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Summer shoes (flip-flop and sandals) 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Summer themed shoes 0.6 60.0% [ 3 ]
Shoes with flavours( no ideea how they will look like, but i'm fishing for ideas) 0.2 20.0% [ 1 ]
I don't wear shoes during summer , 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
I have a briliant ideea and i'm posting it 0.2 20.0% [ 1 ]
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The DustBunny_____
the hidden treasures of the closet

The shop is: closed

Welcome , please enter , the shop is at the second version and the shop is still messy ,
well i'm not good at cleaning up so this is going to be as much organizing as you will get
from me .
The new version comes with a free shoe for your colection!
Please save it on your computer

User Image
I'm curently questing for....a lot of stuff , i like things , clothes and mostly shoes , i have
the same problem in real life , i have 68 pairs of shoes that should say all , here is a small
list of the things i like and want now :

Fanciful Light Charmer


~ don't steal any of the items in the shop
~ you may not edit or alter any of the items
~ when ordering fill the form , send the trade to me (in the title please write the page
number) , you must accept the trade before i send the order to you

If you have questions please ask 3nodding

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The shoe rack_____

Premade = 250g each

[b]I need shoes...[/b].
[b]Shoe size:[/b]this will not influence the size of the shoes u will get , i'm curious who has big feet:-p
[b]Shoe type:[/b]fill the name of the shoe you wish to purchase

* due to the lack of space and several other reasons i resized them , you can see the real size on the left
User Image
User Image
[lumier] If you wonder no , they don't need batteries , maybe photovoltaic cells ...no ideea , but they are interesting you must agree
[sage] I was never a big glass slipper fan untill i found them , really nice to wear them in summer , they have a cool feel , just try them and see
[dustbunny] The first pumps i bought , never had the chance to wear them , but hmmmm...i don't remember the puff on top , maybe it's just a dust bunny
[sable] They are not very comfortable , but after walking a whole day in them you get a smooth skin at least
[vera pelle] Yep , italian shoes , real leather too, so smooth and realistic .... Did that eye blink? o.O
[glass slipper] Classic shoes , unfortunately i've never been a fan , they are always cold and glassy . But a few days ago i've read a really cool article
from Martha Stewart about how to make a snow globe .... and i like the result

V-day shoes
[valentino] When i'm sad i just run to the shoe store to get a new pair of shoes , i always find confort in shoes , and this pair is more conforting , they are 100% made of chocolate
[fuzzy] They don't really fit on the shelf with the other shoes , but yes anfter a whole day wearing high heels you need a pair of fluffy confy shoes for home , oh yeah and fuzzy , the nake was inspired by a stupid nursery rhyme about the bear fuzzy wuzzy

Zomg monster shoe colection
[Cow] Yes that is real cow skin but after all there was enough skin left in the dead man's pass
[Zen Garden] Something casual to wear on your walk in the garden , not appropriate if you decide to start running after dolls or fluffs
[Gilroy] ... no those are not your feet smelling , the shoes keep a certain smell
[Peelunger] Really fashionable if you ignore the *flomp* sound the make when you step
[OMFG] that is a really mean pair of shoes

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The shoemaker_____

Custom = offer based

[b]I need a custom shoes...[/b]
[b]Outfit:[/b]curent outfit or image of the outfit you wish the shoes for
[b]Extra:[/b]other object you wish to be added
[b]Observations:[/b]other info to help me

User Image
What does "offer based" mean , well i have no ideea what this is worth or if it worth anything , so go ahead and make an offer !
The offers untill now range betwen 20k-5k

Order a shoe to complete your outfit .
Yes i've discovered that gaia doesn't have many shoes
You can see some custom shoes i've made

You can leave the extra and observation fields in the form empty and i will use my imagination

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The plush colection_____

Soft toy= 200g each

[b]I want a pluuuushie[/b]

User Image

Yes all of them have odd colors , we
have the cotton candy baa ,
chocolate cat, jelly bunny ,grape
pingu and the strawbery sorbet leo ,
i got the inspiration at the dinner
table by the time i got the desert,
schetched something on the napkin ,
ignoring the angry look the owner
gave me while i was destroing fine
cotton napkins , then ran to my room
to draw , there is something about
holidays i get Soooo inspired heart
*to prevent theft the right half is b/w and
the left one the actual color , no resizing

User Image

Smooth plushies , maybe you wonder
what inspired this colection , last
weekend i spend a great day in the
park with my cousin , she had this
adorable little squishy toy made of
some kind of foam , really nice and
good for chewing .
This toys are filled with small soft
spheres that make them even more
squishy ^.^

*to prevent theft the right half is b/w and
the left one the actual color , no resizing

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The kitty In the closet_____

Cat=150g each

[b]Kitty fashion[/b]

*the bases are premade only , no custom base , in the future i might add some more basses , this decision will be influenced on the number of requests
User Image

Tangled-wrapped in a lights garland
Confiserie- chocolate ganache topped with cream , biscoti and cherry
Missy- hallo , tail and neck bow
The wind of change- an exotic burmese
Midnight tabby- wrapped in flower ivy , surrounded by fireflies
User Image

Statue-old statue forgotten on the bottom of the sea , surrounded by fish
Fiore-a flower suit
Frozen-yes winter is nice and cheery but also cold , green scarf and holiday decoreated hat on a semi-frozen cat
Traveler-something about this cat reminds of a H.G.Wells novel , decorated green scarf and that with goggles
Alien-hard to explain but maybe the wig , or the antenae or maybe the tattoo , this cat looks different
Winter friends-yes cats and mice can be friends
Temple guardian-has nothing in common with the game , but you can never know what that cat can do with that branch

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Jewelry box___

The jewelry colection is much smaller compared to the shoe colection , but it could get bigger
Jewelry=250g each

[b]Jewelry box[/b]

User ImageFirefly broch - it is a rather small and fragile silver firefly ! Yu can almost see through it's wings
Apple of my eye - cute gray pearl bracelet with a small gloden apple charm

*the size of the actual items will be the size of the firefly sample you can see in the left , the other products are resized , and yes you will get the whole arrangement not just the jewellry

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Waiting list___

Please don't post orders if the waiting list is full

Owner list___

Shoe section:
Nyumonster⇣Sachie Whitby⇣itsxlill⇣Nyumonster⇣KoolCookiesXP⇣
⇣Sachie Whitby⇣Princess Kuchiki⇣Moonxlitxsky⇣Yuri2476⇣KoolCookiesXP⇣
Moonxlitxsky⇣Sachie Whitby⇣Princess Kuchiki⇣KoolCookiesXP⇣Zepphi⇣

Custom shoe section:
GoldenKeyboard⇣Mussete⇣KoolCookiesXP⇣Sachie Whitby⇣Princess Kuchiki⇣
Moonxlitxsky⇣Mussete⇣Princess Kuchiki⇣Zepphi⇣KoolCookiesXP⇣
Piggyback-Chan⇣ICESYS⇣Princess Kuchiki⇣

Kitty closet:
Nyumonster⇣babyboo17forever⇣Sachie Whitby⇣Armayra⇣Sachie Whitby
⇣Nyumonster⇣Custard Bun⇣KoolCookiesXP⇣Princess Kuchiki⇣lucystar⇣

Plush section:
aura lowe⇣Nyumonster⇣Sachie Whitby⇣babyboo17forever⇣Princess Kuchiki⇣
Moonxlitxsky⇣lucystar⇣Yuri2476⇣Nyx Amaris⇣KoolCookiesXP⇣
Sachie Whitby⇣Princess Kuchiki⇣Yuri2476⇣

Jewelry box:
Sachie Whitby⇣KoolCookiesXP⇣Custard Bun⇣Yuri2476⇣Princess Kuchiki⇣

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Links in and out

Our link
User Image

Other links you should see

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

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Please add sugestions , any artist needs a muse xd , right now i'm not sure what you should get if you sugest something and i decide to use it , but it will be something 3nodding , maybe the item ?

Future updates_____

-charm bracelet
-custom toys/fashion ilustrations

About the shop_____

This is a joint shop , i know things look really smooth and uniform , but behind all this there are two artists .

Ariadna001 is one of the artists , the other one is me Selena min , i got the ideea about the shop starting with Ariadna's shoe ideea , yes the premade shoes are her ideea , the custom my ideea .... But i could do this forever , so how do you know who did what ?

Both of us have an artist stamp :

Ariadna has the small dark head with floppy ears , any object created by her will have this stamp on.
Mine is the small moon .

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