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My Rusty Spooooon ^_^

I also have a soft spot for Strong Bad from Homestar Runner. Not dark, but witty
omg. this was creepy but cute at the same time blaugh
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I like rusty spoons emotion_dowant

YES! I love Salad Fingers. I also love Spoilsbury Toast Boy by David Firth.
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Salad Fingers scares the s**t out of me O_O
His voice is just plain heart heart heart
Oh my god. Salad Fingers.
...Honestly not sure what I feel about it?
Like, it's definitely a quality webseries, but I sort of felt sick to my stomach the first time that I watched it o_o
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Perhaps. It was quite...interesting.
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I find its so freaky that i can't help mydself but to watch it. His voice is just.... scary.
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Salad Fingers is one of those horrible, completely ******** up things that you can't look away from. My friend can do his voice perfectly, and it's terrifying.
hahaha definitely!! though its a bit creepy and weird.. its actually very fun to watch, unfortunately i think there arent any more episodes sad
Oh lord... This is the weirdest thing. Though I can't stop myself from watching it! Also, a friend of mine watches it, and his fingers are REALLY CREEPY TOO! They're long, cold, and their texture is freaky! xp We jokingly call them his 'dead fingers', though I fell like 'salad fingers' would be appropriate too!
I ♥ it !
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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH YES......^o^
JUST YES>.... rofl
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Anyone else love this little internet show?

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