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We're just weird like that
Bitches just don't like letting go of boyfriends unless they have another one ready to switch off to after a breakup . Plus a lot of girls have low self-confidence so they don't think they can do better. A buncha big dummies, us women .
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If I had more friends that were girls, I'd probably be able to answer that question.

Maybe it's because the guy looks really hot? again, I really have no idea.
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You can't fully love someone you don't trust, so I have no idea where these girls are coming from.
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I literally do not trust ANYONE.

But I am in a very good relationship with my boyfriend. It's so weird. I am the coldest, most anti-emotional person you'll ever meet, but when I'm around him I'm like a 12 year old girl.
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That's infatuation, not love.
I thin the fact I couldn't trust him or was unsure about his motives would keep me from falling in love with him.
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I've fallen in love with people I haven't trusted before - and I'm a dude
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the enlightenment
Faith. The blind belief in the something. That's how it works.

Honestly, I have to applaud those who live solely on faith.
To be able to throw logic and rationality out the window.
It sort of is remarkable.
It's not real, mature love. That absolutely requires trust.
because girls are stupid
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Why would some girls fell in love with a guy if she still doesn't know if she want to trust him or not?

They don't. They fall into lust, like, comfort, routine but love and trust are not separate.
the enlightenment
Faith. The blind belief in the something. That's how it works.

Someone is always up to something. There is always an ulterior motive, whether you want to admit it or not.

Not all ulterior motives can be bad. I give money to people who are struggling. Is there an ulterior motive? Yes, because I feel better knowing I can help them. We both positively gain from the situation.
You don't choose who you fall in love with as you'll most likely fall in love with the person you unconsciously find hot or attractive. Guys creative this confident cocky attraction apparently that just turns girls on apparently and it doesn't matter how trust factor into this.

I'm usually wary of things and I was infatuated whether I like it or not with guys who were confident and strong in personality.
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Because she's thinking with her v****a instead of her brain, that's ******** why.

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