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My real name is Chris (but don't tell anyone!!)
I am 24 years of age, In what little free time I have I enjoy gaming, attempting to learn Japanese and I am trying to learn the guitar.
90% of my life is my work and I'm not proud of that sweatdrop

Now here's a bunch of stuff I like that I'm sure you're interested in.


One piece
Attack On Titan
Baka To Test
Fate Zero
Gurren Lagann
Cowboy Bebop
Assination Classroom
Fairy Tail


Civilization Series
The Witcher
Orcs Must Die
Monster Hunter
+Infinitely more xd



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Reverse Theory Report | 10/16/2017 4:10 pm
Reverse Theory
It's actually supposed to be Reversal Theory actually, lol.
But to be fair, there is supposedly shitty book called Reverse Theory, so it's not completely a lie.
Here's the Wiki for Reversal Theory, it's a psychology thing
Reverse Theory Report | 10/16/2017 4:02 pm
Reverse Theory
Lol thanks, I can't take credit though, not my design
Rei Parfait Report | 10/19/2014 1:22 pm
Rei Parfait
If today is really your birthday, then happy birthday!! C:
Rorocchi Report | 05/26/2014 12:05 am
no worriessss, I've been busy too and haven't been on gaia that frequently xD

awww cause of me? *w* glad to be an inspiration then vwv gigglesnorts, i'm somewhere between i like to shapeshift but i also like to customize impossible to buy avis TvT heh i dun even know whats my purpose here anymoreeee, kinda got bored of gaia

ah well xD dad didn't pay for it as we were warned, thus they cut it but he payed back afterwards; shoooo, it was a bit tough yup, but at least i had net on phone c:
Rei Parfait Report | 05/25/2014 6:35 pm
Rei Parfait
Oh gosh, that's sounded terrible D:::::
Sorry for my late reply ; 3 ;

I hope you are 100% better now from the bike crash ><

True enough xD
That's how I always figured language learning to be c:

This is my last week of work > o < I have Monday off though cx

Yes, yes. ; 3 ;
SO! How have you been? o: Anything new or fun happen since we last talked? c: !

Nothing really on my end D:::

And uh....hmm.... .. . . .bdjnsbk
I am not too sure what we were talking about that I had to find //fail
Hiraccii Report | 05/20/2014 12:25 am
Yeah, good weather here! The skies were so clear in the islands, and no rain, so we got to see heaps of stars at night and some nice sceneries. We travelled by boat for the entire time, island hopping, and checking some remote beaches. It was amazing, the corals are untouched, and the water was literally crystal clear, and we were able to swim with jellyfish and other sea creatures smile Really? The weather's really like that in England? Well it must be nice to see some sun once in awhile smile Rainy and monsoon season's coming this July or August, it's not a good season here razz
Hiraccii Report | 05/19/2014 7:55 pm
xp So sorry for the late reply! I just got back home from the beach whee
Rorocchi Report | 05/19/2014 12:25 am
ikrrr, I customized those avis which are impossibru yup vwv but at least I got some animals i wanted for some time ago =w= they deflated surprisingly enough from 300mil to 15/50mil or so, got lucky a bit~

brriiiiing it on papa =w= bring it

uwah~ my teacher does that too, but mostly talks bout the gossip stories we even ever eveeeeer heard o3o s pretty cool, the only course I enjoy so far

and no worries, I didn't get to reply sooner since I remained without the net, I'm at school now thus I managed to reply xD hopefully when I get home I'll get it back TvT
Rorocchi Report | 05/12/2014 4:43 pm
awww, i will fake the fact that i was so not disappointed at the shuriken remark x'D yup I got her a smooooooooch and huggu owo what bout cha?

=-= who said I can't keep up? dun bring out mah competitive side, no good, no good xD

wicked stories like?? owo totally lovin that kind of ones x'D not so hard to forget of after all~

claps for yo splendid avi, what a handsome papa i do have yup yup
Rei Parfait Report | 05/11/2014 7:38 pm
Rei Parfait
Right? crying

Yeh. Shot. *puts gun back down*

That made me laugh IRL for a bit xDDDD

And truee, I get paid bi-weekly, so maybe then xDD

ESL: English as a Second Language
or what it is also called
ELL: English as a Learning Language

I can understand at least most Japanese, as of late it's really rusty as I have not spoken or been learning for maybe even a year now xD They taught me Japanese, moreso with my shyness of actually speaking it ^^;;;;;; I don't much anymore though, as I said o;
I read some, HOWEVER, I am able to teach because my Japanese friends know english in a conversational manner and above. Some just like to converse with a native english speaker because it helps them learn to speak it more fluidly.

Hmm, not so much shun as much as they wouldn't understand it xD
I have a few who do though c:
I have IRL friends that would probably knock the idea, I don't mind though~
My family knows LOL I'm constantly on skype with him and our other friends. 4laugh

Yesyesyes you can! the PM dnsjkfds I need to get to that too xDD

It's ok, mine will be like that too emotion_facepalm

I have not heard of it, what is it? o:

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