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I seem to be seeing more and more people changing their names to show that they are a fan of Odd Future. They are either doing this just because of the song Yonkers. (Which by the way isn't Tyler The Creator's best song. He has better songs then that.) Or they are just doing it because everyone else is doing it. Its funny because I know some of them previously had names relating to Wiz Khalifa. (They also changed their name just because of one ******** song. Black and Yellow. Which also by the way is not Wiz Khalifa's best song at all. I know writing this makes me a hipster and a hater but I don't care anymore. Its getting quite annoying. These posers are walking around saying things like "swag" and "free Earl" when they have no idea that Earl is out. They also make themselves look really stupid. I was listening to a song by Mellowhype (Hodgy Beats and Left Brain) and someone commented saying " Nice to know Mellowhype is finally getting the repsect he deserves. " Seriously? He? Its not a person you retard. Its a two man group. I know Tyler insulted hipsters in Yonkers but oh well. I guess I had a hipster moment. This is the last time I'm going to rage about posers. At least they're getting them both more fans.

Oh & btw yes. Yes I'm mad. :c

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...This is the last time I'm going to rage about posers...
why you lying
hopsin > tyler
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I jam that "Nightmare" by Tyler. Good s**t.
i got these bitches brewing and i got these bitches brewing
your text format = worst ever.
Coke Wave
hopsin > tyler

Coke Wave
hopsin > tyler


Completely Agreed, Waiting for HopMadness.
Coke Wave
hopsin > tyler


Completely Agreed, Waiting for HopMadness.

Patience... perfection takes time... ninja
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dramallama rape a pregnant b***h and tell my friends i had a threesome. dramallama

i don't even wanna bother reading what you wrote because of your stink a** format.
Congratulations on your awareness of the Odd Future dickriders & fans! *scream & cheers*
i see you care about what others do in their spare time. if i cared about anyone's spare time my brain would explode from the overwhelming time wasting activities that would be boring cause im not a part of it.

Move forward! theres eyes in front of your head! (gurren lagan)
and a computer with walls behind it in your way
Tyler < Hopsin < Everyone Else Who Ever Rapped Including Strife
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I mean, really, it was only the hipsters who listened to OddFuture in the first place. And you're right; a lot of people are only claiming to be fans to get the attention. They've only heard "Yonkers" or "She" and haven't even bothered to listen to Tyler's first album.

I bet most people can't even name all of the members of OddFuture off the top of their heads. (Tyler the Creator, Syd the Kid, Hodgy Beats, Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean, Left Brain, Domo Genesis, Mike G, Taco, Jasper Dolphin, and Matt Martians.
Odd Future is like Wu Tang...minus the fact that over half are U God status.

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