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Aekea Scarface

PeasanT_MaN = Orange
Me = Blue

War: Fun for the Whole Family!

Smells like fish in here.
Did you spill your contents
out on the floor like dice
in a game of Yahtzee?
I've gotten my sixes,
so I think I'll have to
take my Chance.

(The shark needs feeding,
so get a Clue and do it.)

Like snake eyes staring straight
at me, you bring me bad luck.
Oh! You're such a Monopoly,
always yearning for more land.
I'll just be a boring card,
waiting to get some of your greed.

(I already fed your soul
to the Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

Just passed Boardwalk, straight to Go.
I'm loaded down in dimes and nickles
[Ain't I a player?]
and I'm heading towards the casino.
Poker isn't really my thing, I prefer Blackjack.
What's the matter? p***y got your tongue?
Just shut up and deal.
I got a stack of chips looking for a new home.

Hit me and hurry!
You take longer than a snail,
carefully planning out moves
like this is a Chess match.
What's that? Your buddy's
cheating for you?
I don't cheat for anyone
because I ain't a pawn in society.

cards in my hand--all
of them like Checker pieces
that want to jump the board.
Don't get canny; crown me king,

Oh, it's my move?
I was too busy dreaming about Candy Land
to hear your subtle protests.
Stop bluffing and take a Risk,
sacrifice your queen to capture my knight.
Can't keep up? Upgrade your hardware,
you're lagging behind.
[Hurry up and Go!]

Yahtzee! Damn it. Crossed it off.

Well, I'm sorry if I'm
not like a fun, fast game of
Hold`em; I'm just a Fish
Out Of Water when I'm next
to you, huh? Well, get a few
Hearts, act like the Plum Fairy,
and go grab me some
Min[d]esweeping snacks.

I'm full up with Freecells
and we're out of snacks.
You're like Pac-Man, aren't you?
Eating little periods and waiting for a Missus.
--N E W S F L A S H--
She ran off with a Pictionary
because she was tired of your
Solitaire heart.
Grab some Scrabble pieces
and spell out "used" cause that's what you are.

Might want to visit the lost and found.
I hear they're having a special if you're lost.

You must be Pictionary, then;
I hear your life's like Backgammon,
now. Who throws the dice in the family?
Frankly, the food I eat tastes
better than fried chicken.
Your family must like a King--
lazy and only moving when all

By the by, I checked the lost
and found and got a boot
that was as big as a game
of Canasta.

Look out, Ma! I've got the run(s)!

Yes, we do "like a King".
Burger King that is!
What a knee slapper, eh?
Sort of like that time I tried to play
Lord of the Rings: Risk and ended up
lost in a Simpsons Trivia game.
What color was his T.V. in episode 312?
Hell if I know.

Better watch out before I conquer
Middle Earth and cast you out
among the halflings, shorty.

I'm sure You-Know-Who will
curse you to death before you act
like Sauron, banishing me from
the land. I have the ring your looking
for, and it's a real Pinball; the damn
thing wants to travel everywhere!

Sauron, You-Know-Who, Bush,
they're all the same.
Stop with the metaphors
and get straight to the nitty-gritty:
The world is like Monopoly.
You either have all the money,
or you're bankrupt and own that
stupid-a** purple house in the alley.

I guess you could say
I'm a rule-breaker, being
a middle class kind of guy.
The rich are as full of themselves
as an arrogant leader,
and the poor are the beggers
of the world.

The great white was the one
who threw up the fish,
by the way. You might want
to grab one of my metaphored
paper towels and pick up the mess.
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Aekea Scarface


Thump. Thump. like the rabbit
from the old cartoon movie I used to watch.
it drenches the earth with a palindromic

Those Saturdays I spent catching
bait were never troublesome; hares
with fluffy hairs would be as jolly as stream
water--flowing forever in the woods.

Today just had to be a stop
in a circle; Thumper stormed
severely, and the fish weren't getting
food today.
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Aekea Scarface

Brown Finch

Rump, belly, and wings
are fantastic pink diamonds.
Mud is the head, back, and breast.
Everything else is like burnt charcoal.

Hunting with the ease
of a spreading fire,
no fly is likely to live.
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Aekea Scarface

(Reference Pic)

Painting: The Highlands

Rolling hills of a dirty
emerald paint the panorama
as hues of tan gently stroke across
the fields like a soothing breeze
on a hot, summer day.

Like a violent storm cloud,
the sky fogs the sunlight.
Bushels of rising and falling
slopes brush against the landscape
and echo the artist’s thoughts.

Serenity fades into noisy peace
like dug up mines
or showers starting
to become heavy downfalls,
but the hills roll onward.
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Aekea Scarface

(It's a sedoka.)

Vodka and Tonic

Like a scared cater-
-pillar, the client camou-
-flages the odorless drink.

"It's a relaxing
tonic for my nerves" she lies
like bugs hiding in terror.
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Aekea Scarface

We Won't Remember Tomorrow

Menacing mountains stare us
straight in the eyes like the kids
we used to look at without

Go on; be a mountain goat,
and I'll hitch a ride.

Rockslides never stopped
you before, so they shouldn't
stop you, now. Besides,
I thought you said
you were as a brave
as a person climbing Mt. Everest.

Steady does it, like
the High Ropes in the Ropes
Course. Don't...


I knew it was a mistake
to hold on to you.
I guess we'll be like
round rocks on peaks
and spill into the earth.
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Aekea Scarface

Kinky Vines Of Brown Hair Groove Along With The Rhythm of Bodies

Slightly twisted songs
create intermingling beats,
seemingly coming from jungles
of crowded bazaars.
Slithering curves conduct
woodland percussionists.

The sound differs
in different angles
like the twists and turns
of the Nile River.
Hourglasses will tell time
as the clockworks of nature
tango to sleep.

Chinese dragons dance
dreamily, weaving
a patterns of fire
that jump in the canopy
of wanderers.
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Aekea Scarface

Flea and Dog

Diaries are for wimps who want
to pour their weak souls onto paper--
kind of like a poet who thinks they're deeper than the ocean.
Tell me: since when does the sun
revolve around you?

I remember you with dentist teeth
and all proud (with pride) about some stupid
"It's purple with bright orange swirls
that look like the sun." you giggled to me
every goddamn, ******** day--waving
it in my face.
I'm not a blind mouse, and I can see
annoyance when it's in the form of a pesky bug.

(Mosquitoes never struck my cliché interests.
I'm more a crab person, scuttling to-and-fro
across the messed up beaches of society.)

Oh! And, that other "glorious"
time when sundials raided every
garden known to man...
I saw you daydreaming, jotting useless
notes in that piece of crap you fill with emotions.
Let me just trespass onto the properties
of your dog mind.
Don't worry.
I'm not like most fleas; I don't itch.

Oops! I guess I should keep my howler mouth
shut from now on.
Seriously. Because of me, you're not afraid to write in your "heart-bleeding" diary, anymore.

However, I still stand by what I said. Should I be like the sun and blind the world with my luminescent opinions? Yes, I think I shall. I'll only be a fake, generated light, though; so I won't make them totally blind because I already have everyone's attention. What's that I hear? Nighttime chitter? Well, you've been trained to "SIT DOWN AND LISTEN TO ME!"

Atomic bombs of explosion erupt from your volcano mouths. "Why?" "Since when do we...?" "I'll be like a full, midnight moon and listen." Oh! A response like pie: I like. Go on! Feed hungry classmates! "Now that everyone has savored delicious obedience, it's time for me to slam my words into your amateur minds. Diary girl: stand up, and don't be a six year old, giving me attitude! No one here is like a baby; we don't care about your 'sunshine' key. Soak up those waterfalls that are pounding the ground."

See. I told you I'd tell
the world.
I guess you could say
I'm like Honest Abe,
knowing when the time
is right to lie.
Still, every single, solitary
day you come and write
in that journal of yours.
It's like a boulder formed
over your mind because I
don't remember it being
hard to get into last time.

Rocks, boulders, mountains.
They're all the same in the fact
that they all fall down.
Like the Ring-Around-The-Rosie
tale, you plaqued everyone with lies.
Emotions should be told--not kept
secret in a spare soul
you know people are going
to steal, anyways.
My forceful stream is already
making your stone head crumble,
so it won't be long before we're
back to Flea and Dog.

Ah! They say ignorance is bliss, but I strongly disagree. You wrote in your diary like a druggie taking every possible drug there is. If I never knew of you and that book, I wouldn't have been able to be a healer and heal those black thoughts from your mind.

Well, no one's perfect [as they say]. I'm just like every other doctor you'll meet. Three years have passed, and you still scatter memories of previous days onto paper. Still, twice a month is better; I understand it takes time for scabs and bruises to fully disappear.

But if I ever catch you with that book every day, we'll go back in time. I've transformed into Pluto, and I moved Hell into your bright memories. Cute, fuzzy, and all those other animals you care about so much about...will all turn into loyal alligators [to me]. Just remember: I'm always watching you.
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Aekea Scarface

Perfection Gets Allergies, Too

Berry skies sing
songs of rose-smelling
An audience sniffles,
showering air in furcoat

A pigtailed girl
picks pie materials
for Mommy; she's
innocent as sunflowers
in a meadow.
Allergies cause Miss Mary Sue
to turn into a thunderstorm
of sneeze and snot--flashing
snowy whites of eyes.

Tissue paper never felt
like velvet until flakes of
face waste fell down from
heavens of a girl.
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Aekea Scarface

Sewing Silk in a Thunderstorm

n, weavingcomplicatedpatterns
and a ragged d i z l of fresh art.
r z z e


with a SCREECH of smoking thunder
in camera-flashing skies. Digitilized pictures
were never INTENSIFIED (like a festive, knitted
scarf) so much.

s on silk like c l o s
forming in a painter's imagination.

Sew wind and rain;
brush on a parade of silk,
and dilemnas are born(e in sunrise skies).
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Aekea Scarface


Bronze platters
peeled skin--sucked
like dust in a vaccuum.
Flipped over [and rooted]
kinks of hair crinkled
into streams of my body.

Like a sloth, I feast
lazily on limbs, absorbing
succulent leaves of lies
and truth.
An overflowing and glabrous
river of fingers invades
insides of my unclean mouth.

Cruising along raspberry oceans of a dream, I venture out into open waters like a moccasin swimming for the first time. Oh! Murky ponds were
never meant for me! My sprigs seem to have disappeared, but I can't silently slither away from danger. Like the last bits of honey in the jar, I'm stuck; however, I'll get out.

Shoots of chance shoot from the soils of my brain. Will it grow into a sunset rose or an apple tree I can gorge from--filling the corners of my mouth with nectareous fluids? Yes, I will be like a greedy man and seize fruits of my tree; I will smell flowers of my garden. Let the dusty past fill up in isolated darkness.
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Aekea Scarface


An elephant ankle
leaps into life on an
ant of a foot.

The leg is a platypus--painted
in swell and sweat.
A canvas crawls silently,
hoping no one views
splotches of mass bruise
and blood.

Cast in white, windows
of disfiguration fail
to conceal abstractions
(of epic proportions)
from the wee world
around them.
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Aekea Scarface

To Hell with Purple Water

I never realised the bottom of my keyboard
was like a purple freight train.
Today at lunch, a bomb made
two people suffer like little,
cheap bunnies on E-Bay.

I think it's Southern buttsecks; it sucks less,
and I bet I can do it with one word.

Funny how my handwriting can roughly
be translated to an overactive bladder
in the wet bar sink.
Thank goodness I have a waterfall.
You can all rejoice like a man with hell;
I'm about to rinse dramatically in front of every infidel.

You are ******** obsessed with things like change.
I've annoyed the hell out of you. I got
everyone I know killed,
so I'll piss at the site of buttsex.
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Aekea Scarface


Why would I want
to be a message
in silent winds?

Loudspeakers boomed
with a voice like [nearby] thunder.
Pre-admonished kids partied
until hours were nothing
but a snap.
"Dance with me."
your rocking-cradle
of a voice demanded.
Slow music screeched horror;
dances that allowed me movement
like rain always quenched my thirst.

Annoyed neighbors threatened
[us like soft drizzles] to call
cops. Arrests weren't about to
be made tonight!
The hopping house
turned to stationary
paper after thunderous volumes
were turned low.
Once-empty tables were
now full, for all fun dried out.

Boredom never screamed
with a hurricane voice:

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