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I'll need to try it tomorrow since I am no longer on computer, but thank you.
And, basically, yes. Like for the panels where there is text and etc,
how do you put a background image? Say, you wanted lined paper or stripes, etc.
Not the background for your profile itself, but for all of the panels.

Ah, okay, then it's this:
background: url('your image url') ;
}.panel is the selector for all the panels on the page, and the background property gives it a background. Just paste the URL of your image where it says your image url, making sure to keep the single quotes ( ' ' )

Both of the codes work, thank you. I appreciate it.
But how do you know so many codes? o: I'm quite the noob at profile coding.

(Just realized I'd forgotten to put the code tag around that code haha but oh well)

I've been coding CSS (the code that you put in to make your profile look different) for a couple months and I knew a bit about the basics of HTML (the code that makes up basically the "skeleton" of the page) for a couple years before that (though never really used it much), which isn't really long by some standards, but over that time I've had quite a bit of experience and practice. The more you practice, the easier it gets. I can basically code by memory for a lot of CSS because I've worked with it enough.