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Rainburn and Clovey will be leaving on Monday, April 11. If you haven't captured them yet, do it soon, or you could miss out forever!

Does that mean all the holiday moga might be not be returning next holiday? If that's the case, let us know now! My aim in the game is to collect them all, and I missed out on Coldbear and Laindeer cause I started playing three days after they left.... and if I have no chance of collecting them this Winter, I might as well just stop now sad
I wouldn't worry about that...
They will return them, one way or another. That however, may prove to be the bigger issue. If they return them as a "buy to get it" mogas...
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i missed lainedeer and war lepus, due to lack of ss... but I got rainburn now...
I hope the Event Mogas will come back as regular Mogas for the new map. I too missed the Winter Mogas. >:

However, my friends think that they may put the Event Mogas in the Sky Cat Shop as sale Mogas. I hope that doesn't happen. >>;
I am torn here, I hate that people missed out, yet if they reuse the old moga's each year, to me it will just cheapen the experience. To catch them at the time of events is what makes them special and any form of buying or re-releasing would just ruin that experience..
Well... you have a point there, but this way there will be LOADS of mogas... there will be at least 4 series, judging from the way design is structured now, but... I doubt there will be Mogas that we'll never see, and yet appear on the pokedex.

So if they are to disappear, they should be placed in a special series/dex. that has no pre-fill. It should be made out of only what we catch from the limited mogas....

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