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I breathe you in again just to feel you underneath my skin.
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Lucrecia hadn't fallen asleep until midnight, only at seven o' clock to be woken by Mrs. Astoria Malfoy, her host. "Luce, honey it's time to wake up. You need to get to the train soon." She said sweetly, before turning the lights on dim and closing Lucrecia's bedroom door. Astoria was practically her mother, because hers had died when she was four months old, due to a killing curse sent from the wand of Molly Weasley. Yes, her biological mother was Bellatrix Lestrange, but her father was the cruelest man in Wizarding History. Tom Marvolo Riddle, yes Lord Voldemort was her father. He had also died a cruel fate of the killing curse. She knew what she would've ended up like if either were alive, cruel and horrid. But she was already like that slightly, but far less than her parents.

Lucrecia stepped into her slippers that were waiting next to her bed. She stepped towards her closet, and opened the door. Her soft expression covered her face, as she tried to pick out a fitting outfit for the day. She decided on white skinny jeans, with a neon green shirt, and a white belt around her waist, with a white vest. With a pair of silver ballet flats of course, she only wore heels on special occasions such as dances, or weddings. Azure eyes scanned herself in the mirror, before she smiled, and walked downstairs to the breakfast nook. "Morning Luce." Draco said, placing a kiss on her forehead. Scorp is already on the train, I can take you if you'd like." He offered, taking a sip of muggle coffee. She took a starbucks glass from the refrigerator, and took a sip. Mmm, frappachino. She walked towards the door, and picked up her messenger bag with her initials in studs on the front.

Glancing back towards Draco, she opened the front door and skipped outside. She wasn't one for skipping, but today she felt like it. She opened the car door, and put a foot inside the passenger side, while Draco got into the driver's side. Her bags were already in the trunk, and easy to access. The Slytherin girl glanced towards the house through the rearview mirror. She smiled, and closed her eyes. Light gray eyeshadow covered her eyelids and her long, luxurious eyelashes were covered with mascara which only made them longer and more luxuious. Soon, they had arrived at the station. She pulled her bag onto her shoulder, and stepped out of the car. Walking slowly to the back of the car, she pulled her light green suitcases from the compartment in the trunk and set them on a trolley a boy her age had happily brought to her. It was known, she was quite a looker. Everyone knew it, and even though the boy was a muggle he was quite handsome.

Luce smiled, and started running with the trolley. She stopped, and when Draco caught up, she jumped up onto it, and he started pushing her. She started giggling, before they both glanced aroud the area between platoforms nine and ten, and she hopped off as he ran through the barrier with her things. She ran through, a blur of white and green.

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i нατε вoαr∂iηg scнσσl

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                                                    xoxoxoxoFIRST MIDDLE LAST
                                                    xoxo AGE | FEMALE | CATWOMAN'S DAUGHTER | COLOR | LILY COLE

User Image User Image User Image

                                                    xoxoxoxoFIRST MIDDLE LAST
                                                    xoxo AGE | MALE | BATMAN'S SON | COLOR | LUCAS TILL

User Image User Image User Image

                                                    xoxoxoxoFIRST MIDDLE LAST
                                                    xoxo AGE | FEMALE | WONDERWOMAN'S DAUGHTER | COLOR | SELENA GOMEZ

User Image User Image User Image

                                                    xoxoxoxoFIRST MIDDLE LAST
                                                    xoxo AGE | MALE | SUPERMAN'S SON | COLOR | LIAM AIKEN

User Image User Image User Image

                                                    xoxoxoxoFIRST MIDDLE LAST
                                                    xoxo AGE | FEMALE | POISON IVY'S DAUGHTER | COLOR | HAYLEY WILLIAMS

User Image User Image User Image

                                                    xoxoxoxoALEXANDER CONNOR LONGBOTTOM
                                                    xoxo AGE | MALE | SPIDERMAN'S SON | COLOR | NICK JONAS
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                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx alexandria lynn parker

                  xoxooxooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi want someone to love me for who i am

                      MY NAME iS
                      xalexandria lynn parker
                      BUT YOU SHOULD CALL MExalex or 'lex
                      i'M ONLYxfifteen
                      YOU CAN'T GUESS? i'M Axfemale
                      STARE ALL YOU WANT, BUT MY SiGHTS ARE SET ONxboys
                      SiNG FOR THE MOMENTxlove me, or first dance - justin bieber

                                  Surely my father's title will shock you. Maxwell Andrew Parker, otherwise known as Robin, Boy Wonder, you get the point. My father is a great man, and I get my good traits from him. I wish I had a better humor, but hey you get what you get. My father is pretty serious now, and wishes my sister and I were the same. But hey, I am quite the hand to hand combat specialist. But that's not the reason I was sent to Sunny Skies Boarding School, it was so I could control my powers better. I went last year, and have been going since I was eleven. But, it just became world renound. I take no time jumping into a situation, I don't care, I like fighting. No, I am not evil. I'm as good as they come, I just like fighting. I haevn't quite got to talking about my powers have I? Well, I'm a teleport. I can go anywhere I want, and I'm super fast. Super speed, I can beat anyone in a race. Some of the jocks made me race them when I was in middle school, so they could keep their speed up.

                                  I have white-blonde hair, and striking azure eyes. I am pale skinned, and extremely thin. I am short at about 5'4". I am told that I am very very beautiful, with perfectly white, straight teeth. I have full lips, and I'm a girly girl. I love to wear skirts and light colors, and I am a romantic. I'm the type of girl who dreams up many situations of love such as being swept of my feet ( literally ) and getting married to mr. perfect. But, of course my father has to be classy and has me in an arranged marrige. I actually love him, and that's the funny thing. He's my best friend, and that's the wierd part. I can't picture marrying my best friend, well I can, but it's just wierd. Especially since he's a year younger than me. What was my father thinking? Sure, we're cute together but still! His dad absolutely loves me, and the fact we're gonna get married someday against our will.

                                  Well, I'm very stubborn and will do anything to get my way. Even seduce ( i've done it before ). It was fun, and easy. I am impatient, and will have speed up time to make sure something happens, and happens quickly. I hate reading, and I write songs. I have a fantastic voice, and I can dance like a pro. When I'm not dancing or running, I'm a total klutz. I act very adorable all the time, and I'm quite the man's lady ( don't know how to phrase it ). Uh oh, I gotta go! My dad is yelling at me to start training with him again! Bye.

                                                                      ii eateded u r cookehs

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                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx analeigh tatiana parker

                  xoxooxoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolove is the thing that makes you smile when you're sad

                      MY NAME iS
                      xanaleigh tatiana parker
                      BUT YOU SHOULD CALL MExana or leigh
                      i'M ONLYxseventeen
                      YOU CAN'T GUESS? i'M Axbra wearing babe
                      STARE ALL YOU WANT, BUT MY SiGHTS ARE SET ONxboxer wearing babies
                      SiNG FOR THE MOMENTxi want you to want me - ksm

                                  I haven't grown past my five feet and seven inches and I suspect, that's the end of it. I've been told that I take after my mother more than my father-well, in appearances at least. My hair is white-blonde and often wavy-bordering on unruly-stopping just above my waist. I'm unusually pale for one who goes outside so often, but even after a trip to Spain, I've been unable to sustain any real color. My eyes are a azure and personally, I think they're my best feature. They brighten when I'm interested and turn more gray than blue when I'm less than interested in something.

                                  I've been known to be the popular girl who speaks to many people. It's not that I'm desperate for friends, I've got tons but I like to hear other people engage in conversations, especially if they are shy. Those whom I call friends would probably tell you that I'm outgoing and always looking out for their best interest, perhaps even more so than my own. I suppose you could say I care a little too much for others and not enough for myself, but so be it. If someone asks me for help, I am the sort who would be more than happy to lend a hand--of course if you're asking me to do something outrageous, I will consider it well.

                                  I'm a complete romantic, the sort of girl who dreams up all sorts of lovely situations that are in a romance novel, but rarely ever come true; perhaps mother read one too many stories to me as a child, not that I mind at all. I have a tendency to think up several possible outcomes and usually none of them are correct, but I like to be prepared for anything. Speaking of being prepared for anything, I love relationships. It's not that I wouldn't love to be in one, but I tend to open my heart perhaps too much and this makes it difficult for me to keep my guard up. I'm not terribly good with decisions either, but one does what they must.

                                  There are things we don't really talk about in the family, and the details of my birth--when I ask for them--are usually short and to the point. I was born late one night in April and my mother, inspired by the date which means favored grace, and my mother's name was Andrea Amelia Grace. My middle name came courtesy of my grandmother Anna Grace whom decided on Tatiana, and as it were, means fairy queen. She wanted me to be a normal girl, who was delicate and lovely, like a flower. But we all knew that wouldn't happen.

                                  I grew up well aware of powers and often, when time allowed, the four of us--my mother, my father, my sister, and myself--took trips to different countries. Travel delighted me then and it continues to do so today. Stories of times at Sunny Skies were often told and as my eleventh birthday drew near, I grew anxious, waiting for the letter I'd been expecting since I was six. When it arrived I whooped for joy and though I was less than thrilled to leave the safety of home behind, I ventured forth. Dad had hoped that I'd end up a superstrong, but I took after my mother and I can control time. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to be a time controller and a flyer, but can't help but feel like a dissapointment. Regardless, I always put forth my best effort at everything and found soon enough that my favorite two classes were Gym and Science. And while I wish I could regale you with some amazing adventure of mine from the past six years, I won't. Can't give any first years any ideas, that's what my parents are telling me.

                                                                      ii eateded u r cookehs

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ms artist

My parents named me:xxtaylour marie johnson
I'd love you forever if you called me:xxtay tay
Candles on my cake this year:xxeighteen
Best day of the year:xxdecember twenty fourth
Last time I checked:xxgirl
I don't know why but I can't keep my eyes off of them:xxguys

The teachers love me:xxsenior
Learning excites me:xxart and math
I'd rather be sleeping:xxlanguage arts and social studies
I get by with a little help from my friends:xxthe talented
Do you know your enemy?:xxthe badasses

I can't help it if I stand outxxsweet, loveable, dorky ( in a good way ), adorable, bubbly, shy ( when around said mr musician )
It makes me smile a lot:xx
my iPhone ( bff ! )
hanging out

Eww gross get it away from me:xx
my parents ( ah-noying anyone ? )
getting annoyed
getting mad
being grounded
horses ( nearly killed my when i was six )
bad grades ( hence the grounded )
being hit on by manwhores ( um, hello ? look at my face, do i look interested ? )

My lips are sealed:xxlet's just say that i'll never trust alcohol again
I just melt when I see this person:xxmr musician
This gets me through the day:xxtim mcgraw - taylor swift

Yanking on my strings:xxii eateded u r cookehs
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                                          taylour marie johnson

                User Image

                                                Taylor felt the light from her lamp illuminate the whole bedroom, as her mother turned it on and her older brother opened the curtains. "Five more minutes," she whined as she threw a pillow at her brother and nailed him in the head. Ten points! Taylour sighed, and lifted the top half of her body upright, and pointed at the door. Her brother backed out slowly, he didn't want to get hit again. Her mother just smiled at her, and closed the door behind her. She threw another pillow at the door and let out a huff. It was her senior year, and she was eighteen. Sighing, she slowly got out of bed and walked to the closet. She opened pull open doors, two lead to her closet, and the other two lead to mannequins that were her exact size and height. There was also a mannequin for her black pug Bean ( from the clique ), which her mother had picked out. It was pretty damn cute. She pulled everything off the mannequin and herself, before folding the silk pajamas nicely and putting them in the pajama section of her closet. She slipped on her bra and a new pair of underwear, then her outfit. Deciding that she would wear a pair of gladiators, she grabbed a dark blue pair, the same color as her cami, that had little white stones on them. She slipped them on, and walked down the staircase.

                                                Walking into the kitchen she grabbed a plate with two pancakes and sat at the table. She quickly devoured them and grabbed her schoolbag from beside the front door. She pulled out her phone and checked for messages, just the basic ones from her friends giving her the 411 at school. Her mouth hung open, when she read one from a number she didn't know that said that Bridget might've done her crush, mr musician over the summer. She ran upstairs to brush her teeth. She got it again from two of her friends named Kati and Katlin. She ran downstairs grabbed the keys from the counter, walking to the front door. She took her house key and locked the door, after slamming it. She got into her car, and pulled on a smile for her mom who was waving from the window. Her dad had died in the war the year before, so she needed someone to make her happy. Taylour missed her dad dearly, but he had been in the army since she was born. They were surprised he made it this long. She waved to her mom, before pulling out of the driveway in her red miata. Pulling onto the street, she speeded to school. No one really cared as long as you didn't hit anyone. She pulled into the parking lot, and parked in her usual space. It was halfway between the good and bad spots. She pulled her bag onto her shoulder and stepped out of the car.

                                                Tay walked towards her english class, pulling the book from her bag. She placed it on a desk in the middle. She hated when people did it in the front, because they were teachers' pets. While you were always called on if you sat in the back. She opened the book, and looked at her name written in it. She had little hearts and stars around it, because she was bored. You should see the inside flap of her bag, it's covered with doodles in sharpie. The back of her notebook was covered in little flowers that she drew. She always got teased because of her drawings, and her notebook was often stolen, only to be found with meaningless pages ripped out. They were'nt meaningless, but they weren't important drawiings. Her personal drawing notebook which she spent so much time on every night. Even people in her own clique did it, because she was the best artist in the school.

                                                She held the book tight in her hand, only to feel it be yanked away by someone. She spun around, and clenched her fists. "Give it back." She said through clenched teeth. By no means would Taylour just be pushed around without putting up a fight. "Fat chance, loser." The girl said, flipping through the book. When the truth was, Taylour was much more popular than this girl. She found one of Taylours best drawings which she worked for days and days getting it just right, perfect. Then the girl ripped it in half. Right there! She just ******** ripped it in half right there, in front of her! "You b***h, you freaking psycho!" She yelled at the girl, her mouth open in shock. Do something! Rip her hair out! Destroy her face! Do something! She yelled to herself, ( in her head of course ). The girl smirked at her, and loosened her grip on the notebook. Taylor grabbed the book from her hands, and shoved her against some lockers. She glared at her with cold eyes full of hate. She shoved the picture into her bag, she could feel the tears coming. Thank god she put on waterproof makeup this morning. "I'll take care of you in gym." She spat the words at the girl, before feeling the tears fall down her face. She had drawn that for her dad, he was supposed to come home, and take it the next time he deployed for war. But he died, and it was the only thing of his she always held close. And that loser destroyed it.

                                                She started wiping the tears from her eyes, but some people had taken notice. They didn't care though, girls crying happened all the time. Whether it was they were pregnant, they got dumped, or something personal happened. Like with Tay. She sat down on the floor, against her locker and fished the drawing out of her bag. That was their dog, Max. But he died soon after her dad did. They were best friends, and Taylour was going to draw a family portrait for him to take too. But she never got the chance. She put on hand down on the scratchy carpet, and hugged her knees. She started at her knees, her curly blonde hair falling in the way of her bright blue eyes, usually filled with curiosity and happiness, now filled with sadness.

                                                out of cocain ;; holy freaking flying fladoodles ! that is my longest opener and i loveeee it ! ! credit to ms sunshinee--xx for the picture on the left of the text . . . . and taylour won't usually be like this . . . . it was a personal matter that pissed her off majorly


                                                User Image User Image User Image
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    Hilarious Genius

    User Imagetik tok - ke$ha
    i'm beautiful, and rich. yet, i know someone's using me
    ...Ms Babe

    I Prefer That You Call Me melia, miels, jamison, or just amelia


    They Attract Me boys
    The Key to My Heart mr fame, he's sweet, nice, and ah-dorable

    This Monster Called Me

    Inner Workings I hate to say it but I'm a little bit of a pushover at times. I'm pretty approachable although most seem to steer clear due to the company I keep. I mean who wants to be insulted or laughed at? I seriously hate getting caught up in the drama my friends cause its alittle annoying at times. I tend to keep my mouth shut about it though

    The Open Book I come from a pretty rich family not that that really matters to me. My father is a world famous director, and my mother is an actress. I guess thats where I get certain skills from. My parents aren't really around much, this makes it so I get nominated to have the parties at my house. I usually refuse although am quite easy to talk around.

    I am orginally from France although I try to hide my accent due to the fact of fitting in more. It doesn't always work out that way since sometimes it slips out.


    i went to a party a few years back, got drunk, and i woke up in bed with someone i know, i just don't remember who.
    lets say i have a spending problem
    i really like this guy, but he doesn't know i exist

    Anything Else OPTIONAL

    Dreaming Of
    the mall
    finding that mr right
    bad music

    Screaming From

    when i get hit on by jerks
    arse holes
    being a pushover
    overspending my dad's card
    when people act like biotches

    Love of My Life ii eateded u r cookehs
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        User Image
        Alyanna Marie Jamisonxxxx
        { ii eateded u r cookehs }

                                                  nickname ⊱xxxAly
                                                  age ⊱xxxseventeen
                                                  blood purity ⊱xxxpure-blood
                                                  height & weight ⊱xxx5'6" & 110 lbs
                                                  can't stay away from ⊱xxxguys
                                                  i've got eyes for ⊱xxxAlbus Potter might have me eye, and a few others as well
                                                  ello` mate ⊱xxxI have a british accent, love

                                                  personality ⊱xxxAly can be a very outgoing youth at times, often found telling a lame joke. She tends to always go towards the outgoing and loud type for friends; the ones that look as if anyone will sit with them. Normally she will try to make them feel as comfortable as possible before trying to get them to open up and be themselves around her. In all honesty she is a kind spirit. Aly avoids battles when she can, but is willing to take up arms against a foe if threatened, or one of her friends is. But the thing is, shes also passive agressive. Not much seems to phase her, when in reality it just builds up over time, and sooner or later she explodes if it isn't vented often. This is where her artsy side comes out. Be it drawing in the margins of her parchment, or painting on a canvas, if she is making art she is in her comfort zone and completely at peace. She is possessive and protective over her artwork, seeing as so much emotion was poured into it; some being magic. Alyanna is very talkative, but when she gets going she doesn't shut up. She isn't quick to judge those outside of her house. Being a seventh year she is completely comfortable with her own house, knowing everyone and associating with them all at least once or twice.

                                                  background ⊱xxxAlyanna grew up in a pureblooded family, but they were not Dark. They were Light. And for that, she was grateful. She knew that everyone had their own reasons for the sides they pick and the ways they live, but she was just more easy with the Light. She has a younger sister, but she is homeschooled by their mother in their home in London. She didn't have a difficult life at all. It was one evening with her mother, in the studio, that she realized her talent laid with painting and sketches. She did a portrait of his family which now hangs in the main entrance of their mansion for all to see. When she was 11, she left with an invitation to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and passed all of her classes with flying colors. Her parents were overjoyed that she was doing fabulously and was top of her class, and that was good enough for her. Now, in her seventh and final year, she looks forward to new tales and adventures and lessons to learn.

                                                  year ⊱xxxSeventh
                                                  house ⊱xxxRavenclaw
                                                  wand ⊱xxx12 ¾ inches; Willow; Thestral hair core
                                                  pet ⊱xxxSnowy owl, named Maxwell Alexander. The vet said that if he doesn't slim down that he'll die, so I have him deliver letters to my family every day.
                                                  special position ⊱xxxRavenclaw seeker, Head girl
                                                  xxx- music ;; i am quite the partier
                                                  xxx- my phone ;; its my best friend, and everyone thinks I'm going to marry it
                                                  xxx- being smart ;; i can outsmart everyone else, and be a smart a**
                                                  xxx- being a blond ;; i completely ruin stereotypes of dumb blonds

                                                  xxx- snobs ;; ew, gross..annoying
                                                  xxx- show - offs ;; annoying, though i can be one
                                                  xxx- metallic clothes ;; tacky
                                                  xxx- shorts with boots ;; it's weird looking

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    User Image

    xxxxxxxx ℓυсαѕ ραттеяѕои

                                                " No don't stop don't eat me " Lucas murmured, then his phone started vibrating in his hands " AH " he jumped up and he threw his phone up in the air and then it fell onto the ground " crap .. i got to stop sneaking in those sweets at night " he laughed and got out of his bed and picked up his phone still vibrating on the ground he sighed and bend over and picked it up. It was a message from his girlfriend; he looked at his alarm clock he was sure school hasn’t started yet so he wasn’t going to rush. He replied
                                                To - Babe
                                                From - Lucas
                                                Ha-ha hey I’m coming

                                                He pressed send and got up and walked to the washroom he washed his face and jumped into the shower he got out and picked out his clothes, skinny jeans and a nice t-shirt. He yawned and walked downstairs.

                                                “Hey sis, bro, mom and dad! " he smiled at them “Hey...” they all replied that sounded like they have awoken from the dead he just kept quite he didn't know what was going on. The blonde young boy grabbed the cereal box and poured it into a blue bowl then his siblings started to look at him " Don't you want to know what happened " he sighed " No not really " he smiled at his sister and looked back at his cereal and poured milk into it. His sister must think he didn't really care about the family but he did he didn't want to hear anything sad right in the morning. Everyone was silent in the morning everyone would be normally chatting about sports, clothing and fashion he turned to everyone so concentrated on what they were doing he went back to his cereal and left the bowl their not wanting to eat anymore " Well I’ll be going peace " he jumped off his chair and walked out of the door.

                                                He started his car and drove off to school, many kids were already at school he parked his car by another car and got out of the car.
                                                To Jessie
                                                From Lucas
                                                Where you at?

                                                He pressed send and slid it into his pocket he got out his bag and put it on his shoulder and walked to the school
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    User Image
          alyssa amanda evans

          fillfillfillfillfillfillfillfillfills h e ' s l i k e a c o u n t r y g i r l in the c i t y ; [x]

                                        Beautiful. Wild. Free. Three words describe this girl. Her thoughts were full of wonder and curiosity, until the fat old pickup truck went over a bump and she lurched forward. One might ask, what was a girl like her doing in a nasty, old, pickup truck. Well, her siblings were there to. They were on their way to their cousin's house. Where were her parents you might ask. They died in a horrible car crash. You see, their cousin's lived on a farm. And none of these kids knew what the hell to do on a farm. Though, Aly was on the school's aquestrian team. So she rode horses alot. That's the only thing she knew about farms. Horses. She looked toward her older brother with sad eyes. IT was what the eighteen year old did. She could've easily left, but she was too attatched to her siblings who obviously needed her.

                                        [out of candy ; ]

          She's got boots and horses like a countrygirl

    User Image User Image User Image
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    User Image
                        x xвяσxωσσ∂ αcα∂εмylinelineline

                                    xxxxxxxxxa ii eateded u r cookehs production !
                                    based on -- Sw33tie's broxwood academy roleplay
                                    currently -- open accepting !
                                    writing level -- literate to semi-literate
                                    posting format -- -- KEROberos x3
                                    credit to -- -- KEROberos x3

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    User Image
    [Remember My Name] Isabella Lexxi Johnson
    [Sweet...] Seventeen [...and never been kissed.]
    [And I look absolutely FABULOUS!]
    [My Homies =D] Preps
    [Class? Hell Yeah I've got Class!] Eleventh
    [Beneath my pants I am] female
    [But...] boys [...are my heart's desire]
    [My Autobiography] When I was born, my parents were always traveling. I have grown up all across the world, and we decided to settle in a small town when I was ten. My older brother and sister love where we are, but when I grow up I either want to travel or become a choreographer. I am head on the dance team, and the cheerleaders often come to me for impressive moves. When I was eleven my parents divorsed and my dad remarried to a man. The only reason my parents married was so that they could have kids. My mom just had my little brother Joseph. Somehow, my parents both have dark brown hair, and yet their children are blonde. Strange.
    [I guess I'm a nice person] I am a sweet, sensistive girl. If you diss me hard enough, I'll cry or snap. You don't want to do that, at all. I can kick a**, I don't dance for nothing. I have a short temper, I will destroy you...but that doesn't happen often. I am usually sweet, perky, and bubbly. My mother finds it funny that I am not cold, because it was snowing the day I was born. December Twenty Fifth, at 1:00 a.m. Odd, isn't it?
    [Things that make me smile]
    My Family
    My Phone (people swear i'm going to marry it)
    [Things that make me mad!]
    Running out of minutes
    Getting Hurt
    When my Family Fights
    Cats (allergic)
    [I'll Pencil You In] (Class Schedule)
    [The One I Call To] ii eateded u r cookehs
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    Hilarious Genius

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - isabella LEXXI johnson

          User Image
          Isabella sighed, and collapsed onto the floor of the small dance studio. She started pulling on her dance shoes, and ripped them off. She ran through the door, that lead into the backyard. She smiled and started twirling around. She felt free, then of course it came crashing down as she heard her mother's voice. "ISABELLA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! YOU SHOULD NOT BE STRESSING YOUR FEET OUT!" Isabella rolled her eyes and did one last twirl before walking inside, and running up the stairs happily. She pulled off her dance shorts, and thin camisole and quickly jumped in the shower. She grabbed a thick, fuzzy red towel and wrapped it around her thin frame. She sat in front of her vanity and ran her brush through her thick dirty blond hair. She got out the blow dryer and pushed the small lever upward, turning the machine on.She let the hot hair run over her hair, drying it. Soon, with hair all dry she plugged in the flat iron, letting it heat up. It was a CHI so it was fast. Quickly running it through her dry hair, she unplugged them both and put some special hair gel in, to make it shiny and smooth. Don't forget soft. Smiling, she brushed her hair and walked over to her wardrobe. She bit her lip gently as she opened the double doors to her mannequin closet. She had two choices. Her AE Classic Slides, Abercrombie Super skinnies, a green tank top, and a yellow jacket. Which the shoes looked hideous. Her mother must've added them while she was sleeping. They were sensible. The one she picked was a dark blue cami with little white flowers on it, with a green, white, and the same shade of blue cami with large white flowers on it, a pair of Hollister low rise skinny jeans, and a pair of dark blue flip flops. She looked at the naked foam person, and closed the door.

          Sighing, she walked downstairs only to be glared at by her mother. She was the one who taught the girl to dance and had been famous at it. Until a foot accident ruined her career. Now she was a model, the world knew her Annie. Just when someone said, 'didn't anyone see what annie wore last night' they immediately knew who they were talking about. She sat at the table and grabbed a poptart from the plate in the center of the large table. "I hope you plan on burning that off." Her mother said, tapping her foot and crossing her arms at the teenager. Isabella rolled her eyes and split it in half, only taking half of it. She placed the other half in a plastic bag and stuck it in the refrigerator and smiled at her mom. "Chill." Was all she said before grabbing her dance bag and her backpack, and walking out the door. If she ran to school she would burn all the calories she ate plus some. But, her mother had to teach her a lesson. "Why don't you let Jaque take you to school?" Of course. Jaque was their french butler/chauffeur, and he was nearly her dad. Sure they had other butlers, but Jaque and her mother were engaged. And he was her little brother's father. Gross. She shrugged her shoulders and stepped into her car. She did not care for Jaque, he was her butler and nothing more. She didn't want him to be anything more, she already had two dads, did she really need another one?

          She started the car and waved to her mother. She was a sweet girl, she really was it was just that her mother had always wanted her to spend tons and tons of time with Jaque. It was like she wanted no social life, even though she was the most popular girl at school. She blew Jaque a fast kiss and winked, before starting the car and driving to school. She pulled the two bags from the passenger seat, and closed the car door gently behind her. She locked the vehicle, and walked through the doors which was opened for her by two cute guys from the senior football team. She gave a toothy smile and blew each of them a kiss. She knew they were staring at her as she walked down the hall. She noticed Nathaniel, a skater, with a band geek. The girl looked new, so she decided to be sweet and introduce herself. She pulled her backpack over one shoulder, and kept her dance bag in her hand, and approached the two. She gave Nathaniel a sweet smile before looking at the girl. They were around the same height, bothe pretty, but this girl was much lighter blond than herself. "Hi. I'm Isabella but you can call me Izzy or Bella. It's so nice to meet you, you're the new girl from France, right?" She said, tilting her head to the side ever so slightly. She gave a light, welcoming smile.

          this is where paragraph starts

          this is where paragraph starts

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                xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo o u t f i t - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - THE cute dancer

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                        x xтнε ρяεттy cσммιттεεlinelineline

                                    xxxxxxxxxa ii eateded u r cookehs production !
                                    based on -- Lisi Harrison's brilliant Series called The Clique
                                    currently -- open accepting !
                                    writing level -- literate to semi-literate
                                    posting format -- -- KEROberos x3
                                    credit to -- -- KEROberos x3

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    『 ◤ Zoe ◢ 』 &&『 ◣ Chloe ◥ 』

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    "Life is short, so have fun while you can."

    Zoe woke with a start. Why you might ask, well she and her sister never slept well when they were excited. Chloe stared at her identical twin sister, and sighed. They were late, and knew it. They sat up at the same time and smiled at one another. "Morning gorgeous!" They exclaimed before sharing a laugh. They looked alike, so they always thought the other was beautiful. Zoe got up, and pulled Chloe out of bed. She smiled at her twin and they walked over to their closet to pick out an outfit. Usually they pulled out their private school uniform, but no. Not this year, they were starting public school and they were so excited. Chloe grabbed a pair of denim shorts, a brown cami, and a dark green cami. She walked into the bathroom as her sister grabbed the same thing. They both quickly stripped down and changed. Zoe walked into the bathroom, and they began on flat ironing their hair. Ten minutes later it was pin straight and they looked perfect. They grabbed their guitars and practically flew down the stairs. They each grabbed a muffin from the table and ran onto the roof to play their music. It was usually appreciated by the neighborhood, to have beautiful music in the air.

    They looked over at the roof next door and noticed a shirtless hunk. They looked at each other and giggled, before looking back at him. Who wouldn't? He was hot! They waved cutely to him, before flipping their hair behind their faces. He looked Italian. The girls could just tell, it was a talent. "He is cute!" Chloe whispered to her sister, while Zoe started nodding. They both took a bite into their blueberry muffins, running their tounges over their teeth to make sure no stray pieces stuck. They were the cutest girls at their old school, so scoring this boy might be easy. The beautiful twins looked back at him and smiled, the girls would have boyfriends from school if they all looked like that!

    "We have our own style."

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