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In what year did you first start getting active on Gaia?

2003 0.080220489063508 8.0% [ 13680 ]
2004 0.11732832932622 11.7% [ 20008 ]
2005 0.12776051134698 12.8% [ 21787 ]
2006 0.17043335483493 17.0% [ 29064 ]
2007 0.21972087022811 22.0% [ 37469 ]
2008 0.28453644520026 28.5% [ 48522 ]
Total Votes:[ 170530 ]
not sure of the year but my friend got me into gaia a long time ago. i stopped going on for a whilee, but then randomly decided to make a new one a couple weeks ago! have yet to regret that decision! i forgot how into the fishing game i always got! biggrin heart blaugh
I guess gaia got popular over time huh smile thats pretty cool i guess!
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i got an account at 2008 but i never used it until now,aru sweatdrop
I believe I started Gaia when it opened, but then I stopped but started again and wow lots changed
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I've actually made my first Gaia acc back in '09. :3
I just started using it..... sweatdrop
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High school years... was super different then it is now though.
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June 2008 was my 1st account heart
Active my old account
Not sure my boyfriend put me on this
Hm i can't quite remember the month but it was in the summer of 2007. Ah barely a teenager that year smile Then i made this account a few days ago lol.
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In what year did you first start getting active on Gaia?

I first started in 04, somehow lost the password to the account and made another in 05.
A very long time ago. Like, 5 years ago. Sheesh.
Just this year actually, 2012
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I was very active on Gaia from 05 to 07 andf totally ignored it. I have recently discovered it again.

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