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Most of the time volume 11 works fairly well for me, but there are a few problems. First, the repeat issue. This is addressed by other so I will not go further here.
Second, You have these videos that have 1,2,3 above them where the first is the video and the second is suppose to be a questions or something like that. I have never been able to get to 2or beyond.
Third, as of late the adds require you to like them on facebook. Now this simply MUST stop. I have no facebook account and I never will. I actually hate facebook. Go back to making it optional.
Fourth, The video requires us to go to a site to see the video. If you can't play it on your own site then don't play it at all. With this last one you are actually asking people to leave your site. This is a bad idea to begin with.

Now I understand you wish to improve things and that is fine, but these things should have been tested out first and then polled to see if the public will accept them. You have an area where you show people what you have in mind and to get the public's opinion, but these things were never there or maybe I never found them, which is possible. Anyhow, that is all I have right now. Still Gaia is a great place. Hope this helps in someway, later.
twisted ninja pirate
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Its all decided by the offer provider, not gaia. So you may want to take it up with them.

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