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-Ignosce et Obliviscere-
have fun guise o:

Penor! Hi ^^

hai :3
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Dapper Fatcat

-Ignosce et Obliviscere-
Sunnydew Melon

Congrats for having the best costume! Not only here but irl too! XD
Thanks for sticking around and your participation here heart
Hope you had a great Halloween!

Thanks ^^

Morticia appreciates it :3

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Sunnydew Melon

Thanks ^^

Morticia appreciates it :3

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Damn you so pretty!! XD
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Kaori Setton

and lol 3 to 4? Surgeon x Loan Shark (One-sided). Accountant x Butler. Swan x Architect. Hm... Dorothy x Swan? Though one-sided in that case.

Not Dorothy x Swan, but Loan Shark x Hitman! You're right on the others though.
Thanks everyone heart
Hopefully I'll see you all around sometime ^^
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-Ignosce et Obliviscere-

Lol I don't mind reading your replies ^^

You haven't seen that version? o: I didn't understand it lol maybe I will after I watch the second one
I think I need to watch most of them to understand more. Or I will get someone to explain it to me lol

Gosh, sounds like I'm missing out on so much!

Actually when you say the hospital noises and such, it reminded me of Cinderella XD
In some operations I think you actually have to be conscience during the operation or they can't do it. So you lay there and watch everything they are doing to you o.o
And some people can choose not to have anesthetic...but imagine the pain in some circumstances.... gonk

You have obviously never seen Child of Rage, or maybe you have, something similar lol
It's an unfortunate case sadly. Poor children...
Oh and who and where is Esther? o:

Kids are just easily manipulated, so it's too easy for them to become evil lol
Yeah I really haven't seen too many. ^^;
Esther is the orphan from Orphan.
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gif because why not

I guess kids are easily manipulated. If they're forced to do something, they might get scared though. Or if they're doing something evil on their own it might mean they have a scewed sense of morality or something could be wrong with them mentally or developmentally...
Okay I'm seriously done ranting about that now XD

And the event is over...and these forums are dead...and I'm still posting all of my replies in anyway...so happy Halloween - u-

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