terrible tempers. at the slightest misstep, elves become furious, wild, and out of
                              control. they're taken over by their instincts and stop thinking about what they're doing. elves
                              have a very strong sense of pride for their race, and are very mistrusting of anyone other than
                              good elves, highly discouraging of breeding between different races, as they want to keep their
                              own race pure and separate from humans and other races.

                              xxxxxxxxxplayed by kaaaarma

                                          xxxJuniper Laurel Alderxxxxxx
                                            User Image

                              8. the wood nymph is often shown in greek mythology as a young, female nature diety.
                              nymphs are generally known to be a shy creatures. they tend to reside in areas far from
                              humans, though they are often heard singing by nearby villagers and travelers. nymphs are
                              known for their beauty, youth, and love for music and nature. they are very protective of their
                              homes and the earth in general, for they are strongly tied to them. dryads, or tree nymphs, are
                              particularly connected to their homes. they are unable to stray far from their tree they are
                              associated with. if their tree was harmed in any way, the nymph would suffer as well. while
                              nymphs are often kind and gentle, they won't hesitate to attack if it means protecting their home.
                              the nymph can command the powers of their home. in the case of the wood nymph, it has great
                              powers of nature and is able to control it, though with difficulty. nymphs are also good healers.
                              however, it's likely they'll hide in the face of danger rather than fight, though their appearance
                              may be a danger to those nearby. nymphs may appear in a whirlwind, causing madness, stroke,
                              or confusion to an unfortunate traveler.

                              xxxxxxxxxplayed by R i P l a y

                                          xxxMelissa Everett Tannerxxxxxx
                                            User Image

                                9. the succubus is a life(chi) absorber. she can suck the life force or chi out of any humanoid
                                type being out there, although the stronger the being she feeds from the stronger she feels. she
                                can also heal herself by kissing or other currently unmentionable acts. can temporarily control
                                someone by igniting their feelings through means of touch, although the duration of the power is
                                based off the strength of the being. in some special cases if she focus's she can transfer chi into
                                another person, healing them but it requires her to feed very shortly after.

                                xxxxxxxxxplayed by nestle shadows

                                            xxxDimitri Alfonso Salesxxxxxx
                                              User Image

                                  10. the incubus is the male version of a succubus. Though they only prey on women their are
                                  some are able to go both ways. Their strengths come from draining the life force from humans
                                  and other human like creatures. His powers work just as the succubus, they must heal
                                  themselves through acts of intimate moments, but this works best when with a woman. True
                                  their powers work the same, the only difference is incubi cannot use their powers on their
                                  counterparts. When fully charged they are as strong as a bear, but when they are weak and low
                                  on power they are as weak as a human.

                                  xxxxxxxxxplayed by ZaurielGuardianAngel

                                              xxxCody Alexander Marshallxxxxxx
                                                User Image

                                    11. the human possesses no powers and is mortal.
                                    xxxxxxxxxplayed by the lollipop workshop

                                                xxxEmber Anne Marshallxxxxxx
                                                  User Image

                                    12. the human has no powers and is mortal.
                                    xxxxxxxxxplayed by shaynadeee
                                        I . D E C R E E

                                              My declaration is final (unless I say otherwise).

                                                Of course for rules we must follow ToS and all of that but seriously, I think you can handle not getting yourself into trouble so we won't go into detail. This roleplay can have as much romance as you want but do other things as well... make friends, make enemies, make life interesting!

                                                Post at least once a week? And two or three paragraphs will work (but make sure they don't contain five sentences each, this paragraphs need to be chunky, enough to respond to). Write in third person, past tense. Interact with everybody. Color only your thoughts, text, and speech. all that narration will be in black, it's easier that way. Also make sure that you bold your speech so it stands out for us to see.

                                                No profiles so yippie for you AND me and for the reservations PM me with a witty Halloween title... perhaps a play on words of a Halloween movie? I don't really care too much! =P

                                                Keep up in the ooc so we can plot and such! And enjoy yourself! =D
                                        T H I S . I S . W H O . I . A M

                                                          xxxFirst Middle Lastxxxxxx
                                                            User Image

                                              number. the (insert creature type here) is blah blah blah. list of powers and limitations of powers.
                                              xxxxxxxxxplayed by username

                                              [list][list][list][list][list][list][/list][color=postingcolor][u][color=white]xxx[/color][size=19][color=black]First Middle Last[/color][/size][color=white]xxxxxx[/color][/u][/color][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][img]http://i1225.photobucket.com/albums/ee386/anonymousthemonster/white-1-1.jpg[/img][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]
                                              number. [size=10]the (insert creature type here) is blah blah blah. list of powers and limitations of powers.[/size]
                                              [color=white]xxxxxxxxx[/color]played by [b][color=postingcolor]username[/color][/b]
                                          W H E R E . A M . I

                                                Churchill, Virginia, home to the spooks.

                                                  date || Saturday, October 3rd (two days till full moon)
                                                  time || morning (7am-12pm) . noon (12pm-1pm) . afternoon (1pm-5pm) . evening (5pm-8pm) . night (8pm-12am)
                                                  weather || breezy . cool . cloudy

                                                  events || S A T U R D A Y OCT. 3RD - CARNIVAL IN TOWN (Black Park)
                                                  events || S U N D A Y OCT. 4TH - LAST DAY CARNIVAL IN TOWN (Black Park)
                                                  events || F R I D A Y OCT. 9TH - HOMECOMING GAME
                                                  events || S A T U R D A Y OCT. 10TH - HOMECOMING DANCE
                                          S E E . Y A . 'R O U N D . T O W N

                                                points of interest

                                                  the bookshop || Watson Books (open 7am-5pm not open Sundays)
                                                    Max (mother owns the shop) . Till
                                                  the cafe || Trudy's (open 7am-8pm)
                                                    Mel . Kate
                                                  the town hall || Town Hall
                                                  the high school || Churchill High School (go wolves!)
                                                  the college || Churchill University (currently only serves non-humans)
                                                  the grocery || Madam Marks' Grocery Mart (open 6am-12am)
                                                    worker one . worker two
                                                  the park || Black Park (new, named after the mayor)
                                                  the gas station || Uncle's Fill 'Em Up (open 24/7)
                                                    worker one . worker two

                                          W H A T . G O E S . A R O U N D

                                                town news // gossip

                                                  RUMOR ONE || true, false, unknown.
                                          I . F O R G O T

                                                just kidding, I didn't forget yet!! =P
                                          I . F O R G O T

                                                just kidding, I didn't forget yet!! =P
                                          I . F O R G O T

                                                just kidding, I didn't forget yet!! =P
                                          I . F O R G O T

                                                just kidding, I didn't forget yet!! =P
                                          I . F O R G O T

                                                just kidding, I didn't forget yet!! =P
                                          O P EN . F O R . B U S I N E S S

                                                Happy Soon to be - Halloween! =D

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