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Nobody ever mentions the obvious. Let's make athletes with two hearts, 4 kidneys, massive livers, four lungs and two diaphragms etc.


...Sorry. I miss Futurama. crying
F--king Family Guy.

Increase hemoglobin by like 4 times the amount or give them copper blood and bump up the amount; man, that would be the shiz. 4 times longer holding breath, more oxygen = more energy to burn = smarter, stronger etc. Or 10 times the amount, whatever.
Give them like, hearts in their feet and even their legs like horses, they could circulate blood like no other, maybe even have circular breathing and a constant flow of blood.

This makes me wonder where you get your physiolgy knowledge from... xp
I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but blood flow is, typically, constant. The cardiovascular system actually works pretty well, given that it's constantly running 24/7 in a seemingly never-ending cycle. Holding your breath is a matter of neuro-control (remember how you can't die by simply by holding your breath? ) and storage capacity in your lungs.
Said person would also have rather staggering energy requirements. whee

But if they're a super athlete it's totally expected. xp
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I don't really care about human cloning, but I don't really see much of a need to clone a full human.

The only thing I would object to is cloning a person just to harvest their organs for another...
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I'm completely for it and for selfish reasons too.
Cloning human cells is perfectly acceptable. Cloning whole humans is another matter. It's a very thorny ethical question. I'd say it depends on the reason.
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Didn't god charge humanity with multiplying? One would think that non-sexual reproduction would be the ultimate for religious folk XD

Seriously though, it could give a lot of people who would be unable to have children otherwise, the opportunity to reproduce. As long as the cloned child is assigned a guardian or guardians and is taken care of the same as any "normal" child, I really don't see anything wrong with it.

That being said, we don't want too many clones of the same DNA, or the gene pool could get a bit messy o.o;
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Unethical? Not if it's consensual.
Should we clone humans? No, not in my opinion.
Still, rarely have ethics gotten in the way of some good old-fashioned scientific progress (at least, until the NIH started cracking down in the 40's and 70's). I'm sure as soon as we have the capability, someone will clone themselves, ethics and permissions be damned.
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well by now it would be stupid to say they haven't done it. unethical or not
I don't see a problem in using cloning technology for medical use, like cloning organs, but cloning complete humans? What good could that possibly do?
Also, we don't need yet another controversial topic released on the world.
I say: do research all you want, make the world a better place, but don't try to play God.
These scientists are rational people, who don't believe in creationism due to a lack of proof, so why would they try to create human beings?
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I think cloning a human isn't good or bad. It's not like the clone ends up being exactly like the person, and it doesn't start out as a full adult.
Honestly in the end, it's only a clone in its looks, its mind and behavior could turn out completely differently.
Therefore, I see no problem with it at all.
Or a point to it, really.

Also, when people say that cloning means people are getting a god-like complex or w/e just because they're creating another person,
Technically sexual reproduction is creating another person.
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Clone theory
DNA will eventually unravel

Not only that some scientist believe memories are stored in our DNA like our automatic responses to certain stimuli.
So some stuff could get really eff'd up when you think about it.
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. The problem with human cloning arises from differing perspectives on the employment of clones. yes, as you stated, there are those who may seek to use it to deal with grief for a lost loved one. There are also those may seek a more military application for this newly spawned mass of human clones. They would also be able to serve as cheap labor. I believe that with careful regulation, cloning can be useful for organ harvesting as well as numerous scientific fields of research.
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I was researching cloning the other day, and read about all the controversy that came with the theory of human cloning. The former pope said it was "A tragic attempt by man to imitate God's unique life-giving powers." When Dolly the cloned sheep was announced in 1997, Bill Clinton's cabinet said that human cloning would be immoral.

What do you guys think? I think it could be taken in moderation for, say, cloning skin cells to heal a burn victim. It shouldn't be used for selfish reasons like parents wanting to bring back dead children however (They would just be identical people anyway, you can't clone memories)

I don't think cloning is immoral. I wonder, though, if people who are cloned would be considered the 'property' of the company who cloned it/ordered it's cloning.
Yes, sure, unethical things shouldn't be done. Like stem cell research, which could cure many diseases and illnesses incurable, shouldn't be funded because it's unethical. You know what's unethical? Religions cause more deaths than "unethical" science.
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We discussed this i Bio, an arguement for cloning is that it is basically the future of natural selection, in natural selection the better traits of a organism is selected for, because it is better suited to the environment, in cloning you would be cloning the genes which are better suited for the organism (such as the sheep Dolly). So basically it's just putting science into Natural Selection, if you can understand what i mean.
But I agree it is unethical, seeing that this was the question.

(Sorry that my english is so bad or maybe i can explain better what i am trying to say.)
Cloning human cells is perfectly acceptable. Cloning whole humans is another matter. It's a very thorny ethical question. I'd say it depends on the reason.

I don't see why cloning should be ethically that different from IVF...

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