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Bleh, personally I'm not a fan.
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I don't like running with someone... unless they're fast of course.
I don't like them telling me to wait, go slower...etc.
I completely agree. But I also don't like distance runs where they;re trying to strike up a conversation, and all you can do- is nod, even though you have no idea what they're saying.
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I like to find a running buddy that's better than me that knows me. I sued to run with my Dad. He used to run marathons but now he bikes 100 miles in freezing weather like its nothing. He always knew how to push me just enough to reach the next level. Now I run with my boyfriend, who does parkour in his free time. I am 167 pounds and lost all my endurance after not running for 10 months, so running with him...yeah...I look pathetic. But that's okay, because instead of getting depressed, I get angry. How dare my body not be able to do this. Dammit body we are gunna whoop my boyfriends a**...one day.So yeah, it's inspiration. I talk too much.
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I've been running with two people; my boyfriend and my friend. At the same time. I like running with my friend, because I don't want to look weak in front of her, so I do my best. But my boyfriend pisses me off.. He's the fittest of us, so for some reason he gets to decide the route... BUT, he doesn't tell us where we're going, so we can't even pace ourselves... He always chooses the part with the steepest hill too, which is good, but I'd like to pace myself...
I can't wait for him to go work out of town for a month in a few weeks, so I get to jog all alone... Granted, by then it'll be like -10*c D:
If I could I would want to run with a buddy from time to time but I prefer running on the track in my home while watching anime [:
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I need to try it sometime. So, I don't know how I feel. I'm afraid of being too winded to talk. Is that usually a problem with people or does it depend on the person?
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I run with my brother, but he's faster than me, so we can't usually run together. I like having him there for motivation, but I don't mind running on my own. It's definitely good to have him run with me once in a while though. He pushes my pace, which is good for me.
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I like to run with my husband, but we run at different speeds (his legs are longer). So if we want to run together and stay together on the run, we pretty much have to go run on the treadmills at the gym. xd

At the moment I'm the only one running, so I run wherever I feel like running. Outside if the weather is nice and inside on the gym's track if the weather is nasty.
Nah definitely prefer alone. I run once a week in a group for boxing and although I push myself harder, I find it far less enjoyable.
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I don't mind running with someone as long as I am comfortable with them. I don't mind running with someone if they are just beginning and asked for my help, but I prefer to run with my 3year old, Spanish, Italian Mastiff. He can push me, and encourages me to go out. I don't have to talk, I just run and he runs with me. Best running partner ever. lol

Human Vs. Canine running partner.

Canine for me.
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wow, im honestly surprised at the amount of people who would rather run alone, i find its much more motivating having someone to run with, and your'e supposed to run at a pace you can talk at anyways, between 30-70 mins depending on how good you are... i'm lazy and unless i run with a group i do no training on my own whatsoever sweatdrop

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