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Times a Chime

Avast me matties, thirst for battle, seek treasures, and most of all be a hero or join the dark force of the power!!!!

The Story begins like this

Two warrior fought above a tower, one filled with greed and darkness, another ... with a demonic look, with a pure aura..... they were fighting for these elemental gems, that give strength, wisdom, power, courage and much more.

these two warrior fought from day till night untill, the pure one falls off the tower and collapsed into the ground.
As the evil warrior held all the gem he created a curse apon the world, as the 12 gems scattered across the world, turning everyone into stones statues expect for the ones who have a strong aura or a strong soul......

when the warrior fell off the tower people spread rumor that he died, but it seem he is still alive just no one knows that.

Since the hero has fallen for his death (not really dead) they're are 2 allaince made in the world the Brigade that hidden somewhere in the world that only hero's know about are the Lunar Silver Star Brigade. (L.S.S.B) Then theres the Villains lair up on the tallest tower wear the toughest villians hangout, watching the heroes every movement are called the DarkBaneBrotherHood (D.B.B.H)

then there are the outcast.....(people who pefer to fight by them selfs.)
outcast can be good, bad.

Yes im allowing citizan to participate in here so if u dont like fighting then u can help out the villains or heroes.
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The Rules

1.no godmodding or autohitting,
2.have fun
3.Pg-17 just no cyber or that stuff >.>
4.more rule will be put on

Hero, Villain or civilian




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