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He was the head of my guild. I vanished for NaNo, and came back to this . . .

I doubt we spoke enough for him to consider me a friend, but I really respected him.

My small gesture.
May I suggest you hush and let people mourn as they please?
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Please, do not argue here.

Make a thread if you feel it is necessary to counter what you see going on at this thread and debate all you please here. As a sign of respect though, please do not do such here.

This is a place to honor memories and to express sympathy. Don't change it, I beg, to express your point of view on this issue. Turning this into an argument is just .. wrong.
Gleeeliminator, please stop. For people who did not know him, yet are posting, let them do as they wish. There is nothing you nor I could do to stop them, not unless we killed them perhaps. But we can't do that. So, there's no point in turning it into a big fuss.

As for posting this thread about his death, it wasn't to say he was more important than anyone else who has died. It was to let all those who knew him, or went to him for help, know that he had been lost.

Also, what you are doing is highly disrespectful. To him, and to those who knew him. You do not mock the dead. It is what damns you. It's also hurting those who did know him. Like me, for instance. He was my fiancee, my world. To see such things said about him breaks my heart. Do you really wish to hurt those you know not? If you wanted such, then you could just as easily push an old woman into the street, or beat a small child. Both are horrid, distasteful things, the same as this. It would be the battering of an innocent. Leave it be and spare your soul and conscience...
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I'm locking this now, to maintain the sentement in which it was started.
Valgav: if you or any of his friends would like to come up with a closing statement, I'm sure it would be a nice note to end the thread on and I can add it to this post, or unlock the thread long enough for you to post.

the death of shishio
shishio is dead

in time, the thread in his honor will sink to the depths of the writers forum
suffocated by new cliches and misplaced poetry

as you left our forum, silhouette fading into the cold darkness, we heard the familiar sound of a dull blade's scrape.

you protected our home; kept it safe.
you do so still.

your face is smooth, your sword is sharp.
we will rememeber your strength by the bandages you leave behind.

fight well friend and we will soon join you.
even now, we come closer to the great fray.

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