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I couldn't donate, but I changed my look.
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I wanna do this D: But I have no white items crying
I'll go find some D:
I'm going to change it right now. I don't have any of the Japan items since I donated directly to the redcross (Text REDCROSS to 90999 for $10 donation). I'll probably get one of these items when I can put my cash in my bank account on Monday.
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Ill get around to it =]
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Changing immediately. My heart is broken too.
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Orgasmic Usagi
I couldn't donate, but I changed my look.

it's good heart
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Nippon. <3~
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~~ I give my full support to Japan's incident I hope they get better very soon] sad ~~

heart I Hope My action is really doing something or making a difference heart
Will do. razz i need to go invest in some MOOLAH! first. Oh, and also..

Hey click the Hetalia photo i made in my signature and get some news on this and see what really happened!!!! I have national geographic links and also SEE WHAT HAPPENED OVER IN CALIFORNIA AND HAWAII!!!!!!!!! THE TSUNAMI HIT THE US! Links include pictures, and ways to find your friends. also full news reports from places like NHK WORLD, ActionNewsJax, Theatlanticwire and more! Go now. The forum calls you.
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I really like this idea. It spreads awareness.
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I'd get one of those items in a heartbeat but alas, I am broke. I am wearing all the white I have ^^;
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Already did it. Trying to buy a crying related item...
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i change my avi mostly in white (and added some red) for Japan.

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