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gimme some a dat art ya have there!
Ohgeez, Your artzors is so cutezorsss.
I shall fill out a form MOMENTARILY. ... too bad I can't spell.

mash mix's avatar

Dapper Smoker

User ImageOrdering: fullbody colored
Emotion/pose: lounging
Other stuff: Djs.
Total Price: 515
Ordering: Full body couple (not coloured)
Picture: Here and Here <3
Emotion/pose: Uhm, you can do what ever you'd like with this. I am more of a silly person, and he is just cool. xD
Other stuff: Doesn't matter. Do whatever you like =D
Total Price: 650, but I will put in a tip. And good luck on your quest =D (You are questing, right?) xD
I'd love some. I like the one you did for Sexjeans <--ma friend!
I would love some art.
Ordering: Couples full body.
Picture: User Image
^ aisu
User Image
Emotion/pose: Well.. ^^; this is me and my mule, aisu is the owner.. and so make it look cute. 4laugh
Other stuff: a can of grape pop?? [[you dont HAVE to..]]
Total price: 1k ~~

Ordering: Full body color.
Picture:User Image
Emot/pose: a pressie over her head or something, like she is excited to open it.
Other stuff: Well, this is her gaianiversary pressie from me.. and so yeah... draw some pressies and mabe some gold coins...??
Total Price: 650 ~~
Ordering: Full body color
Picture: User Image
Emotion/pose: You choose wink
Other stuff: None.
Total Price: 650g
I would like some art ^^
'Kay I finalized the trade ^^;
It's been almost 4-5 days since I've been online so... *ahem* excuses excuses blahblah XD
Mosashi's avatar

Dapper Gaian

800 Points
  • Signature Look 250
  • Full closet 200
  • Dressed Up 200
Ordering:Full body (color)
Picture: User Image
Emotion/pose:Tough girl, b***h, or I'm a pimp- You pick
Other stuff:none
Total Price:650g

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