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It seems like the Harry Potter role-plays have died down, mostly on gaia, and am a little sad to see that. :[
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I'm still an avid Harry Potter roleplayer. I wont let my spark fizzle out!
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Neither, I'm just a HP reader.
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I do! Look at my sig and follow the link! You'll find a whole lot of people who like to roleplay Potter-style! We'll be starting our story very soon so there's just enough time to get settled in and get to know everyone before it begins.
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I try to write fanfiction but I'm an epic failure.
I write a few chapters and then suddenly lose the ability to write.
I just can't seem turn my thoughts into written words.
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I write adult themed fanfictions for Harry Potter on Fanfiction.net... M+
(Author name Draco-wakeup.)

And I role play on fanfiction.net.
(mocospace.com : usernames : Ronald.b.weasley, Albus.potter)

My first story I wrote ( Harry Potter and the Unprecedented Situations) is complete and has seventy reviews, so apparently I am good at what I do.
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Neither. sweatdrop
I'm an avid READER of fanfiction, thankyouverymuch.
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I don't roleplay, but I used to write Neville and Luna fanfiction. (: I don't anymore, though.
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Of course I am smile I'm a roleplayer.

It's too much fun!
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I just recently started writing fanfiction, though I've been reading them for quite some time now. biggrin
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I used to RP and write fiction but the fandom's batshit insanity and bad cliches regarding certain characters--and my refusal to write or play to them--turned me off from the whole thing.
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I've done neither, but I'm going to give roleplaying a go. Join me!
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I do both. Most of my roleplaying is done on InsaneJournal, though, because I enjoy adding the journal aspect to it. I'm smrt1 on Fanfiction.Net and yes, I WILL one day update my fics.

...god only knows when that day will be.

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