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                                                                  Much to Charlie's amusement she felt Cormac's brawny arms wrap around her body, gently pulling their bodies close and leaving very little if any space between them. The warm touch of his skin against hers was enough to send a tingling sensation down her spine. While most girls would've blushed or shied away in this sort of situation, the brunette retained her composure and softened her features, a small smile dancing on her lips. She knew Cormac didn't normally do more intimate and for the lack of a better word, romantic stunts like this, but she was still pleased with the revelation. Heeding his abrupt command, Charlie kept her mouth shut and just gazed at the charming man just a few inches away from her face. All she wanted to do was take in his defined features, his smooth and flawless skin, his succulent lips. The temptation to feverishly grace every inch of his body with her lips and the longing to feel his warm embrace loomed over her like vicious storm clouds, but were efficiently overcome by desire to maintain the tranquility of the moment. Instead, the brunette tenderly caressed his face for a moment unconsciously before the male's hands began to meander up and down her waist, his fingers eventually reaching her soft skin. She could feel herself let out a quiet moan in response to their contact, goosebumps mildly forming on her skin.

                                                                  If there was one thing she loved, it was a man who knew how to tease.

                                                                  Nothing brought her a greater thrill (well probably besides sex itself) than a healthy dose of sensual teasing. And she just loved the way Cormac did it. It was as if he knew every small touch or gesture that she adored the most, though it wouldn't be too surprising if he did considering the frequency of their sexual encounters. She closed her eyes as he spoke softly into her hear, his hot breath caressing her ear and his simple words bringing a lustful smirk to her face. In the spur of the moment she couldn't help but to shift herself in his grasp. Leaning forward a bit she whispered back in a seductive tone, "Look who's talking, Mr. Da--" but before she could finish she felt his lips on her neck, a small gasp escaping from her. The neck was one of her more sensitive spots and his sultry touch was such a huge turn on. In a matter of moments their lips met, his tasting as sweet as ever. It was instances like these that filled Charlie's head with such euphoric and libidinous buzz that it just kept her practically begging for more. A feeling that never got old no matter how many times they hooked up.

                                                                  Much to her disapproval, the quarterback's cellphone went off, his ringtone filling the air around them. Their lips pulled away for an instant as Cormac told her to ignore it before resuming their earlier trance. But, the obnoxious buzzing recommenced and Cormac got up from his bed and went into the bathroom to take the call from the persistent caller. Letting out a deep sigh, she put her hands behind her head and mumbled to herself, "And just when things were getting good too." Shrugging off her disappointment and calming herself down (at least somewhat), Charlie quickly shifted her attention to the yelling being emitted from the bathroom. Raising an eyebrow in response, she ran a hand through her brunette mane. Not much of a surprise to her, Dani and Cormac were at it again. Being close friends with both individuals she either heard about or witnessed the duo's frequent arguments over the past few weeks. Though judging by the tones of the voices, the severity of the conflict seemed to be worsening. The trio had an interesting relationship to say the least; both Dani and Charlie would frequently sleep with Cormac, so issues were bound to arise at some point. At first she didn't mind the fluidity of their sex lives, but as her feelings towards Cormac continued to developed she found herself becoming more easily jealous of the blonde, even if she would never show it. The senior had a habit not to pay any mind to the opinions of others and despite their close friendship, Dani was no different. If Charlie wanted to hook up with Cormac then by golly she'll do it, even if the partier disapproved of it. Once she heard the yelling abruptly stop and the sound of rushing water take its place, she simply turned over and nodded off, waiting for the male to exit the bathroom.
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                                                                  Charlie's eyes lethargically reopened as sound of water ceased and the bathroom door swung opened. Her gaze following the male as he walked with nothing more than a towel covering his muscular body, leaving her to only imagine what was underneath (though she already had a very constructed idea). "It's no big deal," she replied with a yawn as she propped herself up on his bed. Not wanting to bring up the subject of his prior argument with Dani because it really wasn't any of her business to begin with, Charlie just kept quiet as he changed, but speaking up after Cormac was resting beside her. "That's a bummer. Having too much alcohol again, are we?" she smirked as she pushed some loose hairs from her face. She knew the quarterback was quite the partier and various alcoholic drinks were frequent enough element of his diet. Chuckling at his comment and devious idea popped up in her head. She swiftly climbed on top of him, her legs on either side of his torso, her hands gracing his chest. Leaning down, her lips just centimeters from his ear, she whispered with a hint of lust in her voice, "I would ******** you right here, right now. You're practically serving yourself up on a silver platter for me." Slowly, she shifted down and kissed his neck before moving back to his ear. "You're just so irresistible, I just want to eat you up." And just before Cormac could run his hands across her skin, she swiftly shifted herself off of the male and his bed, adjusting her dress shirt. "But, I don't think my appetite is stimulated enough yet, y'know?" A cheeky grin stretched across her face as she beckoned him to follow her using her hand. If Cormac could tease her and abruptly stop, Charlie could certainly do the same. "How about you and I head over to Target to kill some time?" She slipped on her shoes as Cormac grumbled and got out of his bed before walking towards the door. "Come on now, let's get going." Turning back towards the male she saw a look of disapproval on his face. Chuckling he added, "It'll be fun I swear. Y'know those rich brats won't come within two miles of it." Grabbing Cormac's hand she lightly pulled him along in the direction of his garage.
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                                                                  Upon reaching the rather large department store, Cormac parked his luxury BMW into one of the various parking spaces. As the duo exited the vehicle, Charlie stretched out and yawned. Turning the quarterback she beckoned, "Let's go see what ridiculous items we can buy this week." Entering the store they were hit with the overwhelming amount of red color that the corporation chose to utilize uniformly in all of their stores. Grabbing a nearby shopping cart, Charlie flopped into the larger basket portion generally reserved for goods to be purchased. The two of them had a ritual of Cormac pushing Charlie in the cart for the first few stops on their shopping adventure. Making herself comfortable in the metal death trap, she suggested, "Why don't we start over by the pet supply stuff and then shift over to wear the furniture section is by the restrooms? There's usually never too many people over there." When they reached the pet supply section, she hopped out of the cart and began looking through some of the products. "Maybe we can find a little something for Dylan and Gemmas. Cats love s**t like this, she commented as she rummaged through various toys and accessories. As she bent over to retrieve something she could feel a strong hand possessively grab at her a** for a moment. Caught off guard by the immodest gesture, Charlie immediately shot up at turned towards Cormac, a sly smirk on her face. "You just can seem to keep your hands off of me today, can you?" In an act of defiance, just to make him wait even longer for what he wanted, she simply brushed him off and put a few cat toys into the cart. "Let's move onto the furniture section."

                                                                  Unlike the other portions of the store, the furniture section was a much more closed off location with various alcoves and such hidden throughout. As they made their way over there, Charlie walking this time, Cormac again wrapped an arm around her waist once they were out of the sight of other customers and employees. As hard-to-get as she was trying to play, all of his subtle gestures and charming words were starting to get to her. That longing, that desire she had earlier this morning was coming back and it wasn't going to wait until they got back to her penthouse or Cormac's mansion. Temptation was going to win this round and caving in seemed like such a great option at this point, not without a bit of mischief. Upon turning a corner the duo abruptly came to a halt. With Cormac's arms still wrapped around her she turned so she was facing him. "Y'know Cormac, I think my appetite might be stirring." Using her right index finger she placed it on the top of his chest where his v-neck revealed some skin and slowly traced it up his neck to his chin. "All your teasing and subtleties are making me quite hungry." And with that she placed her hands underneath his shirt, feeling up his abs underneath the thin white shirt. She always loved a guy with muscles, who wouldn't? Forcefully pushing him down onto a nearby couch, Charlie straddled him, their faces just inches apart. Stopping herself from making out with the male right then and there, she playfully bit her lip, waiting to see which one of them would truly cave in first.

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                                  He hadn't felt this out of his element since he'd first set foot in the States. When they were at school, if you didn't pay attention to their clothes and also didn't pay attention to the cliques of people who clung together, often because of their money status', it wasn't exactly blatantly obvious the distinction between people, money wise. Of course, once you listened to people talk you could tell if they were snotty and rich, because they bragged about it. Not to say all of the rich kids were like that – just a fair few notable ones. A lot of the other kids who had money, like Jaime, weren't the kind to rub their money in the scholarship kids faces, which was a nice relief. He'd met Jaime before he'd met any other students, seeing as Jaime had been loitering at the school before classes, when Kale had been dragged off to the school early to get a tour. Apparently, the staff didn't trust him to not get lost in the halls at OCD.

                                  Still, he may not have befriended Jaime if not for that, though it probably would have been best for Kale to not have met Jaime first – he'd expected, as a result of Jaime's friendliness, that everyone at the school would be quite friendly as well... and that theory had quickly been diminished when he met a fair few other students in his first block. Still the fact that Jaime was a nice guy wasn't enough to get him to forgive him for not warning him. A big house? He could handle that. He'd expected that. But something on top of a tall, skyscraper-type building? No. Just no. Mind blown. There was nothing else to say about it. Though, it was really more frustration than anger, he supposed. Yeah, definitely more frustration than anger. Pinching the bridge of his nose, Kale shoot his head in exasperation. “Sorry, sorry. I just did not expect...” he gestured around the room vaguely, #A96445]“...this.” He didn't make a comment about the view – he wasn't about to go directly over to the window. He may not be terrified of heights, but vertigo still wasn't entirely ruled out.

                                  It was at that point when Kale realized that Kai was present. How had he even missed that? It wasn't as though he was blending into the draperies or anything of the like. While he had been a little disoriented, he was still chastising himself inwardly for missing him. Not very good form. Not good at all. “Hey,” Kale greeted, as Jaime loped out of the room, seemingly to locate and bring back some apple strudel that he had asked if they wanted, but never waited for an answer. How very Jaime. It didn't bother Kale at all, though – Jaime was Jaime, for better or for worse. And, when it came to making friends in a place as shallow and money-oriented as OCD, beggars really couldn't be choosers, now could they?

                                  Jaime didn't take it upon himself to be gone for very long, thankfully, and relatively quickly returned back to where Kai and himself were respectively sitting and standing, toting a plate of steaming apple strudel. Normally, Kale was one to ignore sweets like that – mainly because, when they came into the house, his sister and father generally devoured it before he or his mother could get a piece; a terrible addiction that made it absolutely miraculous that neither of them were particularly round in the stomach – but Kale was well aware that Jaime was good at cooking, and he'd been taught that it was generally offensive to reject an invitation to eat something that your host offered you... and he'd never been good at ignoring that rule. Hell, he'd eaten Grandmother Karam's cooking, which he was pretty sure was just another one of her efforts to kill or otherwise brutally maim him, his sister, and his mother in a subtle ways as humanly possible. Same with his mother's mother... though he was pretty certain that she wasn't trying to murder them with her cooking... her cooking was just bad by nature. She just took other measures. And, perhaps murder was a slightly strong word... maim seems better.

                                  His phone buzzed, alerting him to a text from Harlan. He didn't have one of those super snazzy phones that everyone seemed to have these days, and often didn't receive messages that were sent until a couple of hours later, but it was functional enough for his liking. He preferred face-to-face conversation, any way. Phones and texting were just cheating. He quickly typed in a message in response to Harlan's question, proceeding to quickly tuck the phone back into his pocket.

                                  To: Harlan.
                                  From: Kale
                                  MSG: Yeah I'm with Jaime. Ride to what?

                                  After a few moments, Jaime asked if they'd go downtown with him, then maybe dropping by Dose or the mall afterwards. Kale glanced at Kai, shrugged, and turned back to Jaime. “Sure.” It wasn't like he had anything better to do. And if he hung out with Jaime and Kai, he'd kill two birds with one stone – he'd kill his boredom, and then Reem would have no reason to bother him about being a so-called “social leper”. Honestly, he wasn't that bad. He had enough friends... he just didn't spend all his time with a gaggle of giddy teenage girls like his sister did. Or even the male equivalent.

                                  xxxxxxx● ● ● TIME SKIP ♚ ❜

                                  By going “downtown”, Jaime had meant dropping by his studio to pick up some painting, and the studio was downtown. When they were at the studio, Kale examined a few of the paintings while they were waiting for Jaime to be done, and had to admit that he was impressed. Some of these paints were better than the ones he'd seen previously, when Jaime had shown them to him. Jaime was confident in his paintings, and wasn't the kind to hide his own paintings from view. In Kale's household, his mother was the artistic one, and as such she often tried to get her children to paint things for her. She'd convinced Kale to try a couple times recently, but he had absolutely no talent for it. Everything he “painted” ended up looking nothing like what it was supposed to be, and Kale thought that a four year old could easily paint circles around him. His mother assured him that it was just him being abstract... Kale called bullshit on that one. He just wasn't an artist. Simple as that. He'd leave attacking canvases with paint brushes to Jaime and his mother... it was probably better for everyone’s retina's that way, any way.

                                  Once Jaime was down gathering up his painting and getting everything in order to his satisfaction, the trio set out again, this time heading for Dose. Kale liked Dose for a couple of reasons: A, it wasn't super expensive, so he could actually rationalize buying a coffee there, and B, the coffee was good enough to rationalize buying the coffee. It also had a nice air to it, and wasn't one of those places that would usher you out right after you bought a coffee. And it wasn't noisy. All of which made spending time there that much more tolerable. Beside that, there was also the fact that the company was actually decent today. He didn't spot anyone who looked particularly... offensive, for lack of a better term. He recognized Joon, a fellow scholarship student, as soon as they stepped into the cafe. It smelled of good coffee, which he was pretty sure raised everybody's mood at least a little bit.

                                  Almost immediately after they stepped into Dose, Jaime plodded over to Joon, striking up a conversation was the girl. Kale raised an eyebrow at Kai, and then shrugged again, claiming a seat at an empty table. After a few minutes, Jaime came over, practically dragging Joon along with him. He waved in greeting, offering the girl a smile in greeting. At Jaime's question about ordering, Kale waved him off. “I'll get coffee.” And he was perfectly capable of buying it himself – again, reasonable prices that didn't leave your wallet crying in misery. Hopping up, he quickly got in line to get his order. The barista seemed a little put out that he was just ordering coffee... black coffee... probably one of the cheapest things on the menu. Kale wasn't one for the sugary sweetness of the sweeteners or sugar... and he'd always just drank straight black coffee. His entire immediate family did, so it was a habit he was sticking to.

                                  He returned to the table just as Harlan showed up, and he reclaimed the same seat he'd taken before before taking a sip of his coffee. Good. Not too bitter. Contented, Kale listened as they spoke, and when the question was brought up about whether or not they were all going to the Halloween party, Kale snorted. Pointing briefly at Jaime, Kale said, “He's making me go. He's too scared to go alone.” He thought on it for a moment, and shrugged before taking another sip of his coffee, saying quietly and more so to himself than to anyone else, “Reem would stab my eyes out with her hair pins if I didn't go, as well.”
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                                                  Juno was playing on his phone when Dani walked in. He gave her a smile and waved at her to get her attention. “ He-” He was cut off by her rapid explanation of why she was late and questions about his living space. He held his hand up. “ Slow down Dani. I already got us drinks my mom gave me some money this morning so my princess they are on me. “ He said with a smile and waved his hand signaling the barista to bring over their drinks. They had know each other long enough that the knew each others likes and dislikes so ordering coffee for her was almost like blinking. He gave a sigh. “ It’s alright, I hate the bed though, it feels like I’m sleeping on a rock instead of a bed. Now though since I got my mom to pay in some money I’m going to be looking for a apartment soon. It will be poor compared to what I’m used to but I’m going to splurge on a bed. Seeing a bed is really the most important part of my life. Well the bed and the kitchen. That’s all I need. Now, tell me about your drama this morning.” He asked but he really didn’t know to ask to know who her drama included. It was always the same. Cormac. Her ‘boyfriend.’ though they gave each others those titles he really didn’t see how it really mattered. They both slept with other people. Some times the same person and they didn’t even know it. Juno wondered if he should feel bad towards Dani. As her friend and sometimes bed partner if he should tell that her boyfriend was a closet bi-sexual and that on occasion, Juno slept with him. Cormac was usually drunk when he came to Juno to sleep with him but he wasn’t always as drunk as he pretended to be. Juno knew Cormac enjoyed sleeping with him and even other men but as a famed womanizer how would it look like to others if he started saying he liked sleeping with men too. Juno knew he had a huge secret in his pocket that if he had an inclination to he could explode it with in the ranks of the highly rich but Juno just wasn’t that kind of person. Besides Cormac was pretty damn good in bed and Juno wasn’t going to give that up. If he started feeling guilty towards Dani that might end it quick but Juno just didn’t work that way.

                                                  He was in the middle of listening to Dani complain about Cormac when his phone started ringing, he lifted up his hand. “ Sorry Dani, it’s my mom I have to take it. “ He turned in his chair and put the phone to his ear.
                                                  “ Mom?”
                                                  “ Did you get the money?”
                                                  “ Yeah I got it thanks mom, it’s going to help a lot, I wont have to stay in that motel anymore.”
                                                  “ Good, good, so you must be feeling pretty generous towards your mother right now right?”

                                                  The hair on Juno’s neck stood up. Oh god, he thought, here it comes. What on earth could she want.
                                                  “ I suppose I am.” He said cautiously.
                                                  “ That’s good, because one of your fathers biggest local client’s daughter is having a party tonight. Ar-something, You need to go tonight and put on a good face and not make a fool of yourself. Understand.”
                                                  Juno froze, she wanted him to go to Aria’s party? True he had been invited being someone who had money even if by OCD standards he was new money but in Aria’s eyes it was still rich and would add to the numbers of the party. Juno on the other hand, after leaving the house had no intention of going and in fact leaving had gave him the best excuse not to go. But now here he was being told to go.
                                                  “ I don’t wanna.” He said with out thinking.
                                                  “ Too bad, if you want that money, then you are going to that party. You are going to play nice with this girl and talk your father and his bank up and be a good boy or you can go back to living in that motel.”
                                                  He couldn’t believe it. His mother was blackmailing him!
                                                  “ 10,000 extra. If you want me to go then it’s going to cost a little more for you.”
                                                  They didn’t have a normal parent-child relationship. It should be obvious by now.
                                                  “Are you really trying to negotiate with your mother?”
                                                  He nodded, then realized she couldn’t see that. “ Yes, going to this party means extra cost for me and that 20,000 is going towards that apartment I need, so 10,000 should help me nicely for this party.”
                                                  He heart her hum over the phone. “ 5,000” She countered.
                                                  “ 7,000” He countered back.
                                                  “ 6,500”
                                                  “ 8,000”

                                                  “ You just went up! Is this how you treat your mother?”
                                                  “ Right now your trying to screw me over on a deal, you aren’t my mom right now.”
                                                  She gave a huff. “ Fine, I’ll give you the full ten plus some information but on top of the party you have to call your grandfather once a week and act like you still live at home. He’s worried about you and your fathers fights. He’s thinking of coming up here and well. I don’t like when he visits cause he always brings that bimbo with him. “
                                                  “ Oh come on mom, Grandma Candi with a i isn’t that bad.” He said grinning.
                                                  “ Do we have a deal?”

                                                  Juno sighed. “ Yeah we have a deal. Now what’s this information?”
                                                  “ Sometime in the next couple weeks your father will be going to Korea, and I will fly out to California for a while. If some stuff went missing from your room, I don’t think anyone the staff would call the police.”

                                                  “ Alright, thanks mom. Grandpa will hear from me weekly we have a deal.”
                                                  “ Good, the money will be there within the hour. Goodbye.”

                                                  His mother hung up and he sighed looking at Dani with a smile. “ Dani my- “ He was cut off by his phone vibrating. “ Oh my wife!” He said excitedly seeing James’ message. When he had sent his message to James Aria’s party had completely slipped his mind but now that he remember it wasn’t surprising to him that James’ had to go. As part of the Funk group it was as natural as breathing that he go to the party and be seen.

                                                  To: Wife
                                                  From: Hubby

                                                  Yes! I completely forgot about it this morning when I messaged you.
                                                  I hadn’t planned on going but my mom just blackmailed me.
                                                  I’ll be showing up. I’m asking Dani for help and with knowing you
                                                  For as long as I have, you have asked her too. So I’ll be showing up with her when
                                                  She comes to help you. Be naked when we get there. wink

                                                  He looked up from sending the message and smiled at Dani apologetically. “ Sorry for interrupting you. My mom and I had some business to conduct and you know I can’t ignore my wife. “ He reached out and took her hand. “ Dani, my party goddess, I can only assume you are helping James get ready for Aria’s party tonight, would you mind adding me as well? I am in dire need for it since I hadn’t even planned on going until today. I’ll go with you to James and you can do both of us at once, then help us get ready for the party.” He said jokingly. “ but I really need help too. You’ll help me right? The whole time you can complain about Cormac and no matter who calls or talks to me I wont interrupt you once. Deal?”

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                                                      Nadine pouts as she realizes Claire has already bought her items and laughingly she shakes her head at her as she speaks. "Oh you always manage to get away from me paying for you, I don't know how you evade me every time," she jokingly replies, nudging Claire with the tip of he foot as she does so. So the girl likes treating her friends, so what? She knows shopping isn't Claire's thing so this is how she tries to make up for it. Though it seems her friend has foiled her again, as she is apt to do so. "And I don't think you could carry much more than you've got in your arms. We don't want to putting your back out on the night of the party, now do we?" Nadine laughs and shakes her head along with her friend, allowing herself to be prodded to turn around and walk to check out her items. "Oh but I'm strong! Deceptively strong really! All the holding and sewing and making has gotten my arms super buff of course!"

                                                      The girl smiles at her friend and then nods at her suggestion, about to agree wholeheartedly before they are interrupted. Nadine turns her head towards the voice speaking to her friend. When she sees it's a girl, one she vaguely knows, she turns her body back around to face her. her gaze skitters over the other girl, Henrietta, as she speaks and she smiles at her, although it does seem she hasn't been noticed as of yet. Usually by now she would have burst in with her bubbly welcomes and hugged her but two main reasons why she cannot: A. Her arms are still full of yet-to-be-purchases and B. She always finds it interesting to meet who Claire knows, since unfortunately her best friend doesn't seem to have a long a line of friends as she should. Especially since she's since a lovely and kind person too. So yes, it is interesting to see her around others, almost as fascinating as it is to see her on the warpath of yet another story to report.

                                                      She hears Claire ask if the other girl's wants to hang out and immediately a smile beams on her face. The girl goes to interject when she feels her phone vibrate in her bag. Managing to take a step back and balance her wares between her and a display case, she fishes the phone out of her bag and unlocks it. Scrolling through until she sees the message, her eyes purse and then widen as she smiles at Dani's text. Dani is her go-to party companion, she always admired the other girl from when she first heard of her infamous partying exploits, and then found out she's just a great person in general anyway. Thankfully, the two get on and so she looks forward to seeing her at the party later on.

                                                      Returning back to the scene before her, she slips the phone back into the bag and balances the shop's goods in her arms once more.
                                                      "Ladies, if you will be so kind as to excuse me," She smiles and mock curtsies to both the girls where they stand and then confidently makes her way towards the checkout where (yay) there is no queue to be seen. Placing the blouses and shoe box down on the counter, she looks around and manages to grab her purse from the corner of the bag before triumphantly pulling out her credit card. The cashier smiles at her and Nadi dimples back. The price rung up, cash given over and purchases bagged, and she is all done. Thanking the girl behind the till she practically skips back to where her best friend and hopefully-new acquaintance are and almost careers into Claire.

                                                      "Oops, sorry" she giggles before righting herself by holding onto her friend's arm. "So, I say instead of standing around here we should all go and grab a morning coffee. I for one can bet that you, Claire, haven't had your obviously needed dose of caffeine yet and this is just a horrible crime," Nadine says, pointing her finger of the hand which holds the shopping towards Claire before lowering it, bag swinging. She looks towards the brunette-haired girl and gives her a friendly smile, "It's Henrietta, isn't it? You're more than welcome to come along, I'm going to be buying Claire a drink and I may as well make it a round," She grins, already glancing around for the nearest coffee place, though in reality she didn't mind where they went, she just wanted to do some chatting and waste the day away before the party, especially since there will be no-one at home by the time she returns.

                                                      Spotting a place further into the mall, she returns her gaze to the two girl's,
                                                      "Well c'mon then, no point hanging around. I'll tell you what, I'll sweeten the deal and buy you both food too, I've had the muffins from here before and they are divine," Nadine says and then backs up, still holding onto Claire's arm, and motions towards Henrietta with her 'shopping arm'. She heads over to the coffee shop under the sign 'Espresso Royale' and gestures for the other two to head in before herself, finally releasing Claire's arm. She sometimes forgets that hanging onto others isn't usually what people do, but she had always loved hugs and just being around friends and other people and so is used to all the touching and being near that comes with them. Her friends usually get used to it pretty quickly, though she has tried to tone it down as per her mum's requests. Usually her mother doesn't mind but after one too many times of being tumbled into a hug as you come home from work she could feel her patience waning. Closing the door behind them, she walks forward to the counter and looks up at the board above, filled with drinks and baked goods all neatly written, "So, what is everyone having then?"

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                                          Kai rolled his eyes as Jaime said that all guys should grow a beard like him. Having only worn fake beards, the thought didn’t seem appealing, unless he had the time to grow a rather long beard and moustache when he was older; much, much older. But then Jaime continues to go on about how skinny Kai was. Kai arched an eyebrow at his friend. Jaime wasn’t exactly one to be saying someone was on the skinny side considering how thin the guy was himself. Continuing to pet his friend’s dog as he spoke, Kai nodded along. Well that was until he heard his friend mention just how much tea there was. He hadn’t really paid attention to it when he walked in as he had been more worried about getting the cake to the fridge. Piled sky high? Well the sky wasn’t really that high when one was in an apartment as high up as Jaime’s.

                                          He was going to go and explore the stacks as well, but Jaime’s phone rang. Recovering from his original shock, he apologised to Ladonna and tried to quite her down as Jaime retorted to what he said about Juno. Rolling his eyes he returned his attention back to Ladonna. Well he did until he heard Jaime say it was his mother. Kai really didn’t like the older women. He thought she was too cold towards her child; especially Jaime. She in a way reminded him way too much of his aunt; only a lot smarter. Actually Kai wasn’t fond of most of Jaime’s family and even told his sister Ingrid that she was rather immature and a brat when he had the misfortune of meeting at a function that Jaime had not attended. Needless to say that didn’t go down to well, but she had insulted him first. Kai had no issue to cut her down back to size as he needed to. He was a Nam and at times be just as harsh as his cousin if he needed to.

                                          Kai shook his head to get rid of his thoughts on Jaime’s slightly, in Kai’s eyes vile family and tried to pretend that he wasn’t listening in on Jaime’s phone call. It was hard considering Kai understood German a lot more than most people thought he did. Continuing to pat Ladonna; Kai wrinkled his nose as he tried to work out what was going on. It seemed his friend’s mother would be making a visit. How annoying. Sure she should spend more time with Jaime, but her mind was more on business than what Jaime’s dreams were. Kai guessed he was lucky in the fact that his interests just so happened to be in his mother’s business. He would have found it funny if he had interest elsewhere. His grandfather would have been pulling out his hair and would have tried to find some way to change his mind.

                                          Hearing that Jaime had stopped talking his eyes fell on his friend. It seemed that his assumptions were correct and Luna Funk would be making a visit. Maybe he should offer Jaime sanctuary at his house whilst she was in town, but he knew that it would do no good. He really wouldn’t like to see their mother’s go head to head as they seemed to be just as stubborn as each other. Being pulled out of the chair and the mention of the tea, Kai allowed his friend to drag him to where the tea had been placed.

                                          What he had saw when he entered the room was not what Kai was expecting. Even he thought that a hundred boxes of tea was an exaggeration. Seeing the black table that was normally covered in some project that Jaime was working, be covered in boxes was slightly shocking. Nodding as Jaime spoke; Kai walked around the table and began to examine the boxes. It seemed to not be only one type of tea, but multiple boxes of a few. Well that was until Kai saw a box that was slightly different form the others and had to stop himself from squealing. It was a tea that was hard to come by as not many people grew it and the price was ridiculous even for tea. Jaime was going to give it to him? Kai would have to do something to repay him. Pulling his phone out he messaged Sam with the names of the tea and how many boxes to take and where to take them. Some of this would be donated to the school’s Tea Club. Although Kai was the president of the club he wouldn’t touch it unless there was a club event.
                                          Making quick work of the boxes he began to sort them and made four piles. The biggest pile was for the school, the next was for himself. The two smaller piles were for Jaime and Marcie. Marcie was sure to ring his neck if she found out that he hadn’t divided it in a way that she would have some and it would be odd if Jaime didn’t have any boxes and they would be on hand in case Jaime’s mother asked about them when she visited. He turned and raised an eyebrow at Jaime as he heard him talk to Marcie. Had she insulted Jaime’s friend Kale? Kai couldn’t help but shake his head. Marcie could overreact when it came to people. Kai smiled remembering that for the first two months he had been friends with Jaime he pretended he didn’t speak English well and Marcie spoke really slowly so he would understand what she was saying. Eventually Kai cracked and ended a laughing ball on the floor before he told her he understood English perfectly. Nodding as Jaime said Kale was coming, he then returned to moving around the boxes.

                                          Chuckling as he heard Kale speak with Jaime, he continued to move the boxes around. Listening as he worked, Kai rolled his eyes at Jaime’s words. It was a nice view for anybody who didn’t have a fear of heights or a fear of the feeling of falling. Wrinkling his nose at the offer of apple strudel, he wondered if he needed to bring the cake. Then again he had brought the cake in exchange for the tea, but then again he hadn’t been expecting this much tea. Shrugging to himself he turned his attention back to the tea. The sooner he finished this he could get Jaime to eat the cake too. Jaime needed to gain weight more than he did. Maybe he could join forces with Juno in fattening Jaime up. The thought made Kai smile to himself. Hearing Kale say hey to him, Kai smiled at the other male. “Yo. He has cake too if you would prefer that.” Continuing to sort the boxes Kai then took and photo so Sam would know that to take and which pile was which. Then he went and got some of the food that Jaime had offered. Kai in a way was a glutton. In was a good thing that he had someone that made sure he stayed in shape.


                                          Kai had decided to tag along with Jaime and Kale until he needed to get ready for the event that night. When they had stopped by Jaime’s studio rather than looking at the artwork, Kai instead checked his friend’s fridge and threw out anything that had gone off. Knowing Jaime’s luck he’d might accidently eat something and give himself food poisoning. When walking Kai couldn’t help but notice all the people that seemed to know Jaime. He knew his friend was popular when the general population, but not like this. It was in a way starting to make Kai feel like he really didn’t belong in this particular environment. Perhaps if he was in his garage gear he would have fitted in a lot better. In his current clothing which his shirt alone was probably more than what these people made in a week, he was starting to wish Sam was here as well. Sure he had visit the area before but be normally drove himself around.

                                          Finally at Dose, Kai let out a small sigh. Sure it was owned by the parents of one of Kai’s least favourite people at his school, but at least he should be at least semi-safe from her. Sitting where Jaime had led him, he began to look around the café and then he noticed someone he knew. Sure she didn’t stand out, but that was what made her seem unique in Kai’s eyes. There was only so much of so called ‘classy’ girls with more money than brains one could take before they started to bore someone. Seeing Jaime stand behind her, Kai raised an eyebrow. It seemed Kale had the same reaction as him. Kai only smirked. It was Jaime being Jaime. However was his friend trying to scare the girl? Watching, He shook his head at Jaime’s behaviour. He was likely to confuse her ad make her wonder as to why he was speaking to her.

                                          Once Jaime came back with Joon in tow, Kai hoped she would feel better when she saw him. She was after all a part of his tea club. When Jaime asked what he was getting, Kai tilted his head. He wasn’t too fond of coffee. Well American coffee that was. It was too weak for his liking; much like their beer. “Just water. And here; you don’t need to blow any more money before you get cut off.” Taking cash out of his wallet his basically forced it into Jaime’s hand, before his friend went to order. Raising his eyebrow as Kale said he was going to the Halloween Party, he then shook his head. “Aria won’t even let you through the front door. I’m family and she wouldn’t have me through the front door if it wasn’t necessary.” Looking at a wall he nodded. “You’d have better luck going to an actually Halloween Party Closer to the date. Perhaps scarring kids on the night? What? I don’t exactly know what you guys do.” Turning is attention back to wall as if it was the most interesting thing in the world, Kai continued to listen to the conversation.

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