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Who's to say when you get older? ...
I wish it was easier User Image

You don't need a Toy Collection? ...
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I love you Devon(:

let me love you

here's your damn layout c:

I just wanna unfff

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Sorry for resurrecting a 'dead' thread, but can someone help me with making a post?
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L Mikia
Intro & Table of Contents | The tool(bar)s | Size & Color | Text | Images | Put it all together | Examples | Links out, Special Thanks, Link us
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If you find this thread helpful then don't forget to <3 and Share

A simple how-to guide to making your post uniquely yours.
If you have any questions/suggestions leave a reply and I can append this guide biggrin
**Don't forget to test your formats in the Gaia Test Forum to make sure they look just how you want them to!!**

1. Intro & Table of Contents
2. The tool(bar)s
3. Size & Color
4. Text
5. Images
6. Put it all together
7. Examples
8. Links out, Special Thanks, Link us

For easy browsing I also put the links at the top of each post, the will open in new tabs. smile

this is a really old version of gaiaarch.. can you make a tutorial on how to use it with the new version please D:

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