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Neo grinned. "Dark IQ."

Skully smiled. "Nice one, Neo. Mine will be Romeo." he said and took his gun. "So, Kane, how are we going to do this? Us against you, me and you against them, all of us against the rest of them?"
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This is a Free-For-All, so once that bell sounds, EVERYONE is a target. Of course, very few are ACTUALLY loners. As such, we we can pair up with our teammates, you and I can team up, and Neo and Cooper, the four of us could tag, or we can go our separate ways. Your choice, but pick fast. The game will be starting soon." Kane explained quickly, speaking pretty damn fast as well. Cooper meanwhile, just glanced around, making sure they were the only ones in that little cubby hole of the arena.
"Well, I definitely don't want to be against Neo, so us against everyone else, I guess." Skully said and looked at his phone. He answered it when he saw who was calling. "Hello? Yeah, this is Skully. Nurse Fey? Yeah, I remember who you are. Oh my.... Well, tell them to hold onto him! I'll be right over!" he said and looked over at Neo. "You have fun; I'll be back in a bit."

Neo shook his head. "I'll take you. C'mon Kane." he said teleported all their gear back to the counter. He teleported them all to the Pokemon Center and looked over. "Skully, are you here for the crazy Houndour?"

"Yes, Neo. They're going to put him down if I won't take him. No one else will." Skully said and walked over to the Houndour, whom was held by a chain and collar. "Hey there, little guy." he said and cautiously made his way over to the barking and snarling Houndour. "It's alright...." he said, getting as close as he could without getting bittne. "What's wrong with him, officer?"

"We think he may have something wrong with his brain. He's been on our team for a while, but as of a week ago, he snapped." the police officer said.

"What happened a week ago? That you can tell me, of course." Skully said.

"Well, we were on an assignment to go get someone that was on the loose and our Houndour chased after the guy, but when we found him, the guy had his arm bitten off and our Houndour had done it. Then he tried to attack us." the police officer explained.

"Hmmm..... Talk to me, buddy. I have a bracelet here, that allows me to talk to Pokemon. They don't have one on, so they can't understand you." Skully said, seeing the Houndour calm down a bit and look at the boy with a angry gaze.

"GET ME THE ******** OUTTA HERE! I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE! PLEASE! I'LL DO ANYTHING! CONSTANT SHOOTING AND AAAUGH!!!!" the Houndour yelled and continued to try and pull the chain out of the policeman's hand.

"What did he say?" the policewoman asked.

"Well, it was all just random words.... I think he truly has lost his mind..... I'll take him though..." Skully said, walking over and taking the chain from the policeman.

The Houndour continued to bark and snarl as he was dragged out of the Pokemon Center.

Skully went around the corner and dropped the chain and unhooked the collar. "There you go. You're free. No more police work." he said, getting down on his knees and hugging the Pokemon.

The Houndour wagged his stubby tail and kissed the boy. "I'm not going anywhere. I'm going with you."

Skully pulled back as soon as he was kissed. "Okay, one, what makes you say that? And two, why did you kiss me?"

"One, because I won't survive out here and I know you won't let me die out there. Two, because your hot." the Houndour replied.

"Alriiiiight, fine." Skully said and tossed a Poke Ball, catching the Houndour and watching the strip turn blue. He released the Houndour and smiled. "You're name will be.... Grim."

Grim smiled. "I like it......" he said, morphing into an anthro and kissing Skully.

"Grim, you're naked....." Skully said.

"I know..... I just don't care....." Grim replied, kissing Skully extremely passionately to the point it was practically sexual.

"Grim! We're out in public!" Skully yelled.

"It's night time; who's going to see?" Grim replied, evolving into a Houndoom and kissing the boy again. "You love me, right?"

"Yeah....." Skully said and blushed. "But you still need clothes."

"Fine." Grim replied, folding his arms. "Just going to go ahead and ask, but are there others that you're with?"

"Yeah, several." Skully replied.

"I'm okay with that." Grim said and kissed the boy.

"Grim, clothes; now! If Kane comes out and sees you with no clothes on and..... an erection, he'll go blind." Skully said, looking at Neo and then Grim. "Take him to get some clothes; PLEASE."

Neo nodded and grabbed Grim's arm, taking Grim to the lab. After about ten minutes, he came back with Grim and the Houndoom was wearing red Jeans, but nothing else. "He refuses to put anything else on."

"Ugh.... As long as no one can see his junk, we'll be fine." Skully said.

Grim glomped Skully and started kissing the boy, while holding him down on the ground. "You like it rough, don't you?" he asked, grinning. He kissed the boy again, for about a good ten seconds before looking at the boy. "I bet you like being on bottom......"

Skully was blushing extremely hard as he pushed the Houndoom anthro off. "Not appropriate, Grim! But yes." he said as he got up. "You need to control yourself or you will stay in your Poke Ball."
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Isis smiled proudly as she and the Pokemon she had used to battle the replacement gym leader, Miki, Amp, Demeter, Roscoe, and Marisa, with Kai as well even though she hadn't been used to battle, the badge of the Velocity City gym shimmering in her palm as she flipped it up into the air like a coin, catching it as it came back down.
" You guys did great in that gym battle~!! It was a bit of a long shot, but we managed to pull off a win and get our first badge!" she cheered, turning to her Pokemon as they celebrated.
Miki twirled around on her feet happily, " That was so awesome~!! I've never felt so stoked up during a battle! Will we be able to do that again sometime soon?" she asked, hugging Isis for a moment and letting go, tilting her head curiously.
" Well, there's still several other gyms to get through, so you'll have plenty of opportunities for all of that~" Isis said, hugging Miki back, before she looked towards Demeter and Amp, who had evolved during the fight, " Oh, and congratulations on evolving, you two~!!"
Demeter, who was now an Ivysaur, flaunted her new form without hesitation, striking a pose and winking at Isis, " Thank you very much~ Now I can really start kicking some serious a**," she commented, shooting a glare in Kai's direction, as if to say 'starting with you, of course.'
The Ivysaur smirked when the Suicune seemed to grow slightly uncomfortable from the look she was shooting at her, while Amp, now a Manectric, looked down, blushing a little as she examined her new 'assets', " This is rather nice, I have to admit..." she said softly, at least now she was much more developed, and had a better handle on her electricity.
Isis hugged both of her starters, " Well I'm glad to hear you like your new forms~" she said with a smile, before she looked to Miki and Marisa, who were the only two unevolved Pokemon on her team, " Sorry you guys didn't evolve, but your times will come soon enough, right?"
Miki nodded, " Yeah~!! I can't wait to get stronger and evolve too!" she exclaimed, though she frowned a little, " But, I'm not sure I'd want to evolve... I mean, I'd be fine with growing stronger and changing appearance, but, what if my personality changes?"
She shook her head, looking down towards the ground as she seemed to be in thought, " I've seen it happen before... Pokemon usually start off almost like kids, happy, playful, childish, but when they evolve and 'grow up' in a sense, it's like they transform into a whole different Pokemon altogether, not just their looks and their strength, but their personalities change too... I don't want that, I want to be who I always was, cheery, happy, positive, optimistic me, you know?"
Isis frowned as well, it was clear that Miki didn't want to change who she was on the inside, she was afraid that evolving would completely wipe away her personality as it was, " Well, if you don't want to evolve, then you don't have to. Whether or not you want to evolve, that's entirely your choice. Besides, I wouldn't want to lose this you," she said, hugging Miki gently, the Zubat smiling and hugging her back, " Me either~"
When the two of them let go, Isis looked to Roscoe and Marisa, the Linoone smiling at her, " But, I evolved, and I'm still the same, aren't I...?" he asked, having heard what Miki had said.
" Yes, but not every Pokemon is the same, some might undergo these so-called 'personality adjustments' when they evolve, some might not, like in your case," she explained, thinking about it for a moment, " So really, it's natural for a growing Pokemon to be scared a little about evolution. It's all a part of life."
Kai finally decided to break the ice, things were getting much too heavy around here, " I'd hate to interrupt, but shouldn't we be looking for Skully and Kane? They're probably waiting for us to meet up with them somewhere, yes?" she asked, looking down the street.
Isis nodded, " Yeah, you're right, let's go, gang~!!" she said cheerfully, as they started walking down the street to look for the two guys.
A few minutes later, they passed by a house that had a box sitting out in front of it, a paper sign hanging on the side of it that had the words 'Adopt a Growlithe Pup, they're free!' scrawled on it in faded black marker.
Looking curiously at it, Isis approached the box, peering into it to see that it was mostly empty, save for a lone Growlithe that was curled up in a tight, shivering ball in the far corner of the box, it looked much smaller than normal... maybe it was a runt of the litter?
" He's the only one left," came a feminine voice from nearby, Isis jerking her head up to see a short, light blue haired girl about two years younger than her sitting on the steps of the porch by the box, she hadn't noticed the girl there until she had spoken.
The girl looked at Isis, then to the tiny Growlithe pup in the box, then back to Isis again, " He's the only one left," she repeated, " All the others were adopted and taken away, but no one wanted this one. He's the runt, he's much too small and too timid to fight."
Isis looked to the girl, reaching out and lightly petting the tiny Growlithe pup, who stirred a little as he was touched, " Awww, you've been left in here all by your lonesome, poor baby..." she cooed softly, her eyes going back to the girl, " If no one else wants him, I'll take him~" she offered, the poor pup looked so sad and miserable in that box all by himself, he just needed someone to care for him and love him, she didn't care how small he was.
The girl seemed surprised at that, but she nodded, " If you want him, then he's all yours," she simply said, Isis smiling and picking up the Growlithe pup, hugging him to her as she walked back to the others.
Miki practically squealed the moment she saw the Growlithe pup, " Awwwwwwwwww~!! It's so cute~!!" she exclaimed as she smiled at him, " Does it have a name?"
" I'm not sure yet, I'm still thinking of a name of for him," she said, petting the Growlithe and smiling, " But we should look for Skully and Kane, besides, you guys could use a rest at the Pokemon Center after that gym battle~"
With that said, Isis and her group, with their newest addition, walked to the Pokemon Center.
Skully smiled as Isis walked over. "Hey, Isis! How did it go?"

Grim grabbed Skully and kissed him again, rather forcefully. "I can't get enough of you, Skully!" he said, rubbing his chest against the boy. "I want you....."

"GRIM!" Skully said and glared.

"Sorry, sorry." Grim said, pulling away and simply holding the boy's hand.

Skully looked at his phone as it rang. "It's MAH MOM!" he said and answered it. "Yeah? What? Really? I would love to! I don't know if Kane and Isis want to though..... Oh, man..... Umm...... Well, it's to save someone's life, so I don't care if I make it back." he said and hung up. "Guys, there are astronauts stranded on Venus.... I'm going. My mom said there was a good chance that there wasn't enough space in the ship for us and the astronauts. I told my mom that I would come back if there's not enough space, but I'm not going to. I'll put all my Poke Balls in the ship and send them back." he said, returning Grim to his ball and looking over at Neo. "Don't say anything to her. Take us to the station, Neo."

Neo sighed and nodded, teleporting them to the station. "Skully, I don't like this." he said and grabbed Skully's hand. "Please don't do this...."

Skully looked down. "I need to..... It's who I am, Neo. I would advise you stay here, Neo. In fact, I think you should all stay here." he said, nodding to the security guards. "I'm eighteen and I know the rockets use auto pilot." he said, showing them his ID and walking up to the ship. "Alright.... Yeah.... Looks like I'm probably not going to come back. Not enough space for more then five people." he said and got into the ship and getting his suit on.
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Kane had gotten SLIGHTLY separated from the group, teleporting around the corner of the pokemon center. When he finally made it around the corner he- "OH!!! MY ARCEUS!!" Kane shouted, as a naked, horny dude suddenly vanished as he rounded the corner. He recoiled, and fell backward into some trash cans. Luckily, nothing got on his outfit. Cooper was still around the corner, and helped Kane up. He told Cooper to check the corner, and he said it was all clear. With a sigh Kane stepped back into the open, as the person from before appeared, this time at least wearing pants. Although, it almost seemed indecent multiple times despite that. Kane threw up in his mouth a little... Then, another person came, who Skully greeted, and then he said his mom had called him. Saying they were to head into space, Kane grinned, and was teleported along with the rest of the group. Meanwhile, Cooper turned into his normal form, and Kane returned him to his pokeball. He donned a space suit as well, and was already looking over some of the controls. After showing ihs I.D. to the guards, of course.
Skully looked over as Kane got into the rocket. "Dude! I told you to stay here!" he said before hearing the countdown. "Too late..... Dude, we may never come back.... It's been nice hanging out, man."

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1." the countdown said over the speakers and the rockets ignited and thrust the ship into the sky.

"We're leaving together
But still it's farewell
And maybe we'll come back
To Earth, who can tell?
I guess there is no one to blame
We're leaving ground
(Leaving ground)
Will things ever be the same again?

It's the final countdown
(The final countdown)

We're heading for Venus and still we stand tall
'Cause maybe they've seen us and welcome us all, yeah
With so many light years to go and things to be found
(To be found)
I'm sure that we'll all miss her so

It's the final countdown
(The final countdown)
The final countdown
(Final countdown)
Ohh ho ohh

The final countdown, Ooh
It's the final countdown
(The final countdown)
The final countdown
(Final countdown)

It's the final countdown
We're leaving together, Ooh
(The final countdown)
We'll all miss her so
It's the final countdown
(Final countdown), Ohh
It's the final countdown
Yeah" Skully sang as the ship blasted into space. He stayed seated as the ship flew through the sky. He grabbed the radio and turned it on. "We're in space. Almost to p***s. I mean Venus, over." he said and laughed a little. "Ah.... Guys, I'm going to miss you...." he said, looking at his Poke Balls. "Gonna miss Blizzard the most though... I may not be going out with him, but his bubbly personality and bright views always make me happy...." he said, holding the Lugia's Poke Ball close to him. "Blizzard, you're amazing. One day, you'll make someone very happy." Skully put the Poke Ball away and looked over as the ship landed. "I see.... I see four people...." he said and looked at Kane. "This is goodbye, Kane. I had a wonderful time with you tonight." he said and got off the ship. "Go ahead, guys. I'm staying behind."

The two guys got on the ship without saying anything, but the girl looked at the boy and frowned. "You don't have to do this......"

"I do..." Skully said and let a tear fall. "Go."

The girl looked at him for a bit before getting on the ship.

Skully smiled. "She has the coolest red hair I have ever seen." he said and sat down. "I guess these are literally my final hours....." he said letting a tear fall and watched as the ship took off.
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"Yes. Yes you did. I ignored you. I've lived in that same damn city, for my entire life, no matter what's happened there, and I'm sick of it. If I do ONE thing before I die, it's go an adventure like almost none other! This is it. If I died on this adventure... I'd be cool with it. Been nice knowing you if I do die though." Kane said, as they flew. He hummed along quietly to the song as well. Then, when they landed, Kane was about to say something, when Skully was already off the rocket. "Hey! Wait a minute! Skully! Get back on that rocket. You still have family, some friends, and mo- Aw s**t..." Kane said, bounding after Skully, apparently evading notice, as the rocket took off without EITHER of them, and it didn't have the fuel to make an extra landing to pick either of them up again. "Son of a b***h... Well, at least we won't die alone..." Kane said, picking up a small stone, and chucking it across the barren landscape. "So, what would you like to talk about in our final hours? Or would you like to be mad at me, now they we're BOTH going to die? Either way is cool with me..." Kane said, with a quiet sigh.
"I'm a little mad, yes, but it's nice to know that I have a good friend like you. I only met you tonight, but you stayed behind with me.... You're a great guy, Kane." he said, forcing a smile and giving a thumbs up. He looked over slightly as a Poke Ball rolled over to him. "It's.... It's Blizzard's Poke Ball.... He said he would be with me..... Even through the hardest times..... I didn't know..... He meant he would be here when I died....." he said, picking the Poke Ball up. "This is why I like you so much, Blizzard... You're always here for me; no matter what." he said and cried, holding the Poke Ball close to him. "Kane..... I'm going to open up to you now.... But only because we're going to die up here...." he said and walked over to Kane. "I have diagnosed Bipolar 2... But, my biggest problem is that my dad walked out on us when I was little.... He died a year later.... I never got to meet him... They never even found his body." he said, crying and holding the Poke Ball close to him. He sat looked up as he saw a green streak in the sky. "Interesting...." he said, seeing it moving and getting closer. "Holy s**t.... Is that Rayquaza?" he asked, seeing it coming right for them.

The Rayquaza stopped in front of the boy. "Get on. I'm taking you back to Earth. Neo asked me to help. Deoxys should be here in a couple seconds."

Skully nodded and got on the Rayquaza and holding onto the Poke Ball tightly. "I refuse to leave without Kane."

"Skully, we are leaving. NOW. Deoxys will be here soon for him." the Rayquaza said and went to fly off with Kane.

Skully kicked the Rayquaza in the jaw and punched him. "STAY HERE DAMMIT! I'M NOT LEAVING WITHOUT KANE!"

"Damn..... Calm down...... Fine." Rayquaza said.
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"I understand losing family... My father died just a few years ago, in my arms... My mother? She lost it and vanished. No siblings, not really any friends, except for my team... On and off depression, more severe than most, but I don't know if it's clinical or anything..." Kane said, as he trailed off as the green streak approached. A Rayquaza. Which, told Skully to get on it? Damn... Lest someone was ge- He kicked it. He just kicked, a Rayquaza. For... Him? "Dude, that thing could kill us with almost no effort, and you just kicked it in the face... for... me? You might be the only friend I have, but dammit your best friend a guy could have..." Kane said, as then, true to the pokemons word, Deoxys did show up, and allowed Kane onto him. If the cops could see him now...
"Thanks, man. Sorry to hear about your situation, though... Want to keep this just between us?" Skully asked as the Rayquaza took off to Earth, landing after a twenty minute or so ride. He descended to the ground outside the station slowly. "Okay, off."

Skully slid off and landed with a thud on the ground. He immediately took his suit and looked over at the red-headed girl came over with her suit off as well.

"Here's your stuff, little man." she said and smiled. "That was some stupid s**t you pulled up there. Thanks, though." she said and handed him a piece of paper. "It's my number. I've been filled in all the stuff about you by Neo. I don't care. Name's Rebecca, by the way. Call me sometime and we'll hang out." the red-head said and walked off.

Skully's Pokemon popped out of their Poke Balls and glared at him. "What?"

"What do you mean Blizzard is your fave?" Combustion asked, folding his arms.

"It's highly offensive to us, Skully." Firestorm said, frowning.

Skully sighed. "I guess what I meant is Blizzard is the perfect guy. Laven is a little on the slow side when it comes knowing things. Combustion is quick to get mad and also a little too full of himself. Cyanide is depressed. Shadow can't sleep, so it's hard to fall asleep cuddling with him if he can't sleep. Stitches is a weird case. Coff is pushy. Lightning is insensitive. Firestorm is very respectful, but he seems to lack the ability to have any real fun. Assassin is a drug addict. Neo is too worried about his reputation to get a little crazy. Grim has no respect for me whatsoever. Blizzard is respectful, optimistic, tall, loves to dance, loves to sing, there for me no matter what; even during when I thought I was going to die. He's willing to listen whenever I need someone. He didn't force himself on me. He's just.... the best guy."

Blizzard blushed a bit and looked around. "Skully.... While you may think so, and I am interested in being with you, that was a little harsh. I mean, I think you could have worded it better or at least not said what you did to me in front of everyone."

"No, no... He's right." Combustion said, unfolding his arms. "I am quick to anger and I can get a big ego"

"And I'm not too bright." Laven said.

"I get easily depressed, yeah, but I'm working on it." Cyanide said.

Shadow frowned. "I'll see what I can do about sleeping."

"If by being with a stuffed doll when I evolve, I understand how it can be weird." Stitches said.

"I know I'm too pushy, but I feel the need to assert my dominance. Mainly, I do it to ensure I get a piece of the pie." Coff replied.

"I'm trying Skully; I really am. I haven't used any drugs since yesterday. That's pretty good considering me and the fact that I only just came out of a coma yesterday." Assassin replied.

"I'm sorry, Skully. I really do need to filter my comments." Lightning said and looked down.

"I'm not really sure how to have fun like my brother. If you would be willing to work with me, I'll do my best!" Firestorm said.

"I'm trying, Skully. It's just hard adjusting to being with a human after what they did to me." Neo said.

"I'm really sorry, Skully..... I'll work on my self control!" Grim said. "Sex isn't what's important in a relationship anyways; it's the time spent together, making each other happy." Grim said.

Skully folded his arms. "I wasn't going to break up with any of you over this; I was just saying that Blizzard has, like, no flaws. But yeah, things like being pushy and having no self control are things you guys need to work on. I don't blame Laven, Stitches, Cyanide, Firestorm, Neo, or Assassin. Though, I would greatly appreciate it if you guys worked on those." he said and looked over at Blizzard. "You're honestly interested in me?"

"Yeah, Skully. You're very interesting and cute." Blizzard replied, kissing Skully lightly. "I would love the chance to be with you."

Skully blushed. "Thanks, Blizz. I already said all the stuff I like about you though...."

"That's okay, Skully. I know. There's no need to repeat or even prove yourself to me. I know how much you like and I like you too." Blizzard said and smiled, still in his feral form. "I love you so...."

Skully hugged his Lugia and smiled. "I love you too...." he said, hugging the Lugia tighter.

Blizzard hugged Skully back, sitting down and holding Skully in his wings/arms.

"So.. Uh.... I guess I'll go then?" the Rayquaza asked, looking at the group. "Deoxys, you coming or staying?"
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"I can never truly understand your pain, just as you can not understand mine. Though we can still hang out, and help when possible. ... Agreed." Kane replied simply when Skully suggested they keep everything that happened up there between themselves. Fair enough. Then, before long, they had made it back down to the station, and Kane got off Deoxys, as Rayquaza asked him if he wanted to stay. He had a mental conversation with the boy, Kane, on the way, and it seemed an interesting prospect. "I think I'd like to stay for awhile, see how this goes..." Deoxys said, glancing at Kane a moment, before looking back to Rayquaza. Kane then got his Pokemon from the ship, which were in a small compartment resembling a glove box. He whispered to each of them, as they were placed about his belt.
"Well, if you're staying, I guess I will too. That is, if you'll keep me, Skully." the Rayquaza said.

"As long as you respect my decision." Skully said.

"I will if you don't kick me in the face." the Rayquaza replied.

"Deal." Skully said, holding his hand out and shaking the Rayquaza's. He took the paper and put the number in his phone before stuffing the paper in his pocket. "Alright, Mr. Lugia..."

"What?" Blizzard asked, smiling sweetly.

"Oh, nothing...." Skully said, cuddling against the giant bird's body as he was held. "This is so relaxing, Blizzard... You're soft....." he said as he looked up at his Lugia.

Blizzard blushed a little. "Thanks...." he said and kissed the boy gently, but passionately. "And you're stature makes you adorable." he said as he put the boy down gently.

"Awww.... Thanks....." Skully said, hugging his Pokemon. "You give the best rides too." he said and winked.

Blizzard hard when Skully said that, but grinned. "Perhaps you'll give me a ride as well." he said, winking.

"Oh, yeah." Grim said and smiled.
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Lynn walked out in the streets. It was dark out, so she had Flame walking with her. The flames on his body made it slightly easier to see. She walked quietly as Flame walked beside her. She could tell that he was nervous about something, glancing at her every so often as they walked. "I know, Flame. I know." She whispered as her eyes quickly scanned. She could hear voices, and that made her tense up for a moment. "Lupa, come out." She said as she grabbed Lupa's pokeball and let her out. Lupa looked at her with concern before she suddenly stood erect, looking towards the voices, a small growl coming from her throat. Lynn's hand reached down and lay on her head. "Calm, Lupa." She said. Having Lupa and Flame out made her feel a little bit better. The groups slowly moved towards the voices, Lynn spotting some people and.. pokemon? They looked more like people in costumes.. sort of.
Skully looked over when he heard footsteps, seeing a girl along with a Mightyena and a Rapidash. "Hi!" he said and waved.

Blizzard smiled and waved as well, having to look down at the girl. His seventeen foot tall appearance made him look intimidating, but his sweet smile and friendly manner showed that he was just a big teddy bear.

The others pretty much just stood around, not paying attention.

Grim walked over to Skully and grabbed his hand. "Would you allow me to introduce you to my friend? He would probably like you too."

"Does he have more self control than you?" Skully asked, staring at Grim.

"Way more." Grim replied.

"Fine." Skully said.

Grim smiled and picked the boy up. "I'll carry you" he said, carrying the boy into the forest. After a few minutes, he stopped in a darker area of the forest and knocked on a tree. "Yo, man! It's Houndour!" he said and put the boy down on his feet.

"Yo!" a Skuntank said, sticking his head out of the large hole underneath the tree. "Hey, man, you evolved! And you're wearing clothes! And you..... Have a trainer?"

"Yes, he's my trainer, but he also my lover." Grim said, holding the boy's hand. "His name is Skully. My new name is Grim, by the way."

"Cool, cool..... Did you come to say goodbye?" the Skuntank asked as he crawled out.

"Well, kind of. More of to ask you if you wanted to come with us." Grim offered. "Skully might be interested in going out with you too."

"Really?" the Skuntank asked, smiling. "I would love to!"

"Well, I said maybe." Grim said, looking over at Skully. "What do you say?"

"Hmmm.... Well, I definitely want him to come with us, but..... Okay, before I answer with yes, I have a question. How bad is the stink?" Skully asked.

"I don't smell bad at all! I make sure I use shampoo and special oils that keep me smelling nice." the Skuntank replied.

"Alright, then yes." Skully replied. "I don't suppose you have a name yet, do you?"

"Not really." the Skuntank replied.

"What about Barry?" Skully asked.

"Berry, as in the things that grow on bushes?" the Pokemon asked.

"No, Barry. B-a-r-r-y." Skully said, spelling it for him.

"Well, can I be called Berry?" the Skuntank asked.

"Sure." Skully said and got on his knees. He hugged his new member and smiled. "You DO smile nice!"

Berry smiled. "Thank you! It's really hard to keep up with it; Grim helps me get the supplies as part of his earnings in the police force. Oh wait.... You're not in the police force anymore..... Dang... How am I going to smell nice now?"

"Berry, I'm rich. I'll get you all the supplies you need." Skully said and kissed the Skuntank. "Don't worry about it."

The Skuntank smiled and blushed as he was kissed, falling onto his side. "That kiss was amazing!" he said as he got back up. He morphed into his anthropomorphic form and kissed Skully back. "How was mine?"

"Wow, Berry.... You're a REALLY good kisser...." Skully said and looked over the Skuntank's body. "Nice bod...."

Berry blushed. "Thanks.... I've never kissed anyone before.... I've never had anyone interested in before either..... It's nice." he said and looked down. "Oh, dear Arceus! I'm naked...." he said, covering himself with his tail. "You wouldn't happen to have any clothes in your bag, would you?"

"Yeah." Skully said, digging through his bag and pulling a pair of blue jeans out. "Here. Hopefull they fit."

Berry took the pants and put them on, smiling. "Perfect fit!" he said, kissing the boy and then hugging him. "Thanks for the chance at love, cutey."

Skully smiled and grabbed the Skuntank's hand. "Let's head back to the group." he said, grabbing Grim's hand as well, leading both of them back to the group. "Alright, I'm back."

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