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We can sit there day by day staring into nothingness.
There it comes, that well known loneliness.
I am happy at times, at times I'm not.
Like every race, I will embrace...
That well known loneliness.
I've been through more than my share of pain and sorrow.
Why do I live?
Because I always tell myself, there's always tomorrow.
There's always tomorrow for that well known loneliness.

lol Sorry, it was bothering me.
Stupid kindle not correcting scream No its fine thanks for telling me so i can fix it xD
Kairi Nightingale

lol Sorry, it was bothering me.
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Also: "staring" not "starring". smile
Omg I'm gonna kill it that's it XD hehe ty CX
Also: "staring" not "starring". smile
Omg I'm gonna kill it that's it XD hehe ty CX
Also: "staring" not "starring". smile

^ lol

By the way, I'm sorry I'm not able to really offer any critique. I like reading it from time to time, but I'm not actually familiar enough with poetry to give any useful commentary. However, you may get some better responses in the poetry sub-forum. Best of luck with your writing!
It needs work. It feels a little rough here and there, but then it shines too at times.

The ellipsis felt off. Just didn't work for me. But that line I think you can work with and for sure take it into its own poem and play on it. Race does have multiple meanings. Could be quite an inspirational poem. wink

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