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I just began Zodiac Islands recently and I'm going through and catching all of the possible mogas for each island. According to the full list of mogas and where to find them, there are 10 mogas that are able to be caught on Gemini Island. I have those 10. But at the bottom of the screen, it says I have 9. Do you think this is because I started with corgito, and didn't 'catch' him on the island? It won't let me catch him again, though, is the thing that's perplexing. Do you think that's why my my list is 9/10?

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EDIT: I'm an idiot and messed up the list.
EDIT: I no longer play so I cannot give updates on if it got fixed or not.
According to the list, you're supposed to be able to catch Sauridon. I don't know if you really can, since the Catch never glows for me *shrugs*
i caught sauridon he is at the black tower on the gemini island i only had to use 1 starseed
Does seriously no one know? No mods know anything? ridiculous.
does no one else have this problem?
I have the same problem! I got all the mogas on the list, but it's still listed as 9/10! What's going on here???
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Ditto to this problem. I've caught everything and started with corgito.
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I'm glad I found this thread because I have the same problem as well.
Lol, I'm glad this is only now getting attention!

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