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I am a proud.. soc
Age: 16
Nicknames: maggie or cherry
Personality: spoiled ; playful ; spunky ; social ; bubbly
ii eateded u r cookehs!
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YouWantPicsOfMe? TooBad.

Name: Margaret. Cherry. Garcia
Nickname(s): Maggie or Cherry.
Age: Sixteen.
Gender: Female.
Birthday: June. Nineteenth.
Sexuality: Straight.
Spot: I`m in ALL Soc gangs
Personality: Spoiled, playful, spunky, social, bubbly
Biography: I was born England then moved to the United States when I was an infant, so, sorry no accent for me. But I can pull one off quite well. I was raised as any girl would be, except that I started playing piano as soon as I could sit still on the bench. My mother decided that I would become a piano prodigy and I would travel the world, letting everyone hear my feelings through the sweet sound that came from my fingertips. Every day from when I was three years old, my mother cooped me up in the music room of our house and made me play for three hours straight. I`d never been to the playground besides at pre-school. Which I went to part-time. I was considered a weirdo by the other children, always being outcasted when my mother would let me out of the house. So I started composing, playing more and more with each insult that came my way at five. Children can be cruel.

But, one hopeful day. The first day of the sixth grade, I was finally accepted into a social group. Surprisingly, it was the popular kids. And the prima popular girl asked for my compositions. I handed them over. And, unfortunately, they dumped her, took her credit cards and her dignity, then laughed in her face. Then, claimed that I was their leader now. Yay me~ So of course I had to act perfect all the time. So, I`ll just skim it down. All through highschool I basically had all the friends and I would never give them up for anything. I am a spoiled brat that can be nice a lot of the time and I like helping unlike most female Socs.
Likes: Wealth, Socs.
Dislikes: Greasers, Seeing those less fortunate than I.
Fears: Death or losing a loved one.
Crush: Aaron is cute, but he`s just a kid~ Also, it depends who likes meeee!
Other: I have my ears pierced and I have braces.
Username: ii eateded u r cookehs.
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XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX♥ maragret cherry garcia
“sometimes i feel like running away myself, so do me a favor right now and close your eyes”
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                          Margaret sighed eased her car out of the driveway, before she pulled up to the park. Jayson`s car was being spraypainted by some Greasers. She parked then nslid out of the car sneakily, sitting on the hood of her car. "Hey guys, watcha doin to my buddy`s car?" She asked, cocking an eyebrow like her father taught her when she was young. "Whatevs, he`s a jerkass sometimes. Always looking for a fight." She said with a shrug, taking in Aaron`s blonde hair, tan skin, beautiful eyes. She gave him one of her dazzing smiles that even a few Greasers went for. She pushed her long blonde-brown hair from her dazzling blue eyes and sighed. How hot he would look with short hair and some decent clothes. Um, very! "Hey, blondie. Toss me a can of pain, wouldya?" She asked, holding a hand out to catch it. Hey, Socs don`t always have to be nice to each other. And, besides, having a little fun would be nice every once in a while.

                          She waited, running her fingers through her hair softly, waiting for them to at least do something. Maggie laid back on the hood of her car and crossed her legs. Her eyes flickered between the few greasers. They wouldn`t hurt her, she knew it. Besides, she had a switchblade in her car.

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“For those who don`t know me, I can get a bit crazy, have to get my way, 24 hours a day. 'Cause I`m hot like that”
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                          paragraph 1

                          paragraph 2

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                  x xgossip girlblahblahblah

                                  Welcome to New York's Upper East side where the wealthy and connected mingle at benefits and try to deal with their always dramatic love lives, not to mention picking colleges. Blair Waldorf is the so-called toast of adolescence in her world; she and her friends, Kati Farkas and Isabel Coates, go to a prep school and fancy parties with their rich parents. Blair is envied by her adversaries because she is thought to have the perfect life, not just because of her gorgeous boyfriend, Nate Archibald, but because she's also planning on getting into her dream college, Yale. With everyone worried about college (or procrastinating on worrying, which everyone seems to be doing), and senior year dragging along, her seemingly perfect life is interrupted by her ex-best friend, the beautiful Serena van der Woodsen, coming back into town after getting kicked out of boarding school. Serena comes back into her life, and into the eyes of Blair's boyfriend. When everything Blair knows starts to fall apart, everyone will realize that her life is far from perfect. Will life in the the Upper East Side redeem itself of what it's really supposed to be? Or will the false facade reveal that the rich have the same problems as the not so rich (Jenny and Dan Humphrey), if not more. And just maybe Jenny and Dan are all the more happy with their simple, not so expectant lives.

                                  layout credit; ii eateded u r cookehs
                                  idea credit; from my roaming thoughts after reading this magnificent book
                                  status; under construction
                                  accepting; nothing at the moment

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Hilarious Genius

                  x xgossip girlblahblahblah

                                  oo1. Follow all the Gaia ToS. Seriously, you should go that far because it`s just what happens
                                  oo2. PM me all the profiles, and reservations. Title the profiles with 'you know you love me', the reserves with 'xoxo gossip girl'
                                  oo3. Semi lit or higher please. And, please don't use numbers, or text speak. No, just no.
                                  oo4. Respect my authority! I am ruler of this roleplay, I created it.
                                  oo5. Please follow the rules, profile and reserve skelletons, ect.
                                  oo6. Keep this rp going!
                                  oo7. Pretty posts, please.
                                  oo8. Use some sort of [[ ]] (( )) {{ }} for out of character.
                                  oo9. Romance is fine, no dirty, come on, just no.
                                  o10. No instant love, unless it is discussed with me and the other person.
                                  o11. No anime, if I even see an anime picture I will not respond. Oh, that reminds me! I also have the right to reject or accept a profile.
                                  o12. There`s tons of drama. That`s the way it goes.
                                  o13. I will post new rules in teal

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                  x xgossip girlblahblahblah

                                  for the girls;
                                  [color=POSTING COLOR][size=22]═════════ TiTLE ♛[/size][/color]
                                  [b][color=deeppink]❝[/color] [color=dimgray]t a k e n[/color] [color= POSTING COLOR]✭[/color] [color=dimgray]NAME[/color] [color=POSTING COLOR]✭[/color] [color=dimgray]AGE[/color] [color=POSTING COLOR]✭[/color] [color=dimgray]USER NAME[/color] [color=deeppink]❞[/color][/b]

                                  for the boys;
                                  [color=POSTING COLOR][size=22]═════════ TiTLE ♚[/size][/color]
                                  [b][color=deeppink]❝[/color] [color=dimgray]t a k e n[/color] [color= POSTING COLOR]✭[/color] [color=dimgray]NAME[/color] [color=POSTING COLOR]✭[/color] [color=dimgray]AGE[/color] [color=POSTING COLOR]✭[/color] [color=dimgray]USER NAME[/color] [color=deeppink]❞[/color][/b]

                                  credit goes to [Marshmellow Bunny]

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                  x xgossip girlblahblahblah

                                  ═════════ BLAiR ♛
                                  t a k e nBLAiR WALDORFSEVENTEENUSERNAME

                                  ═════════ SERENA ♛
                                  t a k e n SERENA VAN DER WOODSEN SEVENTEEN ii EATEDED U R COOKEHS

                                  ═════════ JENNY ♛
                                  t a k e nJENNIFER HUMPHREYFOURTEEENUSER NAME

                                  ═════════ VANESSA ♛
                                  t a k e nVANESSA ABRAMSSEVENTEENUSER NAME

                                  ═════════ GEORGiNA ♛
                                  t a k e nGEORGiNA SPARKSSEVENTEENUSERNAME

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                  x xgossip girlblahblahblah

                                  ═════════ CHARLES ♚
                                  t a k e nCHUCK BASSEiGHTEENUSER NAME

                                  ═════════ NATE ♚
                                  t a k e nNATHANiEL ARCHiBALDSEVENTEENUSER NAME

                                  ═════════ DAN ♚
                                  t a k e nDANiEL HUMPHREYAGEUSER NAME

                                  ═════════ ERiK ♚
                                  t a k e nERiK VAN DER WOODSENFOURTEENUSER NAME

                                  ═════════ AARON ♚
                                  t a k e nAARON ROSEEiGHTEENUSER NAME
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                  x xgossip girlblahblahblah

                                  [b][Remember My Name][/b] First Middle LAst
                                  [b][Sweet...][/b] Age [b][...and never been kissed.][/b]
                                  [b][And I look absolutely FABULOUS!][/b] other pictures in a quote
                                  [b][My Homies =D][/b] Friends
                                  [b][Class? Hell Yeah I've got Class!][/b] Grade
                                  [b][Beneath my pants I am][/b] Gender
                                  [b][But...][/b] Boys or Girls [...are [b]my heart's desire][/b]
                                  [b][My Autobiography][/b] Autobiography
                                  [b][Things that make me smile][/b]
                                  [b][Things that make me mad!] [/b]
                                  [b][I'll Pencil You In][/b] class schedule (7 classes including lunch)
                                  [b][The One I Call To][/b] username

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[Remember My Name] Serena Raina Van Der Woodsen
[Sweet...] Seventeen [...and never been kissed.]
[And I look absolutely FABULOUS!] No pictures, please
[My Homies =D] Nate, Chuck, Isabella, Katie, Blair
[Class? Hell Yeah I've got Class!] Twelfth
[Beneath my pants I am] Female
[But...] Boys [...are my heart's desire]
[My Autobiography] Born and raised in the Upper East Side of New York, parents thought that the more access we have to alcohol, the less chance that we`ll abuse it. Well, they were wrong. Myself, I don`t exactly love the taste of alcohol. Well, that might be a lie. I don`t like drugs though. I was exposed to all different sides of people, nasty, sexy, sweet, innocent. Their all disguises, to shroud the suffering person inside. How would you feel if the only thing to content you was shopping, sex, and alcohol? Well, that was the old me. I woke up from my crazy fantasy world when I was fifteen, and my brother attempted suicide. No one ever found out about this attempt, so we said he went to Hanover Academy, and I`ll tell you why. My mother was the 'go-to mother' whenever someone was having issues with their kids. A suicidal son isn`t exactly what people expect, so my mom sent him to a reformatory-like place for alcoholics, druggies, addicts, and suicidals.

But, one day after I was so tired of life, I got drunk. Way drunk at a party with my friends at the Archibald residence. Blair said Nate and I were too buzzed and to go outside. It was insanely hot out, so I absentmindedly started splashing around in the fountain. But it was still too hot out. So we eventually lost the clothes and took it inside. Well, you can guess what happened. I immediately felt horrible, curled up in bed with my best friend`s boyfriend -- who was also one of my best friends. So I left and my ex-friend Georgina called. I went to her suite where she had some dude waiting for me. He wanted what Nate did, but I refused and just gave him a light. One of his lights, that is. He started having a seizure, so I went to call 911 but Georgina told me not to. I called on his cell and we booked it, but I hung around at the hotel across the street to see him leave with the paramedics. But he was dead when they got there. I had killed someone. So I did what anyone else would have done. It was the middle of the summer, so I went to Europe and traveled until the school year started back up. No one but Georgina knew about what had happened, and she had a tape of it.

I went to Hanover Academy for a few years, only sending the occasional post card to
Blair, trying to cut myself off completely from the Upper East Side. But one year, I`d stayed in France a little too long, partying it up and came to the beginning of the school year too late. So I had no choice but to go back to Constance, back to Blair, back to Nate. But my past started catching up to me as Gossip Girl started posting about my return and everyone suddenly knew that I was back. They all looked at me differently. Even my mother was the only one who knew why I returned. Others just thought that I`d flunked out. Now that I`m back, I`m better than ever and I`m ready to start a new 'good girl' reputation for myself. New York, ready or not. Here I come.
[Things that make me smile]
my friends
my cell phone
foreign countries
[Things that make me mad!]
too much alcohol
georgina sparks
[I'll Pencil You In]
american history
study hall
[The One I Call To] ii eateded u r cookehs
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                  x xgossip girlblahblahblah


                                  english -
                                  serena. first period
                                  chuck. first period

                                  american history -
                                  serena. second period
                                  chuck. third period

                                  geometry -

                                  math -
                                  serena. third period
                                  chuck. fourth period

                                  science -
                                  serena. fourth period
                                  chuck. sixth period

                                  life science -

                                  health -

                                  photography -
                                  serena. sixth period

                                  dance -

                                  lacrosse -

                                  chorus -

                                  gym -
                                  chuck. seventh period

                                  art -
                                  chuck. second period

                                  lunch -
                                  serena. fifth period
                                  chuck. fifth period

                                  study hall -
                                  serena. seventh period
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XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX♥serenaxxrainaxxvan der woodsen
“you said the way my blue eyes shined put those georgia stars to shame that night. i said that`s a lie”
User Image

                          Click click click. The sound of Serena`s pumps echoing off the Grand Central Station`s walls meant she was there to stay. In New York`s prestegious Upper East Side. She pulled her long, beautiful blond hair out of the ponytail holder. It swished behind her back and settled between her shoulder blades. Her soft, yet wolf-like ice blue eyes scanned the street. Four taxis stopped for her and she hadn`t even hailed them. She was so used to it. She quickly crossed the street and entered the hotel in which her mother lived -- no longer alone. She walked into the elevator and hit the P for penthouse. As soon as the doors opened her mother ran and embraced her with a large hug and air kisses. "Honey, hurry. We have to get to the Waldorf`s for a party tonight. Didn`t Blair tell you? Oh, well, I picked something out and left it on your bed. Hurry!" Her mother said as they air kessed each other`s cheeks. Serena nodded and ran off to her room to change and re-do her makeup after the long train ride. She quickly emerged with her perfect hair and fresh makeup. Her white BCBG dress that almost went down to her knees. She looked like an angel.

                          They walked outside and cabs stopped again. Serena`s mother laughed and slid into one with Serena following. They soon arrived at the Waldorf residence -- home of Blair and Eleanor Waldorf. Serena slid out of the taxi with a grin plastered on her face. She walked into the hotel and hit the floor that the Waldorf`s lived on. She knew it by heart. As soon as the elevator chided that they had reached their floor. The doors slid open and everyone looked up to stare at the blond girl that no one had seen for years. Mrs. Waldorf was utterly shocked. "Mrs. Waldorf, you look fabulous! I`m sure you`re taking the divorce well, considering the party you`re holding. You look absolutely divine. Where`s Blair?" She asked, kissing the woman`s cheeks. "Blair and Nate went off somewhere. I have no idea where. Thank you darling. You`ve grown up so much. Hansworth must`ve done the trick. You`re so beautiful." She gushed her eyes flickering in the direction of Blair`s bedroom every so often. "Thank you, but I`m sorry for being so distant. I`ve gotten over my old self and I`m starting a new leaf." She spoke before taking some a champagne flute off of a waiter`s tray. She sipped at it casually before Eleanor waltzed into the crowd to tend to her guests.

                          Serena sipped her champagne and mingled with Isabella and Katie -- two of her old followers before she went to Hanover. They were staring at her flat stomache like she was about to explode. "Serena, is it true that you got pregnant with Nate`s baby then sent it to a convent in France?" Katie asked, leaning forward towards her with her eyes glistening with curiosity. She shook her head no and smiled. Her eyes roamed the room and didn`t see Blair or Nate so she decided to speak. "As Chuck may have told you, Nate took my v-card and I took his, but I did not get pregnant. It was a drunken mistake and I wish I could take it back so that Blair could take Nate`s virginity, but I can`t." She said, taking another sip of her champagne. The bubbles popped in her mouth and filled her head with bubbles already. "Speaking of losing v-card`s, Nate is about to take Blair`s. But you didn`t hear it from me." Katie spoke, downing her champagne in one gulp. Serena nodded and took a large sip of her champagne. She and Blair had always talked about sex when they were younger. Blair imagined herself as Audrey Hepburn in one of her movie`s and Nate would be her savior or something. She didn`t really remember, probably because she was already feeling bubbly.

                          She looked around again and hoped that she could see Nate. She was sure he was super cute by now. She remembered when he took a lighter and burned a part of her four-poster bed. She always ran her fingers over it when she missed him when she came home on vacations and tried to stay away from him and Blair or all her ties to Georgina. New York was a tie to Georgina. She ran her fingers through her hair. "Serena you look fantastic!" they exclaimed together, finally noticing her thin, feminine frame that was more noticable by her dress. She spun around and drank the last of the champagne before grabbing another glass and replacing it with her empty one. Katie and Isabella noticed and then went off to tell Chuck, or someone who would tell Gossip Girl that she was a heavy drinker now. Rolling her eyes, she moved her hips in beat with the music to pass the time. A few people mumbled hello`s as they passed, but no one tried to strike up conversation with the girl who had run away to boarding school and came back after being kicked out.

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“Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now”
User Image

                          Ughhhh. Mornings. Alarm Clocks. Waking up. All things that Hailey hated. A lot. She let out a sigh before cracking her eyes open. Light. Gross. But, she was twenty two and that was typical of her. And, she was married. She slid out of bed, sashaying across the room in her pajamas to her closet, picking an outfit out. She and her husband had made a deal, that she showered at night and him in the morning. It worked better that way. Plus the argument they`d had the night before didn`t help. She slid a few articles of clothing off the hangers, and her pajamas followed. She put her shirt on, then slid her skirt up above her waist, and slipped on her heels and bangles. She walked into the bathroom to do her hair and makeup. Sure, her husband was in a towel. It wasn`t like she was seeing him naked for the first time. She pulled her brush out of a drawer and ran it through her hair a few times. She swiped organic, peppermint flavored gloss across her lips and started applying her eye makeup. Just a bit of mascara and eyeshadow. She swiped the wands across her eyes, and soon she was ready. But her husband? She just wanted to mess his hair up and make him relax about his looks. But of course he wouldn`t like that. "Listen, I`m sorry about last night. You know how I get sometimes. My emotions just build up until I explode." She muttered, before she turned to him. "What are you going to do today? I`m going to make some desserts for Pocahontas`s BBQ. You can help if you want. Or not. Whatever`s cool with you." She chattered. She put her things away and checked her looks in the mirror. Better than the day prior when they were yelling at each other. Truth be told, after he went to bed, she cried about it. Really hard. It was just so hard to yell at each other when she just wanted to kiss him and cuddle.

                          Sure, Hailey and her husband were newlyweds. But they should want to be with each other all the time, right? Well, Ariel was getting in the way of that. She leaned over and kissed his cheek, leaving behind a little glossy print. She smiled, grabbed tissues, and wiped it off. "Sorry, sweetie." She said, examining his cheek again. Nothing left. She walked into the kitchen and got a cup of coffee before grabbing her house keys. "I`m going outside for a while, maybe to Esme`s or Rory`s. Text me later." She called as she walked out the front door. She closed the door behind her and sighed contently as the warm sun hit her bare skin. Hail walked down the street, her heels clacking on the sidewalk as she walked by the houses. She stopped in front of Rory`s and noticed that no lights were on. She felt her phone vibrate and looked at the message.

                          to; mulan
                          from; princess hail
                          haven`t seen him, but i`ll keep my eye out for ya. love ya, sister!

                          She passed by Pongo and Perdy`s house, and she got depressed. Poor Perdy was probably worried her head off about Oliver. Hailey had gone over before and helped with their kids while she was probably off crying. She looked both ways before crossing the street and heading back home. She walked in the front door, closing it gently behind her before she slipped her heels off, leaving them by the door. She snuck into the bathroom, and with a 'rawr'! she jumped on her husband`s back playfully. She kissed his cheek again, and looked at his appeance in the mirror. "Nice hair, princess." She teased, locking her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

                          out of cookies ;; outfit (without the jacket and gloves)
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Hilarious Genius

And truth be told, I miss you ---- ♥
            נυsт cαℓℓ мε - - > rain or ray

            sσ ℓσηɢ αɢσ - - > twenty two

            тнεy`яε sσ нσττ - - > boys

            ι ℓιkε чσυ - - > nope, not yet

            cσℓσя мy ωσяℓ∂ - - > teal and darkgray

And truth be told, I'm lying ---- ♥
            σρεи мч вσσk - -»
            Oh, how sweet. You want to know all about moi? Well, for one I am the first and only daughter from Maxwell and Skyla Hein. I must say that I am a daddy's girl, and I am his favorite (no matter what danny says). First borns are always the favorite, as I always say. And you might note that I have light blond hair. Yes, my mother is a Alexander and I'm damn proud of it. I'm the only one that looks completely like my mother. My younger siblings all look like my father, and some people say I'm adopted. Well screw them becuase they're wrong. There's not a day that went by that someone didn't corner me and say, "hey, buck tooth, do my homework." I'd nod and they start whispering to their friends and giggling. Stupid gits. I want to punch every single one in their little plastic-surgery noses. Yes, many of the girls in High School just love looking dainty and perfect. I do too, except I'm eu natural.

            But I must admit, I am very popular in one category: boys. As well as my cousin and one of my best friends, Sam. I don't fall in love, sorry huns. I can't, my father won't allow it. I mean, seriously. How intimidating would it be if I brought a boy home to my father, the most intimidating man of all time. It would be filled with nervous silence from my boyfriend and endless questions from my father. I love him and all, but I wish he would be more relaxed like my mother was. She would've sat back and comfort him with a smile and then would make him cookies. We used love each other dearly and they bake the day away. But me, I prefer volleyball. Sure, I bake with my mother to please her but everyone knows my passion is volleyball. Every trouble I ever had went away as soon as I started spiking, setting, and passing the ball. It was so relaxing, and then I found some old pictures of my mother. She used to be a model, not professional, but she was so beautiful. So I started modelling, and was on America`s Next Top Model for a while. Top two, baby!

            sтυғғ ι ғσяġσт - - >
            I used to be teased a lot when I was younger for my looks.

            тнεч cσитяσℓ мε - - >
            ii eateded u r cookehs

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