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Finally......the Safety Martial.....has come BACK....to Gaia! (Yes, I've already gotten a ton of flack from my colleagues for this outdated wrestling reference smile ).

On the heels of our last video (and if you haven't seen it yet, DO IT), we've put together another one that addresses another too-common issue - users getting fooled into entering their login info on other sites that usually look like Gaia, typically because they're promised untold riches and items if they do so, or are being threatened to do so. This is known as "phishing," and is basically a trick used by bad guys to steal passwords. As you'd guess, those sites aren't run by Gaia, so it's usually whiz, bang, and someone else has control of your account, leaving you to a date with our hacking form to get your account back. (The one positive is that the team that handles those reports is super-dedicated, and can often undo a hacked account situation within a week or so).

As before, we use a bit of humor to get our point across, but make no mistake - we're very serious about helping you keep your account safe. So we hope you chuckle at the delivery, but remember the message.

Oh, one final note - it seems that we amused some folks that thought we misspelled "martial" in the Safety Martial's title. If you've seen some of our past office-related videos - which you can check out on our Youtube channel - his real name is actually Martial, so it's a play on words. Because we're clever or something.



Edit: We love you. <3
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Great Vid =D
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Aww yeah, first page! C:
EDIT; I watched this last night.
Lol, paper cut xD
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Funny video.
Certainly helped our users.
3rd > biggrin
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Awesome! :'D
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Omg, first page!


.. ... mrgreen
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Cool~ 4laugh
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Just made it to the First Page! 4laugh

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