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I keep getting pisces common cards, I can get like 6 gnarwhales... Well... At least right now...


Titan's Staircase

Titus - Lira

Electrotter Sound

Yugure - Chanho
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Huge list here:

West Summer Road:
---Dinho: Cathulu x2, Chanho, Chiberus, Trolo, Vuvu, Willo x2
---Lambo: Colibri x2, Golereph, Ibex, Mimple, Munnin, Radiojack, Tenpac, Tippy, Titus, Trolo

East Summer Road:
---Alyx: Messi, Smok, Starpops x2, Titus, Vuvu, Yara
---Willo: Anee, Cathulu, Eefree, Lira, Meh, Owlreed, Radiojack, Titus, Weeplet, Willo, Woolf

Warmwood Trail:
---Wasabee: Golereph, Leviathan, Pengoo, Starpops, Yoake
---Weeplet: Munnin, Smok

Summer Field:
---Barnetta: Alyx, Chiberus, Jor, Lambo, Munyu, Titus, Willo, Yoake
---Chuuchilla: Cathulu, Ibex, Weeplet, Winja

Shadowmire Edge:
---Munnin: Colibri, Titus, Umbranine, Vuvu
---Trolo: Alyx, Cathulu, Ikki, Starpops
---Owlreed: Leviathan, Mimple, Titus
found a yoake card from munyu at spiral path
Found yugure card from nomy at blackglow-a new area.
it's inside spiral cave.
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found a mimple card on an alyx at darkwood vault
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Found a Tutu card against a Vuvu at Heavenly Greens Cemetery.

kelvindelima generated a random number between 0 and 1 ... 0!

i feel its the star sign you chose in the strt... cuz some of my friends hav lik 10 or 12 of the card i struggle 2 find...n its happeded in many collections lol not sure though..
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does anyone know where to get a cathulu card? i dont know if i spelled it right though lol
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i have 85 gnarwhales that i dont redeem yet.. so many of them i cant wait that they will evolve gnarwhale..
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while fighting a wasabee in wamwood trail i recived this card: Colibri. i nocticed it not on the list in wamwood trail.

Warmwood Trail

{edit} i'll be adding to this area sice im fighting here. smile
Warmwood Trail

West Summer Road

East Summer Road
Tippy.........Alyx.......Rare.......Taurus fought a alyx with a lvl 2 gryph. the zodiac advantage was more. maybe there is a connection between that and card collecting.
hey where u get yoake and vuvu roarstacle and colibri card common at?
im thinking theres apattern in this now cuz all "random" occuences arent rally random, they follow a specific pattern and then puts them in another specific order so it seems random. the only way to get as close to random as possible results, you literally need some one to be spnining a giant wheel with all the cards for each person
hey everyone, i tink i noe how to get a card... in each battle use a spell. only in the middle of a battle... then defeat or capture the moga, u will have a very high chance of getting a card... according to my calculations, if u do that, the chance of a card is 96.76925%
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I need a Lumo. ;=;
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West Summer Road:
---Dinho: Anee, Burger, Cathulu, Chanho, Chiberus, Eefree, Leviathan, Lira, Meh, Mimple x2, Radiojack, Roarstache, Starpops, Tippy, Titus x2, Tutu, Willo, Woolf, Yugure
---Lambo: Colibri, Ibex, Ikki, Jag, Leon, Leviathan, Lira, Lumo, Munnin x2, Orbz, Radiojack, Starpops, Titus, Trolo, Vuvu

East Summer Road:
---Alyx: Eefree x2, Ikki, Lira, Meh, Roarstache, Trolo, Weeplet
---Willo: Chanho, Mimple, Radiojack, Scorpius

Warmwood Trail:
---Wasabee: Colibri
---Weeplet: Alyx, Muninn, Owlreed

Summer Field:
---Barnetta: Cathulu, Smok

Shadowmire Edge:
---Muninn: Leviathan, Meh
---Trolo: Yara
---Owlreed: Cathulu, Roarstache, Willo

Miasma Depths:
---A.C.: Golerph, Gryph, Leon, Muninn
---Colibri: Hammerdog, Ibex, Jor, Radiojack, Spike, Umbranine x2
---Peascorp: Alyx, Owlreed
---Turtlenie: Meh

Shadowmire Bulwark:
---Peafyx: Cathulu, Eefree, Muninn
---Trolo: Alyx, Cathulu, Chiberus x2, Colibri x2, Radiojack x2, Tutu, Yara
---Turtlenie: Alyx x2, Anee, Chiberus x2, Ikki, Leviathan, Radiojack, Roarstache, Scorpius, Starpops, Weeplet, Willo

---Colibri: Cathulu, Icevia, Lambo, Weeplet, Willo
---Owlreed: Buffant, Cathulu, Lira, Tutu, Twister
---Peafyx: Smok
---Peascorp: Alyx, Burger, Chiberus, Jag, Leon, Leviathan, Munyu, Tenpac x2, Weeplet
---Trolo: Meh

Mourningwood Pass:
---Colibri: Smok
---Muninn: Alyx, Chiberus, Golerph, Ibex, Icevia, Jor, Munyu, Tenpac, Titus, Trolo, Willo x2
---Peascorp: Muninn
---Trolo: Anboo, Chiberus, Eefree, Lambo, Trolo, Yugure

Oakford Shade:
---Muninn: Alyx, Muninn x2, Spike, Tenpac, Umbranine
---Owlreed: Anee, Muninn x2, Titus, Tutu
---Trolo: Munyu

Darkwood Vault:
---Alyx: Buffant, Chiberus x2, Gryph, Jag, Radiojack, Smok, Tenpac, Umbranine x3, Willo, Yoake, Yugure
---Owlreed: Eefree, Lira, Meh, Owlreed, Radiojack
---Trolo: Mimple, Pluksop, Smok, Tutu, Yoake
---Umbranine: Brineep, Spike

Mega Hole:
---Nar: Alyx, Anee, Chiberus, Eefree, Ibex, Lambo, Leon, Meh, Smok, Titus
---Pwee: Cathulu, Colibri, Yara
---Smok: Jag, Messi, Trolo
---Tenpac: Muninn, Munyu, Yugure

Spiral Cave:
---Smok: Eefree

Spiral Path:
---Meh: Starpops
---Munyu: Chanho, Willo

Spiral Road:
---Leif: Burger

---Mimple: Anee, Willo
---Munyu: Trolo

Heavenly Greens Gate:
---Munyu: Alyx, Chiberus

Trollworthy Bridge:
---Mimple: Cathulu
---Trolo: Alyx, Chiberus, Yoake

Windhym Roadway:
---Barnetta: Azurel
---Melodee: Ikki
---Siri: Burger, Cathulu, Chiberus, Ibex, Icevia, Munyu

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