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Winged Anklets The Case of Pietro 3rd Gen. Kottan Bell Death Whisper CoCo Kitty Plushie Seracila Pendant 4th Gen. Alruna's Rose 12th Gen Queen Anne's Lace Wed to Darkness
Updates! Please read if you want to get anything
Read it all carefully

Hi everyone, I've been a bit busy the last few days so I haven't had a chance to keep up with the thread. Today is the last day of my week long vacation and starting tomorrow I'll be back to work and school so I won't have time to read through every page of this thread. I've made a form for people to fill out if they want to be considered for an item. I wish I had time to go through the thread because that would be a fairer way to do things but I'll have to settle for this. Please realize the items you see at the top of this post are gone. I have other neat things to give but most of what is left are just simple store items.

The form is just a series of questions to help me pick an item for you. So you can answer as much of it as you want or as a little as you like. I will be skimming through your post history like a creeper to see how much you posted and what not. For the most part I won't start handing out items from these forms for a few days so don't worry if you don't get anything right away.

So the form is located in the post below this. Simply quote it and fill out as much or as little of it as you want and I'll try to give you at least a small item. If the event ends and you can't post you can pm it to me (please be sure you can't post first).

Giving Away My Inventory in Honor of Carl
Everyone is welcome though

Hi everyone, I'm rarely on gaia these days so I've decided to give away my extra items to people who might actually use them. Stay and chat in this thread and I'll probably send you a gift, possibly more than one. Some of the items are very nice, many are just store items.

Be nice
Actually hold a conversation (don't bump)
Don't beg, if you are here I know you want an item
Be nice to Carl

I'm slowly working my way through the pages trying to send everyone a gift. The longer you hang out and talk to other people the more likely I'll decide I like you and give you something really nice biggrin


This lady speaks wise words that clear up the mystery of what Carl is
The Prussian
Hey hon, just wanted to tell you that you should add in the front page that Carl is an Elk. Kekeke, a lot of people are confused and calling him a moose or deer.

As of Aug 26th at 5:00pm I've given out about 25 million in items, so I've got about 15 million to go. I'm slowly working my way through the thread.

The Tardis
Several people have asked what item the Tardis behind my avatar is from. The item is the Imaginary Friend. I won't be giving it away because the avatar I have now is what I plan to keep.
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Kawaii Phantom

How many days have you been posting here:
Have you gotten an item yet:
What was your favorite conversation in the thread:
What are some of your favorite books:
Favorite TV shows:
Favorite movies:
Favorite music:
What sort of items do you like best (creepy, violent, sexy, hip, cute, ect):
Would you prefer one big (I don't mean price) flashy item or a small detail item like an accessory:
Do you change your avatar a lot:
Do you only use certain colors on your avatar:
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I'm more of a post jumper and suck too much at making conversation to ever participate in giveaway threads, so I'll just spread my Carl love
Carl is Win
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Eloquent Dabbler

I'm on team Kanoko, but Carl has been hilarious in the past. Still rootin' for him.
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Kawaii Phantom

Oh good people :3

I'll start gifting now. Continue talking if you stick around, I'll be a bit busy and slow to reply.
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I'm more of a post jumper and suck too much at making conversation to ever participate in giveaway threads, so I'll just spread my Carl love
Well, your avi is nice though.

And since I support the Man/Cat team, I guess I have no real right to be here.
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Tipsy Man-Lover

Good luck with that.
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i actually am surprised carl is coming in last. D:
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Shy Husband

umm hello emotion_c8
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Wish I chose him =.-

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