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I buried my 97 yr old great grandmother Wednesday morning, I wrote this for her...

Immortal Face
Growing up,I looked at you as someone who never grew old
Always aging,but never growing old.
You always seemed to be the same as the last time I saw your face
Always smiling that same smile.
You looked upon the generations that followed you
welcoming the new children with open arms.
So many years you saw,
watching everything with your wise eyes.
Birthdays came year after year and you stayed the same.
You protected everyone around you,
wanting the best for everyone.
Years came and you stayed the same.
Your beautiful face staying the same.
With your immortal face you watched us all grow
and gave us words of encouragement to do our best.
As time wore on for you,slowly making you tired,
you still smiled through it all.Never afraid
waiting paitently for those who left years ago.
"I've got people to see" you said."Don't be afraid for me,I'm not."
Slowly,we let you go,and you left with a sigh,
like you fell asleep,dreaming of younger days.
And as I lowered you to the ground,
Saying my last goodbyes, I smiled,
remembering your immortal face.