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With a region at war, it is hard to remember a lifestyle any different. When the seven clans; Fire, Water, Air, Shadow, Light, Wildgrowth,and Earth meet in the moonlight of a full moon, they are at peace. The gods say it shall be so. Soon the Shadows invaided. You must fight for your life to keep your clan's spark alive. Who's side will you be on? Where you born into it, taken in as a rogue, or in the extremely unlikely possibility, where you taken in from another clan or born a half breed? It's all up to you in this battle for precious life and unsettling death. This is the Blood Pact.

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(I know we all hate them, but they are needed.)

1. No extreme swearing.
2. Keep all romance or gore to a medium level.
3. No killing without authorization, fighting is recommended.
4. Treat others like they want to be treated and don't ignore them if they talk directly to you. That is so very rude.
5. Use (( )) for outside RP talk.
6. " " You must use these in order to Talk.
7. No Godmodding.
8. What I say goes.
9. Follow rules.
10. If you are going to cyber, please time skip!
11. Post at least once a week.
12. Title the PM Shadow Realm and put a stare and a eek in it so that I know you read the rules.
13. Please be literate and use correct spelling and grammar whenever possible.
14. The profile picture you send me must be anime style.
15. Please make your posts at least 2 sentences. I hate short replies.
19. I may change the rules often, so be sure to check up on them!
19. If you are going on a vacation please warn me!
20. Have fun!
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~Profile Skeleton~
(You may change size and color... it is recommended!)

Gaian Name: (username)
Name: (RP name)
Age: (How old am I?)
Race: (Neko, Vampire, Human, Demon, etc...)
My Life Story: (Bio)
Sex: (Gay, Bi, Straight… etc)
Appearance: (Anime picture only!)
Clan: (Which element am I? Fire, Water, Shadow, Air, Light, Earth. If you choose earth, you must have wings.)
Powers: (Related powers to which clan you belong to.)
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Please check these occasionally!

Please check this occasionally. Thanks!
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Gaian Name: Luka Megurine x3
Name: Miyuki Ami
Age: 17
Race: Angel
My Life Story: Was raised by her brother, Rei all her life after her mother passed away. (Her father still remains in the Shadow Realm) She is half-breed and shares her blood with Air and Shadow. The clan still doesn’t completely trust her with their health because of it. Her main chore is healing her clan. Though she winces at the sight of blood, she does what she can as a medicine apprentice. She fares well with battles but fails at hunting as her brother boasts it as being one of the best of the clan.
Likes: Wild berries, herbs, flying.
Dislikes: Hunting, obnoxious people,
Sex: Bi.
Weight: 113 lbs
Height: 6”3
Appearance: User Image
Clan: Air and Shadow.
Powers: Healing powers as well as experienced flying ability.

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You'd better hope you don't get on here. Three strikes and your out of this Roleplay.

I bet you want to be on this list.
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We've moved! If you'd like to join, please look at our new location.

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