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Byakya and Ulquiorra!!!!!!!!!!! heart

ps. the heart doesn't make mi a fangirl
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My favorite Arrancar is Szayel Aporro Grantz,

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because he is smexy heart
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Ulquiorra Cifer...User Image
I've gotta go with the pure-heart drooling, headbutting Nel!
GRIMMJOWW! and Stark ^^
Grimmjow, Pesche, and Starrk.

I think it would be nice to take a nap next to Starrk.

As long as Lilynette wouldn't wake us up D:
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Noitora mrgreen
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Magical Shoujo

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ulquiorra shiffer, he reminds me so much of L from deathnote. and hes just a general badass XD. second would be grimmjow jaggerjack because of his sadistic personality and love for killing. 3rd would be stark cause his awesome resurrection looks so freaking cool too bad his character wasn't more developed.
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The Sexta Espada Grimjow Jaegerjaquez
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Coyote Stark because he's laid back and strong. smile
GRIMMJOW User Image heart

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