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What should happen to Daring Dan now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.1530388321725 15.3% [ 1604 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.095029100276691 9.5% [ 996 ]
Jump with Talulah off the tallest ramp ever and continue into space indefinitely. 0.75193206755081 75.2% [ 7881 ]
Total Votes:[ 10481 ]
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What's this...after so many years of torture...of being stuck in this wretched place...Dan feels a driving force once more...

He can see that light again...and what is...Dan can't believe it...but it is...it's Talulah! Sitting there as shiny and beautiful as the day she was made!

Oh Talulah, where have you been? Dan has been so angry and you were nowhere to be found...Dan knew he would find you though...he knew you weren't gone...these Gaians have helped Dan...they never gave up hope either...they are true fans...

Let's go Talulah...let's do what we always wanted to...let's perform the ultimate stunt...

*Talulah's engine roars to life and fire spits from the exhaust*

Let's do this Talulah! Let's give our fans one last reason to cheer!

Look out afterlife because here comes Dan and Talulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
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Demonic Lover

You'll be missed >:

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Serve a hard term in hell!
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Liberal Lover

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Thanks for the jacket!
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Magical Evader

Go Dan! heart
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oh dan, i throughly did not enjoy beating your ghostly self. );
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Noo!! I will miss you Daring Dan = [
We'll miss you Dan, but I'm glad you're reunited with your dearest Talulah.
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Kawaii Demigod

I would like to see you becoming the resident ghost rider.
Maybe some nice demon could strike a bargain with you and make you living again.
RIP IT UP, DUDE! Shotgun a beer for me in the afterlife!
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We will miss you T^T
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