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He gets so much hate. What do you think about his work, though?
I honestly think he's actually pretty good. Some of his songs make me laugh. talk2hand
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elllen degeneres.

ya' feel me?
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Jarren benton doe.
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Being funny is cool and all....
But he is outright outrageous.
thank you based god
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There is something seriously wrong with this part of the milky way galaxy.
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It's like he gets a pass for every lil s**t he does

He can start beef with someone, person responds, and the fans says these lines

"Lil B is a troll, you're not supposed to take him seriously, based god wins"

he is talentless
only smash hit was "VANS"
just listen to the verse he did with wayne.
on its a party its a party
n***a ******** up the whole damn song!
"omg based god
you can ******** my b***h based god.
swag to the maximum
swag to hundred-thousand,
oh god damn based god!"

need i say more? or does he have to park his car and then ******** yo b***h?
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lol your username. lol
i love him so much i have like 1300 lil b songs on my itunes about 800 of which are based freestyles
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Gangsta Boo QOM
i love him so much i have like 1300 lil b songs on my itunes about 800 of which are based freestyles

That's unfortunate
Honestly I can't tell if he is actually being serious in any of his songs.

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