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After EVER so long, FoJ is finally retiring to where old threads go to die. This thread may remain in happy old thread land, but we live on as a charity HERE. Come join us!

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Support Flowers of Japan in securing its part of 2.5 million gold!!!
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FoJ SPRING CLEANING IS HERE!!! Look out in the next few weeks, we'll be hiring and cleaning up the thread for the new year. Discussion and details on what we're doing can be found HERE.
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Welcome to the NEW Flowers of Japan Home, celebrating over 20,000 pages of posts, 100 Kimonos, and over 1 year of service!! This is where you will find all info relating to us, and the base of our charity, the Flowers of Japan Foundation ~ Helping grant wishes, one kimono at a time.

Table of Contents

First Post: News, Rules, How to Get a Kimono/Yukata, Donations and Misc. F.A.Q.

Second Post: Flowers of Japan Link List

Third Post: Joining Rules, Kimono/Yukata List

Fourth Post: Donations

Fifth Post: Questions, Guild

Sixth Post: Staff

Seventh Post: Events

Eighth Post: Conventions


02/13/05 - Flowers of Japan was nominated for Memorable Threads Forum. Congratulations!
02/07/05 - Random Kimono handout today to mindweaver, Araia.Naishi, DarkRulerSephiroth, FallingAlaster, Guardian 0f Heaven, Auralius, Mavu Kira-Kyuuketsuki, Michiko chan, Niltiaca, Tenko72, and ultima-t99 Congrats!
01/26/05 - There's a new dummy account in town who goes by the name of Mediator of Japan Just scroll down the page, he has taken the place of our former Guru of Japan.
01/24/05 - Random Kimono handout today to digitalized, Osegueda Girl, nikolita, DarkPeachTree, Lost_Life666, Mesoshy, and ~Malicious Mizery~ Congratulations!
01/07/05 - Kenchan has no reason to feel guilty any longer. 3nodding
01/06/05 - Begin Spring Cleaning. We'll be looking for help, so watch the first post and guild for details. Handed out Kimonos/Yukatas to AngelFeathers, Glitch Makoto, Midnight_Eyes, nomee, Shunned, and x[Redemption]x. Congratulations! And CONGRATULATIONS TO FLOWERS OF JAPAN ON SERVING YOUR 100TH GAIAN!!!
01/05/05 - Ladorma willed her Kimono she won from the "Let's Make a Deal" game to Gullien. Still waiting for DivineSaturn to hand out the prizes... sweatdrop

2004 News
12/06/04 - Four new kimonos given away. Congratulations to ~Misty Amethyst~, Calypso Sesshomaru, Kawaii-Star, Yume--chan and King_Gir. Congrats again, and thank you to all of our wonderful supporters!
11/29/04 - Three new kimonos given away. Congratulations to inuyasha_n_kagome_rox142, Dark_Queen_of_Death, and Rubyfire!
11/14/04 - FoJ reaches its first anniversary! Congrats, and thanks to everyone who has supported us!
11/10/04 - The Flowers of Japan 1st anniversary party begins tomorrow! Signups for events are currently running.
11/04/04 - Random Kimono handouts to annortha, Curious Design, and Rose the Dark Thorn. Congratulations!
10/28/04 - Handed out Kimonos to KataiKaen, Kinsai-chan, Kotori, and Mahayr. Congratulations!
10/22/04 - Kenchan feels guilty for being a bad FoJ runner person guy. Handed out Kimonos/Yukatas to AlexDitto, Corian, Feikku, and Iggeh. Congratulations!
09/28/04 - Massive handout today! Congrats to the following people on getting their Kimono/Yukata: AnimeCrazedFan, AznAries, Jakkin_Stewart, Ladorma, and whisperingwillow. Congratulations!
09/22/04 - Opened nomination thread.
09/13/04 - The people on this list were removed from the donation list due to inactivity. >.<
09/10/04 - Handed out a Kimono and Yukata to xTwistx and Purasuma. Congratulations!
09/08/04 - Handed out Yukatas to bonziblueboy and Kaylin Monk. Congratulations!
08/26/04 - Handed out Kimonos and Yukatas to Startica, Dark Angel of Silence, TheSecretNinjaNitsua, Blak Foxx, tigress_4ever, and thorn980. Congratulations!
07/27/04 - Handed out a Kimono to darknessrisen22! Congratulations!
07/23/04 - The Flowers of Japan Foundation Official Guild Forum opened its doors. Have fun!
07/17/04 - Handed out a Kimono to Rokoko! Congratulations!
07/16/04 - Beloved Flowers of Japan member and manager Forever Zero confirmed his complete resignation from Flowers of Japan and gaia. We will miss you more than you can imagine!
07/13/04 - Handed out Kimonos and a Yukata to Leathercladcow, taiyachan, and Mouri Yuro! Congratulations!
07/07/04 - Handed out a Yukata to Kenchan! Happy Birthday!
07/03/04 - Handed out a Kimono to Liandrina! Congratulations!
06/29/04 - The Flowers of Japan Guild is open!!
06/28/04 - Handed out a Kimono to lilgemangel! Congratulations!
06/25/04 - Handed out a Yukata to rogerpet_hacked! Congratulations!
06/23/04 - Handed out a Kimono to PandaManda! Congratulations!
06/19/04 - Handed out a Yukata to Kakashi Senpai! Congratulations!
06/13/04 - Handed out a Kimono to Tajia! Congratulations!
06/12/04 - Handed out a Kimono to Temple_of_Souls! Congratulations!
06/11/04 - Our beloved member AmazingKenchan was hacked this morning, and FoJ has vowed to get the hacker!
06/10/04 - Handed out a Kimono to Danica Shardae! Congratulations!
06/07/04 - E-san and Volch got married today! Congratulations!
06/06/04 - Handed out a Kimono and Yukata to Lesell and RagnarRock!Congratulations!
06/04/04 - Handed out a Kimono to Aisha Laylin! Congratulations!
06/04/04 - A big thanks to Vagabond and AmazingKenchan, who helped dress BunnySeeker!
06/01/04 - Handed out a Kimono and Yukata to Kelbora and Manwe! Congratulations!
05/30/04 - New thread opened!

Other FoJ Related Sites

Flowers of Japan Guild
The Flowers of Japan has expanded from this one thread, into an entire guild! Go check out our community at the Flowers of Japan Guild!

The Ten Commandments of Flowers of Japan:
Copied and Modified by Kenchan

</center>01. Thou Shalt Read the First Page in its Entirety
Thou shall be berated by members of Flowers of Japan if thou should decide thee be above reading the first page and do something stupid.

02. Thou Shalt not bump
Thou shalt not not "bump" this thread. Bumps be not welcome here, this thread doth be bumped through conversation. A bump doth be a generally meaningless post, wherein the sole objective doth be to push, or "bump", the topic to the top of the forum. Bumping doth be is the act of posting multiple bumps. If thou wishes to bump, thee be requested to please converse with others. If alone thou art, make something creative and non-bump. Furthermore, the punishment for evil bumping here is transformation into mouse, and then we will have the resident nekos and kitsunes chase you around. *smiles wickedly*

03. Thou Shalt Donate to Accountant of Japan
Thou shalt donate to the account of Accountant of Japan. Thou hast no need to ask permission, may donate when you see fit, and doth be under no oblication to! If thee be of a mind to donate, much thanks in advance! Donations of any size be accepted.

04. Thou Shalt Not Beg
Thou shalt not constantly ask "When will I get my kimono?" Thou shalt be crucified by annoyed members. Greed shalt not be appreciated here. We want you to come here for the friends, the kimono or yukata is just a bonus.

05. Thou Shalt Follow Procedures for Addition to the Kimono List
Thou shalt post in Flowers of Japan and meet new people. After one week, you may PM Recruiter of Japan with thine username and kimono or yukata of interest. Any PM sent to Kenchan or Astellus reguarding admittance to the list shalt be ignored. Thou shalt read Recruiter of Japan's post if additional information doth be needed. Thou shalt not recieve a kimono or yukata simply because you donate a lot. Thou shalt recieve your kimono should you be worthy in our eyes. Should you be removed from the list, fear not! Likely we hath not seen you around the thread recently and removed you. You may PM Recruiter of Japan POLITELY to be re-added to the list.

06. Thou Shalt Display Good Manners
Thou be requested to be kind and courteous to the other members.

07. Thou Shalt Not Heavy RP
Thou shalt reserve all advanced roleplay for the FoJ guild. To elaborate, there are two kinds of role play that have sprung up on gaia; simple and complicated.
Simple role play is allowed in the FoJ, some examples of SIMPLE role play are the following:
~ *Takes the pot of tea from the burner and pours herself a glass before offering it to others*
~ *Walks into the FoJ and slumps on the couch, pulling a blanket over his head.*
~ Any form of "glomps, hugs, kisses, snuggles ect..."
Examples of COMPLICATED rp which is not allowed in the flowers of japan thread and is reserved for the thread in the guild is as follows:
~ *Picks up his sword, dusting the intricate lettering off before showing it to you.* "I'm Vah'an, seventh guardian of the realm of fire. I control the four elements and have a backstory the size of a mac truck, come, I shall sweep you off of your feet now."
~It also consists of any backstory your avatar may possess. Every person IRL has a backstory, that's fine, that's irl and is more than welcome to be discussed in the thread, but not every avatar needs to have a backstory, nor do we need to discuss it in the FoJ thread (again, that is what the guild is for).

08. Thou Shalt Have Fun
Thou shalt try to have fun and get to know our other members. Recieving a kimono or yukata doth be second to making friends here. We want people to stick around for the friends, even after they receive their kimono or yukata. The more active you doth be in the thread, the more likely you are to get a kimono or yukata.

09. Thou Shalt Spread the Word
Thou art requested to put a banner and possibly a link to our thread. This helps us draw more members and donations, meaning more kimonos and yukatas for thee.

10. Thou Shalt Worship Kenchan's Hair
Thou shalt purchase a lock of Kenchan's hair on eBay and place it upon an altar for worship as described in the Handbook for Shrine Madiens of the Church of Kenchan.

Old Rules of FoJ
How to get a kimono/yukata from this charity

Originally Written by DivineSaturn

1. No Bumping/Spamming
Please do not "bump" this thread. We do not need bumps, this thread bumps through conversation.

2. Limited Roleplaying
Please reserve all advanced roleplay for the FoJ guild. Keep roleplay in the thread simple. No developed storylines. Examples of good roleplaying are: "*takes the image for Vag to play with*" or "*flops in her hammock looking at a magazine*".

3. Donating
Please send all donations to Accountant of Japan. The more you donate, the more kimonos and yukatas we are able to give out to people we feel deserve them. However, the amount you donate is in no way related to how fast you'll get your kimono/yukata from us!

4. Spreading the Word
Please put one of our many banners, and possibly a link to our thread, in your signature. This will help attract more members, and possibly more donations. The more donations, the more kimonos and yukatas we are able to give out.

5. Have Fun!
Please try to have fun, and get to know our other members. Getting a kimono/yukata is second, making friends here is first. We want people to stick around for the friends, even after they receive their kimono/yukata. The more active you are in the thread, the more likely you are to get a kimono/yukata.

6. Attitude
Please be kind, and courteous to the other members. Constantly asking "When will I get my kimono?" is just annoying, and shows that you are here for one reason, greed. We want you to come here for the friends, the kimono/yukata is just a bonus.


Originally Written by DivineSaturn

1. Who do I ask to be put on the list?
Whoa, hold up there tiger! First, you have to start coming to the thread on your own, posting, meeting the people, and reading the rules posted above. In a week, if you still feel that this is the right place for you, please PM Recruiter of Japan with your username and the kimono/yukata you're questing for. Any PMs sent to Kenchan or Astellus reguarding admittance to the list will be deleted. For more information on getting on the list, check Recruiter of Japan's post here on the first page.

2. Can I donate? Who do I donate to?
Of course you can donate! Anytime you feel like it! You don't have to ask permission! Please send any donations to Accountant of Japan. And if you're planning on donating, thanks in advance! We appreciate donations of any size.

3. What is "bumping?"/What is a "bump?"
Lots of people ask this, so I figured I'd better just post it: a bump is a generally meaningless post, whose sole objective is to push, or bump, the topic to the top of the forum. Bumping is the act of posting multiple bumps.

4. What is an "evil bump?"
An evil bump is a pointless bump post- usually just containing the word "bump" or something similar. Evil bumps are not permitted here, and if you post one, expect to be yelled at by several angry FoJers. Why? Pointless, or "evil" bumps are spam, and it's hard to get anything important done when you're looking at a thousand bump posts. So if you want to bump, please converse with others. If you are alone, make something creative and non-bump. Furthermore, the punishment for evil bumping here is transformation into mouse, and then we will have the resident nekos and kitsunes chase you around. *smiles wickedly*

5. When will I recieve my kimono/yukata?
The list is currently in the order of donation, and is limited and temporary. Where you are on the list has nothing to do with who will recieve a kimono/yukata first. That all depends on you. Do you donate and chat frequently?

6. How do you decide who "deserves" a kimono?
A group of older FoJ members who will monitor your activeness, and general behavior. When a number of them agree you are deserving, we will decide if you get a kimono/yukata.

7. How often do you give out kimonos?/When is the next giveout?
We have funds in our bank as of now, but the giveaways of kimonos/yukatas depends on you. When we think you are deserving, we'll give you one.

8. Hey, my name used to be on the list! Where did it go?
The question is actually "Where did YOU go?" People who are inactive for a long time are removed from the list, so that we can make room for more, active people. You can be put back on, but it's not as easy the second time. So if you know you won't be able to come for awhile, please let us know in advance. If you were removed from the list by accident, please PM Recruiter of Japan NICELY. We all make mistakes, no reason to be rude. The same goes if you haven't been added, and were told you would be.

9. What happened to the old thread?
Reaching a nearly mind-boggling (for a charity) 7000 pages, the old thread was abandoned due to unrest among the members and the pending slew of updates for which we are waiting for now. With the implementation of new mules, we hope to be able to make updating the first page much easier in the future.

10. What happened to the old OLD thread?
The old OLD thread, while impressive in length, was becoming hard to maintain. So, just after we hit page 3000, we decided to make a new one. In this one, important staff members have posts on the front page, so that we can all moderate our own areas without colliding. The old thread will never be deleted though, at least not by us. It can be found farther down on the page.

11. Can I get a job here? Can I help out?
All job positions are currently filled as of now. Until positions open up, please don't ask. When we are looking for helpers, we'll say so in the first post, clearly. So please be patient with us.
Joining Rules

Originally Written by Grondax
1. Any PMs that just beg for a kimono, yukata, gold, or anything else will be completely ignored!

2. You can't request to be added to the list if you already have a kimono or yukata. This means you can't own one at the time you join. If I read your PM and you're wearing a kimono or yukata, you must think I'm retarded, and I will delete your PM promptly. You also forfeit your admittance to the list if you purchase your own kimono or yukata while waiting to get one from the foundation. It would also be nice if you could notify us, so we can remove your name from the list. This foundation was created to help needy people, not greedy people get kimonos and yukatas.

3. If I dislike your behavior in FoJ or elsewhere on Gaia I have the right to take you off the list at any time and refuse re-admittance. I will not tolerate: Meanness in general, especially to newbies who don't mean any harm, foul language when not appropriate (use only as an exclamation point), continued spamming of a thread, or just being annoying. More to come.

4. If you want to be added to the list, please post here and chat with out members for at least a week before you PM me. This means you post for 7 different days, NOT pop in one day, and return a week later to join. You likely won't be added to the list until I see you in FoJ for a while. After you have posted for a week, see rule 5. After I recieve your PM, you will be on probation. Our council of elders will be monitoring your activity. If you are inactive, and they don't see you posting, I will promptly delete your PM.

5. PM me asking to be admitted to the list, and which kimono/yukata you want. Please include the name of the kimono/yukata you want in the title of the PM, and use your manners! If you don't follow this rule, I will immediately delete your PM! Nobody needs a kimono/yukata. You may want one badly, but you won't die if you don't get one.

PM Title Examples:

I want a Royal Kimono - Wrong

I want to be added to the list - Wrong

I want to be added to the list for a royal kimono PLEASE - THIS is the one you want.

Kimono/Yukata List:
#1 Slave - Inner Fire Kimono
[[ midnight ]] - Royal Kimono
AnimeEyeshime - Spring Green Kimono
Bladeous - Ronin Yukata
Ceda - Spring Green Kimono
Deadly Ivy - Royal Kimono
Feather Qwill - Inner Fire Kimono
FinalFantasyXII - Ronin Yukata
GatekeeperNova - Royal Yukata
GwenaTerra - Inner Fire Kimono
Harada_lisa-chan - Wild Orchid Kimono
Jinjiko Shidon - Ronin Yukata
kaze no jin - Inner Fire Kimono
LadyPru - Spring Green Kimono
Loney - Inner Fire Kimono
MarkCifone - Kanji Yukata
Nirvias Tsunami - Autumn Leaf Kimono
Pnk Flamingo - Royal Kimono
pockyLurvinHoe - Inner Fire Kimono
Qiko - Ronin Yukata
Sakkakuookami - Autumn Leaf Kimono
Sum Guy - Crane Yukata
Sweet Insanity - Inner Fire Kimono
TheEveoftheNight - Inner Fire Kimono
Veled - Autumn Leaf Kimono
xalonex - Wild Orchid Kimono
XxKenshin_HimuraxX - Royal Yukata
Zacius - Ronin Yukata

Kimono/Yukata Recipients:

~Misty Amethyst~ - Wild Orchid Kimono
Aiglos - Ronin Yukata
Aisha Laylin - Autumn Leaf Kimono
AlexDitto - Ronin Yukata
AngelFeathers - Royal Kimono
AnimeCrazedFan - Royal Yukata
AnimeFire - Ronin Yukata
annortha - Wild Orchid Kimono
Araia.Naishi - Royal Kimono
Astellus - Autumn Leaf Kimono
Auralius - Ronin Yukata
Auora - Inner Fire Kimono
Aurora Crane - Royal Kimono
AznAries - Royal Kimono
Blak Foxx - Inner Fire Kimono (returned indefinitely)
bonziblueboy - Ronin Yukata
Calypso Sesshomaru - Autumn Leaf Kimono
Corian - Ronin Yukata
Curious Design - Autumn Leaf Kimono
Danica Shardae - Inner Fire Kimono
Dark Angel of Silence - Royal Kimono
DarkPeachTree - Autumn Leaf Kimono
Dark_Queen_of_Death - Wild Orchid Kimono
DarkRulerSephiroth - Royal Yukata
Delanthaenas - Spring Green Kimono
digitalized - Spring Green Kimono
DivineSaturn - Wild Orchid Kimono
DivineWhiteSilverDragoon - Inner Fire Kimono
E-san - Royal Kimono
Fallen Faerie - Royal Kimono
FallingAlaster - Inner Fire Kimono
Feikku - Wild Orchid Kimono
Forever Zero - Crane Yukata
Glitch Makoto - Ronin Yukata
Grondax - Ronin Yukata
Guardian 0f Heaven - Inner Fire Kimono
Gullien - Royal Kimono
Hiroshi Neko - Spring Green Kimono
Iggeh - Autumn Leaf Kimono
Immortal Demise - Wild Orchid Kimono
inuyasha_n_kagome_rox142 - Royal Kimono
Jakkin_Stewart - Ronin Yukata
JaSin - Royal or Ronin Yukata
Kakashi Senpai - Royal Yukata
kanin - Royal Kimono
KataiKaen - Wild Orchid Kimono
Kawaii-Star - Wild Orchid Kimono
Kaylin Monk - Ronin Yukata
Kelbora - Inner Fire Kimono
Kenchan - Diamond Yukata
Kenshin_Himura - Ronin Yukata
King_Gir - Royal Yukata
Kinsai-chan - Royal Kimono
Kitysa - Royal Kimono
Kotori - Royal Kimono
KuraiKaze - Royal Yukata
Ladorma - Inner Fire Kimono
Lady_Of_Laputa - Spring Green Kimono
LeathercladCow - Royal Kimono
Lesell - Autumn Leaf Kimono
Liandrina - Wild Orchid Kimono
lilgemangel - Wild Orchid Kimono
lilhottie - Wild Orchid Kimono
Lorelei Yeager - Spring Green Kimono
Lost_Life666 - Kanji Yukata
Mahayr - Spring Green Kimono
MaliciousMizery - Royal Kimono
Mamiya - Royal Yukata
Manwe - Ronin Yukata
Masaku_Chikyuu - Inner Fire Kimono
Mavu Kira-Kyuuketsuki - Inner Fire Kimono
Mesoshy - Wild Orchid Kimono
Michiko chan - Inner Fire Kimono
Midnight_Eyes - Royal Kimono
mindweaver - Royal Kimono
Mokoni - Royal Kimono
Mouri Yuro - Ronin Yukata
Naota9 - Royal Yukata
nesuferit - Ronin Yukata
nikolita - Autumn Leaf Kimono
Niltiaca - Spring Green Kimono
Nikui_Youkai - Inner Fire Kimono
nomee - Inner Fire Kimono
Osegueda Girl - Wild Orchid Kimono
PandaManda - Inner Fire Kimono
Pet - Inner Fire Kimono
Purasuma - Ronin Yukata
RagnarRock - Diamond Yukata
Remliss - Wild Orchid Kimono
Rinuu - Wild Orchid kimono
Riven Le Fay - Wild Orchid Kimono
rogerpet_hacked - Ronin Yukata
Rokoko - Autumn Leaf Kimono
Rose the Dark Thorn - Autumn Leaf Kimono
Rubyfire - Royal Yukata
Sailor Namek - Spring Green Kimono
Sen-ichi_Rei - Inner Fire Kimono
Shunned - Royal Yukata
sironimo - Inner Fire Kimono
Startica - Royal Kimono
SylverStar - Inner Fire Kimono
taiyachan - Wild Orchid Kimono
Tabyk - Autumn Leaf Kimono
Tajia - Wild Orchid Kimono
Temple_of_Souls - Inner Fire Kimono
Tenko72 - Inner Fire Kimono
TheSecretNinjaNitsua - Ronin Yukata
thorn980 - Inner Fire Kimono
tigress_4ever - Autumn Leaf Kimono
ultima-t99 - Royal Yukata
Vagabond - Ronin Yukata
VKM - Royal Kimono
WhirlGirl - Inner Fire Kimono
whisperingwillow - Autumn Leaf Kimono
Xellana - Wild Orchid Kimono
x[Redemption]x - Ronin Yukata
xTwisTx - Spring Green Kimono
Yume--chan - Inner Fire Kimono
Please make all donations to this account. Do not send donations to any other FoJ account, nor to the staff themselves. Thank you.

User Image is now open! Accountant has acquired a vend license to sell off items donated to FoJ in order to acquire more kimonos and yukatas for you. Check back here to see if we've got anything up in the marketplace (you'll see a link in Accountant's contact bar if we do).

Temporary Donation list (post Accountant of Japan creation)

YunieGirl: 30g
Anette LaCroix: 542g
Himikochan: 800g
Masaku_Chikyuu: 500g
Lorelei Yeager: 1,300g
lilgemangel: 3,000g
RagnarRock: 400g
Tajia: 600g
Meriko: 1,000g
Vagabond: 9521g
Kageyomu Ginkaze: 1,000g
likkledibbun: 800g
Maiden of Memory: 1,000g
OtakuSakura: 100g
Three Tailed Fox: Royal Kimono
Tajia: 1,000g
Ilmare: 800g
Temple_of_Souls: 3,358g
Orthae: Nitemare Boots
Kilania: 100g
PandaManda: 2,570g, Spring Green Kimono, Kanji Yukata eek
Mouri Yuro: 2,000g
Queen of Hell: 225g
Liandrina: 1,056g
riry: Royal Kimono
Tabyk: 2,125g
Noremac: 500g
Asmi-Chan: 1000g, Ballin' Headgear, Face Veil (plus an unknown additional value)
Blueman34: 200g
Rahab: 81g
UnwingedAngel: 2,000g
Xelin: 1,000g, Snowbored Gloves
pSyCoFlOwEr15: 450g
News Reporter Seishin: 300g
Morain: 300g, Face Veil
Chocolate Mint: 500g
Bandersnatch Operator: 105g
~eternal_angel92~: 60g
VKM: 850g, Elegant Blue Dress
Kaylin Monk: Black Tux Jacket, Pants, Shoes, Red Bowtie, Monacle, moss shirt, dried grass skirt, 1,264g
Kimini: 5,000g
xMizux: 1,000g
MizuHouou: 300g
Fallen Faerie: 100g
LeathercladCow: June Letter
Sugar_Intake: 350g, Dried Grass Skirt
Kyomi Atari: 265g
Brad_Margera: 95g
Rokoko: 390g
hybrid cloud: green and red wrapped gifts
Midnight_Eyes: 140g
MMronin: 50g
Taiyachan: Bunny Hat
Agawa: 200g
Ghost428: 1,000g (in memory of Faerie Mary)
Kyribu: 1,170g, Prisoner Shackles, Laurels
hanging gallow: 600g
Startica: 200g
SpringRain: 500g
Faia Zenrei: 141g, Ghosty
The_Asian_Invasion: 500g
hunny____bunny: 257g, elf shoes
Witherless Rose: 362g
bonziblueboy: 200g
Rvmstrgrl: 150g
[Hannah]: 1,128g
Lost_Life666: 1,541g
MouseOfTheAsylum: 4,500g
Moryera: (Unknown item) + 5,000g
Aijou-chan: 2,000g and biker helmet
entrophia: 125g
Dragon_Fel: 2,000g
MarchingTwinkie3: 1050g
Iggeh: 1,000g
Njo: 1356g
Dizzy Graves: sold us an Inner Fire Kimono for 8k
Narakyndryn: 2,000g
Eilonnwy: 100g
~cuteaznalien~: 571g
thorn980: 680g
StarStrife: 140g + Hockey Mask
darkest aura 13: 400g
Sasua: 2 Inner Fire Kimono
Daisuke001: 4,500g
Kannon_74: 179g
Sally Chang: 507g
SlintX: 400g
Spike_16: 500g
Hola Mimiko: two Enchanted Trunks
Midori Yoshida: Blue Strapless Bra, Grey University Uniform Top, White Stockings
Beatuicle: 7,000g
Panpear: 2,500g
Bakteria: 300g
Purasuma: 5,000g
iluv2paclgo: 10g
JoyRose: 250g
Corian: 500g
Jinjiko Shidon: 450g
AnimeChick916: 1,000g
RaSiNHeCk: 1,000g
Suzu Mia: 700g
Elap: 300g
Ladorma: 800g
AznAries: 2,300g
Mindweaver: 1,000g
Suriel of Azuilt: 212g
Stuff.: 2,000g and Royal Kimono
AnimeFire: Royal Yukata. We'll Miss you, AF.
NymphadoraTonks_YoCrunch: 23g
KaiserKnight: 100g
Thabara: 1,200g
Bandersnatchikins: 3,334g
Harakeke: 1,500g
SajiNoKami: 50g
Mahayr: September 2004 Thank you Letter, October 2004 Letter eek
carhithiel: 65g
Cactusi: 1,600g
Byaggha: 130g
Marshmallow of DOOM: Wild Orchid Kimono
TheSecretNinjaNitsua: 2,100g, Jolly Boots, Jade Peasant Boots
xobabieprncss: 123g (Still pending approval)
silverscarab: 800g
Curious Design: 1,000g
Rain_the_mage: 1,000g
Luc_iole: 15,000g
Tiana Luscinia: 100g
Alcoholic Beverage: 180g
Coal Bat: 2,500g
AlexDitto: Trap Jaw
inuyasha_n_kagome_rox142: Trap Jaw
RagnarRock: 600g
Jojo-chan: 150g
Kyra Maverick: 200g
Makaan: 2000g
Glitchkun: 220g and green vial
Halliann: 40g
Sally Chang: 10 000g
Shad-chan: 60g
Acel: 1000g
Iggeh: Autumn Leaf Kimono
Kiyishima: 1,078g
Yusuke_J_Fenton: 70g
SoloButterfly: 100g, 2x mummy masks
Nobumasu: 500g, face veil, brown peasant pants
Rose the Dark Thorn: 500g
Major Domo: 100g, Nov '04 letter, Dec '04 letter, Jan '05 Letter
Madame Rose: 500g
AnimeEyeshime: Black Biker Helmet
Sosiqui and the generous people from the Breedables Forum: 10,000g eek heart
Castalia A. Belmot: 1,000g
foxylass: 100g
Winter Ivy: 10g
Crimson_Flare: 100g, Wild Orchid Kimono
Mamiya: 1,000g
TsukiHikari: Face Veil
Saria Lunai: 480g
Gorgeous Rose: 250g
DarkOneRises: 1,000g
XxDemonDevilxX: Grey Peasant Booties
DarkPeachTree: 100g
Aout: prisoner's pants.
kymbeee: 50g
Ninjadude: 581g
Yakushi_Kabuto: Jade Peasant Gloves, Gray Peasant Gloves, Liquid Hot Sandles, Wood Hot Sangles, Long Black Socks, Long Silk Skirt, Dried Grass Skirt, Elf Hat, Red Beanie, Brownie Basic Skirt
DarkSerena: 500g, Mummy Mask
Maffu: 1000g
Kimini - Spring Leaf Kimono, (from the Heian Era Kimono) 500g
Baby_Angelic - 2oct04, 3 sept04, 2aug04, angelic headband, gotis, staff of angels, winged anklets eek heart
SajiNoKami: 500g
[+Holly+]: 1,000g
HeWhoFeastsOnTacos: 1,244g
Teepetlhw: 1,295g
Vision_of_Twilight: Two July 2004 letters, August 2004 Letter eek
Osegueda Girl: 2,878g
Nova Night: 165g
nikolita: 200g
Allesseh: Royal Kimono eek
The Star Fire Club Charity {TSFCC}: 5,000g and December 2004 letter
miasakura: 600g
Sally Chang: 19,000g
Laquia: 400g
loneygrl: 1,000g
JaganshiShadow: 150g
Raine Baelia: 400g
*key*: 5,000g
LadyYunalesca: 2,350g
Zazzu: 16516
Nasis Sukiyo: 10,000g, Spring Green Kimono eek eek
KyleBestPal: Reindeer Mask, Those 70s Red Pants, Blue Sporty Track Pants, Blue Stripe Racer Sneakers, Puppy's Mask
Remus Lycanthe: 400g
Manwe: March 2004 Letter
CricketChan: Ronin Yukata eek
o0Loser4Life0o: 250g
Deep Silent Complete (and his Huggables): 7,300g eek
Mercuryangel: 33g
ninjaette: 50g
Gaian Art Shop Owners Coalition: 23,000g eek eek heart
XxKunoichixX: 500g
digitalized: Enchanted Trunk, Female White Shirt
Tenko72: Pink Box, Enchanted Trunk
Disciple of Sakura: 1,000g
Bullet Dragon: 500g
Taden: January 2004 Thank You Letter eek heart
xTwisTx: 1,000g
Tamuril Luinwe: 200g
kanntara: 400g
GwenaTerra: 79g, Spirited Boxers, Spirited Hat, Flower Crown
x X Diamond Dust X x: 2,000g
Sum Guy: 413g, Spirited Gloves, Spirited Pants, Ruby & Peyo Gift, Edmund Gift
TheEveoftheNight: 300g
Ella_Vation: 100g, Mami Top
Tsuki_Tatsu: 500g
AngelFeathers: 300g
Isabet and the Rainbow Charity: 100g
Nikolita: 550g
Laston: 300g
Reincarnation: 710g, Really Jacked Up: {Coat, Pants, Boots, Shirt, Gloves}, Jack's Joy, Jack's Disgust, May 04 Letter, X-Mas gifts from Moira, Iana, Vanessa, Ruby & Peyo
Kuro Urufu: 50,000g, Autumn Leaf Kimono heart eek eek eek
Jenikyla: Prisoner's Top
Slacker85: 100,000g eek eek eek
Gryphflame: 300g
Ceda: 1,000g
Silver Archangel: Royal Kimono, Ronin Yukata
Shatterglass: Diamond Yukata
ShellieSakanokashi: 400g
Lightining_Strikely: 100g

User ImageI, Disciple of Sakura, am the acting accountant for Flowers of Japan. I will be checking this account generally on a daily basis, so if your trade isn't accepted immediately, you know why. Often times, I am unable to check AoJ during the weekend, so please be patient. Your trades will be accepted, and we greatly appreciate your donations.
Mediator of Japan

That's right folks, I'm just your friendly neighborhood Mediator, looking to resolve conflicts and problems that may arise in the FoJ to make it a happier place for you, yes you! biggrin
Not one, but two neutral people will be moderating this mailbox, collaborating on issues and making decisions which will hopefully help all other areas of the Flowers of Japan run more smoothly.

Just fill out this handy dandy form and we will work hard to remedy any problems.

1) Nature of complaint
2) Individuals involved
3) Link to the page (or page number) *note* Please provide this to us or we won't be able to find your complaint

Then just send it in and we will take the initiative to try and work things out.
We will be objective and fair, even if you're just a bystander, if a fight is making you uncomfortable, post here, all that is said in pm's remain in pm's. You will hear no discussion of it anywhere in the public threads, your personal buisness is safe with us.

Very Important Peoples:
User ImageAstellus: Manager, Mediator, General Handy Woman, and Helpful Person
User ImageKenchan: Manager, Newbie Greeter, Loveable Bishie, and resident COOOLMAN!

Other Staff:
User ImageAccountant: Disciple of Sakura
User ImageMessenger: Lorelei Yeager
User ImageEvents Manager: DivineSaturn
User ImageMini-Manager: Auora
Forum Moderator #1: kanin
Forum Moderator #2: Startica

Council of Elders:
User ImageFallen Faerie

Honorary Members:
User ImageOfficial Foundation Glomper: Grondax
User ImageOfficial Foundation God: Forever Zero
User ImageHonorary Member and RPG Manager: Mokoni
AnimeFire: We will always miss you and hold you in a special place in our hearts.
Kelbora: What, nobody had anything nice to put here about her?

Official-type People:
User ImageOfficial Foundation Founder: DivineSaturn
User ImageOfficial Foundation Goddess: Astellus
User ImageOfficial Foundation Neko-chan: Auora
User ImageOfficial Foundation Kitty Girl: Hiroshi Neko
User ImageOfficial Foundation Pink Link Getter: Sen-ichi_Rei
Official Foundation Foxy Lady: Riven Le Fay
User ImageOfficial Foundation Elf: Mokoni
User ImageOfficial Foundation Blue Girl: VKM
User ImageOfficial Foundation Ball Supervisor: E-San
User ImageOfficial Foundation Joker: Lady_Of_Laputa
User ImageOfficial Foundation Smart a**: Disciple of Sakura
Offical Foundation Victim of Crime : rogerpet_hacked
Offical Foundation Animal on Call : Pet
User Image Offical Foundation Popper-inner : Sailor Namek
Official Foundation Free Art Guy: GreenEyedTorment
Official Foundation Zombie: Aurora Crane
Official Samurai in Training: Jakkin_Stewart
Official Pink Girl: ~Haruko~
Official Foundation Blue Boy: bonziblueboy
Official Kakashi Fan Boy: Kakashi Senpai

Kimono/Yukata Dressing Rooms
Ever wonder what you'd look like in a kimono or yukata, and all the other accessories? Well, now you can see with the Flowers of Japan Dressing Rooms!

Link Banners
FoJ Photobucket Account
Username: flower_of_japan
Password: flower
Please only upload link banners!

Hurro everyone! Bunny has done some thought, and Bunny feels sorry for everyone who can't get items during gaia events! It makes her saaaad! crying So so so Bunny is gathering extra event items for all those unlucky FoJers out there. Because I love you! If anyone would like to donate spare event items during an event, please send them to me. After the event is over, I will donate these items to the less fortunate.

Right now we are accepting any Christmas gifts! After Christmas, any FoJer may PM me and request a gifty. I-I-I'll do my best to spread the holiday spirit, no one shall go giftless! ::heroic pose:: PM me if you have any questions!

We are currently running a lotto the first trophy lottery, as part of this lotto we are giving away 2.5

million to charities that register with us, there is also a contest for charities, if you refer the most people to buy tickets then you

could get one of the top 3 spots, it doesn't matter how many tickets a person buy they could 1 or all of them, you will still get a

1st will receive 1 million, 2nd will receive 500k, 3rd will receive 250k the left over from the 2.5 million, 750k will be divided

equally between all registered charities, that have at least referred 1 person.
so register by sending us a PM and enjoy, and send across as many people as you like, there is banners on the main page for

you to use.

Good luck ^^

Everybody go support Flowers of Japan in our effort to raise funds! What better way to kick off our new thread with mass donations?! Everyone go buy raffle tickets =D because Kenchan's buying liek 10,000 XD
<center>Upcoming Conventions:</center>

<center>Anime Boston:</center>
Location: ::slaps you for asking:: sweatdrop
Date: coming soon!
Website: coming soon!
Planner: DivineSaturn
Attendees: DivineSaturn, Rairi

Location: Santa Clara (I think)
Date: coming soon!
Website: coming soon!
Planner: Kenchan
Attendees: Kenchan

Location: Crowne Meadowlands, Seacaucus, NJ
Date: coming soon!
Website: coming soon!
Planner: coming soon!
Attendees: coming soon!

<center>Anime Expo:</center>
Location: Mariott Disneyland and Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA
Date: July 01st thru 04th
Website: http://www.anime-expo.org
Planner: Kenchan
Attendees: kanin, Kenchan, Startica, ~Haruko~
The s**t List
If you happen to find yourself on this list, don't bother posting, cause the FoJ won't help you.
The Black Dahlia Murder!
<center>Kenchan's Corner

Rules of Kenchan:</center>

Kenchan does not like chain letters. Send any chain letters you get to
Shinobuchan and I'll cheerfully bash on anyone who sent it to you ^^

Kenchan does not like oversized sigs. Oversized sigs = big. Big = bad. Bad = you won't like Kenchan anymore ^^;;;

Kenchan pretty much doesn't like teh rule-breakers o.o;;

Thanks guys, thanks Yuzi! I can't believe this place has come as far as it has...honestly it started with a fluke...I was such a n00b too XD but this......this is above and beyond. Thank you donators, members, managers, staff, everyone!
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Okechi's Wife

Moonlight Muse

26,050 Points
  • Person of Interest 200
  • Way Too Many Pies 300
  • Pie For All! 300
The FoJ RP Signups Have begun!
You -must- be a part of the FoJ Guild in order to sign up for this RP!!!!
PanasonicTrafficCam will be playing all of the NPCs for the RP! {as well as starting it}
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Liberal Lover

Spiffy keen. I get a posty. Now I have to figure out how I will use this space. With great power comes great responsibility, after all. My uncle Ben taught me that.

User Image
Just thought you should know. xd

Can't we all just get along?
Personal Rant of the moment:
crying Why Lanzer?! Why?!?! gonk She was perfect and you replaced her. She was flawless, classy, sexy, gorgeous, and beautiful, and you replaced her with some young, dull, lifeless tramp! scream How could you do this, Lanzer? HOW?!? crying Bring back my Meredith. *whimper* sad
User Image
Wow, what is this, our fourth main thread? We've come a long way...I'd like to take this important time to invite you all to my ice cream parlor at the FoJ guild forums---*ducks tomatoes* Sorry! I promise I'll do something important with this post soon enough. 3nodding


Alright. After months and months, here's my "something important". I can't believe it's been nearly a YEAR that I've been part of this charity. I don't know how long I would have stayed on Gaia if it weren't for you wonderful people. You're the best charity in Gaia, and the best friends too! Keep on doing your thing, Flowers of Japan, you're the coolest charity there is!


heart Finally Gaia came up. rolleyes

This post is claimed for everyone who helped make FoJ what it is today- wonderful, loving, and fun. It's impossible to name everyone, but some people I especially want to remember are Grondax, Kenchan, Zero, Stellie, Auora-chan, VKM, Mokoni, E-san, Pet, Lorelei, Riven, DoS, Kitysa, Nny, AF, Huffie, Pyry, Rishi, Namek, Aya, Sylver... I could go on for days naming people, probably, without even starting on the donators.

You guys all rock. I never thought that the charity I started, in hopes of getting a few people kimonos would turn into somthing this wonderful, and I'm so proud of all of you. It's not just a charity. It's a family. It's something I never dreamed could happen, but it did, and the joy I get from that is inexpressable. heart

Thank you so much. I will remember everyone forever, since that's the kind of person I am, and hopefully you'll see more of me again soon.

Lots of love,

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