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Just updated my iPhone Monster Galaxy version

I could see an issue already. I do not have a facebook account (nor do I intend to open one) but there is an issue on how energy is replenished on the phone.

Checking, if you are not keeping the game in memory (or if it closes out when double clicking on start button and hold the app to close out), the timer will replenish the energy

For example:
I have 5 energy for the trainer on 6:55pm
It takes 2 minutes to get 1 energy

If you wait to 6:57 = you should have 6 energy

Well, I check that (no issue) since the game is on memory.. If I close out the game (where it talks about loading artwork screen during the initializatnio of the game is the clue) Just say 6:59pm (with the energy at cool and come back to it at 7:01pm.. It will show 8 and the timer just starts at 2 minutes..

I am checking to see when the game is closed out after a long duration of time... But when you get the message that your game is loading artwork usually means that the game initialized and the timer and any replenish is lost from the last time stamp.
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I have this problem too. I had 3 energy when I closed out of the game and updated it IPod touch). Several hours later, I still have 3 energy, and thats not enough to play :
This is a confirmed... Any long duration of inactivity, the app does not register it as time passed..
Thanks, the whole game is based on time and now we are getting a replenish.. Can't get any energy..

1) If the game reset (loading artwork message)
2) Turn off the phone and turn it back on
3) Closing of the app in memory
4) Extended time of idleness does not generate any replenish..
Is this going to be fixed? Rly makes me wish I didn't update the thing
If the game somehow goes idle (and "log out" wink , you will not get any health replenish..
Now, even more annoying, it is screwing up my daily prize claim.. It was 9am in the morning.. Came with the phone (which shows replenish) but my claim went to 9:58pm...

Great... It is getting all screwy now
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its been going on since the update then... hmm I JUST started playing since I had the money to get the little cat thing... I had to use a blue coffee to be able to finish the first island so I could catch ALL the mogas on it before moving on.
I think this is not exactly a bug... it may be a plot to get people to spend money in the app for blue coffee. ((Ie: money making plot of low standards)) They've apparently lost a lot of people playing the game since the update and people realized they could not gain health. Look you the reviews you will sure to find people telling them at least there that they will not play until they fix it.
Or people that have removed it completely.
I noticed the same thing. However, I had the additional problems of all of my mogas not showing up (they all were just green circles where the picture should be), and the world map occasionally disappearing, leaving only the background. I deleted the game from my phone, and reinstalled it. It fixed the problem, but I also have to start from the beginning again. Not a big problem, I was only on Gemini Island.
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In addition to no longer replenishing energy, I now have a duplicate list of moga. All of the moga I've tamed appear just as empty green circles. They're all listed again as though I never tamed them, ie, I have the option to purchase them with moga cash (except the ones that must be captured for a quest). I'd really like to continue playing, but I have no energy or usable moga.
I would like to see an administrator or tech reply to this discussion as I am having the same problem. I figured out right away that you have to leave your game playing in the background to get more energy, but not about the inactivity. So I went to bed for the night thinking this morning it would be full. Didn't happen my energy is still at 1, the same as it was last night. I am playing on an iPhone 4s with all the software upgrades. Please help fix this. Shouldn't have to leave an app running in the background. Shouldn't have to check into the game every few min to make sure it's still active and filling health and energy. Shouldn't have to be posting this as it has been post so many times before........
+1 on this for me. Very frustrating. When will this be fixed?? scream
i have the same problem everything was fine until the update went through now nothing its been about a week and i have 8 health. i refuse to use the coffees to fix this issue. its a great game but this is killing it. i am close to deleting the app .
YAY ppl are online thats so cool lol no idc if u r on im having fun lol
who wonts to play tic tac toe ik i do
yay i win
There was a new patch update and it does not resolve the energy issue.. I have seen it work better than last time but it is not working all the time... Again, they are manipulating for solution but no resolution.. Great.. it was working great only to not resolve the issue...

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