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Fashionable Werewolf

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Selena Gomez smile
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rolleyes Why would you even compare these two? eek
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Since i thnik your comparing them :T i like them both :T so i would listen to them both biggrin
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Fashionable Genius

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Really? Really? are you dumb? you're comparing a slut to one of the worlds most well known artist
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Unholy Fairy

Really? Really? are you dumb? you're comparing a slut to one of the worlds most well known artist

SLuts r opossum. Gomez aAddams ftw.
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Familiar Giver

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lady gaga is my idol
Selena gomez
Lady Gaga for sure. I like When the Sun Goes Down though.
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Gracious Bloodsucker

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Original.Fashionable.Without stereotypes.
Just awesome. yum_puddi
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Hilarious Gaian

Would you rather listen to Selena Gomez or Lady Gaga? I would listen to Selena Gomez for sure! mrgreen

Selena or Gaga? Hmm.. I'd go for Lady G's songs! 3nodding
i go for selena gomez i do not like lady gaga how she sings only the song alejandro.
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Shirtless Shopper

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Why? Because she sings amazingly and wrote all the songs on her first album, created some of her own dance moves on the Poker Face music video, IS A FASHION ICON!!!! Andddd because she inspires me to keep playing piano. She's an inspiration. People love listening to her songs because there is great talent in her voice!!! It is like bad to even mention or compare Selina and Gaga in the same paragraph.

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