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I hope they do something to compensate for the lack of blue noode
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None of the other videos work. So what's the point?

Gaia doesn't really have much control over the GC offers because they're all from outside companies. The Dev Notice did say we'd be getting more videos soon, though.
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I'm really going to miss that guaranteed 10 GC every day. sad I hope that they will be able to set up something equally consistent with a new provider.

Also, I wonder how we will be able to remove the Cash Tree from the header tomorrow? I'd already done the Blue Noodle videos before they were removed, so it was already gone for me by the time they made the announcement.
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Hi guys,

Yeah, it's too bad we had to take that down. But we are working really hard both on getting more videos available from the existing folks, and to add a replacement or two. We're really hoping we'll have some stuff there sooner rather than later.
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This makes me sad....

Like alot of people I do rely on the 10gc per day for my spending.

I understand why we have lost blue noodle, and I am pleased that this was communicated to us in a good manner....

unfortunately blue noodle was the most reliable for video..... social vibe has a tendency to have browser compatibly issue, the paymentwall says they don't have any for my country and volme 11 always say come back tomorrow.

It is good to see that the admin are working or more videos and replacement..... and I hope it wont take long.

*looks longingly at the the cash tree*
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I saw the explanation. I'm disappointed Blue Noodle isn't doing business here anymore, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. It was my fave ad provider, because it didn't give out any scams.
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Same. I grow tired of the "Why is _ not working?" threads.

Kez Mani
... but then I saw the Dev Notice. Thanks for clarifying why Blue Noodle is no longer in the cash tree thing.

Wish more people would read those and/or turn the notices on.

"There is nothing to fear when you have nothing to lose."
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Same. I grow tired of the "Why is _ not working?" threads.

And the "Why is the US discriminating against non-US people" and/or similar variations.

"There is nothing to fear when you have nothing to lose."
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I am sad because Blue Noodle is gone. emo That 10gc a day bought me a lot of things! I really hope Gaia finds another advertising company that does something similar. I guess I'll do offers every once in a while. crying
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crying Truly the only sponsor that actually worked, and also the one that had interesting ads. Seriously, out of the three offers, why did it have to be BN to pull out.
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I have no job right now so the only way I buy cash items is with the cash from Blue Noodle.

The other offers have never worked for me. They almost always say that they are out come back tomorrow sad I really, REALLY hope they find another company like Blue Noodle.
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I miss bluenoodle emo The other providers on "top offers" rarely have more than 1, if any.

SponsorPay, gWallet, SuperSonicAds and Matomy usually have a few videos but none of them are as consistent as 10gc a day, every day.

More video offers please?
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Glad they explained themselves too.....but still.....two gaia cash a day will equal one sealed envelope every 125 days.....and I can forget about any of the expensive items....
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sad to see it happen...that was my only way to get GC emo emo
All other thing gives me -
We are sorry, but this offer is not available in your country.
Please try another offer.

and nothing other is working :/ so i hope we get something soon...or bye bye zomg emo
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The videos from that other offer only worked once for me, all of my other attempts have been errors or no videos to show today.

Corazon de la Loba

I am in the same boat as you are. D8

I don't even go to the other promotions because they don't actually show the videos.


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