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So my family is struggling financially and my dad and I are both working, trying to pay off bills and feed my 17 year old sister who is currently looking for a job. My mom, however, is unemployed and I tried breaching the subject of her looking for an online job since she can't do some stuff due to past injuries. She is banking on her scripts being published, but while she waits everyone else is struggling to keep everything else a float. I asked her about finding a job online, instead of waiting for her scripts to be published and she said she tried but couldn't figure it out. Everyone says I should move out but I can't abandon my family like this. I was hoping someone on here might be able to give me some advise. Please help.
You cant really force her to do anything. It is her choice to get a job or not. So when do you plan on moving out then? Like it isnt up to you and your sister to pay for their life. She will likely move out as soon as she can as well, and so if you arent going to put yourself first now..when will you?
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Perhaps you need to look into finding an apartment instead of feeling obligated to solve other people's problems. Your mother doesn't need your judgement and you don't need to be tied down with her financial issues. Maybe you and your sister could share a place when she turns 18.
You have to take care of yourself, it's not your job to take care of your parents, atleast not yet. If you're struggling yourself, remove yourself from the situation and better your own situation before you even attempt to help anyone else.
Book keeping can be done at home and there are online courses for it.
Thanks everyone. I know I should put myself first, I just have a hard time reminding myself that, It is something I need to start doing. When I was little my mom would take me shopping and would have to constantly remind me to buy stuff for myself instead of my sisters. Its a bit of a problem I still haven't been able to shake. I rarely do stuff for myself, except for a local anime convention which I was determined to go to. sweatdrop

I'll have to look into book keeping and see if my mom could at least get into that...she's kind of computer illiterate. Thank you Mesoshy. smile
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Try Lionbridge and Leapforce (Online jobs). Lionbridge I know first hand is legit, but the qualification test for rating search results takes 5 hours (Took me a week and half to get it set up to the point where I could take the test in the first place) so I suggest not applying for that specific job. Leapforce may not have jobs available for the US still, which was the case a few weeks ago. I'm looking for an online job myself since my boyfriend is in college (And now has a part time job), we have a two year old and only one vehicle. >.<'

As for staying there...it's not your job to take care of your parents or siblings. If you feel you absolutely can't leave them to figure it out on their own, then don't, because you'll end up beating yourself up over it. Maybe cut back on how much you're willing to help, at least. Say, only spend $50 on food for them instead of buying it all or whatever, that way you know your sister isn't going to starve but you still aren't paying for everything.
Thanks Kegokec. I'll look into Leapforce. I'm really glad I posted my problem here. I really had no idea what to do and now I've got a couple of ideas to look over. biggrin

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