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Welcome to Soundtracks & Musicals, available for all your soundtracks and musicals needs.

Obviously, this forum is designed to discuss your favorite soundtracks, scores, and musicals. This includes music from video games, anime, movies, TV shows, and more.

General rules:

* No flaming. If you have a disagreement with another user, don't like another user, or are just in a bad mood, don't make fun of other users. Don't call them names. Don't insult them, their family, or pets.
* No spamming. While the title of the forum has changed, this rule is still intact. Spamming, or posting nonsense, chatter, or posting for gold is only allowed in the Chatterbox. Not here.
* No Trolling. Don't post gore, porn, or offensive material. Warnings will be issued and trollers will be banned.

In short, follow the Terms of Service.

Now for some forum-specific rules.
Artist Topics

Soundtracks & Musicals is a subforum dedicated to music within anime, games, and other works; and as such, a certain degree of discussion of the artists behind the work is expected. However, that does not mean this subforum is the place to discuss those artists in depth. This forum is a subforum of Music for a reason, it's a specialized niche but it is not the niche to discuss your favourite artist or band, if you wish to do that, you'll probably find your artist or group of choice being discussed within either the main Music forum or one of the many subforums within Music such as International or Electronic. All topics created in this forum dedicated to an artist or group and not to the music will either be moved to the proper forum or moved to the recycle bin if found to be redundant to one of the Official threads within Music.

Likewise, discussions about the anime, games, movies themselves should be redirected to appropriate forums or may be recycled, as appropriate.

Music Videos

This is a subforum dedicated to the interest of the combination of music and other works; as such, this is the forum for discussion and talk concerning the sub-genre known as Anime Music Videos, or AMVs. As all AMVs are fan creations, distribution and linking of the work is allowed, in addition, discussion and advice seeking/giving is welcomed.

This is not limited strictly to AMV's, but also to non-anime Music Videos of similar nature.

Repeat Threads

Unlike other Music forums, this forum currently does not have an Official Thread Listing; but that does not mean we welcome five billion topics on the same thing. Before posting, please check the first few pages of the forum for an existing topic and post within it, or just read it to see if it answers whatever question you were going to ask. If an over-abundance of any single topic is found, newer and/or less detailed threads will be sent to the recycle bin. Thread length will not matter in this decision.

Lyrics/Sheet Music Requests

The biggest draws in an art like music is often the content and the simple joy of reproduction and when it comes to soundtracks, it's understandable that not all of the fans will be able to understand what they're listening to. While we do allow and welcome threads which request lyrics and translations of lyrics for their favourite songs, we would like to ask that you try to look on your own first with tools such as www.google.com or sites like http://www.animelyrics.tv/ first before doing so.

Similarly with requests for sheet music you can often find what you're looking for on sites like http://ichigos.com/. Please also keep in mind to not link to scores that are part of published and marketed products. No scans and no reproductions.

Yes, this is important enough to get it's own post and it's own big flashy red header. Read it and obey it because we are not kidding.

Soundtracks & Musicals has a very strict "no downloads" rule; users are asked not to ask or provide any musical files on punishment of a warning on your first offence and a 14 day ban on the second; if you even think of doing it again after that, we will not hesitate to permanently ban your account. There is only a single exception to this rule; fan-creations. You may link and distribute remixes, covers, and any other file which you have made or altered substantially. That's right, only files which you have personally had a hand in creating, any others and you will face the consequences.
For those who read this far, a brief history of the forum.

When it was first conceived, this forum was merely Anime Music. Since then, it has evolved with some controversy, first to Anime & Game Music, and now expanding further to embrace all kinds of soundtracks. We feel that this evolution is natural, not only to capture more of the Gaian's interests, but also to recapture the original purpose of this forum as a specialised music discussion forum.

The name and placement of "Anime and Game Music" encouraged a variety of off-topic discussions, especially of anime proper; with this change, we hope to make the forum's true purpose more obvious. 3nodding

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