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                                  In the Karam household, there were usually two different wake-up calls. Either the alarm woke you up, or you were woken up, in alarm, when Mrs. Karam dropped something heavy or breakable, generally a pot or a plate that would make a satisfying noise, accidentally on the floor, followed by string of Swedish profanities that she still refused to explain to her children. Today, however, neither of these were the wake-up call that Kale got. Instead, in the midst of dreaming something incredibly random that he wouldn't remember when he woke up, as many dreams go, he woke up to something heavy landing on top of him. Correction, someone heavy with incredibly boney knees – Reem, his lovely sister who didn't appear to have grasped the concept that a closed door should remain a closed door, especially when someone is sleeping. “Kale, Kale! Wake up, sleepy head.” Reem grinned, her dark hair uncombed and wild as she bounced slightly on his chest, knees still digging in to him. “Time to get up!”

                                  Alert after having the wind knocked out of his so suddenly, Kale glowered up at his sister, grabbing his pillow and covering his head with it. “Get off, Reem.” He lifted the pillow enough to check the time on his alarm clock, and groaned at the red numbers that were displayed. “Who died? Somebody had better have died for you to be waking me up this early on a Saturday – HEY!” Kale cried out when Reem snatched the pillow away, smacking him smartly with it before tossing it to the side and crossing her arms. The scowl on her face would have been priceless, had it not been directed at Kale. “What?” He asked again, propping himself up, knocking his sister off of his chest, causing her to roll off of him and claim a spot on the bed by his feet.

                                  Settling herself on her spot, Reem focused her dark eyes on her brother, eyebrows fulled together in a scowl. “Really, Kale. You really are a terrible, terrible brother sometimes.” She looked serious, but her eyes were sparkling with amusement. Somehow, she always seemed to be in a good mood, and always seemed to be full of fun and joy. “You promised that if I got this job, you'd walk me to work at least once a week. We pinky swore!”

                                  “Pinky swore?” Kale repeated, now sitting up completely as he rubbed a hand over his face. “How old are we, five?”

                                  Reem crossed her arms again, this time frowning even with her eyes. If people thought that the Karam men were scary, they should steer clear entirely of the Karam women. Nobody could master the skunk eye half as well as Reem, who had learned it from her mother. There was a reason why Mr. Karam was wrapped entirely around his wife and daughter's fingers – they were intimidating and powerful women who knew exactly how to get their way. Terrifying. “You promised, and I intend to hold you to that promise. Now get some proper clothes on – I'm dragging you there whether you like it or not.” And with that, she was up and out the door, closing the door with a solid thud, and Kale knew that there was absolutely no getting out of it now.

                                  “I don't even remember that promise,” Kale grumbled, tossing the blankets to the side as he rolled out of bed. Grabbing the first clothes that he could find from his closet, he tossed them on before heading out of the bedroom and pounding down the stairs to the kitchen, which was already filled with his two bustling parents. Mr. Karam was scampering around, trying to remember where he left his car keys, his wallet, and his tie, whereas Mrs. Karam was desperately attempting to not burn whatever it was that she was cooking. Kale glanced into the frying pan as he passed by, raising an eyebrow at the mess in the pan. “What's that supposed to be?” It was an honest enough question, but it earned him quite the look.

                                  “This, Kaleb, is a potato pancake.” She said stiffly, poking it with the spatula. “What does it look like?”

                                  Kale looked at his mother, then looked over at his father, who had stopped halfway to bringing his coffee to his mouth. His eyes were wide, and Kale knew full well that he was treading on dangerous ground. Again, the Karam women. A terrifying lot. Looking back at his mother, who was standing there expectantly, he grinned sheepishly. “Would I be asking if I had knew?” Stepping away, he quickly added, “Did I mention that they look delicious?”

                                  “Ha! Shove it.”
                                  Mrs. Karam warned, though she was smiling as she brandished the spatula at her son. “They will taste delicious, and you won't get any. Your father will get to eat all of that deliciousness!”

                                  The horrified look on Mr. Karam's face was priceless.

                                  “Oh, mom!” Reem laughed as she came into the kitchen, her hair tamed and dressed in her work clothes. “Are you picking on dad again?”

                                  “When is she not picking on me?” Mr. Karam asked, ducking away from his wife's scathing glare. “I mean of course not! When does she ever pick on me?” Kale stifled a snicker, unable to deny that he was amused by these goings on. If nothing else, his parents were a friendly, loving duo with a good shared sense of humour. As a result, these kinds of “altercations” weren't all that uncommon, and they rarely, if ever got heated. They were pretty well just an unscripted comedy routine between the two of them, like it was some kind of private joke that the couple had still failed to share with their children.

                                  It didn't take long after Reem came in to the kitchen for everything to settle down, everyone claiming a seat at the table as they cautiously tried Mrs. Karam's newest cooking adventure. Reem always seemed to have that effect on people, the calming effect. Kale couldn't figure out what is was about her that seemed to calm people down so much, but the answer had thus far eluded him. It was probably just her personality, a trait she had clearly gotten more so from their father, who was always relaxed even when he should be stressed. Their mother, on the other hand, was constantly frazzled, even if you would never spot the woman with a hair out of place.

                                  As soon as breakfast was done, Mrs. Karam went about cleaning up the kitchen, Mr. Karam went out the door to make his way to the little “Mom and Pop” styled bookstore that he ran across their area of town, while Kale perched on the back of the sofa as Reem scurried about to gather up her bag and whatever else she needed for work. “For someone who was so desperate to get me out of bed, you sure are taking your sweet time getting out the door.” Kale said, legs swinging over the edge of the sofa. He thought that he heard Reem mutter something that sounded something like a profanity, though he couldn't be sure. What he was sure of, though, was that being pelted in the side of the head with a throw pillow is often times enough to knock you clean off of the back of a sofa when you are precariously perched there, unprepared fir the assault.

                                  “You don't get to complain,”
                                  Reem announced as she came up to Kale, who was pushing himself back up from his fall, scowling slightly. “You get to be a man and walk your beloved little sister to work, because you promised that you would and I'm going to hold you to it.”

                                  “Might I remind you that I still don't remember ever even making this promise?”

                                  “You don't really remember much of anything, Kale.” Reem said, waving the comment off as she grabbed her brother's hand and tugged him out the front door of their house. “You're just going to have to trust me!” Somehow, he had the feeling that he was being duped and that Reem was just being a pain in the a** again. He loved the girl dearly, but she still remained entirely too clingy. That, he reminded her on a fairly frequent basis, was the reason that she, a beautiful, exotic-looking girl, didn't have a boyfriend. She, of course, always retaliated by reminding him that he did not have a girlfriend, either, which he didn't even bother trying to touch with a ten foot pole.

                                  They caught the bus at the corner of their street, and waited for a number of stops to pass and a good half hour to pass before Reem dragged him off the bus, leading him up the street towards wherever it was that she worked. “Where did you even get a job?” Kale asked, having to walk quite quickly to keep up with his sister's relentless pace. Short girl with fast little legs. Somehow, she's faster than almost anyone Kale has had the pleasure or displeasure of knowing.

                                  “Clothing store.”

                                  “Gee, don't be so specific. Leave a bit of mystery to me, Reem.”

                                  “What's the fun in that, though?” Reem asked innocently.

                                  “Sarcasm. It's a foreign language to you, isn't it?”

                                  “Oh, totally.”

                                  Finally, they came upon the clothing store, which Kale was surprised to see was a rather up-scale clothing store. No wonder Reem had to be all dressed up. “Good job!” Kale said, as they came to a halt outside the store front. “I never would have even tried to apply to a place like this.”

                                  “That, my dear brother,” Reem said, punching Kale lightly on the shoulder. “Is why you are going to focus on school and work odd hours at Daddy's store, while I work my tail feathers off here and go to school at a normal school.”

                                  “Because I don't drop applications off at high end stores?”

                                  Throwing her hands up in the air, Reem shook her head. “You know exactly what I mean. Now, get going. I got what I wanted from you, now you go and have fun! I dragged you out of the house to get you out of the house, so don't go slinking back into the house! Hang out with Jaime or Nadi or something. No brother of mine is going to be a social leper!” Ah. And the truth comes out. Crafty little bugger. Kale waved his sister off with a smirk as she vanished into the store. The unfortunate thing was, though, that he knew that she'd give him Hell if he went directly home after this. So, now he had to figure out what he was going to do with the time he had to kill before he could go home without his sister giving him Hell later in the day.

                                  He had to be honest, he hadn't really spent a whole lot of time in this area of town, and a lot of the places were unfamiliar to him. He figured that he killed a good twenty minutes just trying to get his bearings. In a way, that was a good thing – less time to kill on his own – but in another way, it was frustrating. You'd think that after living in this place for a couple of months, after moving after the incident with Reem, he'd be able to figure out where he was and what way to go to get to X destination. Clearly, though, his directional sense in this particular area was abysmal.
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                                if you wonder why i give you flowers on a wednesday, twelve dozen roses at your door. or why i light some candles when you come over for dinner, would mind to light a billion more.
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                                                    Morning dawned upon Westchester, waking Ben bright and early despite his many complaints. He'd made the horrible choice of staying up late the night before, sitting up with his laptop and watching movies until the wee hours of the morning. He'd struggled to stay in bed for as long as he possibly could, finally giving up and crawling out of bed to go through his usual morning routine. This consisted of a two mile jog, showering, getting dressed, and making breakfast. He'd soon left the house, still quiet because the rest of the house was still sleeping.

                                                    He found his way to the cafe owned by his family, the small establishment already having been opened with the combined help of his father and their small handful of employees. Benjamin pushed the front door of the cafe open, listening as the bell overhead rang to indicate his arrival. He entered the cafe which was, for the most part, empty. He was greeted by the employees currently working the morning shift, as well as by the small handful of regular customers that were currently spread about at the various tables. Ben returned the greeting, moving behind the counter and working on donning his nametag. Minutes had passed before Ben's father finally poked his head out from inside the office, making note that his son was in his usual spot behind the counter. "I gave you the day off today, what are you doing here?" He inquired. Ben looked somewhat shocked, but quickly shrugged it off, responding casually. "I had nothing better to do, I felt like working," He stated simply. His father raised an eyebrow, nodding his head. "Uh huh, right. You know, I may have been born at night, but I wasn't born last night. You just want an excuse to see Hannah, don't you?" He inquired. Ben had to fight blushing, though was largely unsuccessful which resulted in his father nodding. "I knew it! You know, you probably could have just texted her and she would have come running. You both act like you're oblivious to the fact that your feelings are mutual," His father explained, once more acting like he knew everything - as was typical of parents. Ben shook his head, "Yeah right, she would never like a guy like me. She's rich, and perfect and ... out of my league," He protested. Of course, his father had an objection. "Hey! I raised you right, nobody is out of your league," The father and son pair laughed before his father finally gave up. "Well if you're going to insist on working, fine then, but I'm not paying you extra. Now I've got to retreat back to my cave, I've got bills to pay and documents to sign. You know, fun business owner stuff," He said, failing to sound properly enthused as he retreated back to his office.

                                                    The first half hour passed rather uneventfully, only a few regular customers coming in and ordering their usual drink or pastry before taking to a table to enjoy their breakfast. It was nearing nine forty five in the morning when the bell hanging overtop the door rang, signaling the arrival of another customer. Ben's attention was drawn to the door in time to see an elderly woman arrive, wallet already in hand. Ben knew the woman by name, considering that she had been a regular at the cafe for a number of years now. The two exchanged smiles as she approached the counter, finally stopping just as Ben was standing up from his chair. "Mrs. Smith! I was wondering when you were going to get here," He sang happily, greeting the woman as he got to work preparing her usual drink, the woman having had the same drink order since she started visiting the cafe. The woman laughed, "Benjamin, you're getting more handsome everyday! You know, you really should let me introduce you to my granddaughter. Maybe then she'd finally break up with that dead-beat she's been dating," She remarked, speaking in a completely serious manner. Mrs. Smith had been coming to the cafe for years now and she'd essentially seen Ben grow up from being a grumpy pre-teen to the adult he was now. Ever since last year she'd been joking that he needed to let her introduce him to her granddaughter, the woman being determined to set the pair up. Of course, even if Ben did agree - which he doubted he would - his affections were focused elsewhere, so the relationship would never work. "I don't think your granddaughter would be interested in a guy like me, Mrs. Smith, but thank you for the offer," Ben said, stirring the drink with one hand and reaching for the whipped cream with the other.

                                                    "Nonsense!" The woman objected loudly. "You're handsome, you're polite, and you make a really good latte. Any girl woudl be lucky to have you!" She insisted, "It always leaves me surprised that you don't already have a girlfriend ..." She trailed off, "Benjamin, are you gay?" His father, who had been standing nearby sampling a new drink that one of their senior baristas had put together could be heard snorting, Benjamin standing there shocked while the rest of the employees struggled to avoid laughing. Ben managed a smile, laughing the awkward question off. "No, Mrs. Smith, I just don't think the girl I like feels the same way - but I'll keep you updated," He said, finishing off the chocolate he'd been decorating the lattee with before passing the drink across to the woman. She nodded, wrinkling her nose. "What a dumb girl, she doesn't know what she's missing." She sipped from her latte, commenting that it was perfect as always, before working on excusing herself. "Ben dear, I'll see you Monday! Maybe I'll bring my granddaughter by sometime," And with that said, she was gone, leaving Ben to find some way to occupy his time as the cafe was still slow.

                                                    Benjamin found himself checking the time, noting that it was now closer than ever to ten o'clock, which should be about the time that Hannah would be arriving. Stomach doing a backflip at the mere thought of the female, Benjamin decided to get a headstart on her latte in hopes that he'd be finishing up just as she arrived. He went through the process of preparing her drink order, finishing up the vanilla spice latte with cinnamon, only to be disappointed when the door didn't open to signal the arrival of the female Ben was looking forward to seeing. He sighed heavily, flopping back into his chair behind the counter and grabbing a book that he had tucked away for when things got slow. He flipped to the page that he'd left off on, eyes scanning the text as he tried to focus on the words in front of him, but he was relatively unsuccessful. His eyes kept following the path to the door, then back to the latte, only to glance back at his book and repeat.

                                                    It was about the fiftieth time he'd glanced at the door in the expanse of the last five minutes when his father exited his office once more, taking note as his son hurried to glance back at his book. "Staring at the door isn't going to make her show up any faster," His dad stated simply, sounding endlessly amused as he observed his son impatiently awaiting the arrival of the femlae in question. Ben could feel himself blushing, though struggling to remain focusing his attention on the novel in his hands. His father continued, apparently having more to say in regards to tormenting his son. "You know, here's a thought, maybe if you told her how you feel she'd come sooner," He teased. Ben pretended as if he didn't hear him, eyes remaining on the page in front of him as his father continued his monologue. "When I first met your mother, we were still in high school too - you know. She was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen, on the school dance team and everything - and I was the nerdy kid involved in the culinary program. I made her fall for me, though, and once we started talking it only took me a week to confess to her, even less to tell her I loved her," His father explained proudly, ladling on the embarassment even more than he had before.

                                                    Ben finally gave up on reading, knowing that with his father in the room such things would be impossible. He rolled his eyes as he shut his book, tucking it away where it had been hidden before. "Dad, that was the eighties. Being weird was acceptable then," Ben commented as he rose from his chair. "It wasn't weird! It was romantic! Now if you want to call something weird, just say something about the hair," His father joked, "Though the kids today have weirder hair, always hanging in their eyes like they're sheep dogs or something. I'm so glad you finally cut that mop off," His dad said, tugging on Ben's hair which he'd only gotten cut the evening before. Benjamin attempted to swat his father's hand away, stepping away from him. "Yah, you're going to mess it up," He objected. His father shook his head, "Right, you've got that weird styling stuff in your hair ..." He said, "Weird teenagers. Well, this old man will just retreat to his office now, the pile of documents is only getting bigger," He said at last, disappearing again - much to Ben's relief. Of course, he would probably be back in a matter of minutes, but a few moments of peace and quiet were always nice.

                                                    Ben rose from his chair, approaching the counter and beginning to straighten up the area. He was working on wiping up a mess that wasn't even there in the first place, using this as an excuse to appear busy, when finally he heard the bell over the door ring. His attention was drawn to the door in time to see the girl he'd been waiting for enter, the brunette female entering the cafe and immediately capturing and holding Ben's attention. He was quite obviously head over heels for her, though no matter how many people pointed that out to Ben, he still hadn't worked up the courage to tell her.

                                                    As she neared him the first thing that Ben made note of was the fact that she seemed rather annoyed, this being enough to concern Ben. "Something wrong?" He asked curiously, picking up the latte and passing it to her with a half smile. "You can tell me about it, you know. I'm an excellent listener," He insisted matter-of-factly. He now nodded towards the latte which was in her hands, "One vanilla spice latte with a hint of cinnamon, made exactly how you like it," He teased, trying his best to cheer her up. She was a lot prettier when she was smiling, though in Ben's opinion she was pretty all the time.

                                                    Though Ben had offered his ear and maybe some advice, Hannah didn't seem too keen on sharing as she easily sidestepped the question and directed attentions to the latte instead. She made comment that Ben was amazing, resulting in his glancing away and blushing before refocusing his attentions on her as she took the first sip. "Mmmmm I love you," Ben's eyes suddenly went wide and his heart sped up, almost making it feel as if it was threatening to beat right out of his chest. Loved him? Could it be, the girl of his dreams was confessing. Of course, just as he was getting his hopes up, common sense came smashing through and informed him she was probably speaking of the latte and his latte making ability. "By you, you mean the latte," He said, laughing awkwardly and trying to act as if that comment had no effect on him. "Well my lattes are pretty amazing," He sang casually, trying to appear natural.

                                                    The fates seemed to have decided that today was a day to torture Benjamin, because it was at this very moment that his father decided to meander out of his office for the third time - probably having decided to do so after hearing the voices. "Ah~ My son's favorite customer," He sang with a grin, "He was wondering when you were going to get here, sitting in that chair and staring at the door like some kind of puppy," The Korean man ignored the glare he was receiving from his son at present, continuing on to further embarrass him, if that was even possible given how much he was already blushing. "He actually wasn't supposed to work today, came in just to see you. So Hannah, how many times do I have to say please to get you to drag him out of here? He's going to make me go bankrupt with all this overtime he's been working," His dad joked. By this point, it was plain to see that Ben's face was rivaling the color of a tomato.

                                                    Much to his surprise, Hannah did not object to his dad's demands that she drag him out of the cafe. Instead she explained that she would be happy to, on account of she had a coffee run to make for a member of the Pretty Committee and she needed a ride there. Ben's father smiled, "Well, it's settled then. I'll see you later Ben, have fun!" As his father turned to head back into his office, Ben could have swore he heard him mumbling 'now if only I could figure out what to do with the other one,' obviously referring to Arden.

                                                    Once the two had been left alone, Ben's face finally seemed to appear as if it was returning to normal. He turned to Hannah with a smile on his face, "Alright, what am I making now? And please tell me we're not going to visit the she-witch," It was quite obvious that Ben was talking about Aria, she-witch being his not so nice manner of referring to her.

                                                    Hannah reassured him that they weren't going to see Aria, mentioning Beth's name to which Ben nodded. One cup of coffee later, Ben was removing his name tag and leaving his post behind the counter - on account of the fact that his father apparently didn't want him working. They exited the cafe together, Ben playing the role of gentlemanly dork and holding both the door of the shop open for her, and then later opening the car door. Once both were in the car and on their way to Beth's house, leaving the smaller residential area and heading towards one of the many luxurious gated mansion-filled neighborhoods Westchester had to offer, Hannah finally began telling Ben about what had been bothering her earlier. Ben sat there, nodding his head and listening. Once she had finished her story, he sat there thinking for a moment before he spoke. "So let me get this straight, because she's sleeping with people Aria doesn't like, Ette is on the precipice of being kicked out of the Pretty Committee? Well that's a little harsh,"

                                                    "Harsh is Aria publicly embarrassing Ette to the point that her reputation is trashed and she ends up being cut off from her money. Kicking her out of pretty committee is mercy in a box with a bow on it." Ben nodded his head, managing a half smile. "Stories like these make me thankful I'm not rich," He joked, "Though if Ette is being threatened with a pink slip, how are things for you? I mean, Aria doesn't like me either," Ben pointed out. "I know Aria well enough to make her accept that I'm never giving you up for PC." Ben nodded his head, blushing a little and having to force himself to keep his eyes on the road. They were soon pulling into the driveway of Beth's house, Ben putting the car in park and leaning back in his seat. "Well I'll just sit and wait while you give Beth her coffee, tell her I said hi."

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                                                      ✰✰ OCT. NINETEEN SEVEN `O CLOCK AM
                                                      JEON-LEE MANSION ::

                                                      While everyone in the Jeon-Lee household was up and about doing whatever they had to do to keep their lives moving forward, the youngest member the newly connected family was still curled up in bed buried under a large queen-sized comforter recently imported from Barcelona and cuddling with a three month old Yorkie. Since it was a Saturday, no one made any attempt to wake Hannah up that morning. So it was the job of her cellphone's alarm clock to do just that. However, the annoying beeping sound was just not enough to wake her and she slept right through it. The three month old Yorkie that was previously mentioned on the other hand was abruptly awoken by the startling sound and started whining for his owner to wake up and stop the noise from hurting his sensitive ears. The puppy, also known as Cedric, struggled to wiggle out of Hannah's strong hold on him which caused him to start whining louder. The constant whining eventually caused the female to stir out of her sleep as she groaned in protest from being dragged out of her sweet dreams of vanilla lattes and a gorgeous barista who knew how to make a perfect cup of it. Opening her eyes slowly, Hannah moved her hand that was cuddling Cedric and scooted away from the puppy in an attempt to go back to sleep and return to her dreams. But when the world around her started to come probing at her to wake up and get to moving, she knew that her dreams would have to wait for later tonight. When she finally took notice of the alarm clock ringing on her bedside, Hannah turned to look at Cedric who was probing her hand for attention, continuing to whine. Her heart dropped when she finally put two and two together.

                                                      "Oh babe I'm sorry!" she exclaimed as she pulled the comforter from over her head and stretched out to reach her cellphone on her bedside table. After taking a look over at the tiny puppy burying his face into one of her pillows, she immediately turned off the alarm on her phone so that they were now left in silence. Tossing her phone to the side, Hannah reached over to pick up Cedric and held him out in front of her with both hands holding him around his torso area. "You're not mad at me, right babe?" she asked the puppy, sending him an apologetic pout to prove that she was truly sorry. The puppy whined softly then started wagging his tail and moving his legs as if he wanted to walk towards her. This made Hannah grin and shriek in happiness. She then pulled Cedric closer to her and puckered her lips so that she could kiss him. He acted quickly, obviously used to this since his adoption a month ago. Cedric kicked his feet some more until he was close enough to his owner and started licking her face. This caused Hannah to giggle and she ended up cuddling the puppy some more.

                                                      Some minutes later Hannah finally placed the puppy on the floor so that he can run off and play in his little play pen at the corner of her room. With the occasional sounds of barking and growling from the little one, Hannah picked up her phone again to check on updates in all social media sites that she participates in. The only place she didn't check was the notorious Gossip Girl blog that has infested the school since she started high school and also ruined her life at one point. When she finished updating herself on everything from her blog to her Instagram, she finally decided to be responsible and dialed a number she had known by heart since she got her first cellphone. As expected Aria's voicemail was the one that greeted her. How she thought the girl would pick up on the eve of her Halloween party was beyond her. "Hey, A! I'm not going to be able to make it today. I know, I know. It's prep time for the party and all of PC should be there to help, but I need this time to help Ben get ready for tonight and I don't know what time he gets off work. Call me when you need me. Love you." Once she pressed the End button, she placed her phone back on her bedside table to be ignored until she had to leave later. Letting out a sigh, Hannah finally kicked off her comforter and crawled out of bed.

                                                      An hour later, after playing with Cedric in his play pen and taking a very quick shower then changing into a gray v-neck and her tennis skirt, Hannah made her way downstairs where her mother was sitting at the kitchen island with a cup of tea and the newspaper in her hand. When she heard Hannah's footsteps the woman looked up from whoever was in the gossip section to smile at her. "Good morning~" sang the older woman. "Sleep well last night?" she asked, though the tone in her voice was suspicious. Pausing mid-step, Hannah looked at her mother curiously and then inquired as to what was going on. "Nothing, sweetheart! Can't a mother ask if her daughter slept well last night even though she heard talking and laughing around two in the morning?" Hannah's eyes widened at this and her cheeks started to burn a bright red. Last night before going to sleep, she had spent hours watching movies with Ben on Netflix. To make up for the fact that he wasn't there with her, they talked on the phone the whole time until eventually Hannah gave in and passed out on him around three in the morning in the middle of Breakfast Club. Ignoring the suggesting looks her mother was giving her as well as the prodding over who it was that she was talking to until the late hours of the night, Hannah walked over to the cabinet to grab a box of cereal and a bowl then went to the refrigerator to grab the carton of milk. "Hannah, you're not hungry? This is different. You usually eat like a hippopotamus in the mornings, eating almost everything that the cook makes for--"

                                                      "Ready to go?" Both women looked up when Matthew walked in dressed in a gray v-neck similar to the one Hannah was wearing and his tennis shorts. Hannah looked at her step-brother with a scowl as she poured her bowl with cereal and milk. "I just got here. Let a girl eat her breakfast before she has to play tennis with the captain of the boys' tennis team!" she complained as she returned the milk and cereal to its respected locations in the kitchen. While Matthew busied himself with talking to her mother, apparently he had already eaten (not that she's surprised really considering how early he always wakes up), Hannah enjoyed her bowl of cereal which she indulged herself with by adding a spoonful of sugar and fresh blueberries to add extra flavor to the whole wheat bits swimming in milk. She listened as her mother and step-brother conversed, taking note that they were mostly talking about her step-father, Matthew's father. Ever since Hannah’s return from South Korea all her mother ever talked about to her was her step-father and would constantly show off the huge rock of an engagement ring she wore with her wedding band. If Hannah didn't know better she would have thought that her mother cared more about the luxury of being married to one of the richest men in the country. Luckily she did know better. She did care about her new husband, just not as much as she cared about her first husband. But no one really needed to know that.

                                                      Some minutes later, after her second bowl of cereal, Hannah tossed her bowl into the sink then walked over to Matthew who was excusing himself. She gave her mother a quick kiss in the cheek then followed behind her step-brother towards the backyard where their private tennis court was located. When they were out of hearing range of the kitchen and the house in general, Hannah stepped closer to Matthew and nudged him in the rib. "Did you get the necklace?" she asked persistently. Matthew let out an exasperating sigh and responded that it was none of her business. This caused Hannah to pout sadly. If he didn't get the Tiffany's necklace that she had been telling him to get since the beginning of the month, she would be one screwed Pretty Committee member. Without the necklace, Aria would not allow Ben into her party tonight which Hannah would hate because she really wants for him to be her date. "Oppa!!" she cried out, causing Matthew to wince uncomfortably. He hated when Hannah called him that even though she sort of had to now that they were related. "I'm being serious! Did you get the necklace or not?" she asked again desperately. "The only reason why you really want me to get that necklace for Aria is so that my girlfriend will be okay with you taking that Ben guy. If you just followed the PC rules that you created you wouldn't have to deal with all of this trouble." Hannah's jaw dropped at this. Sure Matthew did know that the reason why she was pestering him about the necklace so much was because without it she wouldn't be able to take Ben to the party, but he never used this as a way to make her feel guilty. Especially because he brought the Pretty Committee codebook that she and Aria created years ago into the guilt trip. Saddened by the idea that Matthew probably didn't buy the necklace, Hannah moved away from him and walked silently towards the tennis court without one more word about the topic.

                                                      When the two step siblings made it to the court and pulled out their rackets from the supply shed, Matthew smirked down at her as he asked, "So do you think I should give the necklace to Aria in a Tiffany's box or some tacky little twenties jewelry box to fit the theme if the party?" Eyes wide and her blood boiling from annoyance at Matthew's trick on her, Hannah immediately smacked the male with her racket. "Yah! Why do you have to be so mean?! If you bought the necklace, why didn't you just say so?!" she screamed at him, continuing to hit him with her hand now. Matthew was still laughing at his clever trickery while he attempted to make her stop hitting him, explaining that he had bought the necklace long before she started to annoy him about it. This caused Hannah to stop hitting him, eyes wide and curious. He continued to explain that he bought the necklace for Aria a while back when the female first took interest in it. He just never found the right time to give it to her. It was Hannah being a pestering little step-sister that finally gave him the opportune moment. He also commented that it was fun watching her beg. The last part of the explanation resulted in Hannah hitting Matthew in the back of the head hard. “Oh, you are so going to get it. I will definitely beat you now!” And with that they moved to their respected sides of the court and began their little tournament.

                                                      After a rather frustrating defeat against Matthew an hour later, Hannah stepped out of her bathroom in her outfit for the day and her hair specially curled and looking absolutely perfect. It did help that she spent far more time curling her hair than usual. No one doesn’t need to know that the reason was because she wanted to impress one gorgeous barista that she knew would be working at her favorite café today. After giving her reflection one last look at in her full-sized mirror, with Cedric at her feet whining to grab his owner’s attention, Hannah nodded at her look with approval then walked away from her mirror to grab her clutch and cellphone. She was about to leave and head back downstairs where she knew Matthew was waiting for her when a sudden loud barking interrupted her thoughts of the previously mentioned barista. Turning to look down at the puppy at her feet, whining sadly at her, Hannah’s face fell with guilt. “I’m sorry, Cedric. I can’t bring you with me to see your appa. You would be able to fit in my clutch,” she explained, lifting him up into her arms. She brought him back to his play pen, playing with him for a couple minutes until his toys occupied him enough for him to be content with her leaving. She knew that Cedric would be okay on his own.

                                                      Matthew was waiting for Hannah in his Aston Martin, gazing at his watch when she stepped inside. He made comment that he would only drop her off today, not like that comment made any difference. After that rather unfortunate event—unfortunate for him—Matthew had opted out of waiting for Hannah while she stayed for hours on end in Doze. At least this time he had a legitimate reason for leaving her at the café what with F4 scheduled to arrive at their house around this time. While the car ride to the café wasn’t usually a long one in her mind, it only felt like forever when her best friend called her just as they were leaving passed the gates. Hannah already knew that by the tone of the other female’s voice that the rest of the Pretty Committee hadn’t arrived yet to help with preparations. As always, Hannah did a lot of listening while her best friend ranted on about the ongoings that were happening in their highly exclusive group of friends. While she had to admit that Aria was right on some points, some of the ways to deal with them were a little too much. But she couldn’t exactly say that to the Queen. She may be her best friend and sister from another mister, but she knew her place in the Pretty Committee; even if she had been Queen before.

                                                      ✰✰ OCT. NINETEEN TEN `O CLOCK AM
                                                      DOSE CAFE ::

                                                      By the time Matthew pulled up to the little Korean café a few minutes later, Hannah was still listening to Aria talk. “A, I don’t exactly think giving her the pink slip is entirely the best idea. Yes, I understand that she has without a doubt broken the rules of the codebook, but maybe you should hear—“ She wasn’t given time to finish that sentence as the female on the other end excused herself to get back to party preparations and hastily hung up the phone. Letting out a sigh of annoyance, Hannah dumped her phone into her clutch and watched as her step-brother drove away before stepping into the café. Her heart and her mood lightened when she caught sight of Ben, the gorgeous barista that she admittedly (though not in public) was incredibly infatuated with. Her brightened mood must not have registered on her face however when he inquired as to if something was wrong. Hannah merely shook her head as she fished for her wallet and pulled out her credit card ready to pay for the latte that was already made and waiting for her on the counter. She was quick to use the beverage as a means of dismissing the topic. “You are amazing~” she told Ben as she took the cup from him then sipped the drink slowly. It was exactly as she liked it. “Mmmm I love you,” she breathed out, not realizing what she had just said in front of the male that she had strong feelings for. When he asked if she had meant the latte, Hannah attempted to act as normal as possible, nodding quickly. She couldn’t let him know that she was actually talking about him.

                                                      Just then, Ben’s father popped out of his office. Hannah’s brows arched up in curiosity as she listened to the older man speak, obviously intent on embarrassing his son in front of her. She always thought it was adorable the kind of relationship Ben and his father had. His last statement to her about taking Ben away from work brought a smile to his face. “Now that you’ve mentioned it, Ajusshi~ I have to make a quick coffee run for one of my friends and I wanted to ask you if I could use your son to take me to her house since my previous ride deserted me to do other things,” she responded happily. This seemed to please the man greatly as he nodded and excused himself to head back into his office. Once Ben’s father was out of sight, Hannah immediately turned her attention to the handsome male in front of her with a bright smile. It was then that he commented on the coffee run she had previously mentioned. Giggling at the obvious reference to her best friend, Hannah shook her head reassuringly then handed him her card. “Don’t worry, the coffee is for Beth. She complained about a headache earlier and I said I would get her a cup of coffee while I was here.”

                                                      Once Ben had rung up her orders and prepared that cup of coffee, she waited for Ben to clock out and leave his name tag then followed behind him out of the café. Her smile brightened when the male acted like the typical gentleman that he was. Soon enough, they were both in his car with him driving away towards the luxurious side of Westchester. With some time before they would reach their destination, Hannah decided to fill Ben in on what happened earlier and why she had walked in somewhat annoyed. She explained in detail about Aria’s thin string of tolerance for the other members of the Pretty Committee, especially her appointed Beta. When she got the part about Aria’s possible decision of distributing a “pink slip”, Ben had pulled into the gated area. As Ben spoke, making sure that he was understanding what he had just listened to, Hannah took a long sip of her latte which had cooled a bit since they had left the café. Nodding at him, Hannah placed the cup back in the cup holder then picked up Beth’s coffee. “Harsh is Aria embarrassing Ette to the point that her reputation is trashed and she ends up being cut off from her money. Kicking her out of Pretty Committee is mercy in a box with a bow on it,” she explained with a sigh. And it was true. Even though Hannah was a Queen b***h during her reign in OCD, there was no doubt about it that Aria was worse.

                                                      When he inquired as to how she was holding up with this, considering Aria’s obvious disproval of him, Hannah was quick to come to his defense. “I know Aria well enough to make her accept that I’m never giving you up for PC,” she told him, smiling at him reassuringly. Though this was true and Hannah has done a lot to make sure that Ben was as accepted by Aria as the female would allow, it also helped that she was somewhat above the rules sometimes since she was after all the founder of Pretty Committee. Ben soon pulled into Beth’s home and commented that he would wait for her. Nodding, she placed her clutch on her chair then opened the door and stepped out. Before she walked into the house though, she turned back to Ben with a bright grin on her face. “I should also probably tell you, that compared to the guys she’s slept with, you’ve passed a bunch of the rules in the codebook. Which makes you acceptable, or tolerant in this case, to Aria.” With a wink in his direction, Hannah walked away towards the house.

                                                      ✰✰ OCT. NINETEEN TEN-THIRTY `O CLOCK AM
                                                      BETH`S HOME ::

                                                      “Hey, B~!” Hannah sang as she slowly stepped into the female’s room. “One nice cure for a headache hot and fresh and prepared by one of the cutest baristas I have ever seen~” she commented with a giggle as she handed over the coffee to her other best friend. “Just don’t tell Ben I said that,” she soon added in a whisper as if the male was actually in the room with them. “Speaking of which, Ben says hello~ He would have come up with me, but he’s waiting in the car,” she quickly added. “Anyway, I should go now. Ben and I have some preparing to do for the party tonight. Have fun with Aria and Ette, B~ Give them my love for me, yes? And enjoy the coffee. It’ll make you feel better~” With a bright grin for the female, Hannah leaned in to press her cheek against Beth’s then bid her farewells before exiting the bedroom and the house. She quickly stepped back into Ben’s car and made herself comfortable as he drove away from the house.

                                                      ✰✰ OCT. NINETEEN ELEVEN `O CLOCK AM
                                                      BEN`S HOME ::

                                                      For most people in New York’s elite, if they had as much down time before a party, they would have spent it in the city or doing something outdoors to show off their wealth to the world. But for Hannah, she was content on just staying with Ben at his house. As he pulled up into his driveway, Hannah stepped out of the car and made her way to the comfortable looking house that she had spent so much time in since she became friends with Ben. She had been in the process of removing her heels when Ben’s adorable little grandmother appeared from the kitchen and walked over to them. “Hello, halmoni~” Hannah greeted to the elderly woman. She was not a fan of speaking in Korean despite being familiar with the language. Since she had no opportunity to practice except in the Kim household, she felt uncertain about her pronunciation. “Hello again, Hana-yah. Goodness your shoes are getting higher and higher every time you come and visit us! Or I’m just shrinking again,” the elderly woman jested. Hannah laughed at this then excused herself to lead Ben right to his basement bedroom. “Jaemin! Make sure you don’t keep her locked up in your room again watching those movies. Be a gentleman and take her on a date before the party!” she managed to cry out before the door closed behind them.

                                                      Hannah looked over at Ben now, smiling at him teasingly. “Lock me away, huh?” she teased as she sat down at the edge of his bed, patting the space next to her for him to sit down. When he did just that, Hannah looked at him quietly for a moment as he talked about the idea of taking her to lunch. They both knew that she would just persuade him to cook her something delicious, as always. When they were in silence again, she heard her heart beat faster as the seconds ticked away. Before she could stop herself, her hand had moved up to brush through his hair. “I really like that you got it cut, Ben. Short hair makes you look more handsome than you already are,” she then commented in a soft voice. Her hand trailed from his hand down to the side of his neck and remained there.

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                    At ten o'clock on a Saturday morning, the Funk Lorraine Group’s Westchester Branch building was positively teeming with activity. Despite the fact that it was well into the morning on a weekend, many workers were still coming in for shifts and the building was alive with the sound of receptionists welcoming employees and guests and regular meetings being held on all fourteen of the company’s floors. To the naked eye, it seemed that the entire building was preoccupied with work. Or rather, almost the entire building. On the rooftop of the Funk Lorraine Group’s Westchester Branch building stood the luxurious and open two story glass skyloft penthouse. The outside was decorated with potted plants and small trees, with a good amount of tables, sofas and lounge chairs displayed so that anyone could enjoy the view of the New York skyline some hundred feet above ground. In the summers, the skyloft penthouse was used as a prime spot to entertain the Funk family’s various guests. For the rest of the year, it was the main residence of James Lee Funk, sixth child of the esteemed CEO Rience Funk and his wife Luna. As a child, Jaime had often told his parents that he loved being near the sky, and they decided that, with his entrance into Briarwood-Octavian Country Day School, he should be given the penthouse as a present. They had also hoped, that with the gift, Jaime would abandon his habits of being a lazy art student and actually find some interest in the business world. The company building was, after all, directly below. Unfortunately for Rience and Luna Funk, their youngest son was determined to get his sleep and keep his independence. So while the world was moving below him, the penthouse on the rooftop was still silent and suspended in that place where time didn’t matter as its owner refused to clamber out of the warm comforts of his king sized bed. Despite all the hustle and bustle, Jaime, ever the late riser, had become skilled at tuning all the sounds out. For Jaime Funk, it didn’t matter if the rest of the world was running on ahead. He wouldn’t get up until his body and mind both indicated it was time. As far as he was concerned, ten o'clock in the morning or not, he was going to sleep some more. And so he buried his face into the pillow and pulled the covers over his head, muffling out the activity down below. His plan would have worked-if his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Ladonna hadn’t taken that moment to suddenly charge down the hall and barrel into the room that he had woefully forgotten to lock-again. The overly affectionate-and somewhat heavy-dog bounced onto the bed and proceeded to start licking her owner viciously. “Hey, Ladonna! Stop it! Stop it!” Jaime protested between laughs, vainly attempting to knock the dog off his lap. If Ladonna understood her master at all, she certainly didn’t show it as she continued licking him. At three years old, Ladonna was well acquainted with her master’s laziness, though she would by no means put up with it. If getting him out of bed meant that she had to lick him until his face was a sloppy mess, than so be it. With a sigh that conveyed both frustration and amusement, Jaime finally properly sat up in bed and nudged her snout out of the way. He wiped the spittle off his face with a pretended look of disgust before ruffling her fur with both his hands and saying, “Alright, alright, you win missy. I’m up. Happy now?” In response, Ladonna only wagged her tail before jumping elegantly off the bed and sitting near the edge, watching Jaime with expectant eyes. He groaned, knowing that if he tried to go back to sleep she would simply repeat the process again. There was something in her brown eyes that suggested she wouldn’t forgive him if he crawled back into the comforts of his bed.

                    “I swear, you dogs are so annoying,” He muttered under his breath before swinging his legs off the bed and unsteadily standing up. He walked over to his wardrobe and, after a few moments of consideration, chose his outfit for the day: A regular pair of skinny jeans along with a striped sweater that had an array of all sorts of colors. To liven the outfit up slightly, he pulled on a black scarf as well as his regular brown laced boots. Ladonna padded up to him then and nuzzled him gently, causing Jaime to bend down and teasingly kiss her on the nose. “Oh, so you like my outfit today Ladonna?” She simply wagged her tail, something that could have been taken for a yes or no. Chuckling, Jaime stood back up and, shooing the dog out of the room, walked across the hallway into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

                    A few moments later, a slightly less tired looking Jaime stepped out of the bathroom, feeling refreshed. He had since combed his hair down and smartened up his appearance. The only thing that hadn’t changed was the bit of stubble that surrounded his chin. There was no way he was going to shave. Queen Aria might not like it a single bit, but Jaime wasn’t about to succumb to pressure. Queen or not, no one was going to dictate to him what should be done about his lifestyle. He shoved his hands into his pocket and, whistling an upbeat tune, walked back into his bedroom. Ladonna was nowhere to be seen, but knowing her, she had probably taken her usual perch on the living room couch, snuggled between the black and brown cushions. Closing the door to his room, Jaime pulled down his trademark black beanie from the hook that sat on the back of his bedroom door. No one could pull off the beanie look like Jaime Lee Funk, and he was definitely glad about that. Placing the hat on his head, Jaime turned towards the gigantic windows that the penthouse boasted on all four sides and stared at the light blue sky that seemed to hang only a few inches above his head. This high up, he almost felt that he could reach out and touch the powderly clouds and embrace the vast blue expanse. Sometimes, in his dreams, he would find himself flying in that sky as well. He could never remember the sensation when he woke up, but something told him that it would be a feat worth attempting one day.

                    Before he could fantasize some more about the sky and clouds, the intercom on the wall beside his bed buzzed and, slightly irritated that he should be broken out of his reverie in such a manner, Jaime muttered underneath his breath and pressed the button. “Yeah?” He asked brusquely, well aware that his voice was still somewhat thick with sleep. “Mr. Jaime, it’s me. May I come in?” The all too familiar voice of Alger, one of his father’s most trusted associates, filled the room and Jaime rolled his eyes and without replying, hit the button that unlocked all of the penthouse doors. He never bothered with too much security measures in his home. After all, he might have countless valuables here, but who could come up a hundred feet in the sky? This house was as well protected as a fortress even without all the need for additional safety measures. Adjusting his hat slightly so it sat better on his head, Jaime calmly strolled out of his room to greet Alger.

                    The main second floor hallway and staircase at the Funk penthouse were really nothing special, just a regular hall and staircase that could be found in any upscale home. It was what hung on the walls and the stairs that truly made it individual. Starting from the end of the second floor hallway and going downwards were hand painted portraits of every single member of the Funk family. Jaime took a certain pride in staring at them every morning as he walked down the staircase, as he had painted quite a few of them. He might not have liked his family too much, but the portraits were always slightly less annoying than the real things. As he passed by his great grandfather Georg’s portrait, which was bigger than any of the others, Jaime found himself staring up at the somber face with the heavy set blue eyes and bushy facial hair. He often wondered what his great-grandfather went through every day, and what exactly lay behind those mysterious blue eyes. Jaime would never inherit the Funk Group, unless of course, his siblings all magically dropped dead one day, yet he still found a certain fascination staring at that face. Georg had been a man with tremendous dreams, but he had lived to see all of it come to fruition. Jaime often drew inspiration and determination from his great-grandfather, a man who had once been so poor and so uneducated that he spent the first few years of his life in America wandering around homeless without a single sentence of English. And yet he had succeeded. The testament to that success lay in the paintings surrounding him.

                    The procession down the staircase was like a walk through history, which each of Georg’s descendents proudly staring out of the frames. Towards the end of the long walk were the formal portraits of his father Rience, his mother Luna, and his five older siblings, all done by Jaime himself. Jaime walked by, nodding to each of them in turn. His five siblings all stared back at him, different expressions on their immobile faces. Carson had the kind of haughty approval that only an heir could carry, while twins Ashton and Annalise both wore a sort of secret smile as though they knew secrets others could only dream about. Gratia, in her photo, wore the sort of warm smile that she was capable of giving off, yet every time she saw Jaime, that smile almost immediately faded. Ingrid, though tiny wisp of a girl she was in real life, gave off a commanding feel in her portrait with her head turned up and hair parted elegantly. Jaime couldn’t ever look at Ingrid, portrait or real thing, without feeling a wave of guilt. He always swallowed it though, and moved on. He couldn’t afford to wear his heart on his sleeve. The relationship between him and his siblings was like that of strangers or acquaintances, not of family. Carson was too old to understand Jaime, and Ashton and Annalise would have been tolerable if they weren’t some of the most condescended and irritating individuals out there. Gracia could be alright if she was in a good mood, though she seldom ever was these days. As for Ingrid, well, Ingrid had been regarded as a sibling once upon a time. That thought rapidly deteriorated after the incident two years ago.

                    As Jaime took his foot off the last step and entered the grand foyer of the house, he was greeted by Alger, one of the head honchos of the Westchester division of the company. As per her custom with all the guests that Jaime received, Ladonna had proceeded to shower his father’s close friend with enthusiastic jumps and demands to be petted. Letting out a sigh of amusement, Jaime grabbed the dog by her collar and gently nudged her towards the living room before giving Alger a quick apology for his dog’s behavior. An apology that was quickly waved off. Jaime wasn’t exactly sure what Alger’s job really was. He wasn’t exactly into business terminology. Nevertheless, he did know that Alger was important. So it made him slightly uncomfortable when the man actually bowed in his direction and said in the sort of formal tone that one usually reserved for a dignitary, “Mr. Jaime, a package arrived for you this morning.” “Package? What package? I don’t remember ordering anything.” Jaime’s eyes shot up and he tried to ignore how uncomfortable he was being treated like a super important bigshot. Alright, so maybe he was an important bigshot, but he certainly didn’t like to think of himself as one. “It’s not an order. It comes from your oldest brother Carson. It’s to my understanding that he was in China on a business trip and decided to send you some tea because he hears that you love drinking it.” “I never said that.” Jaime muttered underneath his breath, knowing that Carson had probably once again confused him with someone else. His brother was like that: smart, but extremely scatterbrained and without common sense. He wouldn’t have been able to tell Jaime apart from all the other students in OCD. Nevertheless, the damage was done. He couldn’t exactly throw the boxes back into Carson’s face. “How much tea?” He asked wearily. Alger appeared unperturbed as he announced, “A hundred boxes.” Jaime’s eyes nearly popped out of his head at that statement. “A hundred-! By god, I’m going to kill Carson next time I see him.” He started pacing around slightly in agitation at his dilemma. What the heck was Carson thinking? No one in their right minds would drink a hundred boxes of tea...well, except...If Jaime had been slightly more awake, the answer to his problem would have come immediately. Of course. Kai. That kid would have drained the entire world of tea if he could have gotten his hands on it. “Alright, I’ll give some to my friend. Heck, knowing Kai, he may take all of them. We’ll just keep the rest and let Marcie drink it.” He joked, referring to the friendly receptionist’s unquenchable thirst.

                    Nodding and thinking that was the perfect solution to his problems, Jaime waved Alger off with instructions to bring the tea upstairs before turning around and pulling out his HTC phone. He cheerfully sent Kai a message on Tumblr asking him if he wanted any of the goddamn tea that was currently being delivered, knowing in his heart that his good friend would say yes. A guy who carried around teacups all the time was not going to pass up on an offer this good. Whistling once again, Jaime walked into his little studio beside the living room and looked about. For the son of a wealthy businessman, it was a pretty modest workspace with only a few square feet of space that was mostly hogged up by art supplies, paintings of all sizes, various sculptures and a number of wooden tables and chairs. If he had wanted, Jaime could have used his family’s funds to obtain a much better studio. However, in his mind, art and wealth should be separated as much as possible. The two were poison if they mixed together for long. Art was supposed to be humble. Wealth was the farthest thing from that. Picking his way carefully through the cramped space, Jaime paused in front of his most recent painting and stared at the half finished product. It was all done with a painting-knife and was intended to depict an autumn scene after a rain storm. So far though, the only parts of the painting he had done were the trees in the foreground and part of the still wet ground. Pulling up a stool beside the canvas and getting the proper equipment he needed, Jaime turned on some music and began humming along to it while he carefully worked on conveying the rest of the scene that was freshly imprinted in his mind.

                    He was singing Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’ about fifteen minutes later when the thought suddenly hit him that he was forgetting something very important. Placing the painting-knife carefully on the table next to the canvas, Jaime paused the music and frowned, wondering what could have possibly eluded his thoughts. When he realized what it was, a slight scowl formed on his face. It was the nineteenth. And at OCD, that meant one thing: Aria’s Halloween party was going to be held later in the night. Jaime wasn’t a fan of Aria or parties, but he knew that he would be obligated to go as he had a reputation to keep up. No, not his reputation. His family reputation. If it were up to him, Jaime wouldn’t have given a second thought to the party and its antics, but his parents would be all over his back about socializing and making ‘good connections’ with the other wealthy families. That was all they cared about-good connections. He was their diplomat, that was all there was to it. An unwilling diplomat in a society where money was scattered everywhere and everyone donned fake smiles and tried to appease one another. A society where everything was shallow and nobody looked below the surface or saw anything they didn’t want to see. Fake. Falsely glittering. Deceptively luring. He hated it. No one else could see through it though, meaning that Jaime had to keep his thoughts to himself, like always. After realizing that going to this party meant he needed to actually socialize, Jaime was frozen with despair for a minute. Groaning, he pulled out his phone again and texted Dani and asked for her assistance. If anyone knew what to do for parties, it would be Danielle. He was about to turn back to his painting when he heard the sound of tea boxes being dumped in the living room and realized that he needed to perform one other task.

                    Walking over to the phone, he dialed the number of the reception and was soon greeted by Marcie’s husky voice running through the usual welcome line like a practiced robot. “Hello, this is the Funk Lo-!” “Marcie, it’s me.” Jaime interjected before she could go further in her robot-like monologue. “Oh, Mr. Jaime!” Marcie’s voice instantly turned from detached and bored to reassuring and pleasant. Jaime resisted the urge to gag at the transformation. Seriously, everyone was always trying to suck up to him. Like, seriously? It was pathetic. “Is there something that you need?” Marcie asked. He could hear her clearly slurping some beverage on the other end of the phone. “Yeah. If anyone comes by in the next hour or two and says that they need me, just send them right up. Don’t ask any questions.” He didn’t know who would really show up. Kai, Dani, Logan, maybe even Kale or god knows who else. Not that it mattered. He’d probably just take all of them to lunch someplace. “Alright!” Marcie stopped her hideous slurping long enough to repeat the instructions to herself and write them down on the little notepad that Jaime knew she kept beside her at all times. Well, she was diligent if nothing else. “Is there anything else?” “No...no, I don’t think so. I’ll call you if I think of anything.” He hung up then after saying a short goodbye, determined to concentrate on his painting. Reaching across to the desk, Jaime switched the music back on and returned to his little wonderland of art and singing.

                    OOC: Crappy post is crappy yes. Sorry guys. I'm not great with intros.
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              { } xoxoxoxox and if you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones
                                      'CAUSE xx MOST xx OF xx US xx ARE xx HEAVING xx THROUGH xx CORRUPTED xx LUNGS
                                                    setting fire to our insides for fun
                                          COLLECTING NAMES OF THE LOVERS THAT WENT WRONG
                                                                          THE x LOVERS x THAT x WENT x WRONG
                                                                                                              AND YOU CAUSED IT xxx AND YOU CAUSED IT xxx AND YOU CAUSED IT!

                                                      "Damnit!" a voice calls out in an otherwise silent household. And silent it should be, seeing how it is god-knows-what-time of a morning. But the shout doesn't wake anybody, mostly because all the other inhabitants of the house are used to this sort of thing by now, having had to deal with it for years. If you traced the voice up two flights of stairs and into the room at the end of the hallway you'd find out that is belongs it a girl called Nadine. A frustrated girl called Nadine, apparently, looking at how she is throwing down the skirt and standing up, still glaring at it. But that's enough of me trying to narrate, let's take you into what's actually happening.

                                                      Nadine picks up the skirt with the fingers of the hand which she hadn't just pricked and hangs it on her ever-present hangers outside her closet. Sucking her thumb, she shakes her head at the skirt as though expecting it to notice her disappointment and cower into submission. But it is a skirt, so it does not. The girl wanders into her en-suite bathroom and realizes she must have left the blinds open as sunlight is starting to filter in. Wait, sunlight? Nadi blinks in confusion as she pulls an antiseptic wipe from her well-used box of medical supplies. She can't remember going to sleep, yet surely it isn't still the day before. She disposes of the wipe and makes her way back into her bedroom and glances at the clock on her bedside table before letting out a sigh. Of course she had spent the whole night creating again and forgetting such a thing as sleep has never existed in her world. And yet, she knows she needs some sleep and so she flumps onto her bed, drags the covers over her and touches the base of her side-lamp to turn it off before burying her face in one of the many cushions that swarm across the top of the bed-frame. And now, to sleep ...

                                                      Seemingly moments later, the girl startles awake, her mind still keeping pleasantly dozy as she yawns and refuses to open her eyes, instead taking in the hush to do some morning daydreaming and maybe gain some inspiration for another project. Before an idea can strike her mind, though, a knock is suddenly heard at her door. The girl mmph's in response and then a tall woman in walking into the room, smiling at the mound of daughter curled at the top of the bed
                                                      "Finally awake then, sleepyhead? Come on, if you get up now your cup of tea won't go cold and to waste" she says softly, shaking the girls shoulder and failing to get a response, turns on the girl's music station that she keeps constantly plugged in and in reach of the bed. Music and tea are always the best way to try and nudge Nadi out of her warm, snuggly bed of a morning and, as her mother leaves the room, the combination of the two and the realization that it is a Saturday instead of a school-day inspire the girl to shake off the bed-covers and stumble across to where he dressing-gown is strewn across a chair in the corner of her room.

                                                      The dressing-gown tied tightly around herself, Nadine grabs a hair-tie from her dresser as she passes by it and ties her hair up into a loose bun as she makes her way down the stairs that lead up to the top floor (bar the roof) of the house, appropriately deemed 'the daughters floor', but seeing as how Nadine's little sister Sasha is still away at school and will be until Christmas, the floor is basically Nadine's. The middle floor, onto which the girl is just stepping, contains her parents room, doors to the patio and swimming pool, study and two spare rooms. Yawning still, the brunette ambles through in bare feet until she walks down what has to be one of her favorite places in the world. The stairs leading down to their front room and kitchen are against the massive bookcase that takes up the entire wall in the middle of the house and she hums a tune to herself and runs her fingertips against the wooden sections and bindings of the books as she descends and quickly picks up the cooling mug of tea sitting on the counter. Tucking her feet beneath her, the girl sits herself on the stool in front of the counter and takes a sip of the tea with a pleased sigh, not noticing the amused glance her mom throws at her dad from where they both sit watching TV, dressed already. But then, they had always been morning people, like Sasha is too, and are always entertained by how Nadine thrives in the night rather than the cold light of day.

                                                      The girl starts to feel more human again as she drains the rest of the tea and stumbles over to the refrigerator. Pulling it wide open, she glances back at her parents whose attention has turned once more back to the recorded program they have playing on the TV
                                                      "Could I perhaps interest madam and monsieur with a delicious gourmet breakfast of eggs on toast this fine morning?" she asks, her mind running away before she even realizes she is speaking words. Both her parents reply in agreement and she turns back to pull out a carton of eggs, a carton of butter and a loaf of bread. Preparing the oven-top stove she dances slightly to that tune that invisible to all but her sleep-addled mind. This is what you get after the girl has only slept for a couple of hours at most. "Dare I ask whether you remember us saying we won't be around this afternoon, likely until tomorrow? Her mother's voice says suddenly, making the girl start until she smiles and sees the older woman trying to get past to put two mugs into the dishwasher "Amazingly enough, I did remember that, there's meant to be that party on tonight. I reckon Dani will be up for it at least so at least you won't be here to nag me about staying out so late again", Nadi takes the mugs away and puts them in the dishwasher as she speaks, and then giggles and moves out of the way of her mom's swatting hand at the mention of staying out that late again. Okay, so maybe she'd overdone it at the last party she'd been to, not on alcohol but just on her usual trick of completely forgetting the time and that at some point she'd had to walk home. She'd come in the front door laughing to herself at a very late time, for that she'd been well berated for.

                                                      Her mother raises a perfectly styled eyebrow at her eldest daughter and Nadine finds herself admiring how calm she always looks, she never seems to have an elegant curl out of place on her head and her makeup would never dare misbehave for her. Her dad, on the other hand, always looks pleasantly careless in his looks, when messy his dark hair is in the inbetween waves and curls stage that only men can pull off and he never bothers to shave off his beard completely, dark stubble constantly painting the edges of his chin. Despite their differences in looks, her parents do look great together, it must be the identical looks of adoration that tie them together as a complete unit. Returning to make the breakfast, Nadine butters the toast and spreads them out across three plates before finishing off the scrambled eggs and covering the mounds of toast with the sort of perfection only eggs can have. She serves out the breakfast and sits between her parents at the dining table, half paying attention to the program on TV and half excitedly telling her dad what she finished off last night, neglecting to mention how she tried to work on something else until the late morning but ultimately admitted defeat to.

                                                      Her dad leaves the room quite early to get pack together some things for the, the erm. Wherever it is they are staying over tonight really. Nadi managed to remember that they wouldn't be here, surely it doesn't matter that she can't exactly remember where it is they are going and why. Her mom follows suit and Nadine washes off the plates before placing them in the dishwasher. She stands for a second, finger to her lip, wondering whether she should go and have a shower and read, or swim and then have a shower. Probably best to conserve her energy and go for a swim rather than get engrossed in a book actually, especially with the party coming up tonight. And speaking of the party, Nadine hops her way upstairs and grabs her well-used bikini from it's place in her drawers and changes into it, picking up a towel from her en-suite and unplugging her iPod from it's deck and the phone from where it is charging. Ending up out on the swimming deck, she prepares a text to Dani asking if she is still planning to go to Aria's that night for the party, and yes it may be weird that even though Aria has never been particularly pleasant to Nadi, the girl has no bad feelings towards her, as long as she doesn't hear something especially bothering from the girl then why use up the effort on something other than neutrality? But people with money get invited, and Nadi certainly is coming into quite a bit of money recently, all thanks to her parents expanding business. Biting her lip, she sends the text off and then follows it up with a text to both Kale and Jaime asking them if they are attending. She hopes so, she likes to see them out and about, having promised herself long ago that she will help the both get out more and they can both be slightly less-than-social at times.

                                                      Texts sent, the phone is placed next to her iPod which is still playing music from when she had forgotten to turn it off before grabbing some breakfast. Mouthing along to the catchy song playing, the girl dives straight into the pool and swims a couple of relaxed backstroke lengths, Relishing in the slight warmth of the start of the day. Floating on her back, she watches as the clouds overhead pass over and feels completely at peace. Peace is hard to find when you attend OCD, what with the gossip girl and the social hierarchy and trying to study among kids who have been rumored to just pay off the school if they fail exams. Not that she is judging them or anything, it's just Nadine would prefer to get the grades first time or not at all, she can be very stubborn with her work. It's all very different to how her life started, even different from this time two years ago, when she was just an average girl at an average school in Maryland. She still misses her two best friends, but they couldn't stay there. For one, her parents had to be closer to New York and had always wanted to move out to this part of the country anyway, and for another, people treated Nadi differently when they heard she had come into so much money and she couldn't stand that.

                                                      After a while, she wonders idly whether she should be getting out and showering now, and then makes herself get out of the pool as she realizes she does not to get up and ready as she needs to buy some shoes to go with the dress she plans to wear tonight, and time waits for no-one or however that phrase goes. Thank god the morning swim always wakes her up completely, her mind is pleasantly alert and she makes her way back to her bedroom with her towel wrapped around her and her other possessions clutched in her hand, finally turning the music off as she sets everything down and uses her bathroom for a shower and then to brush her teeth. Running her damp hands in the air above the clothes hangers, she picks out a pale purple loose blouse and a cream-colored skirt, changing into these and the underwear she hastily picks up she then drapes a light gray cardigan over her shoulders and slips on some floral patterned flat-shoes.

                                                      The girl dries her hair off and uses her curling wand to add some loose curls to the ends of her long hair, brushing down her fringe into place and generally smoothing down her thick, dark hair. Then, it's the makeup. BB cream since it is the biggest thing right now in keeping skin looking fresh and then a layer of pressed powder to preserve it. Mascara, eyeliner, blusher, lip-gloss and she's done! She changed her piercing for a silver one instead of it's usual gold and then catches a glimpse of what is hanging behind her in the mirror. The dreaded skirt of failure from this morning. Frowning and mentally cursing it, she slips past it to grab her handbag and drops her phone and other items in before backing out of the room, shaking her head at the skirt. Making her way downstairs she bumps into her mom as the woman is taking an armful of clothes to the washing machine,
                                                      "Going out to buy some shoes, will you still be here when I get back?" Nadine asks, giving her mother a quick one-armed hug so as not to knock the washing out of her hands. "Doubt it, we were planning on setting out early to beat traffic. But you pick out something nice and enjoy yourself later, alright? Just make sure you get back all in one piece," her mum smiles at her and then lets her daughter pass with a nod. Nadine steps out the front door and considers driving the car that her parents got her for her last birthday, but she really quite enjoys walking the short distance to the Westchester Shopping Mall, preferring this to driving there. She sets off down the sidewalk along the road with the Mall already in her sights, distractedly getting her cell out to check whether she has received any texts or replies from ones that she sent earlier.

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                                                          the same sky like always
                                                          xxxxxxxxxxxthe same ordinary day
                                                          the only difference is you're not

                                                          "Joon! Joon! Get up! We can't be the only ones doing chores today!" a voice was calling upon her. The young female, named Park Hee Joon, was still in bed, hugging her soft pillow and her soft blanket. "Hm?...." she managed to get out. "You need to get the groceries!" the voice said. She didn't want to listen. She was busy dreaming of her old school, being with her best friend. She was dreaming as if she still attended that school, and she never had to take an entry exam, and pass, and be in a rich school with other rich people that would just look down at her. She was dreaming a happy, peaceful life. But she couldn't concentrate on her dream because she kept hearing a deep and low voice, repeating over and over again 'wake up, wake up!'. She slowly opened her eyes to see a concerned father, and her mother organizing her backpack. She blinked a little bit, "Oppa?" she said. "Don't 'oppa' me! Get up, get dressed, eat, and go!" he said, pushing the girl out of bed. It was hard, but she managed to get up and stretched. She looked at the time and her eyes widened. "Woah, what time did i sleep last night.." she bit her lip. "Eotteohkeshi.." she scratched her head. "Exactly! Your mother needs those groceries by lunch!" her parents left her room, enabling her to scramble herself around just for some saturday groceries

                                                          All of Joon's life, she only had one friend, and one friend indeed. Ever since she was in elementary school, she didn't talk. She'd only listen to the teacher and do what was suppose to be done. Until a girl, Jin, was assigned to sit next to her in the third grade. Joon still didn't talk. Her daily balance would just be watching what the teacher does, listen, write down what's suppose to be written, sit and watch other kids play during recess, then go home. It was as simple as that. Why didn't she talk to anyone? She was just shy. Ever since her brother had gotten a bone tumor, she never peeped a word. She would just stay by her brothers side and watched movies with him. Even when he encouraged her to interact with people, she'd rather stay with him. When she was at home, she stayed in her room. She had pictures of places she'd want to go someday, but she never had the courage to. She didn't like the sound of phone calls, knocking, or doorbells because that means she had to face someone. She was just that kind of person. When Jin had talked to her in the third grade, she didn't intend to be friends with her. But Jin kept insisting and insisting to talk to her, and play with her. There even came a point where Jin was just talking to Joon, and Joon never responded. Jin probably thought that Joon wasn't listening, but she continued to say what she wanted to say. It was amazing. Joon went home everyday thinking 'someone actually wants to talk to me..'

                                                          Ever since then, Joon talked to Jin little by little. By small hellos, by small goodbyes, to big talks and conversations. They shared a world. Jin was actually the person that taught Joon archery since Jin's parents were archers. It was like, Jin was the eye-opener to Joon. Then there came a point in high school where things started to get tough. Joon has always been good at math. It was her best subject she mastered in besides archery(but her parents know nothing about that, it's a secret). Joon would come over the teachers house for math sessions and sometimes go with each other to foster home and orphanages and teach kids basic math that they don't receive in school. Apparently, Jin liked the math teacher. And when she found out that Joon was with him, she got furious. So..she stopped hanging out with Joon. She left. She went to the 'cool' kids group. She bullied Joon. She told her to get lost. Joon was alone again. And ever since that day, she wouldn't converse with anybody else. Her room was like a protection to her. Like, if she didn't have to face someone, she didn't have to be judged, or mistreated. She could just stay in her room and be whoever she wants to be and do whatever she wants to do. It was just how Joon grew up. She never saw Jin again.

                                                          Joon looked at the time. She still has some time to spare for a quick shower and breakfast. She walked into her bathroom and undressed. Taking a tie and quickly tying her hair into a bun. Joon ran the warm water and started to hum as she washed herself. She pouted. "At least it's saturday" she sighed. She looked up, as if praying, "Please let something happen so i won't have to go on monday. Please." she begged. Anything. Well, Anything except death would work. When she was all finished up she took a dry towel and walked back to her room, looking at the closet. Even though she may look like the kind of person who wouldn't care about what she looks like, she really cares. She looked at her clothes and tapped her finger on her chin, "What to wear, what to wear." she said to herself. since it was a regular day, she decided to go casual. She'll think about dressing fancier later on, maybe. She didn't have the right clothes to dress 'rich' anyways. So she wore a regular outfit she'd wear on a daily basis. A coat, a sweater, a button up underneath, jeans, and boots. She put on her glasses and looked at the mirror and prayed to God she would at least fit in a little bit. Sighing, she took her bag and walked downstairs. Just in time to hear all the fighting.

                                                          "You're such an a*****e." her mother yelled. "Oh i'm the a*****e? Says the b***h who thinks she runs everything here! I'm the man of the house, and when i say this, i mean it!" Joon was just standing, witnessing yet another fight before her eyes. Her mother looked at her, then straightened out her blouse. "Oh, honey, ah..eat breakfast, sweetie." she said politely. Her father grieved and walked away into the garage, probably gonna go out to drink somewhere with his friends. She could sense that her mom was gonna cry, but she didn't want to in front of her child. Her family's pretty broken up. First Jung(her older brother) and now her parents fighting. Not even knowing about this whole divorce rumor going around in the family. It was just, irritating to listen to every single day. Joon looked at her mom and just said, "Thanks, but i'll just take an orange and go." she said with sheepish manner. She took an orange, stuffed it in her bag, and walked towards the door. She could tell that her mother cried right when she walked out. This is why she stays in her room all the time. To be blocked from all the sadness and pain around her.

                                                          She walked outside and put a hand to her eyes. It seemed like she hasn't seen the sun in some time, since she had to quit her school for the entry exam and waiting for a reply for while. While waiting, she spent her time in her room having an online education. She liked that better. She felt like she could be safe just having an online school rather than actually going to a real school where you have to interact with people. Not to mention that these people are rich and will easily judge you. She sighed, not even wanting to think about it. 'Just..thank God it's still saturday. You have the weekend before hell." she whined to herself. She walked to her bike and hopped on, now starting to bike to her school.

                                                          Now, Joon wasn't on the poor side of New york, and she wasn't in the rich side either. She was kind of just in between. She wasn't poor, nor rich, she was just there. And she knew how to save money really well, but her parents forced her to use it for her school. Which, now, she didn't need to since she's got a scholarship. Guess her parents don't really believe in her. What a surprise. She walked to her bike, and looked at her orange. "Yeah, this won't do..." she pouted a bit. She hopped on her bike and went around town, ending up at a local cafe shop. She looked at the sign,
                                                          Dose", and gave a small smile, "A croissant and coffee doesn't sound bad at all." she nodded. She parked her bike in front of the shop and locked it to a pole. Joon looked down, avoiding any contact as she walked in, fixing her glasses.

                                                          People. Not much, but people. Some were alone, some where with another person, some were in groups. She didn't talk to any of them. She was just observant. She looked at a man with a laptop and hand over his head. 'He probably went through a terrible loss..a break up, death. Maybe looking at some old pictures..' she thought to herself, dozens of possibilities filling her mind. She then turned her head to a couple. They were laughing, and talking, then the girl had her phone ring and the man sighed as if this was the hundredth time. 'A secret relationship. Daddy's girl. The bad boy. Typical.' she thought to herself. She didn't want anyone to notice she was looking, so she kept her face down, as if she was texting someone, when she really wasn't.

                                                          She stayed in line, trying to think of what to get. A decaf? A mocha? 'Anything with caffeine could help..' she said. Every morning it seemed like she was stressed. It's either because of her parents, or being enrolled to a rich school. Then, someone caught her off guard. She didn't mean to, but the male up in front. He looked as if he was the same as her, korean. She observed him. 'Handsome. Tall. Buff. I wonder why he's working at this cafe when he could be living the nice life.' she thought to herself. Then again it was none of her business at all to interrupt in ones life. So she kept her privacy. And he could keep his. At least, that's what a girl with no friends would do.

                                                          trans. :: "Eotteohkeshi" - what to do
                                                          ooc :: crappy post, sorry, i'm not good with intros..but Joon is open to talk to. She's at the cafe where Benji is, wondering what to get. I haven't plotted with anyone, but it felt like i needed to get a post done. Soo...if anyone's up to talk to her, go for it.

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                                    ......................................................... ................................ .........................................................
                                        ( X today i want to hold back my pride andconfess to you but it's not that easy X )
                                BEAUTIFUL GIRL I REALLY LIKE YOU BY MY SIDE
                                    GLIMPSING AT YOU WITHOUT ANYONE KNOWING, IT BECAME MY HABIT ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░
                                        you're sparkling, to be able to steal the beautiful you. i want you because you're my special girl. xx you're sparkling, to be able to steal the beautiful you. i want you because you're my special girl.
                                        you're sparkling, to be able to steal the beautiful you. i want you because you're my special girl. xx you're sparkling, to be able to steal the beautiful you. i want you because you're my special girl.

                                                          "Doryeonim, doryeonim, sir - it's time to wake up now,"

                                                          It was the start of another early morning in the town of Westchester, New York. The larger part of it's residents were stirring from their beds and getting ready to go about their days, whether this meant going to work for the less fortunate or engaging in a nice game of golf for those that were on the richer side of things. The Jang residence was currently in a half and half state of affairs, with the head of the household already off to meet with business partners in New York City, his wife up and preparing to head to work, and the staff bustling about preparing for the arrival of guests they'd be receiving later that evening. An elderly man, referred to as "abeoji" by the head of household, and "harabugi" by his grandchildren, could currently be found in the garden area. While he'd previously been awake, he'd taken his tea outside and had ended up dozing off in his chair. As for the two children of the household? Well, Harper and his sister were both still sleeping. For Jin Ah, this was acceptable, but for Harper - his alarm had started ringing forty five minutes ago.

                                                          "Doryeonim, if you want to sleep longer at least get up for long enough to say goodbye to your mother,"

                                                          The expansive bedroom belonging to Harper Jang was decorated mostly in a white monotone color, though the expanse of white would occasionally be interrupted by a gold or a red. For being so large, it was surprising to admit that it only had one regular occupant when it was easily the size of a standard apartment. At present, the owner of the room was cocooned beneath a mass of quilts and sheets, attempting to ignore the blaring of his alarm that was echoing off the walls coupled with the demands of the family butler, who was struggling to speak over the alarm, for him to wake up. It wasn't until the bed's other occupant, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy by the name of Zelda, nudged Harper with her nose and whined loudly that Harper finally began to stir.

                                                          The butler sighed, both relieved and apparently a little annoyed that the dog could wake the seventeen year old but he could not. Once Harper had sat up and shut off the alarm, the butler spoke.

                                                          "Your mother wanted to see you before she left for work," He said simply, finally turning on his heel and making his way from the room.

                                                          Harper sat there for a moment, sitting around groggily with intentions of doing nothing for the next couple of minutes. These motives were changed, though, when Zelda once more made an effort at gaining her owner's attention. She rubbed her head against his hand, and once she was certain he was looking she stared up at him with large eyes whilst wagging her tail. Zelda was hungry, meaning Harper had to drag himself out of bed to feed her. Well, he could say hi to his mother on his way downstairs, he supposed. He dragged himself out of bed reluctantly, allowing for the mass of sheets and quilts to topple back onto his bed and he stood up. He tugged a t-shirt on, figuring going downstairs in only his sweatpants would likely be a bad idea. He didn't bother with shoes, as he would be staying inside the house for the time being. Ah yes, Harper Jang is rocking the lazy style today, at least until he figures out what he's going to do.

                                                          He shuffled out of his room and made his way downstairs. He arrived in the dining room where his mother was currently located, the woman already dressed for work at the hospital and in process of eating her breakfast. Her eyes rose from the article she was reading in the newspaper when she heard her son enter, a small pout forming on the woman's face when she took note of his state of dress. "Well I'm sorry saying good morning to your mother is apparently such a hassle. If I had known you were going to come wandering in like this, I would have just let you sleep," She remarked, though it was obvious she meant nothing by it based upon her tone. Harper and his mother were incredibly close, unlike so many other rich mothers out there - she'd actually taken the time to raise both of her children, and she'd raised them the right way, so they had a close bond. If there was any member of the family that could be considered distant, it was the head of the household, and Harper and Jin Ah's father. He was always too busy to join in on their family activities, it seemed, unless "family activities" meant dressing up nice and throwing some business party whilst attempting to be perfectly happy with their lives.

                                                          The woman used one hand to fold up her newspaper while the other held her cup of coffee, speaking once more. "It's a busy day today, I'm going into surgery for three tumors. Three, and all of my patients are younger than twenty-five. You kids need to stop using your cellphones so much," She remarked as Harper sat down across from her, grabbing a piece of toast and attacking it with a mix of butter and jam. She would always make it a habit of telling Harper about her various surgeries that she had to perform, oftentimes using them as life lessons. For tumors, don't use your cellphone too much. For internal bleeding, don't play too many contact sports. And the list went on. His mother was, for lack of a better word, a worry wart. The last thing she wanted was to have to see one of her kids on the table undergoing one of the surgeries she performed every day.

                                                          "After work I'm flying straight to Maryland. I'm giving my lecture at Hopkins this week. I won't be back until Thursday, so make sure you keep an eye on your sister and grandfather and make sure they don't get themselves into too much trouble." She warned. She smiled, "Aria's party is tonight, right? Do you have a date?" Ah yes, the date question, she seemed to ask this a lot. Harper promptly shook his head, revealing that no - he did not. "My poor son. Don't all your friends have girlfriends? You really need to do the same, I hate seeing you so lonely all the time," She said, taking another sip of her coffee. "Oh, I almost forgot. Your cousins are arriving later today, but don't worry, your grandfather will be the one entertaining them. Just make sure to spend a little time with them, okay?"

                                                          Harper managed a smile, "Alright uhmma, you can stop worrying now. Everything will be fine. Just focus on your surgeries, you wouldn't want to make a mistake and miss the tumors," He teased. His mother frowned, "Yah, shush." The woman snapped, balling up her napkin and tossing at him. She was gifted with good aim, as could be observed because the napkin collided with the side of Harper's head. "So what are your plans for today? Anything exciting?"

                                                          "Nothing quite as exciting as cutting open people's skulls and removing tumors, but Aria is throwing her annual Halloween party tonight. That's going to be a real scream, pun intended. I'll probably just hang out with friends until I'm stuck going to the party," He commented nonchalantly. "You say stuck as if you don't want to go," His mother pointed out. "Uhmma, it's Aria. You've met her, she's - not very pleasant," Harper commented. Sure, Harper was a member of the F4, but he wasn't blind. He could easily see that the supposed angel that was Matthew's girlfriend had claws, and sharp ones - at that.

                                                          "Well maybe if you had a nice date to take to Aria's party. Call one of her friends! I'm sure they'd love to go with you," Harper wrinkled his nose, clearly disgusted by the mere idea. "Or not," Checking the time on her watch, the woman looked momentarily shocked as she finally rose from her chair. Apparently it was time for her to head out. "I've got to go now. I'll call you during my lunch break, and when I'm on my flight. Be good, no wild parties, don't annoy your grandfather. You know the drill," She said, Harper nodding along as she listed off her various reminders. "And for goodness sakes Jin Woo, try and have fun at Aria's party. Okay? You're a teenager, lighten up,"

                                                          It was funny how, of all the people who Harper associated himself with, his mother was the only one who ever had to tell him to lighten up. All his other companions viewed him as some kind of five year old, acting as if he acted immaturely and constantly coddling him like he was some kind of child. He appreciated the fact that his mother, the one who raised him, could view him maturely. He almost took the comment for him to lighten up as a compliment. "I'll try, uhmma. Have fun with those brain tumors~" He sang, and the two exchanged smiles before his mother turned and made her way out of the dining room. "And then there was one~" Harper sang to himself, now reaching across the table for the newspaper his mother had been reading previously.

                                                          After a hearty breakfast consisting of jelly toast and a bowl full of Cap'N Crunch, that he'd finally convinced their butler to let him have despite his claims that it's terribly unhealthy, Harper returned to his room to dress himself for the day. He'd initially had intentions of returning to sleep for at least another half hour, but he was wide awake now and attempting to sleep again would do nothing for him. Digging through his collection of clothes he proceeded in searching for something to wear, the family butler entering his room and calling out for him. "Doryeonim, should I tell Mister Jeon that you'll be arriving soon?"

                                                          "No, I'll tell him. I'm probably going to stop a few places first," Harper said, though he didn't turn to face the aging man. "Okay, if you need anything just call." Harper could hear footsteps signaling the departure of their butler. Within twenty minutes he had finally showered and gotten himself dressed, now in the processing of running a towel through his hair as he made his way back into the large bathroom attached to his room. He had only one more problem left to deal with before he could leave the house: his hair. Up until two days ago, his hair had been long and would have often been forced to endure the straightener until it was pin straight - only to be pulled back shortly thereafter. On Friday evening, however, he had at last gotten it cut. Now his hair, which had once fallen past his shoulders, had been cut so that it only reached a couple inches beneath his ears. The hair that had been cut off was donated, and while this may have sound like a nice change - there was a very glaring problem. Harper no longer had any clue how the hell to style his hair. Whenever he attempted, it never straightened properly, and don't even get him started on the use of gatsby.

                                                          Harper was once more fighting these exact issues, at last giving up near ten in the morning and deciding to call in some help. Or, seeking out help, to be more specific. Tossing his various hair styling products into a bag, he carried that with him out of the bathroom and tossed it onto the bed. After donning his shoes, as well as a beanie to hide the mess that was currently his hair, Harper collected his things and proceeded in exiting his room. There was only one place he could go when he was having hair troubles such as these; to visit Arden. Though being around Arden often subjected him to criticisms over his wealth, or to watching countless David So reruns, the two had been close friends since they'd met because of their mutual interest in tennis. Yes, they were both on the tennis team, and they'd managed to form some friendship over the years. The fact that they'd had countless classes together because of their similar intelligence also helped.

                                                          Harper arrived in the entrance hall of the expansive mansion, nearly running into the butler who was in the process of straightening one of the paintings hanging on the wall. "Going somewhere, doryeonim?" He questioned. Harper nodded his head, "Out," He was a little too embarrassed to admit he was having hair troubles, even if it was only to the family butler. "Your mother had me compile a list of girls you could invite to Miss Aria's party from the family contacts. I'll leave the list on your bed?" He questioned as Harper prepared to rush past him. His mother, of course she would. "Yes, that's fine. I'll see you later," And after grabbing his car keys, Harper was off.

                                                          Westchester was a pretty sizable town, nothing in comparison to an actual city such as New York, but it was sizable. It had a shopping and food district, and several distinct residential areas. There were the two occupied by Westchester's wealthy residents - the super high end neighborhood, and then the more reserved yet still posh neighborhood. Then there were middle class neighborhoods scattered about, and maybe one or two of the lower end neighborhoods here and there littered with apartment complexes that people pretended didn't exist. Harper had taken a wild guess and had assumed that Arden would be at home today, explaining why fifteen minutes or so after leaving his neighborhood he was pulling his car into the driveway of the Kim residence. It wasn't something that he would go and tell Aria or Gossip Girl, but he probably spent more time at the Kim residence or Dose than he did at his own home. So shoot him, things were a lot more comfortable there.

                                                          Before Harper even made it halfway up the walkway leading to the front door, the door was opened to reveal an elderly woman standing there in a blue and purple hanbok. She seemed pleased to see Harper, grinning when she saw him. "Jin Woo-ah! You've been coming over a lot lately, your red string is showing~ ..... Ah Min is still sleeping," She said the last part in a dead pan, obviously not seeming too amused by that fact. The comment regarding his red string left him confused, Harper proceeding in checking his clothes for any loose strings before he made note that he wasn't even wearing red. Harper finally smiled at the woman that was Arden and Ben's grandmother. "Halmoni, I could always wake her up for you," He offered. The old woman chuckled, stepping aside and opening the door so he could come in. "Well what are you waiting for, go wake your sleeping princess."

                                                          Blushing a little, Harper had to struggle to pretend like he had no idea what she was talking about as he moved past her and made his way up the stairs towards Arden's room. It was a path he was rather familiar with, having visited the Kim family and hung out with Arden on numerous occasions. They always seemed to be going to Arden's house and never to his, Harper didn't question it though. Pushing the door to Arden's room open he ignored the smell of strawberries that was an obvious sign she'd been smoking her vape again, instead kicking off his shoes and crawling into bed with her. Ah yes, so much for waking her up. Harper scooted in close to her, wrapping his arms around her and allowing his eyes to shut. Well this would be something fun for Arden to wake up to.

                                                          Harper joining her in bed seemed to be enough to wake the sleeping female, Arden now asking what he was doing here. "Visiting you, what does it look like," He said, neglecting to mention that he needed help with his hair because he was still a little embarrassed over the situation. This comment was met with further questioning, Arden going on to ask why he wasn't with the rest of the F4, continuing on by saying that it seemed to be an unwritten rule that rich people helped their friends even when they had hired help to do everything. "You know most people actually enjoy cuddling and don't ask so many questions," He teased. She objected that those people usually didn't live in houses that could fit all of Busan. Harper frowned, "You've never been to my house, and actually - it can fit all of North Korea," He lied. "I honestly just can't stand to be away from you for too long, it's a disease," He said sarcastically.

                                                          Arden now rolled over to face him, already beginning a retort. "If you missed me so much why didn't you call-- why are you wearing a beanie?" She now asked, finally taking note of the hat. "It's cold outside," Harper lied, and it was very obvious that he was lying as he refused to make eye contact. Arden caught onto this, now reaching forward in her first of what would apparently be many attempts at removing the beanie from his head. This resulted in Harper trying to hold her off by reaching forward and tickling her, the situation playing out so that the two were both shifting on the bed a lot with Arden giggling every so often. She finally succeeded in removing the beanie, exposing the now short and incredibly messy head of hair to the world - the world of Arden's bedroom, that is. Arden laughed, afterwards questioning why there was a squirrel on his head. "It's not a squirrel, it my hair. I need you to fix it," He remarked, looking quite humiliated. "Are you sure it's not a squirrel?" It was obvious that she was still trying not to laugh.

                                                          Harper responded by pouting, "Maybe I shouldn't have come over in the first place, you're being no help," He objected. "So you'd rather pay a billion dollars to have some stylist noona fix your hair when i can do the same quality of work for free? you rich people are weird." Arden said, though she now grabbed his hand and proceeded in dragging him out of bed and into the bathroom. Harper barely had time to grab the bag of hair supplies he'd brought with him, which he promptly handed to Arden once they were in the bathroom, grinning. "Thank you Arden~ I love you," He teased.

                                                          Arden had him face away from the mirror while she was busy styling his hair, not that Harper objected to this on account of the fact that he trusted Arden with his hair. For the most part Harper remained silent during the process, though about halfway through he finally made comment. "You know Aria's party is tonight ... and I'm kind of being forced to go, so I was wondering if you'd want to tag along with me," He suggested nonchalantly. Oh man up Harper and just ask her out already! Arden, of course, pointed out that Aria didn't seem like the sort to be too accepting of guests that were scholarship students. Harper shrugged his shoulders, "It's not like she'll pay attention to anything I do anyways," He commented, though Arden continued to object - now going so far as to mention the fact that she had nothing to wear. "So we'll get you something. And stop looking at me like that, I know you're looking at me like you're about to lecture me. We'll get something from a thrift store if we have to," He said. The two continued bickering until finally Arden had finished his hair, Harper now getting up from where he was seated to glance in the mirror. A large smile quickly took over his face as he turned and pulled Arden into a hug. "Thanks Arden, you're amazing~" He sang.

                                                          He released her, though the smile still remained. Finally he spoke again, bringing up her grandmother's words from earlier. "Yah, are you sure your grandmother is doing okay? She said she could see my red string earlier when I got here but - I'm not even wearing any red," He said dumbly, obviously not up to date on Asian legends and myths. ""It's just halmoni blurting out some Asian proverbs that don't entirely make sense except to her" Arden insisted, to which Harper nodded. Their conversation was interrupted by the sounds of Harper's stomach growling, apparently the breakfast he'd eaten earlier hadn't been enough. The male attached himself to Arden once more, pouting. "Now I have just one more favor to ask~ feed me please," He begged.

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                              i just want to confess to you and say it daily but why is the reality different from my feelings xx i just want to confess to you and say it daily but why is the reality different from my feelings
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                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsometimes i stop to close my eyes she`s exactly WHAT I NEED
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                                                              ✰✰ OCT. NINETEEN SIX `O CLOCK AM
                                                              KIM RESIDENCE ::

                                                              The reason why Arden was awake at such an early hour was due to the obnoxious buzzing sound of her cellphone ringing on her desk table. Groaning in protest, Arden lifted her head from the warm and comfortable pillow she had been sleeping on and blindly looked over in the direction of her messy desk. A part of her wanted to ignore the buzzing and let it go on until it stopped. But when she realized the sound wouldn’t allow her to go back to sleep, she let out a sigh, got out of bed and blindly made her way over to her desk and fished for her phone with one hand and her glasses with the other. She found her cellphone first, but didn’t answer the phone until she found her glasses, which she luckily placed right beside the small device. Once she placed her glasses on, Arden turned her attention to the small name on the screen. It was her father calling. At six in the morning. This was strange. Scratching her head frustratingly, Arden pressed the Send button on her phone and placed it to her ear. “Appa?” From the background sounds on the other end, Arden could conclude immediately that her father had taken off very early to head to the café before it was scheduled to open for the day. Over the phone, her father asked if she was going to be coming to work today, which she responded that she would. The man on the other end was quick to respond with, “Don’t come to work today. You can have the day off. You and your brother have worked all week and even overtime. You two are going to make me bankrupt by the time both of you are off at college.” Arden had no time to reiterate because the man hung up right after. She pouted at the phone then placed it back on her desk without another word. If Arden’s father knew her well enough, he would know that she would come into work anyway.

                                                              Until then however, she wondered what she could do to pass time. Obviously going back to sleep wasn’t going to be an option as she was now wide awake thanks to her father. She blew her bangs out of her face as she walked around for something to do. There was always her Japanese homework that she could work on, but she wasn’t entirely in the mood to do homework on a Saturday. She could always get ready for work despite her father’s objections against it, but for some reason the idea of getting ready for work at six in the morning seemed like such a pain. Letting out a sigh, Arden slipped on her fuzzy boots then walked to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. As she walked down the hallway, she heard movement downstairs. It was probably her older brother moving about doing his typical morning routine of jogging and then breakfast. Why he never invited her to go jogging with him anymore was beyond her. But she was too lazy and too tired to even bother asking. He might just go back to asking her again. Once she heard the front door close and then silence, Arden went about her business, making her way over to the bathroom again.

                                                              Five or some minutes later, Arden returned to her bedroom quietly so as to not wake up her younger brother and her grandmother who were probably the only other members of the family sleeping. She had no idea about her mother at the moment. There was a chance she was at the café with her father or doing some early morning grocery shopping at a farmer’s market, or possibly sleeping still. Once she was back in her room, the female was back to wondering just what she was to do now. That was when it hit her. The tugging feeling in the back of her throat that she had been trying to suppress since the end of her freshman year of high school. Letting out a sigh, Arden opened the door wide enough so that her head would fit through and strained her ears for any sounds of her relatives moving about. So far from upstairs, she concluded that the coast was clear and that her younger brother and grandmother were probably still sleeping. But when she strained her ears to hear downstairs, she heard the front door open yet again to signal Ben’s return from his jog. Luckily for her, Arden’s bedroom window faced the backyard so if he was to leave again, he wouldn’t see her with the portable device that produced flavored smoke. Despite her constant efforts to hide her old smoking habits from her family, she did have a feeling her older brother knew.

                                                              Arden listened downstairs some more. When she heard the basement door close faintly, signaling to Arden that Ben was back in his room, she closed the door behind her quietly then tiptoed over to her closet where her vape was charging. After taking a look at her closed door again, she pulled out her vape from its charger, unplugged the charger from the outlet, and assembled the small device back together. She quickly went for her window and opened it wide so that the morning air would come in and help blow the smoke out so that no one in the house would ever suspect if they were to come into her room later. After taking a deep breath, Arden pressed the small button on the device then brought it to her lips, inhaling the smoking and letting it float about in her mouth for a second or two then exhaling it out the open window. It only took two hits for her room to smell like the flavored smoke; strawberries. Arden went at this for twenty minutes to half an hour, lying flat on her bed close to the window and inhaling the smoke from her vape then exhaling it out. To make things interesting for herself, she did a few of the tricks she managed to pick up since she bought in the summer before the school year began.

                                                              Roughly around the time she heard the door close yet again, probably Ben going off to work or stalk Hannah or whatever, Arden finished her little vape session and stowed the small device back in the closet where neither her mother, grandmother, or any other member of her family would see it even if they were trying to look. Once it was fully hidden, Arden waved her hands around her room for a minute or two to make sure that the rest of the smoke and smell from the vape was moved out of the window before closing it shut. She realized that the strawberry scent from the smoke was still there, but at least it wasn’t as strong as when she was exhaling the smoke out into her room. Hopefully no one in her family would come into her room while the smell was still around.

                                                              Now with nothing else to do again, Arden figured that she would make herself some breakfast before going to work later. So she walked down to the kitchen, noticing that no one was still awake at this time, and poured herself a bowl of cereal. She would have made herself a better meal to eat, but she was just too lazy. After her quick breakfast, Arden washed and dried the bowl and spoon she had used, placed them back in their rightful places in the drawers and cabinets then went back upstairs to room. She figured with a few hours to kill before she would go to work, she could attempt to get some sleep again.

                                                              ✰✰ OCT. NINETEEN TEN-THIRTY `O CLOCK AM
                                                              KIM RESIDENCE ::

                                                              Just like earlier that morning, Arden was soon awoken by the sound of buzzing against wood as her phone signaled for yet another phone call further waking her up from her slumber. Her protesting groan was louder now and had more frustration than before as she pushed herself up into a sitting position and tossed her Stitch pillow pet to the corner of her bed. She finally got up off her bed again to walk over to her phone, completely forgetting about her glasses which were now resting on one of her pillows. Blindly picking up her phone again, Arden really had no need to figure out who was calling her. There was only one person who would call her right before she typically went to work. It was for this reason that the female simply placed the phone to her ear and let her father speak. He inquired as to whether or not she was still going to work today, which she responded “yes” to. It was at this point that the man explained how her brother had left work early and then further threatened to ground her for a month and cut her pay if she showed up to work today. This alerted Arden enough for her to yell at her father over the phone, but she wasn’t able to get much out for him to hear as he had quickly hung up. She let out a frustrated sigh, dropping her phone upside down then retreated back to bed. How was she supposed to fill her morning now? In fact, she didn’t even know if it was still morning or not.

                                                              It was her goal to be as lazy as she possibly could today. If there was absolutely nothing to do now that she was being threatened to not come in to work today, she was going to take this opportunity to just be the laziest kid possible. Maybe then her father would stop his whining about his kids being too responsible. She situated herself back into her bed, pulling her covers over her head and then cuddling with her Stitch pillow pet again. She had just closed her eyes and told herself to go back to sleep when she heard her door being opened. Her first thought was that it was probably her grandmother checking in on her so she made no effort to move so that she could get in more sleep than she already had the night before. However, as the person in her room shuffled a bit then added more weight onto her bed, Arden grew curious.

                                                              It was the familiar scent that made her conclude it was Harper that had come into her room just now. It also didn’t help that she knew all too well that Harper was the only person she knew that cuddled with anyone the way that he was doing right now. Eyes wide and staring fixedly at her wall, Arden tugged onto her pillow pet tighter and buried her face into it so that he wouldn’t be able to see her blushing if he were to look over her shoulder at her. “Oppa, what are you doing here?” she asked through her pillow pet. When he responded that he had come to visit her, it only pegged on more questions. “Shouldn’t you be with the rest of F4 right now? I thought it was some unwritten rule that rich people helped each other out even though they have hired help to do all their dirty work for them.” She was obviously being sarcastic with her statement, though it didn’t take a genius like Harper to realize that she was also judging the people of his social status. After all, Arden Kim was known for being as judgmental about the rich at her school as the rich are judgmental about her and the rest of the scholarship students at OCD. If there was one thing she learned since the unfortunate events of the end of her freshman year, it’s that if someone bites you, you bite them ten times harder. It’s not that Harper ever did anything like that to her, that’s not it at all. It was more that the biting back became so much of her personality that she can never turn it off. Not even around the boy she had strong affectionate feelings for.

                                                              As he responded back, stating how most people typically don’t ask questions when they’re cuddling, this made Arden scoff a little. “Yeah, well those people typically don’t live in houses that can fit all of Busan,” she retorted sarcastically. Okay, so despite her strong affections for the male currently cuddling her, she did have obvious problems about some of the things his wealthy family owned. Despite never having actually visited it, Arden did know what Harper’s house looked like. It was, after all, one of the largest mansions in the rich side of Westchester. And obviously, for those that knew Arden too well, she wasn’t a fan of those.

                                                              His sarcastic response caused Arden to sigh in defeat. She finally moved to turn so that she would be able to look at him. “If you missed me so much, why didn’t you call—why are you wearing a beanie?” Her eyes instantly traveled upwards to the beanie that was currently covering his hair. Even if she had bought it for him a little while back, it was weird seeing him wearing it. Not weird in a way that he didn’t rock the beanie look, because he obviously did. It was more weird in a way that she wasn’t used to seeing him actually wear a beanie often. The male was typically proud of his hair and never wanted to hide it behind a hat. It wasn’t hard to tell that the male right beside her was lying through his teeth. And Arden didn’t like it. Narrowing her eyes at him, she quickly moved her hand to remove the beanie. But she wasn’t quick enough and soon it was a battle between the two with Arden attempting to take the beanie off his head and Harper tickling her so that she wouldn’t. The two did a lot of moving about on her bed and there was quite a bit of giggling happening on her end. She hated that he knew she was very ticklish.

                                                              Eventually, she succeeded in removing the beanie off his head, her eyes widening in shock and amusement when she beheld the head of hair that was now on Harper’s head. It was at this point that she honestly could not contain her laughter and she just let it out, holding onto her stomach because it was hurting so much. “What’s a squirrel doing on your head?” she joked, trying to hold back her laughter. The last time she had seen such messy hair was when Min Woo, her little brother, got his hair cut and went to bed with wet hair. It was a damn mess the morning after. “Are you sure it’s not a squirrel?” she joked again, a big goofy grin on her face.

                                                              This seemed to have made Harper rethink his decision to come here. Frowning at him disapprovingly, she scooted off her bed and walked over to her desk to grab a hair tie and slip on her fuzzy boots again. “So you’d rather pay billions of dollars to have some stylist noona fix your hair when I can do the same quality of work for free? You rich people are weird,” she commented as she combed a hand through her hair then fixed it up so it was in a tight bun. Once she made sure that it was neat and would not fall apart, Arden grabbed Harper’s wrist and hastily pulled him out of her room and over to the bathroom. She sat him down on the closed toilet seat then took the bag of hair products from him once they were inside the small bathroom, fumbling through the many Gatsby hair wax that she could fiddle with as he commented that he loved her. Her eyes widened then trailed down to him, taking in his bright grin nervously. “Turn around fool. You know you’re not supposed to see an artist’s work until it’s complete!” she exclaimed, turning him around so that he wasn’t facing the mirror over the sink. The truth was she wanted him to face away from the mirror so that he wouldn’t see her face burning bright red like a tomato. Because apparently the red face of embarrassment was common in the Kim family. After taking a look at Harper’s messy hair for a bit, she figured out exactly what she was going to do. With a few years of having to do her own brothers’ hairs whenever they were lazy (for Ben) or their mother couldn’t do it (for Min Woo), Arden was the one that had to learn the trade of styling men’s hair. And since she went through the long, medium, and short length phases of both her brothers, she was a master at it. It was for this reason that Arden confidently knew exactly what she had to do.

                                                              Some quiet time passed between the two while Arden was hard at work fixing Harper’s hair before he finally decided to break the silence by mentioning Aria’s Halloween party that night. Arden was well aware of this supposed “party of the year” because the girls in the tennis team would not shut up about it. They’ve even had times where they purposefully rubbed it in her face. The idiots thought she actually cared about being invited to the Queen b***h’s parties. How stupid could they get? She stopped midway from applying some wax into his hair to look down at him with a very stern expression. Of all people that would know Arden’s opinion about the rich, it would be Harper. “I thought the queen b***h didn’t allow scholarship students into her exclusive parties. I heard from Hannah-unni that she had to bribe the she-devil to allow my brother to go,” she said blankly, showing as many signs to Harper as possible that she really didn’t want to discuss this topic right now. But the discussion continued on with Harper suggesting they go to a thrift store later to find something “vintage” for her to wear and Arden trying to drop hints that she didn’t want to go to a party she wouldn’t be welcomed into.

                                                              “Alright~ I’m done,” she sang happily as she stepped back and let Harper observe her masterpiece. He seemed to like it as he soon pulled her into a hug and thanked her. “It’s no problem. You know I’ll always be happy to fix your hair for you,” she responded, hugging him back. When he pulled away and inquired about her grandmother, she couldn’t help the confused expression on her face when he asked if she was doing okay. For all she knew, her grandmother was as healthy as her little brother…though that wasn’t saying much considering the things he did at his age. He then continued to mention something about red strings, and Arden knew exactly what this was all about. She had to fight the blush that was appearing on her cheeks, turning away from him by washing her hands at the sink then putting his hair products away. “It’s just halmoni blurting out some Asian proverbs that don’t entirely make sense except to her,” she responded nervously. Of course Arden had a clear idea of what her grandmother was talking about. After living with the old woman for years, she had heard about every proverb there ever lived. She was lucky that Harper’s grumbling stomach soon interrupted the conversation from going any further. This then prompted for the male to cling onto her again and beg that she feed him. As is their relationship, Arden was quick to tease Harper about this. “Doesn’t your parents pay for your cook to cook you hearty meals instead of making you starve?” she teased, but turned to look at him quickly with an expression that said to not answer that.

                                                              Smiling brightly, she took his hand this time and led him towards the door out of the bathroom. When she opened it, she was met by a small seven year old boy rubbing the sleep from his eyes with one hand and scratching his head with another, making his obnoxiously messy hair messier. “Noona! You and hyung were in there a long time!” Min Woo said tiredly. However when he looked at both Arden and Harper, his infamous smirk appeared. “Were you two kissing?! EW!” Arden’s jaw dropped at this as Min Woo went into a loud round of “Noona and hyung, sitting in a tree” that he probably learned from school. She avoided eye contact with Harper so that he wouldn’t see she was blushing again as she led him downstairs to the kitchen.

                                                              As she had feared, her grandmother was currently residing in the living room watching her Korean dramas. When the old woman heard footsteps coming from the stairs, she turned her attention towards the descending teenagers with the same smirk Min Woo just gave them earlier. “Not only are you two attached by your red strings, but physically as well~” the old woman sang deviously. Arden shot her grandmother a warning glare before pulling Harper away from the living room towards the kitchen. As she turned the corner, she could have sworn she overhead the old woman muttering something along the lines of “it’s like watching one of these dramas”. When they were finally in the kitchen, Arden quickly let go of Harper’s hand and put some distance between them by walking around the counter. “So what does the master want for breakfast?” she teased as her eyes traveled towards the digital clock on the stove. It was a little passed eleven now, she noted. She had been thinking to herself about how she was losing money today because of her selfish and greedy father when Harper’s voice broke through her train of thought and asked if she knew how to make omelette rice. Turning her attention back to the male across the counter, she smiled brightly. “Of course I am! It’s my specialty~” she responded then moved about the kitchen to get all the ingredients. “One Korean style omelette rice coming right up~”

                                                              Cooking was an easy process for Arden. Having grown up in a household that was run mainly by maternal members (i.e. her mother and her grandmother), she spent much of her time as a child following behind them learning all the things she needed to know about being a good housewife…before she decided to be a little liberal. So her cooking skills were up to par that she could definitely live on her own and never have to buy take out. Though she was still learning many meals to cook, she felt that she was confident in what she could do around a kitchen. It was for this reason that the preparation for Harper’s omelette rice was a piece of cake and she went through it like she was some master chef. In no time at all, all the ingredients were being put into the frying pan and she was letting it cook just the way she had learned it. “Oppa~ Come try it to see if it’s good,” she said over her shoulder as she flipped the omelette over for the other side to cook. When he came over to her, she sliced off a small portion of the corner then carefully fed it to him, waiting anxiously for his opinion. He instantly smiled and commented that it was good, making her heart jump in her chest happily. Once she successfully transferred the food onto a plate and brought it to Harper on the kitchen counter, Arden busied herself by making a pot of coffee for the both of them.

                                                              Sometime around fifteen passed eleven Arden could hear the sound of the front door opening and listened for the voices. They were voices she recognized almost as easily as she recognized Harper’s scent. Smiling brightly, she excused herself for a moment to walk over to the main hallway and smiled as her older brother and his obvious crush came in and took off their shoes. “Hi, oppa~ Hi, unni~” she sang and watched them descend down to Ben’s bedroom. She was going to venture a guess that she wasn’t going to be seeing them for the rest of the day. Giggling at this thought, she walked back into the kitchen then returned to her coffee duties as she poured Harper a cup into one of her mugs then prepared it just the way he liked it. From his occasional visits to Dose, Arden managed to memorize his order, when he wasn’t getting his typical usual and decided to just get a coffee. Once she finished fixing up his coffee, she took a seat right next to him at the counter and sipped at her coffee carefully while he continued to eat. “So, do you have any plans for us today or are we going to just stay at my house?” she asked curiously. “Because, I don’t know about you, but I really like how you did your hair today. And I would hate for some of your F4 fangirls to not be able to see it as well. We’re all just so used to your longer hair that the short hair is definitely a change,” she continued with a tease, brushing a hand gently through his hair. Because she was the one that typically styled his hair for him, Arden was always allowed to touch his hair.

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                                  if you wonder why i give you flowers on a wednesday, twelve dozen roses at your door. or why i light some candles when you come over for dinner, would mind to light a billion more.
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                                                      “I should also probably tell you, that compared to the guys she’s slept with, you’ve passed a bunch of the rules in the codebook. Which makes you acceptable, or tolerant in this case, to Aria.” This comment, which Hannah made before departing from the car to head into Beth's house was cause for Ben's eyebrows to rise. Tolerable? Well, that was an accomplishment in his book, at least where Aria the she-witch was concerned. Once Hannah disappeared into Beth's house, Ben leaned back in his seat and produced his cellphone from within the pocket of his jeans. Upon unlocking his phone he pursued his app selection before finally selecting Temple Run 2, spending his time alone trying to complete the Million Club accomplishment, though to no avail. He would have played DrawSomething, but he was stuck on something Arden had drawn considering her drawings were the equivalent of Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

                                                      He had failed for what seemed to be the fiftieth time when finally Hannah returned. Ben exited the game and put his phone on hold, returning it to his pocket and grinning over at her. As Hannah worked on making herself comfortable, Ben turned the car back on and backed out of the driveway before driving away. They drove back in the same direction that they came, although before reaching the road they would have usually taken to get to Dose they turned to instead head to one of the upper middle class neighborhoods that Westchester had to offer. They had soon arrived at Ben's house, their usual destination when they spent time together. This may have come as a surprise to Hannah's rich friends, but apparently Hannah found Ben's house to be comfortable - and Ben wasn't going to object if that was where she wanted to hang out.

                                                      They stepped into the house and Ben immediately bent down to struggle with the process of removing his shoes. He set one hand against the wall to stabilize himself while the other worked on carefully untying one of his shoes before removing it. Sometimes being tall made small tasks such as taking his shoes off difficult. Though Ben had made this complaint several times as reason to why they should be permitted to wear their shoes indoors, he was always disregarded and told to deal with it. So the rule still remained, shoes off when in the house. As they were in process of removing their shoes and getting themselves situated, they were joined in the small entrance area by Ben and Arden's grandmother. Now that they had arrived in the Kim household, their use of English would now be forced to be abandoned. Stepping from the outside world into the Kim household was always like transporting yourself into Korea. They always spoke in Korean, favoring the Kyungsangdo dialect of Daegu which was where Halmoni was from, though they'd transition from Seoul dialect to Kyungsangdo depending on the day. When someone wasn't shouting in Korean, the sounds of a Korean drama or some form of Korean music (kpop if it was Ben or Arden, oldies if it was their father, or traditional music if it was their grandmother) could be heard in the house. And when that failed, well, the house always smelled like some kind of Korean food given that someone always seemed to be cooking. Ben supposed that, when you really looked at it, their house was quite comfortable - if you were a Korean, that is. Anyone that wasn't used to the Korean culture would probably arrive at the Kim house and immediately demand a tour guide to help them through the strange land.

                                                      Ben missed the first portion of the exchange between Hannah and his grandmother, though he didn't miss her yelling at him while Hannah was in process of excusing them to Ben's basement bedroom. “Jaemin! Make sure you don’t keep her locked up in your room again watching those movies. Be a gentleman and take her on a date before the party!” The old woman yelled before they succeeded in shutting the door, leaving Ben to wonder to himself just how she had found out about the party that Aria was throwing. He soon decided that it was best not to question his grandmother, just to note that she worked in mysterious ways and be done with it. “Lock me away, huh?” He heard Hannah question as she sat down on the edge of the bed. Ben chuckled, sitting down next to her. "I could always take you out for lunch or something, we could go someplace nice," He began, even though he'd already been made aware that Hannah preferred it more when he cooked for her.

                                                      Things fell silent now, seconds ticking by and Ben found himself looking around awkwardly in search of something to say. He was constantly fearing the chance of his saying something stupid in front of Hannah, even though she never seemed to judge anything he said. Ben's full attention was directed to Hannah when he felt her run a hand through his hair, blushing a little though doing his best to try and hide it as she did. “I really like that you got it cut, Ben. Short hair makes you look more handsome than you already are,” He heard her comment softly, her hand now trailing down from her hair to rest on his neck. He managed a smile, though a little awkward and embarrassed given the situation. He reached forward to brush a strand of her hair out of her face, his smile slowly becoming a more comfortable one. "Someone may have told me you might think something like that..." He teased casually, though trailing off towards the end. Of course by someone, he was referring to Arden. In her attempts to try and get Ben to cut his hair, assisting his father who'd been singing the same mantra, Arden had insisted that she knew Hannah liked guys with shorter hair better.

                                                      Ben's eyes locked with Hannah's, Ben simply sitting there for a moment or two before he began acting on a thought he didn't even knew he had. Before he could stop himself, Ben found himself leaning in closer to her. His hand still remained on the side of her face from when he'd brushed her hair aside earlier, and eventually his lips pressed against hers. This was not the first time they had kissed, on the contrary, they had kissed several different times during the night they'd spent together trapped in the cafe after hours, and there had been a few more occasions since then. These sorts of situations always came out of the blue, unexpected, and Ben and Hannah always seemed too foolish to take them for what they were worth and draw the conclusion that they both liked one another. As this was not the first time they'd kissed, things had long since escalated past the mere lip pressing that one saw in Korean dramas, leaning more towards the passionate side and leaving it so there was scarcely any space between the two of them. The kiss ended before things could go too far, though, as doing anything of that nature would be a very bad idea when Ben's grandmother or Min Woo could have very easily been hovering near the door. Ben moved away briefly, pressing one last and much shorter kiss to her lips before smiling sheepishly. "So - uh, what movie are we going to watch today?" This narrator is now retreating to head desk over the fact that after all that he still hasn't confessed his feelings.

                                                      The two once more transitioned into friendly platonic behavior between the two of them despite having just kissed, Hannah answering his question by reminding him that she'd fallen asleep during Breakfast Club the night before and requesting they finish that. He nodded his head, "You know, you snore when you sleep," He teased with a grin, "It's cute," He commented, because only Ben could manage to find something like that cute - and it's only because Hannah is involved that he thinks that in the first place. He stood up, taking Hannah's hand and leading her over to the couch he had in his room. Having all the space a basement bedroom had to offer allowed him to have a couch and a television all to himself, as well as a DVD player and several video game platforms. The typical teenage male setup. He worked on turning on the dvd player, pressing play as soon as it was on as the movie was still in the dvd player.

                                                      He moved towards the couch, stopping only briefly to produce a stash of candy and chips that he obviously kept in his room for whenever he was watching movies. "Help yourself~" He sang happily. Though once he'd sat down on the couch and they started the movie, the snacks soon went forgotten and things ended up so Ben was lounging on the couch with Hannah laying on top of him, using his chest as some form of a pillow.

                                                      Despite this being their second or third attempt at watching the movie, they managed to pay attention to even less of it than they had the first couple times. This would be because Ben became preoccupied with playing with Hannah's hair once she initiated the more comfortable position, every so often the two exchanging kisses or making comment to one another. This kind of behavior was what made Ben's grandmother and Arden yell at them that they needed to date already, or in Arden's terminology "DTR."

                                                      Once the movie was over the two remained lounging on the couch despite the fact that the title screen was repeating in front of them. Hannah was the first to speak, expressing that she was hungry and requesting food. "So instead of taking me out for lunch, how about simply cooking me something delicious here?" She suggested, earning a chuckle out of Ben. "Somehow I had a feeling it was going to come down to this," He joked softly, "I'd be happy to, what do you want for lunch then, hm?" Ben inquired. "Anything with chicken in it," Was the response he received, earning a large grin from Ben. "Alright Onew, chicken it is," He said sarcastically, "I think I know of a few things you might like,"

                                                      So once the couple finally disentangled themselves and got off the couch they made their way upstairs and out of the basement to find an empty house. Ben's grandmother had left a note saying that she'd taken Min Woo down to the park, and as for Arden and Harper well - Ben had no clue where they'd run off to, but hopefully they were staying out of trouble. Ben was holding onto Hannah's hand, leading her into the kitchen before releasing her hand and beginning to collect things he needed to cook. Soon he had assembled a collection of various ingredients spread out on the counter and was getting to work on mixing, frying, and doing the other assorted tasks needed to prepare lunch. Cooking obviously put Ben in his element, focusing on the task at hand though occasionally making comment to Hannah. For the most part he was humming while he was working, halfway through cooking the Korean styled fried chicken when he at last spoke. "Now here's the rule, I've cooked for you for free the past couple times~ but in the Kim house we usually put people to work," He teased with a grin, "Would you mind chopping some vegetables?" He requested, nodding his head towards the vegetables he'd left sitting on the counter as he continued shifting the chicken he was cooking using the spatula in his hand.

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                                          you're sparkling, to be able to steal the beautiful you. i want you because you're my special girl. xx you're sparkling, to be able to steal the beautiful you. i want you because you're my special girl.

                                                            “Doesn’t your parents pay for your cook to cook you hearty meals instead of making you starve?” She faced him, now wearing an expression that said for him not to answer her. He answered anyways, though, smiling. "What if I said I liked your cooking instead? Hm?" He prompted energetically. Arden now smiled brightly and took his hand, leading him towards the door that lead out of the bathroom. When Arden opened the bathroom door, however, they were greeted by a seven year old boy who was preoccupied with rubbing sleep from his eyes whilst running a hand through his already messy hair. Well, if anybody looked like they had a squirrel in their hair right now, it was certainly Min Woo. "“Noona! You and hyung were in there a long time!” Min Woo pointed out tiredly, though when he finally looked up at them the smirk that the seven year old had become famous for appeared. “Were you two kissing?! EW!” Both Arden and Harper stood there shocked as Min Woo transitioned into a loud round of Noona and Hyung sitting in a tree. Harper's face turned bright red, immediately turning his head to attempt and hide the blush that was now coating his face.

                                                            The two made their way downstairs, passing through the living room on their way where Arden's grandmother was currently residing in the midst of watching Korean dramas. “Not only are you two attached by your red strings, but physically as well~” The old woman said insightfully, leaving Harper even more confused than he'd been when she'd made the first red string comment. He made a mental note to inquire with Ben later about what his grandmother was going on about, because if Arden didn't have the answer to Harper's questions - Ben usually did. The two finally turned the corner and made it safely into the kitchen, Arden at last releasing Harper's hand and putting some distance between the two of them.

                                                            “So what does the master want for breakfast?” Arden now questioned as Harper sat down and made himself comfortable, not being able to cook so he already did himself the favor of sitting out so he'd stay out of Arden's way. Harper grinned, "I'm kind of in the mood for omelette rice, do you know how to make that?" He questioned, of course he knew the answer to that question would more than likely be yes. She answered that it was her specialty, and Harper grinned. "Everything seems to be your specialty," He joked sarcastically.

                                                            The process that was cooking involved Arden doing most the work and Harper sitting there watching with interest, Harper being incapable of cooking even the most simplistic things which Arden was aware of. He'd attempted cooking once to impress her, only to fail miserably by preparing stuff that couldn't even pass for food. He hadn't attempted it again since, and it was probably good that he hadn't. Harper getting anywhere near a stove, let alone trying to use it would more than likely result in the entire house being burned down.

                                                            “Oppa~ Come try it to see if it’s good,” Arden speaking captured Harper's attention, diverting his focus from being mesmerized by watching her cook. He slid out of his chair, standing up and moving over to where she stood. Once he neared her she sliced a small portion off and offered it to him. Harper took the bite, waiting a moment before grinning and nodding. "It's really good," He declared happily. Harper returned to his seat, accepting the plate once Arden brought it to him and immediately go started on eating as she occupied herself with making a pot of coffee.

                                                            His attention was distracted from his food when the sound of the front door opening alerted him to the arrival of what could only be Ben and Hannah. Harper and Arden both greeted them, though received no response. Harper took no offense to this, though, knowing that Ben and Hannah were probably too focused on escaping the scrutiny of Ben and Arden's grandmother to really have time for hellos. The old woman had a way of being so insightful it made you really uncomfortable. Arden eventually joined him at the counter, bringing two cups of coffee with her. Harper took a sip from the cup of coffee she'd passed to him, noting that it was exactly the way he usually ordered it when he got normal coffee. He couldn't fight the urge to smile, "You are amazing, maybe I should just start calling you yeobo~" He teased, though making sure not to say it loud enough for her grandmother to hear. Arden and Harper seemed to enjoy playing house. He made note that Arden was blushing, resulting in his smile growing a little.

                                                            “So, do you have any plans for us today or are we going to just stay at my house?” Arden finally inquired, though before Harper got a chance to respond she continued her previous statement. “Because, I don’t know about you, but I really like how you did your hair today. And I would hate for some of your F4 fangirls to not be able to see it as well. We’re all just so used to your longer hair that the short hair is definitely a change,” She concluded, now going on to brush a hand through his hair in emphasis of her previous statement. "You like the short hair?" He questioned, as if that hadn't already been made clear. He smiled, "Well that's a relief," He chuckled, taking another sip of coffee and swallowing before speaking again. He played along with his joke from earlier, "Well yeobo~ I was thinking we could get out of the house and do something," He teased, "You'll have to change first, though, because as cute as your pajamas are I don't think you want Gossip Girl publicizing a picture of you walking around in them," He teased. Arden countered that she didn't care what Gossip Girl said about her, though the statement was phrased in a more obscene and Arden stylized manner. Harper chuckled, "Alright, we'll go mini golfing while you're in your pajamas then," He teased. "Grab your purse and let's go," He joked.

                                                            Noticing the look that Arden was giving him that seemed to be questioning whether or not he was serious, and hinting towards the fact that she was taking him seriously, Harper frowned. He took the last bite of his omelet, taking caring of his plate before moving behind Arden and picking her up out of her chair. "Come on, back to your room now. It's time for you to change into nice clothes to go outside," He sang, and he refused to let her go, instead opting to carry her all the way up the stairs and into her room at which point he set her down. "Now go on ~ get dressed," He sang with a goofy smile.

                                                            "So...you're just gonna stand there and watch me change?" She deadpanned. Harper immediately blushed, now turning around and facing away from her, moving his hand to cover his eyes which he shut. "There, now you can change." Yeah, because that really works. Of course, this was a really stupid idea and soon Arden was yelling at him in English and emulating a female David So before abruptly kicking him out of the room and shutting the door behind him. Harper didn't think to move, instead standing outside her door like some form of lost puppy until the door was opened some ten or so minutes later, Arden now emerging dressed and ready to leave the house. Harper smiled when he saw her, immediately reaching forward and taking her hand in his. "Alright, let's go," He said, leading her downstairs and out of the house. Arden's grandmother and Min Woo had departed for the park, as could be seen from a note that had been left to the remaining occupants of the house. The only people leftover now, it seemed, were Ben and Hannah who were busy doing god knows what.

                                                            The two made their way to Harper's car, Harper having chosen to drive the Maserati today because - well, what Asian doesn't appreciate a fast car? Once they had both gotten in the car and observed the proper safety laws that involved buckling up and such, they departed from the house for their per-determined destination: Golf World. Some twenty minutes later they had arrived at the establishment and had paid to make use of the mini-golf course. Arriving at the first hole, Harper allowed for Arden to go first. "I don't know about you..." He began as he stood there waiting for her to take her turn, "But I'm kind of a mini golf champion," He lied. In all honesty, he's no good at playing mini golf - at all. We will soon see this once he manages to get almost every single ball into the water. "Well, I'm the mini-golf champion in my family so, aheh, bring it!" Arden countered.

                                                            The fact that they were both bluffing soon became hopelessly obvious, as was easy to see given how high both of their scores had gotten to be - and also considering the fact that they had to dish out twenty five cents for a new golf ball several times already given that they kept hitting their into the water and ultimately losing them to the dangers of the waterfall. Finally, Harper gave up on the idea of simply playing mini golf, looking at Arden with a grin. "Whoever hits the most golf balls into the water before we're done with the game has to pay the other five bucks," He challenged. Because that's the only thing they seemed to be good at, hitting the golf balls into the water. "You have to at least try to get it into the hole though !" She countered.

                                                            And so the game progressed, the two continuing to try and improve their scores. By the end of the game, after turning in their clubs and paying another couple bucks to make up for all the golf balls they'd lost, Harper was producing five dollars from his wallet and handing it over to Arden. "I may have exaggerated about my mini golf skills, just a little bit," He said, "But my go-kart skills are pretty awesome, so we should definitely try that," He added, because of course Golf World, like any miniature golf place, also offered go-karts, an expansive arcade, and many variations of fattening arcade food. "Well jeez don't hold off on the humble bragging" She answered, her voice dripping with it's usual sarcasm. Harper shrugged his shoulders, "Well, alternatively, we could go to the arcade if you wanted," He offered. She insisted that they do whatever he wanted to do, on account of Harper had been the one to pay the admission. He sighed, of course she would be difficult when he was asking her for a suggestion. "Okay, go karts it is then."

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                                i just want to confess to you and say it daily but why is the reality different from my feelings xx i just want to confess to you and say it daily but why is the reality different from my feelings
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                                                                    It was only eight o'clock on this autumn Saturday morning when Charlie's phone alarm started to obnoxiously blare throughout the senior's private penthouse. Spawned out on her black living room couch with body parts hanging off portions of the furniture's frame, the eighteen year old groaned loudly as the intrusive noise invaded her ears. Instinctively, she repositioned herself so that a close by pillow was safely covering the entirety of her head (more importantly her ears) as she pressed her face into the cloth material of the couch. As several minutes whizzed by, the volume of the alarm only increasing in intensity with the passing moments, Charlie (now finally gaining some consciousness) forced herself to flop off the sofa and onto the white polyester rug below, landing face first with a dull thud. Only lifting her left arm, she felt around the nearby orange cushion table for any signs of her beeping iPhone. After a few moments of feeling around she grabbed the cellular device and forcefully pressed the touch screen in several random locations until finally the clamor subsided. Letting out a deep sigh, she lethargically propped herself up onto the edge of the cough, putting a hand through her mess of brunette hair. iPhone still in hand, she gazed down at it with lazy eyes looking at the alarm screen labeled, "School Alarm", before proceeding to give herself a hefty face palm. "I forgot to turn this stupid thing off last night," she mumbled to herself as she disengaged the alarm.

                                                                    The previous Friday evening the brunette arrived at her penthouse a bit earlier than normal due to the cancellation of a few of her club meetings. Her only engagement for that afternoon was doing a bit of modeling for the National Fashion Society for a good hour or so. That was the only real reason for her joining the club to begin with. Well that and the fact that Alex had recommended that she join. With the girl's sweet sincerity Charlie found it incredibly difficult to say no. While she could conjure up some creative fashion designs, she figured she'd leave that to the more experienced members of the organization. Charlie served as a simple lab rat for the various crafty designers, trying on and modeling hundreds of different outfits and combinations. The female didn't mind offering her services to the club since modeling was one of her favorite activities after all, plus it gave her something else to do after school when she didn't have jazz band practice or a meeting with the culinary club. They even provided delicious food at the end of each gathering, a huge plus in Charlie's book. Upon arriving home that Friday evening at approximately six o'clock she just hit the wall and crashed, just plopping herself down onto the couch, falling asleep in minutes (obviously forgetting to shut the phone alarm off). And fourteen hours later, a duration of sleep that wasn't uncommon for her on weekends, her trusty alarm went off.

                                                                    Standing up, she stretched and let out a rather long yawn, still wearing her clothes from the previous day. Rubbing her lightly crusted eyes, Charlie shuffled down the nearby hallway into her cozy and contemporary bathroom. Not bothering to close the door behind her (she was the only one who lived in the penthouse after all), she stripped down and out of her day old clothes and jumped right into a hot, soothing shower. Twenty or so minutes later, she emerged from the depths of her refreshing retreat, feeling some what more awake than when she first awoke from her deep slumber. After drying her hair off and swiftly wrapping herself with a towel, Charlie scooted on over to her spacious bedroom. Sifting through piles of unkempt clothes in her not-so-modestly proportioned wall closets, she ended up throwing on an over-sized, blue and white pinstriped dress shirt (presumably one she jacked from her father years back or perhaps Maver, but the latter seemed less likely) and a pair of dark chocolate brown leggings. The brunette wasn't one for fancying herself up when it came to outfits and today, or rather weekends especially were no exception. Despite her savvy fashion sense due to her occupation as a model, Charlie still preferred the comfort of lounge clothes and sandals (ideally no shoes at all) over tight-fit dresses and stilettos.

                                                                    Starting to feel some hunger pains in her stomach and animal-like growls she made her way over to her extravagant kitchen, stocked with all the ingredients necessary to satisfy any craving or appetite. As she approached the aroma of sweet, butter-milk batter filled her nostrils. Entering the perimeter of the kitchen she viewed her personal maid (yes, even Charlie has one), Marcy May- simply known as Marcy- preparing a scrumptious batch of scrumptious banana pancakes just how Charlie liked them. Not wanting to stoop down too low to the standards of spoiled rich brats but open enough to conform to her parents wishes (as a compromise for her independent living), Marcy would visit her penthouse every Saturday morning, usually before Charlie was even awake, to make her breakfast, tidy things up, and any other extraneous tasks that needed to be completed. The older women was a true sweetheart and the young female was always pleased to see her, despite the rarity of their encounters. Looking up from her cooking, a huge, warm-hearted smile appeared on the maid's face before she spoke, "Well, well, well. Look who's up bright and early this fine Saturday morning! Let me guess, the good ol' alarm clock did you in again, Charlotte?" Marcy was one of few individuals who still chose to call Charlie by her real name and the eighteen year old was more or less fine with it. Grinning and sheepishly rubbing the back of her neck she replied, "Y'know my habits too well Marcy. I crashed pretty hard when I came back from school yesterday afternoon and the alarm just slipped my mind." Shrugging her shoulders in a carefree manner, Charlie took another whiff of the buttery fragrance that occupied the kitchen. "And it's not surprisingly to say that y'know my eating habits pretty damn well too," she chuckled as she went to go take out a plate and some utensils to eat her breakfast. "It smells delicious, Marcy. You sure know how to cook up a good short stack." Finishing up her cooking and shifting the pancakes onto the nearby plate Marcy chirped, "I make them just the way you like, Charlotte. After years of doing this I think I've figured out all the tricks of the trade." Placing the dish out in front of Charlie, Marcy also grabbed the nearby mug and filled it with warm coffee setting it next to the plate. "Knowing you, you'll probably need the extra caffeine to make it through the day. Bon appétit!"

                                                                    Mouth watering at the scrumptious meal before her, Charlie immediately grabbed for the fork and knife on the counter and quickly uttering, "Thanks again for all this Marcy. I can always count on'ya for anything," before digging right in, wolfing down large chunks of food at a time. After a few solid minutes devouring the syrupy short stack, Charlie began to slow down her rate of consumption as her stomach filled up. Cleaning up some of the various dishes and such nearby, Marcy took the opportunity to inquire about the remainder of the girl's day. "So now that you're awake so early, do you have any plans for the rest of your day, Charlotte?" Still chewing on a piece of pancake she shook her head before finally swallowing. "Nah, not really. I was just gonna sleep a bit more later in the day and then go to a big, hot shot Halloween party in the evening," she replied before letting out a loud belch. "Excuse you!" Marcy retorted with a frown at the lack of the brunette's manners. "Well it seems like you have a lot of time on your hands before that party. It would be a shame to waste away your Saturday!
                                                                    Why don't you go visit that Cormac boy I met just a few weeks back? He seemed like a nice fellow,"
                                                                    she suggested, despite the fact that the last time she saw the male was in the morning after one of their more steamy nights together. As awkward as that was, Cormac managed to charismatically maneuver around the maid without much difficulty. Charlie wasn't too surprised that Marcy suggested him in the first place considering the fact that she always tried to get her out of her cooped up penthouse and be active. Pondering the idea for a moment Charlie shrugged her shoulders and replied, "I think I might just do that actually. Maybe we'll go do somethin' before the party." Marcy's face lit up with pride at her response. It was always an accomplishment to convince Charlie to leave the comfort zone of her penthouse and venture out. Finishing up her cup of coffee and placing it back onto the counter, she pulled out her trusty iPhone, placing her feet up onto a nearby bar stool. "I'll just ask Maver to come pick me up so you can do your thing here at the penthouse." As Marcy went off to go tidy up another room, Charlie pulled up Maver's contact on her phone and sent him a quick text.

                                                                    To: Maver
                                                                    From: Charlie
                                                                    Subject: Pick me up
                                                                    Would you mind picking me up and driving me to Cormac's place? I'm killin some time before Aria's party.

                                                                    Charlie and Maver were awfully close for cousins; they looked more like siblings than anything else. The duo always found themselves in each other's company despite several key differences in lifestyle: mainly in regards to physical activity. Unfortunately for the young jack, he often acted as Charlie's private chauffeur, driving her to and fro just about any destination that she desired. He never really minded completing such tasks, but she occasionally felt a bit sorry for him. Though such a notion was quickly shaken off due to Maver's teasing (special treatment just for her), so transporting her around was just payback. He was more of a 'yes man' than anything else so Charlie simply took advantage of his generosity, in modest amounts of course. Looking down at her phone, she saw the male's affirmative response, a small grin appearing on her face. Knowing her cousin's habits and the distance from his mansion to her penthouse, Maver was likely to take quite a while to arrive. Rousing herself from the comfort of the bar stool, Charlie meandered on back over to the living room and plopped herself down onto the couch, turning on the flat screen TV. She figured it was the easiest way to waste some time before her cousin arrived.
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                                                                    Snapping out of her trance of hypnotizing television watching upon feeling the vibration of her iPhone in her lap, Charlie quickly opened the message from Maver telling her that he was in front of the building. Propping herself up, she made her way towards the entrance to her suite, calling out to Marcy as she exited, "I'm off to Cormac's. See'ya around, Marcy. Thanks again for everything!" Taking the elevator down some odd number of floors, since Charlie was way too lazy to even think of using the stairs, she left the luxury building and scanned the front entrance for any sign of Maver's corvette. Upon spotting the expensive vehicle, she casually sauntered over to it, waving at her cousin inside once she was close enough for him to clearly see her. Opening the door and sitting down onto the car's comfortable leather front seat, Charlie greeted the male, "Hey there sport, glad you made it," giving him a customary hair rustle and a small kiss on the cheek. "Hope I didn't interrupt your workout or anything," she chuckled as she put her feet up, her toes just barely missing the pristine car window. "So yeah. Off to Cormac's house we go. You remember how to get there, right?" Maver nodded his head in agreement as they began their journey to the football player's dwelling. The ride was approximately fifteen minutes long in which the duo chatted about Charlie's resistance to Maver's gym offers and her lack of physical activity, each teasing the lifestyle choices of the other. Upon reaching the Davis residence, Charlie gave Maver a small punch on the shoulder and chuckled, "Thanks for the ride, compadre. See'ya at Aria's."

                                                                    Closing the car door behind her and watching as Maver sped away, Charlie yawned and stretched out a bit before heading in the direction of the Mediterranean-styled mansion. The structure before her was a very familiar sight for the eighteen year old, so familiar that she had lost how many times she had been within its walls over the past few years. The duo had been extremely close friends over the past few years and constantly were in each other's company, even comparable with Charlie's time with Maver. Of course, their friendship wasn't restricted to simply pure intentions. They often rendezvoused with rather naughty and lustful intents at both of their respected residences. Despite Cormac's flighty tendencies and behaviors, the two remained best friends through the thick and thin of it, maintaining both attachments (sexual and non-sexual) in a somewhat healthy manner. The majority of 'friends with benefits' relationships would end badly for both respective parties involved, but Charlie and Cormac managed to make it work. If one had to label their relation it would probably be given the name 'best friends with benefits', a bond not so easily broken by promiscuous activities. They're a troublesome pairing that's for sure, but they became attached at the hip the moment they met. There was just something that clicked and years of interaction merely built upon it. But now, as much as Charlie would hate to admit it, she developed a rather large crush on the male, refusing to tell a soul (besides maybe Maver) in order to not risk their friendship.

                                                                    Standing before the grand entrance to the manor, Charlie scratched her brunette mane before ringing the door bell. After several minutes of waiting, whistling a jazz tune to pass the time, the grand door opened and from within came Cormac's mother. "Oh Charlie, it's so nice to see you! I was wondering when you were going to visit us again," she mused contently as she gave Charlie a small hug. "Hello Ms. Davis. It's good to see'ya again too," she replied, a huge grin stretched across her face. Over the years she had grown quite fond of Ms. Davis and they both got along splendidly. Much to Charlie's pleasure she was even adjusted and used to most of her quirks and mannerisms; she didn't so much as blink at the model's strange style choice for the day. "Well come on in. The breeze is a little chilly today," she beckoned before they both entered the mansion and stood in main entrance hall. "Cormac should be upstairs sleeping as he always is on Saturdays. I'll be in my office if you need anything," she added with a small smile. "Thanks Ms. Davis," she smiled before traveling across the entirety of the house towards the male's dwelling. Sauntering on over to Cormac's room, she intruded into the space without knocking (a typical habit of hers). Upon turning the small corner, she saw none other than Cormac himself spread out on his bed, sleeping like a rock. With sheets everywhere and pillows skewed it was difficult not to laugh at the sight. Kicking off her slip on shoes, Charlie quietly maneuvered her way onto the king sized bed, positioning herself right on top of the sleeping male (whose body was facing up towards the ceiling) wrapping her arms around him. The two remained in silence for several minutes, Cormac still not awaking from the addition of pressure on his body. Frowning, she propped herself up so that she sitting on his stomach, legs resting on the bed beneath them. Within several moments Cormac's eyes opened up causing a huge grin to form on Charlie's face. "Rise and shine, Mr. Quaterback. Time to get your lazy a** out of bed," she chimed. Feeling the male rustle, grumble, and groan beneath her, Charlie swiftly shifted herself onto the bed. Crawling under the sheets with him, their bodies just a few inches apart, she added, chuckling, "This might be the first time that you out slept me, Cormac." Resting her hand on his chest she continued, "If it wasn't for my stupid alarm I probably would've still been sleeping."

                                                                    ooc: talked to laur and tina prior ~ (i wasn't quite sure what to do at the end of the post tina, so i do hope i gave you enough to worth with) if you'd like me to change or add anything please let me know! c: i will happily do so ~

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                                    SHE'S A BACK SEAT DRIVER xxx SHE'S A BACK SEAT DRIVER xxx SHE'S A BACK SEAT DRIVER
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                                            “And how exactly do you feel about the fact that your many attempts to gain notice from Gossip Girl, or anyone, really, have, well, gone flat like a poorly mixed cake?” The blank look on the girl across from her's face was not exactly the reaction that Claire had wanted, prompting a frown from the fiery-haired canuck. She had been hoping for some elaborate, bright and amazing response, something worth writing down, something that people would eat up. Maybe a few tears, maybe some long, tragic monologue about how it was ruining her life... but what did she get? A look that did not belong on the face of a bright, pretty-faced socialite with more money than anyone could care to count, but belonged on the face of some numb-skulled crack head who had just been hit in the face with a baseball bat. Minus the blood, of course. Mores the pity – that would have made this so much more exciting.

                                            Pulling a hand through her hair, Claire tapped her pen on the pad of paper she had balanced on her lap, fixing her brown eyes on the girl before her. She was the kind of girl you expected to get noticed – the face and figure of a model, perfectly behaved hair, spotless skin and perfectly manicured nails. Yet, this girl – Molly, she thought her name was – had somehow managed to go completely unnoticed by Gossip Girl, even though she made sure that she did the most outlandish things to get noticed by her, or by anyone. Lavish drug parties, raves, indiscriminate sex, you name it. This Molly girl had tried it on for size and tossed it away when it didn't fit her fine-boned figure. In all honesty, Claire didn't know what this girl had done “wrong”, as to avoid notice from those who could give her a name. Sure the girl was well known among the OCD community, but mainly to those of New Money status or below – she was too brash and low-brow for the royalty and pure-bred old money to take notice of. But to not be noticed, period, despite all these antics by a higher power? It was a slap in the face and a disgrace to those who craved the attention of Gossip Girl, something that Claire was well versed in.

                                            With a flourish of her wrist, Claire wrote down a not-so flattering commentary about the expression on the girl's face before leaning forward, eyes serious, and speaking again. “Allow me to ask you this, then. Just how far would you go to gain the attention of the higher class? And what is your goal?”

                                            “I don't even recall letting you into my house.” Molly said stiffly, having finally snapped out of her stunned deer-in-headlights mode.

                                            “Ah, good. She speaks,” Claire said cheerily, jotting that down before plowing on. “You did not, I admit, let me into your house. I bribed the boy who walks your dogs to let me in after him. Amazing, how much money your family has yet it isn't hard to top what you pay. Having monetary issues, are you? We can speak about that, if you wish, instead of your various social offences. I mean, I am quite certain that almost anyone would much rather talk about some slight money troubles, a trifle really, instead of that night down town in that skivvy hotel. Oh, we all know what went down there. And what about that other night with that Stevies boy, and the heroin? Quite the story right there, I would say. Would you mind -” She never got to finish her sentence, as before she even knew what was happening one of the house staff had hoisted her by the back of the shirt and flung her out the front door, swearing in a colourful accent and declaring that if she ever returned to the premises, she would meet her untimely end by vacuum cleaner. She wasn't exactly sure what that entailed, but she could definitely deduce that some people had absolutely no manners. What a way to treat a lady! “Some people have some nerve,” Claire huffed, pushing herself to her feet and dusting off her brightly-coloured jeans.

                                            Despite the fact that she hadn't gotten a whole lot off of Molly, she had gathered a fair bit of information about various events off of other students, though none of it was exactly what she was looking for. She was looking for something that would hold peoples attention, that people would actually want to read. Not a lot of people liked to read newspapers, preferring places like Twitter and Tumblr, and while Claire liked those places as much as the next person to get her news, there was something charming about a newspaper, and she intended to bring it back, and to prevent it from going extinct. Of course, that would be difficult, but Claire was a persistent, pushy person – she wasn't an easy person to knock down or push aside. Annoyingly so, in some cases. But, like her idol, she wasn't one to care about what people thought of her, or what people said. She'd keep plowing on, digging to the bottom of things, nosing into people's business, and getting the nitty-gritty dirty details. After all, nobody wanted to read something that would bore them to tears. Entertainment. That was the magic word.

                                            Now that she was done with her stint at Molly's, it was time to head off to find some other story, or find someone to hang out with. Preferably the first, but she could always use some company, maybe find someone else who would help out with tracking down a good story. For now, though, she needed to get out of this residential area and into an area that was more densely populated by easily accessible people. Homes were all fine and dandy, but coffee shops, clothing stores, and other such places were better – nobody would be able to kick you out for just walking in, and nobody could deny you entry. Well, there were a few places that didn't much care for letting Claire into their establishments, for obvious reasons, but they were few and far between. While she was rowdy and disruptive, she was also a good customer... after all, she often ended up buying stuff from stores that she raised a stink in. Not because she felt bad, but because she often needed a reason to stick around. Hopping into her car, Claire turned on the engine and started on her way towards the best place to get some dirt on the rich and locally famous – the mall.

                                            A good half hour later, Claire pulled the car into the mall parking lot. Climbing out of her car, Claire glanced around the lot, seeing if she spotted anyone she recognized. There was nothing of interest that caught her attention right away, so, shrugging, she set off around the outside of the mall, bag slung neatly over her shoulder, pen tucked behind her ear and pad in hand. You could never be sure when a good story would pop up, she'd been told by a teacher back before her family had struck gold, and she lived by those rules. She was always ready to jot down notes, take down the story, and report it.

                                            Upon coming around the side of the mall, Claire noticed Nadi coming up along the sidewalk, nose in her phone, no doubt hoping that somebody had gotten back to her to hang out, or something. And who was Claire to deprive her friend, possibly her best friend, of companionship? Besides, she didn't recognize any of the cars thus far, so she doubted that she'd run into anything interesting just yet. Changing her course, she plodded over to Nadi, hand raised in greeting. “Good morning, Nadi! Whatcha up to? Shopping trip?” She grinned, falling immediately into step with her dark haired friend.
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                                        Kang was floating on the edge of consciousness , his body could feel something was wrong with the aches and pains that were vibrating up his spine but his brain hadn’t yet caught up yet. It all came crashing on him when his phone was phone went off with a piercing ring waking him from his semi-conscious slumber. He rolled over reaching for the phone sitting on the ply wood end table that was covered in faux oak sticky paper. Though in his usual fashion he misjudged the distance and fell off the side of the bed landing on his knees with a loud whump. Groaning as he rose from the floor, he answered the phone.

                                        “ Hello?”
                                        He asked, rubbing his knees and flopping down onto the bed

                                        . “ Juno! What took you so long to answer , You weren’t still sleeping were you? Do you know what time it is?”

                                        Rubbed a hand through his hair then checked the clock and winced. “ No, I was awake I was just uh.. In the shower mom. There’s no way I’d be a sleep at one.” He lied through his teeth.

                                        “ You better not have been, the only reason I’m supporting you on this move out for now is because I believe you can be mature about this and take care of yourself. Sleeping to one is not being responsible. “

                                        He sighed. “ I know, mom. I’ve been up I’m just trying to decided what to do today. I think I’m going to get some coffee and go to work.”

                                        “ Mmmm, you better be, I’m going to deposit the money today into your account. If I find out you aren’t doing anything, it’ll be the last one. Got it mister?”

                                        "Completely mom, I’ll call you later I need to get dressed it’s cold in these motel rooms, ok?”

                                        “ Alright, ah you have another blind date your father set-”

                                        Kang cut her off in mid-sentence not wanting to hear it.” I got it mom, bye.” He hung up the phone and tossed it onto the bed rubbing his hands over his face in frustration. He was not going on another one of those blind date things. He was only eighteen, for one and for two: He hated them with a passion. The girls were always weird and only talked about how much money their parents made or how much shopping they did that day. They were the typical rich girls and he didn’t want that. Not at all. He liked more down to earth people like Ben or Dani. Both of who he had a crush on in the most general since. He liked their personality and he thought they were both attractive. He gave another groan, it wasn’t time to be thinking about this he really needed to get in the shower and the a fore mentioned coffee sounded good right about now as his eyes were threatening to droop on him. He shoved himself up from the bed and headed to the small bathroom right of the bedroom/dinning room. He showered quickly, not wanting to want to spend anymore in the tiny shower than he had to. He had to duck down just to wash his hair. He had made his choice though, and as much as he hated living in the motel he had hated living with his fathers over parenting twice of much. His father wanted him to live the life he wanted and would even consider that his son wanted something else. He was tired of it, the blind dates were the last straw. When Kang couldn’t even decided on his own who he would spend the rest of his life with, as if he wanted to get married in the first place, it was just too much. He had packed a bag quickly and had left that night buying a room with what money he had in his wallet. He would probably end up going back home, just to end up having more fights but he needed a break from it all.

                                        He walked out of the shower a towel slung low over his hips and another one in his hands drying his hair. Picking up his phone he thumbed through tumblr replying to friends as he dried his hair. Once he was dry enough he pulled out the bad and the meager amount of clothing he had managed to stuff into it before he left the house. He shuffled through the clothes and noted he would have to either wash himself some underwear or buy some more and seeing as he didn’t have a washer or a dryer his only option would be by some more. He hoped the money his mom promised got put in to his account soon or he would have to just start going with out underwear. That did not appeal to him at all, underwear was put at the top of the necessities list right under food and apartment. He got dressed quickly in jeans and a sweater then sent a message to his best friend and honorary wife James Funk.

                                        To: My wife
                                        From: Your husband

                                        Darling, What do you want for dinner?
                                        I’ll make it for you like I said.
                                        We’ll have to use your kitchen since I’m currently
                                        Camping out at the motel 6.

                                        He sent send then sent another message to his friend Dani.

                                        To Princess Dani
                                        From : Prince Kang

                                        Meet you at Royal for some coffee?
                                        I need a major caffeine boot.
                                        If you buy I’ll tell you all the juicy details of my
                                        Life that’s falling apart and what it’s like sleeping a Motel 6.

                                        It was hard, Kang thought rather smugly. Being loved by every one. Then his senses came back and he realized Dani and James were probably the only ones. With that depressing thought he shoved his phone in his pocket and left the motel and grabbed a cab with what little remaining money he had left in his wallet and made his way into Winchester. He was walking down the sidewalk when his phone went off making him jump a little at the loud noise against the silence around him. He took his phone out of his pocket seeing he had gotten a text from his bank, His mother had finally sent the money to his account. As he was looking at the screen he tripped falling on his face onto the side walk. Used to falling he wasn’t fazed by the fall and just kept laying there staring at the screen. She had sent him 20,000 dollar. It was a lot more than he expected. He could get a lot of stuff for that but he had to keep in mind he probably wouldn’t get more than this and he had stuff to pay for now. It was being a poor, he didn’t know how people did it but it looked liked he was going to find out. His phone went off again with a text from his mother.

                                        To: Juno
                                        From: Mother.

                                        Get a nicer place I don’t like the thought
                                        Of you at that motel. Don’t worry about
                                        Your school fee either your grandpa said
                                        He would keep paying for that.
                                        Don’t let your grades drop because of this
                                        Or I’ll drag you back home.

                                        He sent a quick text back thanking his mom, then realized he’d been laying on the ground for the last five minutes. Thankfully the town was pretty quiet or he might have had a crowd around him. Clearing his throat trying to get rid of any lingering embarrassment that had come from forgetting he was ground he pushed himself up and started walking again.

                                        Arriving at Espresso Royale he grabbed a seat and waited for Dani. He didn’t really like the Ole’ Royale, personally he liked the taste of Dose’s coffee better but knew Dani wouldn’t want to go there. Royal was more old money and Dose was more for the Students that had gotten in on a scholarship. He wasn’t one to make Dani suffer something that might hurt her image or embarrass her. Dani was old money and in this town for old money keeping your name and face in the right places meant something. As for him, since he was new money it mattered some what but not as much. He knew he would probably end up in the gossip pages but it really didn't matter to him. Now his father on the other hand wouldn't like especially since he worked with many old money names, like James' father.It was a pain all these things. He would make his own money and become rich on his own and when he did that things like being scene in all the right places wouldn't mean as much, though he would hope his restaurant would be one of the places people wanted to be scene at. He squinted his eyes at his thoughts. His brain was hurting at all these hypocritical thoughts.He just wasn't going to think on it that much right now. He'd worry more later. He sat back in his chair and looked at the text from the bank again. He didn’t know where he would start, whether it be the apartment, food or underwear but he did know that today he would buy his own coffee and treat Dani to hers.

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