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Good luck, everyone!
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eeee good luck everyone! heart
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*suddenly being digested* O_O;;;;;;;;;
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@zee: bohahahaha
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*tickles stomach from the inside!*
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So first we want to start by saying holy s**t were we impressed by the turnout for the contest. Aaah. Seriously there were like 26 entries which is ridiculous considering how short our stint as an IT lasted.

It sucks that we could only choose 4 winners. Seriously. So before we say who they are, we have another important announcement: we're now migrating to a new official thread, and opening up the guild!

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jam packed with useful information, including a link to the guild, which has all the world information and the shop information, rules and info on how to quest, how to get a character approved, how to get certed and everything else!!

And while you're in the guild, how about fleshing out these small concepts into something more complete and starting up quests / getting them stamped off for RP?! In the next week or two we might nab some of the more stellar concepts, the ones that didn't quite make it, and offer up some freebie customs or semi customs!

Anyway, with that essay done and gone, read on to see our winners!

Hopelessly Pretty
Your Username: Hopelessly Pretty
Entering Four: Male peasant
Character Name: Ulrich Krupke
Character Occupation: Deliveryman (or whatever the name of a person who carries letters/packages would be called in this universe)
Personality Blurb: A hard working, albeit bitter young man, Ulrich is the type of person that is always complaining about something under his breath. Whether it's the patch of ice he slipped on today or the cough he just knows he's going to get tomorrow, there's always one thing or another that just refuses to go his way. Ulrich detests the meager life he lives and vows to become wealthy one day. When he is not working, he's drafting plans to create a machine that will do... something! Something incredibly grand, yes! He just hasn't figured that part out yet.


Orangeish Sherbert
Your Username:Orangeish Sherbert
Entering Four: Female Peasant
Character Name:Greta Bauer
Character Occupation: Ash Collector, goes around to noble homes and cleans the fire place, collecting the ash for the soap maker to use in the making of the lye for the soap.

Personality Blurb: Greta is a rather crafty girl, always trying to get ahead in life. She had never seen the harm in trying to exploit her poverty in an attempt to gain the sympathy of a noble, securing perhaps an old piece of clothing, or an extra coin or two. She has a passion for spinning tales, and spends her time off entertaining her younger twin brothers with stories, both made up and factual.

Even though she wants to get ahead in life, she still is very focused on her job of collecting the ashes, and makes sure not to leave a single piece of ash behind, less the nobles get angry at her.

She prefers to be self sufficient in her life, and has a very difficult time trusting people who aren’t either younger than she is, or in her family. She figures that like herself, everyone who is in her class just wants to get ahead, and everyone that is ahead of her in class doesn’t think she is worth the food that she eats. It’s a dog eats dog world out there, and she figures the only way to survive is to provide for yourself.


Zee Oddwyn
Your Username: Zee Oddwyn
Entering Four: Male Artisan
Character Name: Nikolaus Silverthroat
Character Occupation: Minstrel
Personality Blurb: Having come from humble origins, Niko is both incredibly arrogant and incredibly insecure about how his excellent voice allows him to literally sing for his supper. He enjoys lording it over the peasants, though he's also terrified of losing the favor of the Nobles and having to rejoin the lower class. He works very hard at keeping his voice in the best shape possible. And while he can be a complete a** to anyone in a lower station than his, he tends to have a soft spot for younger girls, as they remind him of his little sister.


Akina Tokuwa
Your Username: Akina Tokuwa
Entering Four: Female Artisan
Character Name: Josselyn Jacobi
Character Occupation: Furrier, with some tanning services offered for unsuitable furs. Notable, perhaps, for her insistence on overseeing the slaughter and cleaning of almost all skins that come into her hands to be made into clothing, Josselyn inherited her trade from her father and does it with the grit of a hunter and the eye of a jeweler. She will not accept haggling -- her price is what it costs, no exceptions.
Personality Blurb: Josselyn is a woman who comes from hearty stock. There is little that she admits to fearing, though sometimes when gazing out at the forest line she might be seen crossing herself. Life, to Josselyn, is about hard, honest work with little room for frivolity or other such nonsense. She inherited this attitude from her father, now passed, who raised her by himself after her mother died in childbirth and her two older brothers passed from sickness during childhood. Despite her hard exterior, Josselyn is not a woman without joy or mercy. She will be there to offer a hand when some luckless sonofabitch needs it, but the first to kick him in the a** when he welches on that kindness. Honesty, hardwork, grit -- these are the things that matter to Josselyn.

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Mega congrats winner! <333

Hope! ;o; <3

*heads over to the new thread and guild to take a look around*
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Seconding here <3 PLEASE do migrate your concepts if you're in any way fond of the idea.<333
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Seriously, though, hope to see some of those chars tossed into the questing forum, because a lot were like..."this is good but not QUITE world appropriate" so if you give us an opportunity to help you out, or ask for crits in the new MAIN THREAD, they'll be good to go. :D
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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! <33333333333333333

Congrats, winners!
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Congrats everybody~


*crawls back under ende*

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