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And so it begins...

Ɓrought about by a hope of a renewal to continue with a life that was cut short too soon. The priestess Scarlet was murdered along with the rest of her family by a cloaked figure of pure darkness. She was bound by marriage to the lycan Suzaku and bound by blood to the warrior Joachim. The vampire high council was shocked at the news of the murder and planned to reverse what had been done. Scarlet's body was retrieved from the academy and preserved until the day of Samhain came along. This was the day spirits of good and evil from both the human world and underworld were allowed to pass through. Using an ancient spell Scarlet was revived by the pain and blood of the council's elders.

evived and renewed she took her place upon the High Council. When both her husband and warrior died, the sorrow almost became too much for her. She was assigned a new warrior who also served as her guardian. Scarlet never took off the golden band around her finger and the closeness she had with her new warrior could never replace Joachim. Scarlet was convinced she was all alone, but that's where she was wrong. The priestess had given birth to a son, but afraid of what could happen to the child the council quickly released it into the care of a human family. Any memories Scarlet had of the baby boy were erased. The young boy has now grown into a young man, who despite having a family knows there is more to him than what he has known. He has decided to move into a co-ed boarding house known as Scarlet Rivers Boarding House. It is from here he hopes to find more about himself, his powers, and where he truly came from. Something about the name drew him here and every night in his dreams he sees a sad face crying crimson tears... Help him find his mother or bring him nothing but hell, the choice is yours...
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1. No godmodding. I will seriously hurt you.
2. Only Join if you are going to be active. You don't have to post everyday, just at least once a week
3. Pretty up your posts if you want, but I'm not really going to require it.
4. No cybering. Meaning when things get steamy and pants come off you timeskip.
5. Don't cuss every other word! You can cuss but don't cuss every sentence.
6. Literacy! I would love it if you could do three paragraphs each post! You don't have to. But I require at least One paragraph with seven sentences!
7. Title your pm's "Dark Chocolate >:3" or I will ignore it.
8. Please pm me if you'll be gone for any long period of time or if you're gonna quit.
9. Everyone except those who serve or are on the council are living at the boarding house.
10. PM me with any and all questions. Or if you have any comments or suggestions. This is the final remake (installment) to Bloodred Rose Mansion and Tainted Blood. There will not be another one, at least not made by me.
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The only information I have for you at the moment is that the boarding house is for all races. Although vampires are more common other races are also residing there as well.

I am back and I apologize for my absence major internet issues and health issues. Let us proceed with the story.
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Roleplay Profiles


►Name◄: ((Character's Name))
►Sex◄: ((Male or female))
►Appears Age◄: ((How old you look))
►True Age◄: ((How old you really are))
►Powers◄: ((Limit is 4))
►Weapons◄: ((Limit is 2))
►Pet◄: ((If you have one))
►Life story◄: ((Biography))
►You're gonna see◄: ((Human form, if you have one[Anime only]))
►I prefer◄: ((Character's true form [Anime only]))
►I'll always listen to◄: ((Gaia Username))

Council Members

►Address me as◄: ((Character's Name))
►With age comes wisdom◄: ((True Age))
►I could easily pass for◄: ((The age you appear, 30+))
►I am indeed a◄: ((Male or female))
►If needed I can use◄: ((Powers limit is 4))
►I'm very skilled with the use of◄: ((Limit is 2))
►Time hasn't changed◄: ((Biography))
►The face in the mirror is always◄: ((True form [Anime only]))
►Many masks, many faces◄: ((Human form if you have one [Anime only]))
►Above all else I serve◄: ((Gaia Username))

Other Races

►Since birth I've been known as◄: ((Character's Name))
►The parts I have are◄: ((Male or female))
►The blood in my veins is◄: ((Faerie, Elven, Angel, Demon, Witch, Neko, and etc..))
►Looks can be deceiving◄: ((How old you look))
►You would be surprised to know I'm◄: ((How old you really are))
►Double cross me and you'll feel my wrath◄: ((Powers Limit is 4))
►Who needs fists and feet when I've got◄: ((Weapons Limit is 2))
►True companionship comes from◄: ((Pet If you have one))
►The road I've traveled◄: ((Biography))
►Master of disguise◄: ((Human form, if you have one[Anime only]))
►The truth is revealed◄: ((Character's true form [Anime only]))
►I'll always have a friend in◄: ((Gaia Username))

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Adara and Tyler arrived at the boarding house on a one way dark black bus. Adara was shaded by an umbrella as she looked around her black hair twirled with her "...ok" she said hessitantly as she walked tword the house.

Tyler who walked on without her was already at the doors, he looked like a was observing them but turely he couldn't open them. he felt really groggy when he stood up to long. her turned his back to the door waiting for Adara with a cold look.

((ill start makeing them pretty when i get a chance, im dizzy so not much.))
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Luna Reyha

bored to death of life

Luna arrived at the house on time, meeting all the points on her schedule just as her 'mother' prepared her for, she didn't take pride in being Azuma reyhas daughter nor the fact that she was born into the reyha family at all. She was having a tug o' war at mind thing when she arrived. Being a former goddess made her stuck up but she didn't have time for that, she was a full pledged vampire now and needed to act like one, no like a goddess or a has-been. Luna walked steadily but with pride to the doors of scarlet boarding house. She saw Adara and then Tyler, but didn't know them so didn't introduce herself at the moment. She opened the doors straining her arms. Luna took a deep breath fixing her blond hair she walked into the boarding house looking around.
but sick of dieing
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Adara sighed as she caught up with her brother, Tyler, with a small smile she closed up her black umbrella, not much sun was shining on her face so she was fine "please wait next time taytay" she said useing her nickname for him.

Tyler rolled his eyes and just left her sitting there as he walked into the boarding house.

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User Image Draven groaned rubbing his head he had arrived at the boarding house last night. Laelia, the woman who owned the boarding house, had been polite, but their was a darkness to her that he could sense. "Lae!" He shouted "When's breakfast?" He threw on a pair of black shorts and a red tee. Draven scratched at the dragon tattoo that wrapped around his neck.
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Laelia was in the main lobby of the boarding house, her eyes scanning over some paperwork. She could hear the sounds of footsteps and rose to greet her new guests. Laelia's hair was put up on top of her head with two black chopsticks and she wore black skinny jeans with a long sleeved red top. She answered the door with a kind smile, "Hello I'm Laelia, welcome to Scarlet Rivers Boarding House."
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Adara held her black umbrella downward and smiled softly as she looked around "Hi. im Adara storm nice to meet you" she giggled softly as she smiled brightly when she spoted Laelia "I was sent here by my mother...Laura, mrs.... " she said softly

Tyler rolled his eyes bitterly not likeing adaras chearfullness one little bit "im tyler" he growled under his breath stareing at Adara with knowing eyes
((sorry its short))

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Laelia gave a half smile, "Nice to meet you Adara and Tyler. Come on inside, and let's get you two a room." She pulled the door open more and let them inside. There was lots of other races buzzing around, some reading, some talking, and others just relaxing.
((Its okay mine are short right now too, they'll get better soon.))
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