This is the device and here is the demonstration.

Right now I'm trying to understand how it works as it seems to function much differently then most levitrons I've seen.

Now instead of high powered magnets, it obviously using an electromagnet to achieve levitation.

But in a demonstration, no rotation was needed to keep it afloat. When put on it's side it still maintained position without falter.

So then I have to wonder a couple of things. If it's really an electromagnet, how did it solve the heating problem? With it's base flipped, how is it still connected?

For the first question, my guess is that it has a large number of turns with low voltage. In addition, it has 2 maybe 3 electromagnets working together as the larger one's on the outside are exponentially increasing the magnetic flux going towards the center.

As for the second, maybe it's the Hall effect which is keeping it like that. But I still need a lot of reading before I understand all this.

What does everyone else think?