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During early halloween, the lizardman items had a glitch where, if you changed your arm pose, sometimes it cut off the arm. A lot of people didn't wear this like a glitch. They wore it like - DUN DUN DUNNNN, AN AMPUTEE. Personally, I thought this was awesome, but by the time I found out about the glitch, it had already been fixed.

(An example of the glitch:)
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I'd really love to have a proper amputee item, not just an artificial limb item like the robot arms or the peg legs. An actual, missing limb item. I don't think it would be too hard if Gaia just made an item that took advantage of the disappearing arm glitch. Well, I'm not a programmer, so I don't know. But if these glitches happen in the first place, it can't be hard to do them again, but on purpose?

I realise that the EI Case of Pietro has a shirt that gives an amputated limb, but one shirt with limited layering and equip options isn't enough.
It seems that the amputated limb pose isn't an amputated limb at all, but just holding one arm behind the back. Thanks for the heads up, TheTallerOne.

from the petitions subfoumforum rules and guidelines thread
To count a post as a signature the user must explicitly say they are signing.
We allow discussion about petitions in this forum so to count a post as a signature the user must say they're signing. You cannot forbid users from giving reasonable negative feedback on your petition, and statements such as "If you post, you sign!" will result in your thread being removed.

For all those who wish to sign this petition, please make a post that explicitly states you sign it. Simply saying you like the idea or agree with it is not a signature, and I cannot put your name down.

If you like this petition, vote up! It's not required, but would be appreciated.


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I apologise if you feel that way, but not having an amputee item on Gaia could just as easily be interpreted at belittling the physically disabled by not representing them in something as wildly popular as Gaia and its avatar system. On top of that, many people use avatars to reflect their real selves - some of whom may have physical disability and wish to portray that in their avatars - as well as countless "cosplayers" of amputee characters (e.g. Assassin's Creed's Malik), and as far as I know, no one who has signed this petition has distasteful motives for wanting Gaia to have a representation of one aspect of physical disability.

This petition, the idea of an amputee item, and any avatars designed for an amputee item were not created with the intended purpose to mock, parody, or otherwise cause offence to any individual with physical disability. I myself have nothing but respect for the physically disabled - the same respect I would afford any human being. This petition is only intended to help diversify Gaia, and help create accurate representations of amputee characters in avatars.


Wheelchair items:
Little Alps Girl
Timmy EI

Prosthetics/Limb Replacements:
Bronze/Silver/Gold Automaton Legs/Arms/Heads (Barton Boutique)
Lil Moby
Captain Ara's Nestegg EI
Lyndexer's Journal EI
Hell Prison Guard
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  1. zloi medved
  2. Gerbiie
  3. Sweet Sex Pot Revenge
  4. 00xuxa00
  5. Ame no Yanagi
  6. User444555
  7. Serethiel Maerukai
  8. Hempette
  9. Valgaror the Vicious
  10. wiz2194
  11. Nurse Overdose
  12. Vermis Pallidus
  13. Black Squirrel Alchemist
  14. Desiderii
  15. Number Xl
  16. Oriphiel
  17. XxBlushing-PandaxX
  18. TheFemalePhantomhive
  19. p e e b u n
  20. Sven.v
  21. Shalebridge
  22. AvalancheZer0
  23. Victor Bernard
  24. Hingg
  25. i c o c o S h a k e
  26. Aglo I
  27. Winter In Russia
  28. Rozen Kitten
  29. Ping of Death
  30. Kazeko-sama
  31. xPrettyRaverx
  32. Skittles Secks
  33. Seraphim Riniel
  34. deprimido
  35. Sun Amber
  36. Ave Machina
  37. _Sergeant_Happy_Hatter_
  38. Rogue_Rachiru
  39. almostmuse
  40. wizardwrocker
  41. Schwartzed
  42. Nieao
  43. foi
  44. NnightMare
  45. Gypsy_Willow0120
  46. meroux
  47. katmaniac
  48. pythonesque
  49. Totenglaut
  50. Ramona V Pilgrim
  51. Sir Tolnoc
  52. Siebzig
  53. bulbasaursex
  54. Zombilious
  55. x Purky x
  56. Melii Morphiine
  57. SerpentRose
  58. Applesauce Overlord
  59. Charceritops
  60. Serieaux
  61. Le Petite Kitten
  62. Shady-chan
  63. yukisuzu9
  64. Saint Bun Bun
  65. m o r d r e d - - xo
  66. perfidiousness
  67. diixie
  68. jordan_0011
  69. White Harmony
  70. Cynischism
  71. jaguar69
  72. sand and scars
  73. CaptainKillbot
  74. ngaurhoth1
  75. Its Rikku
  76. Apollos Liar
  77. The Thirteenth Lament
  78. I-Want-to-Eat-Joor-Brains
  79. BritishMindslave
  80. Hidden-Jester
  81. monsterr mar
  82. Pteraclaw
  83. Adharra
  84. Die Lady Fuhrer
  85. VirgoObsession_LustMJ_JH
  86. RlNNY
  87. redroosters
  88. eulailyan mikoto
  89. pirate_blue
  90. Moth Tale
  91. RestInPeace Frosty Paws
  93. DistressedDamselInLove
  94. matet_228
  95. Chisai Doll
  96. Mightyy
  97. shadow raven20
  98. Emo Scratches
  99. Bennko
  100. Koijika
  101. F L U F F Y McQueen
  102. Baron Alexander
  103. Jordie_lawl
  104. SuguretaOre-Sama
  105. i came buckets
  106. Maria Talia Reaver
  107. Riyoushi Bloodfire
  108. momijis_girl
  109. Eowyn Eorlingas
  110. xdecookx
  111. A New World Fool
  112. Fragile Compassion
  113. Cruxe
  114. Sinsario
  115. thats queer
  116. [Maiyo]
  117. dead passenger
  118. XlBALBA
  119. [_TREE_]
  120. sakura _yakumoishi
  121. Dear Dorian
  122. The Atroxious
  123. Naramaru
  124. LeafyNitemare
  125. GuardFrog
  126. Gyrrakavian
  127. Artemis Gale
  128. Sinister Deal
  129. The Phantom of GO
  130. Arashi Sagara
  131. Hall Monitor Hitler
  132. HKpanda
  133. Fwuffy kin
  134. Rhine Elmao
  135. Bes In A Box
  136. Chibi Slasher
  137. Fop-chan
  138. Charvelle
  139. m i o a m o r e
  140. The Thirteenth Lament
  141. Umeko Takaki
  142. Contessa Neko
  143. LellyLee
  144. Cold Fingers
  145. thesexywolfess19
  146. Animal_Anna
  147. Sergeant Squirrelex
  148. the lost bunny
  149. Invader Tekk
  150. StarIeaf
  151. Salient Disaster
  152. Higan-san
  153. Neon_Natzi
  154. jeno135
  155. II Hikaru Matsumoto II
  156. TheTallerOne
  157. XlinksapprenticeX
  158. Successor Of Fate
  159. Moonlight Fading
  160. La Cantarella
  161. bloodwitch
  162. Ratt Scabies
  163. Forecast4Rain
  164. Afrorez
  165. iNoms
  166. Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru
  167. Takenawayangel
  168. Tasty bagels
  169. Dooei
  170. iZems
  171. FlyingPinkElefantSaysMeow
  172. Margrid
  173. Thorfinn_Karlsefni
  174. Tea-Spider
  175. Contumelious
  176. CheeseStickNinja
  177. VisualSpiff
  178. r a d i o cannibal
  179. the library rat
  180. H x c K i w ii
  181. Minbou
  182. Unbelievable Blue Bomber
  183. Majikina
  184. Cosmic Quark
  185. Paisley Partridge
  186. rac4593
  187. t r u f f l e s_love
  188. Indestruct
  189. Silent Sympathy
  190. Sagishi
  191. Kasurin
  192. FuzzyEmoPachirisu
  193. BringMeTheRawwwrr
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  195. KinaCow
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  197. Signwriter
  198. Atusile
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  200. intrinsically expressive
  201. Onopka
  202. cloudedguardian
  203. !d!ot Amer!ca
  204. rebel_enchantra
  205. Dione Nightly
  206. Vampriess Amanda
  207. Iscah Callias
  208. Navean
  209. LittleIce
  210. iQream
  211. Lilkko
  212. Fluffy the Evil Villain
  213. XD R I N N Y
  214. Devious Duo
  215. oh whore
  216. Cruel Crayon
  217. Spandex Bunny Muncher
  218. vampireluvr97
  219. Rundfunk
  220. Emoriy
  221. Zodiac-Sign
  222. Omoea
  223. Scrapl
  224. Orihime Inoue_ OuO
  225. spoonful of sleep
  226. ___chiiedord
  227. Prince Baldr
  228. Creeporeon
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  231. eusheeta
  232. eye has sad
  233. Kiret Theph
  234. Shintouyu
  235. Szereto
  236. Captain Sven Issac
  237. OpaniFare
  238. crazyxgamerxchewy
  239. NyteSama
  240. Kitty
  241. tirloid
  242. D i n o - M o
  243. Virtual Mannequin
  244. 1-800-Monster
  245. Absinnu
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  257. Old Man Vee
  258. Hot Flesh
  259. Aeryllir
  260. Pseudopathogen
  261. Demyan The Devil
  262. Renkon Root
  263. Nevv Jersey
  264. Warden Watts
  265. bbonezz

!!!! CAN I POST?
/SIGNS. <3
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YESSSS! Ily. <3
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Stumpy + Bone = ♥
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I siiiiiiiiign. Like woah.

- - - ─────────────────────────────
xxxxxxxℓєαvє ʈʜє ɱσʈσʀ ʀυɴɴiɴɢ вєcαυƨє i'ɱ σɴ ʈʜe ʀυɴ
iɴ ʈʜiƨ cʀσωɗєɗ ωσʀℓɗ i'ℓℓ вє ʜiɢʜ ωαiʈiɴɢ ωʜєɴ ʈʜє ℓαƨʈ ʈʀαin coɱєƨ
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I sign. pirate
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Thank you! It's a pitiful list. But hopefully, IT SHALL GROWWWWW.
User Image

User Image

If the picture doesn't appear: "Ame no Yanagi signs this petition!"

Feedback: That'd be fun to see on Gaia. xd

Blinkie courtesy of Hikari_Sango. ありがとう! ♥

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Yes, I agree! I think it'd be awesome to have one arm.
Orrrr maybe I'm just weird like that.
I also always get unnaturally gleeful when I see a pink or green name on Gaia.

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