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Diamond Conquest

OMG did someone from here send me a trade request?! I can't see it! crying
Yea, I'm sending you a shirt. You can't accept the trade? D:
OMG Thank you so much! No! For some reason I see the "Hey, I've got...1 trade request" but when I click on it, nothing shows up. It's stupid! stressed Here let me try trade requesting you.

Yea, it does that sometimes. Type in my name to trade and it should say that you already have an active trade with me.

edit: trade complete. Have fun!
This is a good place to lurk. ninja

The problem is I don't know what to say...which is why I'm not really posting...
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I've been trying to help, but I can't seem to break a 6.-- average. ^.^;;
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Diamond Conquest

I'm just baffled at how everyone is ending up with 10 averages neutral
holy crap! i just recived a assignment thats due in 2 hours! eek tis why i'm gonna be silent for that time. stare
Magus thank you so much! Your good deed will not go unpunished! I have something for you. Just hold on! heart
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@ Seph: I'm in a similar situation. I seem to be stuck under 8, whatever I do to try to boost it up.
Tablet users like myself are lucky, though; the sequenced number games are so much easier when using a tablet than an optical mouse.
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    I'm not too good at these games either.
    But hey, at least we're trying 8D;;
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Username: Doctor Be Alright
Ref pic: my Avatar please.
With or without Gambino button?: With of course
Text you want written on it: Gambino 08
Pose: Your choice. ;D

Other stuff I should know: Change the coloring of the ears and the boa and the shoes to blue if you please? ;D
crying Dammit, my parents are kicking me off, I'll be back tomorrow. D:
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I'm using a trackball, no need for wrist pains, easily controlled speed and accuracy, but not as adept as said tablet... I don't have one of those yet ^.^;;
*Wanders in...*

Finally, Kiao has come back... To Isle de Gambino!

Hehe, I have been out of this for toooooo long. Lets cream them guys!
Game tips

First: In Click in order: Make sure you have your eyes on the other numbers, so if you can't find number 1, find the directors of 2, 3 and 4. As in, find the routes of those numbers, so you can haistily click in unision. (It's easier when you can see, and they don't fade out)

second: In run of the cliff, stop infront of the flag, hold down the accelator button, your other on the brakes, so when you get close, you can stop easily.

The easies game is washing Liam.
The second easiest

In the vacuum, press lightly on the left button.

In washing Mushi, since the bubbles go down, you should go for the top, then bottom, then middle.

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