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Right now, im a freshman in high school, and im taking spanish2. emotion_kirakira
Omg its so difficult, but than again the teacher is horrible emotion_facepalm
The easiest language to learn by far is english.
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There is no such thing as an easy language. However, the language becomes easier when you have people to speak it with and have a passion for learning. I will say, I didn't really learn spanish until I had spanish friends. It's all about use.
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I have to disagree with the people who say that English is the easiest to learn. Of course I grew up speaking it, but I'm pretty sure that I have a point when I say that it depends on the languages you already know.

If you grew up learning... Ukrainian for example, would it not be easier to learn Russian than Japanese? If you grew up with German, wouldn't Dutch or English be easier than French?
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The difficulty of a language depends on several factors. Here are some for you to consider when choosing a language to learn:

- Is your goal to become fluent or to know only enough to get by?
- Is the language in question close to your native language?
- Do you enjoy learning the language and about the culture that surrounds it or was it simply a requirement for school?
- Are you talented at learning languages?
- Does the language use an alphabet (or ideograph system) other than the one used by your native language?
- Do you have a specific reason/motivation to learn the language?
- Are you good at copying the pronunciation and speech patterns of the language?
- How are you going about learning the language? (taking a class, teaching yourself, etc.)
- Does the language have different syntax than that of your native language?
- Do you have a visual memory or do you learn by copying?

I was in a Spanish 2 class in my Freshman year of high school too and the teacher wasn't very nice, so I know how you feel. If you want my personal opinion of what language is easiest for a native English speaker to learn, I'd have to say Swedish because many of the words are similar and the grammar is almost identical to English.

Anyway, I hope this helps.
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    I've heard that Esperanto is ridiculously easy, and that the grammar can be learnt in a few days.

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