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Hello, My names Blindy, i finally offically started my Chargin chino quest woohoo
im 24 year old cherokee indian im a trophy hunter / vendor
ive been on this site almost 2 years this june biggrin
hmmm what else to say O_O *mind goes blank* XD sorry that happens alot
well enjoy the thread

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any color seedkins needed

trout an tuna for trade for seedkins
1 trout = 2-3 seedkins
1 tuna = 7-8 seedkins

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tire quest for my hubby
User Image
current funds
i have enough funds for a few chinos 3nodding

my price range to buy chinos is 175k - 225k no higher then 225k

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1st post blindys into
post 2 pandas tino quest
post 3 rules
post 4 donators
post 5 White list
post 6 banners made for us
post 7 my avi art examples and order forums if you want one done
post 8 payed for finished art for costumers
post 9 Dice contest (win this months sealed) and Bump contest 2k prize
post 10 my dream avi quest
post 11 pandas NM head band quest
rest of front page reserved

1-10-08=User ImageThanks to Prince Haruka Tenoh she made our 1000th post in the thread
1-13-08 my first chino bought bought from keny_chain biggrin heart
1-14-08 x3-S-u-n-s-h-i-n-e = was first post on pg100 wtg
1-16-08 jewlzy chixiechaser and myself helped the thread hit 2k posts WOOT heart 3nodding
1-18-08 ODINs choise hit page 200 and gave everyone on thatpage 2k each (what a sweety)
1-20-08 jewlzy hi 1k bumps wtg girl
1-25-08 little lizard hit 1k bumps (donated the 5k back to us)awwwww heart heart heart
1-27-08 i hit page 300 and gave panda the prize
2-1-08 my theard has offically been open for a month eek
3-23-08 2nd an 3rd chino bought
User Image
1. NO begging anyone in the thread to donate to you thats automatic put on the black list and reported for begging
2. NO flaming
3. NO random pm's nor friend request i hate that
4. have fun
5. NO stealing the art i have done
6. NO advertising quests arenas or anything
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rubyaileen = donated jan 2008 letter +118 seekins and 5k tickets heart
Secret Ninja x3 = donated 238 seedkins to my quest heart
ChixieChaser = donated 617 blue seedkins and 10k eek heart Thank you hun
RoxasChild = donated 25k 1148 seedkins, 4220 tokens,164 pebbos,683 tickets eek eek eek wow heart
master panda_stixs = Majestic King heart Thanks panda rug
charmed352= donated 1k heart
ChixieChaser= another 10k + 10k eek eek eek
tash the sweet = donated 68 Fbaits heart
ODINs choise = tama basket final heart
chixiechaser 933 seedkins + 83 tires :heart
Sker = 26 pebbos
i_am_jj = 80 seedkins
ChixieChaser = 1733 seedkins, the experiment, 757 seedkins
master panda_stixs = 516 tires,41 seedkins 100 D 10 A bait,480 trout
FalconKeper = 31 seedkins
Missiiamiam = feb letter 08
chixiechaser = feb letter 08
adean_x killer = feb letter 08
rubyaileen = gothic veil heart
ChixieChaser 882 seedkins + 28 tires heart
ChiJadey = 58 seedkins (thanks baby *muah*)
ChixieChaser = 578 trout + 87 trout
Missiiamiam = 208 seedkins
Missiiamiam = march 2008 letter biggrin
tash the sweet = 600 seedkins + 30 F baits (thanks you very much hun)
ChixieChaser = 2645 seedkins O_O

fishy trades completed
lollipopkid712 = 366 seedkins for 122 trout (3 seedkins per trout trade)
[cheating.for.last.place] = 645 seedkins for 323 trout ( 2 seedkins per trout)
mr gummeh = 73 seedkins for 24 cool trout (3 seedkins per trout)
Apathy is Murder = 45 seedkins for 5 dicy tuna ( 9 seedkins per tuna )
User Image

people who made this thread possible with out them it would be a dead thread
also if one of these people tell you to do or not to do something listen to them
User ImageODINs choise ( my loving husband)

User ImagePrince Haruka Tenoh heart

User Image Little Lizard heart top bumper

User Imagex3-S-u-n-s-h-i-n-e heart

User Image Xx_jewlzy_xX top bumer she hit 1k bumps wtg

User Image ChixeChaser

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image


User Image


User Image


other peoples banners

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.



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[img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v198/sweetamber/GAIA EVENTS/Banner_SweetAmber.jpg[/img][/url]
avi Art ive done
adean_x killer
louis cyper
ALuna Tik
little lizard

if you would like some done place an order
fee is 1k for one avi for 2 avis its an extra 1k so thats 2k for 2 avi picture
iit takes time for me to do these so please be patient and i'll get it to you as soon as possible
and i ask that you dont have a cluttered avi as they are hard for me to do
please fill out the order forum and post it in here

avi name:
picture of the avi you want :
payment total:
art finished for costumers
heart =payed

little lizard = [X] heart
WIN a April 08 letter

random number contest 1-2000 and get 1983 dead on and WIN a letter
in any case there is more then one winner in this contest there is only 1 extra letter
so thats a total of 2 letters 1 letter to each if theres 2 winners
the contest will come to an end the 28th of febuary at midnight my time
which then will start a new contest.
anyone found cheating in this one will be reported and upon the black list

febuary winner :
weve got out first winner charmed352 [X]

how to play when you reply to post over on the right hand side says post action
click it and go to random number type in 1 on the first like and 700 on the 2nd then hit submit
and ur good to go
should look like this
User Image

bumping contest

bump to 1000 and get 5k gold
everyone that hits 1k bumps get 5kso bump on people 3nodding
Please number ur bumps i am NOT gunna count them for you
anyone found cheating will be put on my ignore list and black list and wont be allowed to post here anymore

master panda_stixs
(reason: to much bitching & whining cant stand it no more )

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