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    i've never met my boyfriend's dad or mom since him and them aren't close at all and live separately.
    but i've met his grandma and younger sister and they're both super nice. 4laugh
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I get along with my boyfriend's immediate family (haven't had the opportunity to meet his extended family).

It's not that my boyfriend doesn't get along with my family, it's that he doesn't have a lot in common with my family and it's awkward for him. I would say overall their relationship with him is neutral, bordering on good.
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His family loves me 4laugh
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My boyfriend's parents are nice to me and we get along but his mom picks fights with him allll the time, even when I'm right in front of them and it's getting really hard not to butt in and tell her to shut up. Tbh she's kind of a huge b***h, she just puts on a friendly act with me.
I'm waiting for the day she finally picks a fight with me to tell her off for all the s**t she puts him through.

Also, you need to let your fiance's mother know she's overwhelming you by not consulting with you before making decisions on your wedding. It's YOUR day. If you let someone else take the reigns it's not going to end up how you want it to. She had her own day already. It's not selfish in any way for you to want your wedding to go as you'd like it to and really anyone who wants to pitch in should do it in support of giving you your dream day, not so they can get a say in it.

His mom is exactly like that, they get in to fights a lot when I'm over and I just kind of sit there awkwardly or sneak upstairs to his room before they drag me in to it, but she's kind towards me and has thanked me for being with him/has told me I was a blessing. /shrug.
I did approach her about it, telling her that while I appreciate her input/suggestions (because planning is totally new to me and I almost have no idea what I'm doing), I'd rather the planning be left up to us, and if she has something she likes, to talk to us about it and communicate rather than sneaking behind our backs and springing it on us.
At the same time, I don't want to find something and expect them to help us if they really can't stand whatever it is. (Which is why I'm trying to be as independent as possible about this so that they can't hold that over our heads. xP )

My boyfriends parents just boggle my mind, and sometimes I really just want to tell them they're being huge ******** hypocrites, but I just keep my mouth shut. They like me and enjoy having me over. I don't see the point in ruining that just because their actions sometimes break my brain. Plus, a lot of the things that really get me are things that happened before my boyfriend and I started dating, so there literally is zero point in me saying anything.

My family loves my boyfriend. He's done a lot for my mom with her car and various other things. The rest of my family loves him because he's very polite.

I feel that way sometimes too about his parents. I'd rather keep the peace though, so I just stay quiet and act polite. Sometimes I have a good time with them but not often. My fiance fits in better with my family, too. (Though my dad finds him kind of annoying, but hey, that's dad for you. xD) But he's told me that if we ever have kids, he'd rather my parents babysit when we go anywhere than his parents, because my parents are more accepting/respectful of how we'd want to raise them whereas his parents/side of the family tends to have anger issues...
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My boyfriend's mom acts like she hates me, and his grandmother just irritates me. The rest of his family is pretty distant, though.
I genuinely HATE my SO's family.

His father is an "I'm always right" womanizing-alcoholic-druggie who tries to force his opinion on everyone else. He's dreadfully irresponsible and has NO regard for anyone's feelings. For instance: I am VEHEMENTLY anti drug. All drugs. No drug should be used for recreation. His dumb a** will sit there and argue why I should smoke pot.

His mother (big surprise, also alcoholic druggie) is NEVER in the wrong and is way too easily offended. And as soon as she drinks, she goes from incredibly violent (like not allowed to own guns anymore, violent) to annoyingly sensitive. She's a two faced little b***h and I don't trust her as far as I can throw her.

His sister (a not-an-alcoholic druggie) is actually quite intelligent, but squanders said intelligence doing meaningless work at the casino. She went and asked my SO's ex about a fight I got into instead of asking me. (I was a little b***h at the time and didn't have the balls to tell her to ******** off). Amazingly, she is ALSO two-faced.

I do, however, love his niece, aunt, and grandparents. I don't trust his grandmother not to gossip about my crazy a**, but I like her.

I really hope this guy doesn't knock me up. I love him tremendously, but ******** if I want to be stuck with his family for life.
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I get along with most of my husband's family. I only have issues with one sister in law because she had a thing for my husband before she married his brother. She is kind of pissed I got him. I got the better brother. My man has never been in jail, he worked hard all his life, and has always been a great father. His brother is a jail bird and moron. So she is just jealous.

My newest daughter in law is like my best friend. I'm lucky i get along with most of them.
I haven't met his family yet. All of my previous partners' parents loved the ******** out of me though, except for one angry mother who hated everybody, including her son. I have no idea what her deal was.
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I get along very very well with my boyfriend's family. Both immediate and extended.
His parents love me to the point where I'm asked to go on all kinds of outings with them because of how well we get along. (Same views on pretty much everything, caring, understanding) his family is just a pleasure to be around.
I get along equally well with one of his sisters, as we both have similar hobbies.

Haven't met his oldest sister yet though, and I don't particularly care to.
Let's just say there are...interesting circumstances surrounding her. sweatdrop
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Only an ex boyfriend's pair of sisters hated me and I have no idea why. I was just told that we needed to hang out at my house or anywhere but his because they both hated me. His mom and dad and oldest sister adored me, though.
his mom is amazing to me. suuper generous.
she gives me more than my own parents do!

i don't know if my boyfriend's brother likes me that much. he's always been distant and distracted, but he's also never lived in the same city as us since i've known him. i think it's more likely he just doesn't really care about me, which is fine. i like him though. very similar to my boyfriend in a lot of ways.
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            Yeah, we get along great.
            My partner and I were the best of friends before we became a couple, so I spent a lot of time over at her place anyway. I was already considered family to them, now even more so.
            I still feel shy and like a guest when I'm around them sometimes though. sweatdrop I really shouldn't, but I can't help myself.
Overall I get along with his family well, and he gets along with my family. They were both pretty excited when we got engaged.
Now we're 4 weeks away from the wedding. His mom is a wee bit crazy, but so far her crazy has been ignorable. Hopefully she doesn't lose it in the next month. Since she's not very reliable, we've avoided giving her any important responsibilities. She's tagged along to planning meetings and the hair and make up trial, but nothing where her lack of following through would be a problem.
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Yeaaaah we get along, his dad is my boss and brings us to expensive restaurants each week and with his mom, well we get along but i'm a very shy girl so we don't have big conversation /:

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